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A Deal is A Deal

🏳️‍🌈 A short story by Josh Terrence 🏳️‍🌈


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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“Half now and half later,” dad bargained, taking a seat on the edge of his king sized bed and reaching out to muss my brown head of hair. I immediately let loose with a frustrated sigh and gave him a pleading look, but he was resolute. “That”s the best I can do for you, Jared.”

“But dad,” I whined, stomping my feet while dad crossed his arms and gave me a firm expression. Hanging my head in defeat, I moped, “I hate cleaning the garage out.”

Softening his expression, dad used his forefinger to lift my chin and said, “It”s not that bad, buddy. Besides, you were supposed to do it yesterday.”

I conceded his point with a nod, feeling my chest fill with air before it fell, then my shoulders dropped.

“I don”t want to wait,” I griped, but he didn”t budge. Realizing that I wasn”t getting my way, I muttered, “Fine, but you owe me extra when I”m done.”

He motioned me to come closer, and as soon as I did, he wrapped his arms around my slight shoulders and gave me a hug while I inhaled his essence. I felt his hands roaming my back, sliding all the way down to my shirt tail, then he slipped them both up the back of my shirt and I shivered.

“We don”t have a lot of time, babe,” dad reminded me. “Mom gets home at 5:45.”

I looked at the clock on their bedroom wall and saw that it was 3:15, so I nuzzled my cheek against his shoulder while I reached down and untied the drawstrings on his sweat pants. I”ve always hated that he ties them up because it makes it harder for me to get into them when I need his cock. Still, I smiled as the knot came loose, then I reached into his boxers and pulled his stallion out.

It was sizzling hot in my hand and rock hard. I wrapped my right hand around the base and moaned softly, looking down at it with bedroom eyes as I slowly stroked it up and down. In the seat of my pants, my newly 13 year old boy butt was aching with desire as dad”s manhood throbbed in my hand. I bit my lower lip and thought about seducing him into fucking me right there, but dad picked up on my signal before I could act.

“Half now, half later,” he reminded me with a soft whisper, then he picked my chin up again. I nodded obediently as we gazed into each others” eyes, then I felt my eyes flutter as he planted a deep, tongue filled kiss on my mouth. His tongue was dominant in my mouth while my moans were strictly submissive. My head was spinning as his powerful lingua stirred around in my mouth like a mixing spoon in a bowl.

We broke our kiss and I dropped to my knees so I could claim the first half of what was rightfully mine. As soon as my shins hit the carpet, his stallion came into view and I shivered uncontrollably. I leaned in and planted my nose up to the underside of his shaft, drawing in the rich musk of his virility while my mouth watered. With a passive moan, I pressed my lips into his glans and gave his rod a grateful kiss.

With my dripping lips still touching his cockhead, I tilted my head to the right and fell into a long French kiss that filled me with nothing but desire. Precum rolled from dad”s piss slit and landed on my lips, causing my desire to overflow as I let out a guttural moan of pleasure. Filled with sheer lust, I gave in and slipped my mouth over the end while my body erupted with gay ecstasy. I quickly swallowed the top half of his cock while I used my small hands to cup dad”s mighty sack so I could massage it. My fingertips were gently kneading his warm scrotal sack while my pinkies were gliding along the crease between his thighs and his groin.

The heat of his package was radiating against my hands and glancing off my face while I worked to get more and more of his length down my throat. In the pouch of my undies, my little dick was rock hard. All 1 ½ inches of it were soaked with precum and burning with pleasure as it danced around on its own. My taint was burning sweetly and my hole was moist as it expanded and contracted in anticipation of the main event.

With a determined effort, I swallowed more and more of dad”s stallion until finally, I had my lips wrapped around the base. They were stretched tight and stinging as I reveled in the moment, inhaling the aroma of dad”s pubes as they tickled my nose. Satisfied with my accomplishment, I settled into a luscious deep throating while dad rested his hand on the back of my head.

“You enjoying yourself, son?” he asked, but he already knew the answer. Still, I cast my half opened eyes up at his smiling face and nodded, then I got lost in the pleasures of sucking dick while my rear end rolled around in a clockwise circle behind me.

When dad”s orgasm started to take shape, I felt it in my hands. That”s because his ballsack started to pull tight while I fondled it. Next, the heat that was pouring off of his genitalia intensified and the musk that was pouring into my nose seemed to sharpen. I caught a whiff of dad”s asshole and felt my body sizzle, then his shaft started to tremble in my mouth. Realizing that the moment had arrived, I doubled down on my efforts, treating myself to an assertive throat fuck while dad held onto the tops of my shoulders. Over and over again, I bobbed my head and swallowed his prick while my head swam with decadent pleasure.

