After So Long

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On a warm summer night in a small town, Andy walked home from her job a few blocks away from her town house. She was tired from waiting tables late into the night, dragging her feet and softly complaining how her entire body ached. Though she thought of how this new job had already began to define her muscles and give her back the curves she had in high school. She is a 21 year old that weighs 133 pounds at 5’8” with long dark brown hair down to her mid back. She straightened her back and quickened her pace remembering that her best friend of 10 years, Kylie, was visiting her, staying at her home with her for a week or two. Kylie is 22 and the same height as Andy, with 32C breast, slim waist, and those sex lines that just drove Andy wild. Her mid shoulder length black hair just added to the sex appeal. She arrived today just before work, exhausted from her long trip. She was wearing tight clothes like she had for so long now, clinging to her curves and beautiful body. Andy moaned silently to herself recalling her sexy style. It was mid-way through their friendship that Andy finally acknowledged her love for Kylie. She had never told her but wished so badly that Kylie would love her.

Even though she had had a long night of serving food and drinks to drunk customers, she would have to figure out a bed situation for her best friend. Meaning sleep would not find her for at least another hour or so. With her recent move, she had limited space and only one bed and a small couch. She had reached her apartments and was looking up at her door just up the flight of stairs. She wanted to seem less frazzled and let her hair down and fixed it to look neater, just covering her breast and ribs. She pulled up her shirt covering the cleavage of her pert, 32D breast. She walked up the stairs and walked into her quiet home, not seeing Kylie anywhere. She called out her name and dropped her bag on the floor near the couch. She walked into her room and found Kylie sound asleep in her bed. Andy could only smile at the fact that she would be sleeping in the same bed as her. She slipped out of her clothes and into the shower washing off from her busy night and slipped into her usual pajamas of black spandex shorts and a bright blue spaghetti strap shirt.

“Good night Ky,” she whispered slipping into bed, facing her friends back believing her friend was too far asleep to hear her.

“Nnnggghhh, why are we going to sleep so soon, you just got home.” Kylie said back in a very sleepy voice as she turned to face her best friend.

“I thought you were asleep, I didn’t want to wake you up.” She smiled looking into her friends soft blue eyes.

“You really think I would sleep through my first night with you?” She asked her voice full of sarcasm, as she scooted closer and hugged Andy close to her body. Andy blushed brightly and thanked herself for turning off the lights so the darkness would not reveal her flush skin. Kylie stayed where she was and asked, “how was work tonight?”

“It was good, I made a lot of tips and got some overtime in. Though this sports team of college guys kept groping my ass.” She shuttered recalling one man trying to pull down her shorts.

“And you didn’t like that? Having a bunch of young tight bodies grabbing your ass?” She gave a soft sarcastic moan.

“Uhhhh no, I can not stand having guys paw at me that way.” Andy stated matter-of-fact. Kylie looked at her izmit rus escort with one eyebrow raised and a question on her face.

“You are such a lesbian!” Kylie said laughing softly. As silence filled the room, Andy turned her head from Kylie and tried to pull away from her. Kylie pulled her back and turned Andy’s head back softly gripping her chin. Looking into Andy’s eyes Kylie softly stated, “Did you think I didn’t know you were gay? You have been my best friend since we were kids, and you thought I didn’t know?” Kylie’s eyes expressed pain and sadness at her friends inability to tell her the darkest secret of her life.

“I have just always kept it to myself, I didn’t think it was obvious.” Andy’s eyes filled with tears and tried to pull away again.

“No, I won’t let you go. Talk to me. Please.” Kylie pleaded with her friend. “I just want you to finally talk to me about this, please.”

Andy’s tears over flowed and she moved into Kylie’s arms snuggling into her neck, sniffling and holding her tightly to her own body. “I just don’t want to lose you, I never wanted you to worry about me loving you.” Andy realized she had said too much and her body tensed waiting for the love of her life’s response.

