Chains Pt. 04

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The next few weeks didn’t change much for Jacopo. Andreas was still acting as the responsible overseer under the watchful eyes of John and Captain Horst. Every morning, he’d march Jacopo and put him to work. However, every evening he returned Jacopo to his locked room, he’d beg to take the thick muscle cock; dropping to his knees and grabbing at the front of Jacopo’s work trousers until he got what he craved. The young soldier had no qualms with taking the big man’s sweaty musky cock down his throat until he choked. And Jacopo had no problems face-fucking the young man and shooting his daily cumload deep down the boy’s throat.

But one morning, Andreas never showed up.

Jacopo was left in his locked room all day. He was brought bread and water by a small cute guard he didn’t know. Around four in the afternoon, John showed up with the small guard and ushered him upstairs to the servant’s bathroom.

“Wash really well, even your ass…inside and out. Make sure you are pristine for tonight’s …event,” ordered John. “Failure to comply would not be wise.” John motioned to the small guard. “Watch him.” The small guard looked shaken for a second as John left him.

Jacopo had no idea what was happening, but he complied. He didn’t think about too much. He noticed the guard watching him the whole time, his young hard cock pressing against his uniform trousers. As he washed his ass, he looked at the guard and smiled.

The young man was about Andreas’ age, maybe a little younger. He was shorter than Andreas and thinner. He had black hair and milky white skin. The guard’s lips were red and thick. He was beautifully cute. Such a waste as a soldier, Jacopo thought to himself. The young man could make a career on his looks alone.

Jacopo peeled off his threadworm clothes and could see the young soldier rubbing his cock through his uniform. He shyly stopped when Jacopo looked directly at him. Jacopo flexed his muscles at every chance. He rubbed his hands of his hairy body, tempting the young man. The young soldier’s cock was plainly visible, forming a small wet spot where the head pushed hard against the cloth. Jacopo grinned when he saw small beads of sweat forming on the young soldier’s face. The big man’s own cock lolled to one side, heavy from watching the beautiful boy in the room with him. Jacopo was getting turned on by the young man and really wanted to suck his cock.

“You can help if you want. You’re pretty cute. It sure looks like you might want to help,” tempted Jacopo, motioning his head toward the young guard’s crotch. The guard just stared at the big man.

As Jacopo finished up with his ass and was about to shower, he looked at the guard and told him to pull his cock out. He crouched on the bathroom floor and placed his hands behind his back.

“C’mon. Pull that cock out,” he coaxed.

The young guard turned his head to the door and satisfied the coast was clear, he unzipped his trousers. His short thick cock protruded out, the head as red as and the size of a cherry. Precum oozed out and formed a droplet at his piss slit, sparkling like a precious jewel. Jacopo crawled a few feet toward him mesmerized and the guard started to stuff his cock back into his zipper.

“Whoa, no,” said Jacopo, lifting his hands up as he sat there crouched and still. “Calm down. It’s okay.”

The guard moved his hands to his hips and just stood there looking down at him.

“I’m going to put my hands behind my back. I’m going to open my mouth and you put your cock in it,” he said with a wink, and then did as he had said.

The young guard took a couple short steps and pushed his cock into Jacopo’s hungry mouth with a soft sigh. Jacopo was enjoying the taste and size of the young cock. He flicked his tongue over and around the cherry cockhead. He sucked in the entire length as the young man grabbed the sides of his head.

Jacopo began to rock back and forth on the balls of his feet allowing casino siteleri him to bob up and down on the cock. The guard steadied him, occasionally pushing his small hips forward almost gagging Jacopo. After a couple minutes, the young man’s balls tightened and his body went stiff. He gasped and filled Jacopo’s mouth with his seed. The copious load ran down Jacopo’s chin as he cleaned the young cock with his tongue, lapping up any stray drops of cum. The guard stuffed his cock into his uniform again and Jacopo jumped in the shower.

Awhile later, John came back and dismissed the young guard. John led Jacopo naked, his body shiny from the cleansing, to a room on the second floor. The room was mostly bare. There was one prominent object in the room. I looked like a cross between a sawhorse and padded leather armchair, somewhat like a saddle with legs. Jacopo had never seen anything like it. John walked to it and motioned for Jacopo as two big soldiers walked into the room and closed the door.

“Bend over this. Your legs against those two legs and your arms against the ones there,” John said, as he pointed out his instructions.

Jacopo was very nervous, but he calmly did as he was told. John moved quickly and fastened what looked like a wide belt of soft leather over his hips making him immobile. The two soldiers moved quickly to his arms and legs, buckling them into leather restraints on the legs of the sawhorse. Then the soldiers left just as quickly. Jacopo started to panic and his heart began to race.