While I was in the istanbul travesti grip of a carnal storm, dad”s rod jerked and throbbed and his load started to spew forth. I moaned hotly and pulled my lips all the way to the tip, where I formed a tight seal under his glans. My vision was hazy and I could barely register what was happening around me as my mouth filled with hot cum. Three shots all landed on my tongue in rapid succession, then a warm, watery gush of cum rushed in and my mouth was full. I released his prick with a wet slurp, then I gazed up at him through half opened eyes and swallowed.

When his gift was down, I opened my mouth and felt the thick, salty remnants of his load. Strands of it were clinging to my palate and tongue when I opened wide, then I sealed my lips and swallowed again. Finally, I slipped my mouth back over the end of his softening prick and washed it around in my mouth with a dreamy smile while he caressed my flushed cheek.

When he pulled me off of his package, I came back to my feet and he took me in his arms. We locked lips and I moaned into his mouth as the specter of gay romance haunted the seat of my pants. I felt him grope my hungry rear end while our tongues danced, then we broke our kiss and I curled my legs while he held me in his lap.

“You feel better now?” he asked me as I clung to his chest. I nodded with a contented sigh, then he pinched my ass and said, “I”m glad to hear that. You”ll get the second half when you finish in the garage.”

“Okay, daddy,” I sang, feeling my head swimming with delight as the warm afterglow of my throat fuck started to set in.

“Take a few minutes to catch your breath, babe,” dad said, his fingertips kneading my plump buns through my pants while I nuzzled my cheek against his shirt. “Daddy”s going to give your rear end the workout it needs.”

“I can”t wait,” I cooed, then I snuggled deeper in his embrace while I recovered from my sexual frenzy. 🏳️‍🌈

While I was straightening the garage, my mind raced with thoughts of gay romance. My rear end was hyper aroused and in a state of sheer need. I could feel it filling the seat of my pants and underwear with a luscious, searing heat that was practically pouring out of my hole as my yearning for gay sex overflowed.

I held the broom in my hands and swept the floor, wondering how it would feel if I inserted the handle into my anus and rode it. I looked over at the other yard tools, taking note of the bulbous end on the handles of dad”s shovels, making my ass shiver uncontrollably. While I was leaning my bike against the wall, I felt the sinewy rubber grips of my handlebar and thought about what it would feel like to back my ass up to it and anally masturbate in the garage.

As these thoughts were carrying me away, my phone vibrated in my pocket. It was my mom.

“Hey mom,” I said, feeling the temperature in my 13 year old body start to lower a bit.

“Hey hun, is daddy taking a nap?” she asked. “I texted him to let him know I was running a little late but he hasn”t texted me back.”

With a sigh, I said, “I”ll go check.”

“Are you cleaning the garage?” she asked me as I popped my head in the door and spotted dad laid out in his recliner, fast asleep.

“Yeah, dad said to get it done before you get home even though it wasn”t that messy,” I grumbled. Then, with a bratty inflection, I tattled on him by saying, “He wouldn”t even help me. I asked him to come help me and he said no.”

I could hear the amusement in her tone when she turned the tables on me by reminding me, “You said it wasn”t that messy, Jared. Maybe daddy thought you could handle it by yourself.”

I sighed with defeat, then I shifted gears.

“Are you still going out tonight?” I asked.

“Ask daddy, he was supposed to make reservations,” she said. “Why do you ask?”
“I was just wondering if I could have a friend over tonight,” I said shyly, then I heard a long silence on the other end.

“Just a friend?” mom asked skeptically. “Or a boyfriend?”

“I don”t have a boyfriend,” I muttered. “I just wanted to have a gay date tonight.”

“Honey, just because mom and dad are going out doesn”t mean you get to have boys in your room,” she lectured me.

“I won”t have boys in my room,” I pleaded. “I just wanted to have one boy over to watch a movie with me. Please?”

I heard her let out a resigned sigh, then she said, “Talk to daddy. If he says yes, then it”s fine.”

“Thanks mom!” I said, then we hung up and I got back to work.

Of course, mom was right about me wanting to use my free time to have sex with boys. I”d been on the prowl for gay sex since I was in the 6th grade. I found myself lusting after boys in 5th grade, and made no secret of my same sex attraction. I spent the summer before I started middle school making out with boys in my back yard and at their houses. Eventually, I gave my first handjob, then I gave my first blowjob. Then I started craving anal stimulation all the time.