“And how long have you loved me? Because I have known you loved me, but how long have you kept this from me?” Kylie’s voice was soft and caring, not accusing and disgusted like Andy had expected.

“For so long, since I was 15 years old, maybe longer, that is just when…I realized that is what I felt. I watched you be with boyfriend after boyfriend, seeing how happy you were with them, wishing I was the one making you that happy…I just wanted….for your love to be directed at me…” Her voice cut off as her tears took over her ability to talk. Andy’s body shook and trembled as everything she had held close to her heart was now out in the open, her heart now vulnerable for all the pain she expected in all the day dreams of this very moment.

Kylie pulled her closer and rubbed her back gently and slowly with intimacy that was only ever experienced between lovers. But through the sadness Andy could not feel the love Kylie was attempting to send to her. She could sense that her actions were not getting through to Andy and decided to jump off a cliff that had been scaring her for several years now. She pulled Andy’s head out of her neck and pressed her lips firmly against Andy’s. Too surprised to do anything, Andy simply looked at Kylie’s closed eyes, trying to figure out what was happening.

“I love you Andy.” Kylie whispered after releasing her lips. She was breathless and scared, keeping her eyes closed to not let Andy see her pain filled eyes.

“I love you too,” Andy kissed her, with such passion and love that even kylie felt a tear of her own trickle down her cheek. Kylie moaned into Andy’s mouth softly, making the level of passion increase, sending a shock of lust through them both. Kylie leaned back trying to catch her breath, but Andy wouldn’t give her the chance, crawling on top of her, kissing down her cheek down to her ear, softly pressing her lips to her ear. As she breathed softly into her ear, goose bumps rose on her skin. She slid her tongue passed her lips and caressed the edge of her ear, from the tip to her lobe, flicking her tongue over it, then pulling it into her mouth sucking and nibbling softly. Kylie let out izmit escort a moan, moving her hands up to Andy’s hips pulling her down, crushing their hips together. She manipulated her hips in a grinding motion until Andy caught on, grinding her hips into her new lover with slow teasing motions.

Kylie moved to be fully on her back, spreading her legs, allowing Andy to grind into her hips at a more direct angle. Kylie ran her hands from her hips to her breast and began to play with them, kneading them and running her thumbs over Andy’s hard nipples. Andy closed her eyes, her breath shallowing out and lowered her body to have full contact with her. As all of this was going on, Andy had moved her mouth down to Kylie’s neck and collar bone, kissing and licking over her skin.

“Andy, stop.” Kylie barely whispered.

“Why? This feels….right.” she said between kisses.

“Just hold on for a second, I need to ask you something.” Kylie sat up and brought Andy closer to straddle her legs. “Since you have loved me for so long, and I know that, you didn’t have any partners at 15…how many partners have you had?”

Andy blushed, deeper than she ever had before. She looked down, caressing Kylie’s body with her eyes. It wasn’t until this point that Andy realized that she only had on her lacy bra and matching panties.
“Andy, tell me, how many partners have you had?” Kylie kissed the top of her head, smiling softly thinking that her new lover had only had one or two partners.

“None.” Andy whispered barely audible. Kylie’s mouth fell open with utter surprise.

“You are a virgin at 21?!” Kylie couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I just figured you didn’t want to talk about your sex life with me but I didn’t assume you didn’t have one!”

“Don’t make fun. I just never looked for anyone, I didn’t want to have sex yet.” Andy looked up into Kylie’s eyes trying to find the right words. “I didn’t want to have sex with anyone but you. And now that I am here….I just have no clue as to what I am supposed to do.”

Smiling and laughing Kylie said, “baby, I will show you everything.” With that their mouths were locked together in a passionate wrestling match between their tongues. Andy began to grind her wet pussy against Kylie’s stomach, “how many people have you kissed baby?”

