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I am not a writer, but I do like to share my remembrances, especially erotic ones. I like to read other peoples true erotic stories also. So, I will just write this short story as best as I can remember it.

When our daughter was young she would get scared during storms and come sleep with my husband and me. We never minded and we would let her sleep between us and she would fall fast asleep. This continued for several years until we felt that she should learn to overcome her fears and so one of us would go sleep in her bed until she fell asleep. She is our only child and we never considered comforting her a chore. As she entered her teen years, these episodes ceased.

We normally sleep naked or with minimal cloths (panties or underwear and maybe a teddy or under shirt). We also freely walk around the house in minimal clothes in the mornings and evenings. We have all seen each other naked taking baths or showers and no one pays much attention… or so my husband and I thought…until one night she walked into our room while we were making love.

After that evening and talking with our daughter the next few days, my husband and I talked about not just that event, but also about what might have led to it. You see, things had happened in bed that we thought nothing about earlier. When she would get in bed with us, we might wake up, she still asleep, with her hands either on my breasts or on his penis. We thought nothing about it; just an accident. As we escort talked about it, we realized that maybe it had not been an accident but her experimentation.

So, we asked her about those times and she told us that, yes, it started as an accident, but that one time she awoke before we did and she was touching his penis and liked the feel of it and it was so exciting to rub it that she began to come to our room to sleep with us just so she could touch it. Again, another night she awoke touching my breast and liked that to so she would touch both of us during the night while we were asleep. She told us that she always looked forward to storms because of that and was sad when we finally made her sleep in her bed during them.

As we talked farther with her, she told us that one night she was touching her dad’s penis when a sticky fluid came out the end. She would rub it over the tip of the penis and the penis would get bigger. She thought that was fantastic and so she would keep rubbing it and more would come out and there was enough to rub it over his whole penis. One night a whole lot shot out and it scared her, but daddy didn’t wake up so she guessed it was ok. [I remember those times. He would tell me in the morning that he had had a wet dream. Now we knew why.]

She also told us that she liked rubbing my nipples and feeling them get big and hard. She would touch me between the legs and found that I had sticky fluid too and she would rub me to get me to make more. [Now izmit escort bayan I know where my wet dreams originated also.]

She told us that one time she tasted her fingers with the sticky liquids on them and she really liked the taste, both of ours, though they tasted different.

Anyway, when we finally made her sleep alone, one night when a storm woke her, she got out of bed and started to our room. As she neared our door, it was not shut completely, she heard moaning noises coming from our room. She looked in and daddy was on top of me bouncing up and down. I was telling him to do it harder and cum in me, so she knew I was liking it and she just stood in the doorway and watched and listened; she did not enter or say anything to us. She later learned from her friends and the internet that we were having sex. From that time on whenever she heard noises from our room she would get up and come to peek in on us. She liked watching. It made her feel good all over.

Now to the story of her catching us.

It was one of those times when she heard us making love that she got up and this time decided to come on into the room. I was on top of my husband riding him cowgirl style. We did not see her standing beside the bed just behind me. She said that she probably watched for 5 minutes or so before she moved and I saw her. I almost broke his penis jumping off.

We both covered ourselves with the sheet and yelled, “What are izmit sınırsız escort you doing here”.

She said, “Just watching you make love to daddy. It is so neat that ya’ll love each other so much. I heard you and just had to come watch.” “I have watched from the door before, but just had to get closer to see tonight.”

Her dad asked, “How many time have you watch before.”

She said, “Lots, maybe twenty times.”

I asked, “So was it different watching closer?”

She said, “Yes, much better. I could see daddy’s penis go inside you and your breasts bouncing and daddy holding them.” “I like to watch when ya’ll make love. It is so nice.”

I asked, “What all have you seen?”

She said, “I have seen daddy on top of you and you on top of daddy and daddy behind you. I even saw you sucking daddy’s penis and him licking your pussy.” “It always makes me tingle and rub myself when I watch.”

Turns out we had a very sexual daughter and didn’t realize it.

That talk led to many other talks and we grew closer together because of it. We no longer even attempted to hid our love making and she walked in on use several more times to just watch.

I have talked to her about her sexual feeling and how to relieve them and pleasure herself. She has even done it while watching us. We do not let her participate, only watch if she wants. We talk about sex and love and she is very knowledgeable now.

My husband died awhile back and it is just her and me now. We talk about those time and how much we miss him. She is now in college. I am home alone and writing this makes me happy remembering the good times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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