Mom didn”t like the fact that I was so sexually aroused all the time, but dad eased her mind by telling her that it was better to let me get it all out of my system right away than to try to suppress my urges. As a compromise, I agreed not to do anal until I was older as long as they bought me a few toys to play with. Again, mom wasn”t exactly on board with it, but the alternative was that I”d go look for tops to satisfy me. With dad”s urging, mom relented and I found myself in the possession of three yummy dildos.

What mom doesn”t know is that I started having anal sex anyway. I started bringing boys home after school so I could have my ass filled with hard dick on the first day of middle school. By then I was taking regular rides on my dildos and the allure of actual anal sex was too much to resist, so I lured a cute boy to my house and put out for him. Then I put out for another boy, and then another one.

Then one day dad came home early and I was caught red handed. Instead of ratting me out to mom, kadıköy travesti though, he winked and gave me the green light to keep hooking up.

Eventually I found my way to his big dick. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to put out for dad, so I took nothing but pleasure in climbing on and accepting his shaft up my ass. It goes without saying that my favorite cock to ride is dad”s.

Of course, mom can never know. Because it would hurt her, and I”d probably never get to see dad again. So it”s our secret forever. 🏳️‍🌈

When I went inside to report to him, he was sound asleep in his recliner. I took the time to study his body, noting that his midsection looked trim and I could see the definition of his chest under his shirt. Letting my gaze travel further down, I spotted the outline of his package through the gray cotton sweats he had on. A smile crept across my face when I noticed that the drawstrings weren”t tied. He had his hands resting on his thighs, which were slightly elevated by the foot rest that was supporting his bare feet. I glanced at his lips, which were fluttering as he lightly snored, and remembered how delicious his kiss was when his tongue invaded my mouth after the blowjob I gave him.

There was a trickle of sweat running from his sideburn, leaving a moist trail against his olive toned cheek that glistened between his late afternoon stubble. My tummy was rolling and my chest was filling with desire as I contemplated the cock ride I was promised. I felt overwhelmed with lust as I moved closer to dad”s chair and took a seat on the armrest so I could be close to him. Without opening his eyes, he shifted a little, then his left arm found its way around my shoulders and he pulled me into his lap.

“You all done out there, baby boy?” he asked me in his sleep.

“Yeah,” I sighed, curling my legs and pressing my palms against his chest. “Dad?”

“Yes son?” he said, lifting his chin so I could tuck my head under it.

“You look really sexy right now,” I told him. “I”m having gay fantasies.”

“I know, hun,” he assured me. “You”ve been having a lot of gay fantasies lately, haven”t you?”

I nodded quietly while he palmed my rear end and gave it a delicious squeeze that sent a tremble through me.

“Are you and mom going out tonight?” I asked him.

“We were thinking about it,” he answered, and I could tell he was still waking up. “Do you need a babysitter?”

“No,” I said, letting my right hand roam down to his package so I could reciprocate his groping of my ass by enjoying a handful of his cock. I ran my hand along the length of his dick through his sweat pants and said, “I was thinking that maybe I could have a boy over for a gay date while you and mom go out.”

“Oh yeah?” he said, then I felt his warm breath fluttering in my ear. “Which boy?”

With a sinful sizzle spreading through my short, skinny frame I whispered, “Any boy. I just want to have a gay date tonight.”

“I can tell you”re really horny, son,” he mentioned while I nodded. “Are you still in the mood for that rear end service I promised you?”

“Yes,” I hissed, tightening my grip on his package. “I need it bad right now.”

“I see that,” he said, then he lifted his chin so I could untuck my head. As soon as I lifted my head, we fell into a deep, delicious kiss while he kneaded my ass cheeks. I ground my hips around, feeling my desire swell as I enjoyed a makeout session with the man of my dreams. We broke our kiss and dad swatted my tail, so I slid out of his lap and he got up. I took his hand and we walked down the hall to my room.

Sunlight was pouring in through the window as I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to my feet. I hooked the blue striped waistband of my undies and yanked them down, watching them land on top of my jeans while my little boner stood at attention. It was straining hard, pressed tight against my practically hairless pubic bone and leaking precum that was trickling down its 1 ½ inch shaft

With my pants and undies puddled around my shoes, I crawled into my bed on my hands and knees. My ass was sticking straight out as dad used his strong hands to manhandle my buns. He stirred my hips around in a circle while his thumbs pressed into my crevice and pulled it apart, then he knelt behind me and placed his nose up to my hole. I listened as he drew in a long whiff, then I felt his warm breath pour into my crevice. A split second later, he latched onto my hole and ate it greedily while I moaned with pleasure. Carnal energy was erupting all over my body, coursing through my legs and up my back, then down my arms and along my torso as the pleasures of anilingus consumed me. My fists gripped my blankets and my toes curled in my shoes while I let out a soft, maidenly moan that signaled the onset of my anal ecstasy.