“What is going on?” he growled. “What are you doing?”

John had walked over to a small bureau and had retrieved something. He walked back to Jacopo and pushed a gag into Jacopo’s mouth and tightening it. Jacopo screamed against it, his face turning red. John didn’t even acknowledge him and walked out of the room. Jacopo screamed until he couldn’t anymore. He couldn’t move; he couldn’t speak. He could only wait..

The door finally opened and in walked Captain Horst, a big grin on his face.

“Good evening, Jacopo. And how are we…” Horst paused, “ah, I forgot.”

Horst walked over to Jacopo, removing his leather gloves. He reached down and jostled the gag. He walked to the side and slapped his leather gloves against Jacopo’s displayed ass, causing him to jerk against the sawhorse crushing his balls into the buttery leather. Jacopo winced as a soft pain flooded his core. The restrained man felt his cock growing as his body pressed it against the leather.

“Ah, good, my orders were followed. You are completely helpless,” said Horst as he removed his jacket and tie. “You’ve been quite a busy boy lately…according to Andreas.”

Jacopo’s eye went wide and he pulled at his restraints.

“It always amazes me how promises of wealth and position can cause some people to give up volumes of information. Make them turn sides. It is so much more productive than threats. Well, you know as they say more flies with honey than vinegar. Andreas was well paid for all that he confessed. Very well paid,” Horst stated as he began to unbutton his shirt. “One good offer and he sang like a bird. He told me everything. My god, he loved your big thick cock down his throat, didn’t he?” Horst laughed.

Horst pulled his shirt off and laid it on the bureau with his tie and jacket. His v-shaped muscled body was accentuated by his broad shoulders and tight uniform trousers stuffed into his black jackboots. He rubbed a hand over his thick chest covered in light brown hair which ran down covering his tight stomach.

“You are quite a horny bastard. I had no idea you were so sexually insatiable or so commanding. Perro was greatly pleased with you. Oh, you know the young guard. He’s my pleasure boy, my little lustful pup. I mean, I can’t let a war destroy something so beautiful. I keep him in a small house nearby. He loved today’s adventure so much, such a nice little collaborating whore. canlı casino I’m just back from watching him as he jerked his sweet cock and described the whole little event to me. Oh, what a depraved scene.”

Jacopo didn’t flinch while the captain regaled himself with things he had gotten from Andreas and his little traitor whore. Horst unbuckled his belt, pulling it from its loops. He reached out and caressed Jacopo’s buttocks softly.

“You could have been something similar. A different flavor, a different day. However, you were too defiant, you were just too, too defiant. But after hearing of your exploits, I have really taken it personally. Was I too old? Too cruel?” he asked, circling around Jacopo, gently slapping the belt against his jackboots. “Hmmm, or are you just someone who needs strict discipline?” he asked, and then brought the leather belt down onto the hairy buttocks several times.

Jacopo’s body tensed. He clenched his fists with every contact the belt made. Horst smiled as he looked over the fiery red ass cheeks. He threw the belt against the wall. He walked behind Jacopo and unfastened his trousers. He pulled his zipper down and his thick cock fell out, swaying under its own girthy heft. He spread the reddened ass cheeks and spit several times. He felt Jacopo tense up.

“Don’t pretend you aren’t aroused. You want this big cock filling your ass. You complied with the order to clean your ass. What did you think was going to happen?”

Jacopo yelled against the gag. He didn’t want to think about that. Yeah, he knew in the back of his mind he was going to get fucked. Horst was an obscene lecherous beast, but he was powerful and controlling, an evil alpha that took what he wanted. And Jacopo was ashamed that he had looked at the broad shoulders and hairy v-shaped body and had lusted for it. That cruel handsome chiseled profile that he had projected onto Andreas when the young soldier swallowed his thick cock, imagining it was the captain taking his cock.

Jacopo could feel his leaking cock pressing its hardness into the leather under him. He felt like a traitor. I am a traitor, he thought to himself as the captain swirled his cock in the spit at Jacopo’s hole and pushed into him.

“Fuck!” Horst yelled as he leaned in and let gravity pull him down into Jacopo’s bowels. “Fuck, it’s so smooth and tight.”

Jacopo relaxed his body and pushed out to accommodate the big shaft piercing into him. Horst fell against Jacopo for a second. Jacopo groaned. Slowly the captain began to move his hips, pumping his cock in and out of Jacopo. Even restrained, the captain’s hard fucking caused Jacopo’s cock to slide against the soft leader.

Horst stopped for a second, took a deep breath, and then proceeded to ram himself hard into Jacopo. He pulled out and rammed back in over and over. Jacopo screamed against the gag as his own load oozed out in a gentle flood beneath him. His ass tightened and gripped the captain’s cock with every deep push into him.