“A few, two or three..I at least know how to kiss,” she smiled and laughed. They began kissing again and continued to grind against each other. Kylie moved her hand down to Andy’s pussy and began to rub her soaking cunt through her shorts. She lifted her fingers to her mouth and tasted the traces of her pussy juices, moaning slightly at the flavor. Then Kylie moved her hands to Andy’s hips and pushed her down onto the bed slipping her shorts off, spreading her legs.

Kylie quickly moved to kiss Andy’s mouth softly, then moved her body down to lay on the bed, face to pussy. Kylie took in a long whiff of Andy’s sweet pussy. She gently separated Andy’s swollen pussy lips and blew cool air on her hard clit. Andy closed her eyes tightly, never being touched in this way was so new to her and it was driving her crazy. Kylie then licked from Andy’s entrance, to just above her clit, agonizingly slow. The sound that released itself from Andy was like no noise either of them had ever heard. Kylie smiled and began to gently lap at Andy’s over sensitive clit. Andy was moaning, screaming, tensing and relaxing, kocaeli escort she had lost all control of her body. The woman of her dreams, the girl that tortured and blessed her dreams was finally here, in her bed, making her feel things she never believed any one would. She smiled to herself, stroking her skin with her finger tips as her lover tantalized her body. She then slid her fingers into Kylie’s soft dark hair, tangling her fingers with locks of hair.

Kylie smiled and began to lick her pussy firmer, circling her clit, moaning on her wet pussy, making every sensation possible run through Andy. Andy felt Kylie’s slim fingers probing at her virgin hole. Andy tensed slightly, not sure what to expect. Kylie slid her finger in slowly and gently trying to cause her love as little pain as possible. When she reached her hymen Andy’s breath caught and Kylie retreated, pulling her finger out entirely.

“Do you want this?” Kylie whispered, worried about her lover.

“Please, Ky, please, I have always wanted it to be you, please, my love, please.” Andy’s voice was just audible enough for kylie to hear. She smiled and reentered her finger into her wet cunt, a little faster this time, though with all the gentleness as before. This time when she reached Andy’s hymen she softly probed, trying to make it easier on Andy. But when Andy felt it this time, she thrust her hips towards Kylie, pushing her finger through her hymen and moaned at the slight pain and the intense pleasure. Andy’s sigh was more of a relief to Kylie than it was to herself.

“Oh my love,” Kylie whispered, a feeling of lightning surging through her stomach at the feeling and knowledge that she had just taken Andy’s virginity. Kylie kept her finger still until Andy began to move her hips and moaning. The new lovers were forming a connection that was stronger than any bond of this world. As Kylie gently moved her finger inside of the girl she loved, Andy could feel every lock she had ever put on her heart fall away and open for this woman. Andy sat up, moving to straddle Kylie’s crossed legs and began to ride her fingers. Her arms wrapped around her neck and they stayed this way for what seemed like hours, but only turned out to be several minutes.

After a little time, Andy started to move her hips faster, and push down on Kylie’s fingers harder. Kylie knew exactly what was going on, Andy was going to have her first orgasm.

“Hold your breath baby, just until I tell you to release okay?” Kylie said softly. Andy was confused but listened to Kylie and drew in a deep breath and held it. As she held her breath, Kylie moved her mouth over Andy’s clothed nipple and began to nibble and lick it through the cloth. After about 15 seconds, Andy reached her climax and Kylie said, with a moan in her words, “let go babyyy.” With the release of her breath, her climax grew, and grew, until she was screaming, and moaning, swearing naughty things in her partner’s ear. Andy couldn’t move for about five minutes after that, sensitive to every touch, every breath, that was laid on her after that.

Kylie grasped her waist and directed her to lay down. She was smiling proudly, seeing as how she just brought her lover an intense orgasm. The covers were pulled up, and the clothes torn away, thrown to the floor. While two happy lovers fell asleep at three o’clock in the morning, holding each other, whispering sweet things to each other. Both finally happy, that their love is expressed. Now they needed only to rest, to be ready for the next round, when Kylie would teach Andy new ways to please a woman.

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