A Torrential Passion

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Female Ejaculation

Adam gave the bleak sky an angry look as he hurried to repack the picnic basket. What right did nature have to interfere with his already too-short afternoon with his wife? With his work, he and Leah saw each other little enough already.

Leah noticed her husband’s frustration, and reached across the blanket to caress his hair as the first raindrops started to fall. “Honey, you know I love you, and I cherish our time together even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Come on, let the world rest for a while, Atlas, and come keep me company.”

A wry smile escaped Adam’s sour mood. Leah was always good at cheering him up. “Fine, then. What do you suggest, my Pollyanna of a wife?”

“First we’d better find some shelter, and quick!”

They each grabbed a handle of the picnic basket, and ran off through the field in the direction of taller vegetation which looked like it might protect at least their shins from the coming rain. When they reached the tall grass, Leah reached once more into the picnic basket, removing the blanket which they had so recently repacked. “We’d better stay low, in case there’s lightning,” she explained as she unfolded it on the damp ground.

When Leah was finished laying out the blanket, the rain began in earnest. She lay down on the blanket, pulling Adam down next to her. “Oh, Adam, it’s so good to be close to you again. It’s been days since we’ve even been in the same room together. Tell me you’re as happy as I am.” Finally acknowledging his helplessness against the forces of nature, Adam sighed, and turned to his wife.

Leah’s hair was beginning to stick tuzla escort to her neck as it collected the falling rain. As Adam looked at her, he realized how true it was that they’d been too separate for too long. She was wonderful, and she was in love with him. How could he have ignored her? “Sweetheart, you know I love you. I’m the luckiest man in the world to have you here with me.” With that, he pulled her close, his arm around her waist as he kissed her. The familiar taste of her lips against his, mixed with the cold wetness of the increasing rain on their faces made him catch his breath quickly in surprise. He had missed her so much!

Leah broke their kiss slowly, pulling away so that she could begin to undress. Already, she was so excited that she was nearly unable to unfasten the buttons of her cotton shirt, let alone her jeans. Adam, realizing what she was trying to do, offered his assistance, and soon she was clad only in her underwear. Her white bra and panties, transparent in the rain, stuck to her body, raising goosebumps with their damp coldness and displaying her erect nipples tantalizingly. Adam, unable to resist their teasing, ran his large hands from his wife’s wrists, all the way up her arms, and down her chest, following the swell of her soft flesh, until his splayed fingers completely covered her breasts. He began to squeeze, softly at first, and then more insistently, until Leah couldn’t repress a moan of excitement. She frantically reached for his face, and brought his lips to hers for another kiss which they would not break until they had managed to undress Adam, tuzla rus escort awkward though it was.

Lying back, completely naked and at the mercy of the elements, Adam looked up toward the sky. He could see patches of grey through the grasses which closed over his head, but little else. He and Leah were totally hidden in the tall weeds, known only to the occasional bird that flew by, seeking cover. Rain dripped from the leaves above his body onto his body and his wife’s. Wherever he and Leah touched, their skin was slick with water. Like an otter, Leah slid her belly over his, still wearing her soaking wet underwear. Adam reached quickly around her, unfastening her bra before sliding both it and her panties off her willing body.

Adam then seized Leah’s torso, and flipped her over onto her back on the cold, rain-soaked blanket. He wanted to look at her, vulnerable to the rain and open to him. She spread her legs, lifting her knees, knowing that her husband always found pleasure in the sight of her body. Thunder ripped through the splattering sound of raindrops as Adam reached to caress her. His hands slid easily over Leah’s legs, from her ankles to her hips, intensifying her pleasure and drawing ever more goosebumps to the surface of her skin.

“I’m going to fuck you, my love. I’m going to drive you wild,” Adam whispered, his words barely audible to Leah over the sound of the storm.

“Oh please. . .” Leah could barely speak, she was so excited. The rain on her body was stirring responses in her that she didn’t know had existed. The wetness on her skin was tuzla sarışın escort rivalled only by the wetness in her pussy, and she could hardly wait to feel Adam inside her.

She got her wish. Adam, placing his hands firmly on either side of her shoulders, and his cock squarely at her entrance, thrust his hips forward. Leah was so overcome she hardly noticed the lightning bolt which silhouetted Adam’s body against the sky as he drove into her body. His cock, so recently cold from the streaming rain, sent sizzling signals to his brain as it made contact with the warm depths of his wife’s cunt. The contrast between the cold air and her warm body took his breath away, and he thrust again.

Leah moaned. Feeling her husband’s weight on her body, she was doubly thrilled by his hard penis inside her — filling her — and the sensation of his pelvis sliding over her rain-wettened clit. She knew she would be unable to hold back very long, and when her husband curled his head down to suck her nipple into his mouth, she started to scream, her voice drowned out by thunder.

Adam felt Leah’s pussy begin to throb, and then to contract in earnest as he pushed her over the brink into orgasm. Not bothering to hold back, he thrust his cock into her as hard as he could, letting her spasming cunt work on his penis, drawing his orgasm from his body. It was an incredible feeling, just to hold himself still, and to feel Leah’s body suck him into her. He climaxed in powerful bursts, filling her pussy with his cum as he shouted his satisfaction to the sky.

Letting his penis soften within Leah’s pussy, Adam looked down at his wife. Her face glowed with rain and happiness. “I love you,” she whispered, finally relaxing her muscles which had held him so tightly. Then rain slowed to a drizzle, and finally stopped, while they still lay in each other’s arms.

“And I love you,” came Adam’s reply.

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