“You nasty motherfucker. You just came with me fucking you. You fucking pig,” Horst whispered loudly.

He grabbed at Jacopo’s hair and began to curse. The sawhorse began to creak and to shudder as the captain pounded hard and deep into Jacopo.

Finally, Horst groaned and shot his cum deep into Jacopo’s bowels just as the air raid siren went off. Jacopo’s fingers clenched at the sawhorse. Horst grunted as his hips jerked from the sensation snapping through his body, and finally fell against Jacopo. The muscled man lay there taking the sweaty weight of the captain, feeling his cock shrink inside him. Horst finally stood up and his cock fell out of Jacopo. Horst laughed and slapped the tight red round ass he had just loaded. A stream of cum jiggled out of Jacopo’s ass and ran down his thick meaty thighs. Horst laughed as he pulled up his trousers and fastened them.

“Those foolish countrymen of yours have been sending drones kaçak casino and wrecking havoc with our aerial detection system. Hopefully, like you, they will come to understand they are fighting hopelessly against someone greater and bigger than themselves. Our empire will crush this revolt,” Horst said as he buckled on his belt and grabbed his shirt.

Anger tore through Jacopo; his face and body reddened as madness rushed over him. He screamed against the gag. His body tensed as he vigorously pulled and snatched against the leather cuffs holding him down.

Suddenly, there was a thunderous crash downstairs!

Jacopo froze.

“What the fuck!” shouted Horst, drawing his gun and racing out of the room.

Jacopo tried to pull himself free when he heard shouting. There were a series of gun shots and then more shouting. Was that his own native accent he had just heard? He pulled against his bonds and fell against the sawhorse exhausted. He tried to shout but the gag was too tight.

He heard someone walk into the room. There was a quiet pause and then whispers. Two revolutionaries walked around to his view. Jacopo looked up at them and they smiled. They were young guys, looking in their early twenties. One, a handsome blond poked his comrade in the ribs and leaned in and whispered to him. The other one, with a darker complexion and black hair gave Jacopo a leering smile. Jacopo dropped his gaze and saw the blond groping his crotch openly. The dark one walked behind him and he heard the sound of him unzipping his uniform trousers. Jacopo pulled at his restraints, as he felt warmness against his ass.

“Damn, that captain must have just fucked this man whore,” he heard behind him. “Cum is still leaking out of him.”

Jacopo felt a finger running up his asscrack and twisting around his loose hole. The fingertip then wiped cold cum against his butt cheek.

“Fucking depraved collaborator whoring himself out to these fucking vicious pigs,” said the blond.

Jacopo shook his head, tears in his eyes. He wanted to scream at them, let them know the truth. He pulled at his restraints.

“Fucking deviant is fucking loving this. Do it, Kenth!” the blonde urged.

He felt some brushing against his red tender hole and gasped as he realized it was the dark soldier’s cock. The blond soldier laughed and pulled his big leaking cock out, fisting it as his buddy began pushing his cock into Jacopo roughly. The dark one started ramming his cock in and out of Jacopo’s used ass faster.

“Motherfuck, that sicko captain must have used this muscle ass hard, feels like I’m fucking jelly,” the dark one laughed, as Horst’s cum foamed and creamed out of Jacopo’s ass with every forceful pistoning from the soldier.

After a few minutes the soldier stopped and quietly gasped as he unleashed his own load in the muscled hairy ass. He pulled out and his buddy walked around. The dark one moved to the side, wiped his cock with his hand and then wiped his hand of Jacopo’s back.

Jacopo twisted his body and jerked as the blonde pushed hard into him. His cock was much bigger and made his ass burn. Jacopo clenched his teeth with every hard deep painful stroke. Thankfully, it was seconds before he felt the blond bucking his hips as his load joined the others. He felt the blond pull out and wipe his cock off on the big man’s ass cheek. Jacopo heard belt buckles rattle as the two stuffed their cocks away.

The blond walked around and pulled the gag away as the dark one unfastened his restraints.

“Not one fucking word, you perverted bitch.”

The blond pushed Jacopo forcefully off the padded sawhorse backward. He fell back in an exhausted heap against the wall. The dark one threw some clothing at him from the pile in the corner.

“Get dressed, then just get the fuck out, you collaborating sick whore trash,” said the blond as he spat toward Jacopo and walked out.

“Nasty cum fuck collaborator,’ said the dark one as he too spat at the used man. “Not worth a fuck,” he said, looking back as he left the room.

Jacopo sat there against the wall emotionless. Well, at least it’s over, he thought. It’s finally goddamn fucking over.

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