Just as I approached the ledge, though, dad abandoned the rim job and stood up behind me. I felt his hands pull me up at the hips so that my ass was pointing up and the small of my back was dipping, then he placed the head of his prick up to my hungry entrance. My body was dripping with need as pleasure signals poured over me, then my pucker expanded and his glans melted through it. The delicious sensation of penetration felt like a warm blanket that was wrapped around my whole body. It was a heavy, 1500 thread count blanket that swaddled me in goodness as I accepted dad”s shaft with a long, pleasure filled moan. Inch by luscious inch, dad”s manhood slid into my rectum and touched every spot that I needed it to touch.

“Oh my god!” I called out when I felt his pubic bush scrubbing my deep crevice, then I gazed over my shoulder at him with a sleepy smile.

“You doing okay, champ?” he asked me, and I nodded with a long, guttural moan while I instinctively ground my hips around. Sensing my urgent need, dad rubbed the small of my back and assured me, “Daddy”s going to take care of that itch you”ve got, son. Just relax and let me work it out for you, okay?”

“Okay, daddy,” I sang, bakırköy travesti then I folded my arms and rested the side of my head on my forearms while he tightened his grip on my waist and started to thrust.

As soon as his pole started to move back and forth, I experienced a burst of pleasure in my body and a dense fog started to set in. The warmth that had already wrapped itself around me seemed to glow stronger while chaotic bands of hot and cold ripped through my groin and cascaded across my body with relentless force. They seemed to originate in my ass, but they also seemed to end there. Goosebumps were breaking out on my skin, but my pores were also opening and sweat was running out of them.

Almost as an afterthought, I felt my feet bending in my shoes and felt compelled to kick them off. So I placed the sole of my right shoe against the ankle of my left shoe and kicked it off. Then I used my socked left foot to kick the shoe off my right foot. When my jeans hit the floor, dad kicked them out from under his feet without breaking his stride. I moaned urgently and inhaled the aroma of anal intercourse as it wafted into my nose, then I lost track of everything that was happening around me as the waves of ecstasy swept me out to sea.

When I opened my eyes again, everything seemed to have changed. The delightful strokes that dad was treating me to were still sending bands of pleasure across my body, but now there was an effervescent glow in my chest. My feet and toes, which had tensed up just minutes earlier, were now relaxed and tingling with relief. My fists, which hand been bunched tight around two handfuls of my blankets, were now unballed. In their place were my flat palms and my limp wrists, which were laying freely next to my head. My groin and my hard little dick, which had been on fire and experiencing relentless flashes of heat, were now sizzling sweetly in the aftermath of a powerful onslaught of anal ecstasy.

“Is it all better, honey?” I heard dad asked me from behind, and I nodded with a spoiled smile on my face. “That makes me so happy.”

“Me too, daddy,” I cooed as he continued to stroke my rear end out.

“It didn”t take my boy long at all,” he remarked, and I shook my head no. “Would you like it if daddy kept going, or do you want me to pull out?”

“Keep going, please,” I sang, then I settled in for the remainder of my decadent cock ride.

“A deal”s a deal,” he conceded, and I nodded in agreement with him.

Five minutes after he brought me to a furious anal orgasm, dad buried his rod up my pleasured ass and pumped a trio of hot cum shots into it while I cooed with delight. While he was unloading his seed, I smiled back at him and sighed as I enjoyed the feeling of his dick throbbing inside me.

When he pulled out, I rolled onto my back and waited for him to get in bed with me. When he was resting on my pillow, I engaged him in a long kiss while he groped my bare buns. When we broke our kiss, I scooted down his body and sucked him clean with a blissful smile on my face while he slipped his middle finger up my ass.

🏳️‍🌈 The End🏳️‍🌈

Coming Soon: Kevin loves his daddy and his brothers. But how much attention does his ass need until he”s satisfied? Find out in The Bottom of the Bunch 🏳️‍🌈

Also coming soon to this section of the archive: Charlie”s got a craving that he can”t deny. What happens when a good boy starts putting out? Find out in, ota

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