Chris Donaldson Ch. 06

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This story is about Chris and Justin, roommates during their sophomore year in college. After a bumpy start, Justin has turned Chris into a live-in submissive. In an unexpected development, Chris was invited to rush Justin’s fraternity, and is now a pledge there. The roommates’ RA, Mason Evans, is a member of the same fraternity, and appears to have it in for Chris. While there is a certain amount of “catch-up” material included here, this story is probably best enjoyed after reading the previous chapters. All characters in this story are over 18.


The line of naked fraternity pledges stretched across the rec room. Chris stood with his brothers, hands behind his head.

“Ok, everyone,” Chas, the pledge master said. “Smile for the camera!”

No one smiled. As the video feed of their nude bodies appeared on the wide screen TV in front of them, the fraternity hopefuls watched themselves in HD with acute discomfort. They saw eight handsome white guys on the screen, ranging from 6’2″ to 5’7″, all of them 19 or 20 years old, and almost all of them nicely hung with bodies ranging from athletic to ripped. It was a sight that any gay guy looking at a porn site would love to see . . . and that was apparently exactly what they were being made to do: show off for a site called NakedFratStudz. Chas had told the pledges that the website had a membership of close to 100,000 guys, any or all of whom could be watching them right now. But if the young men wanted to get into SAE, they were going to have to perform for the camera.

“You know that all Greek organizations are based on providing community service, right? Raising money for charities, doing good deeds . . . well, we’re providing an awesome service to fags all over the world tonight, am I right, pledges?”

“Yes, SIR!” came the strangled response.

“Like I said, only faggots who pay to join the site can see it, and they can’t record you or hear us, just watch. So after they spew their gay loads all over their screens with you as inspiration, they’ll never see you again. Your pretty faces and big dicks will merely be a fond memory.”

The pledge group found that small consolation. As far as Chris could tell, they were all completely straight – he had not sensed a hetero-flexible or curious vibe from any of them. They ranged from extremely vocal probable gay-bashers (Keith and Bryce), to contemptuous and generically homophobic (the other five). Chris, of course, was gay; but having come out only to himself and one other off-campus adult, he was unlikely to be betrayed. Well, there was also Justin, his studly jock roommate and SAE active, who had been face-fucking and otherwise sexually dominating him for eight months. He was certainly aware of Chris’ . . . proclivities. Chris was Justin’s bitch, there was no question about that really. But the last thing Justin wanted was for anyone to know what they did together. And of course there was Mark, too, Chris thought – the ad exec in his late 20s who had fucked Chris in the ass for the first time last fall. But Mark would never set foot on campus, or ever be in the same room as any of these guys, at least not until they graduated, at which point Chris would be safely in the fraternity and protected from being outed and kicked to the curb.

He still had one more week of vulnerability and stress before the comfort of belonging, though: Hell Week, during which, so the pledge master said, ANY of them could be cut at any time. It had begun tonight, a beautiful spring Friday, at 6:00 p.m. sharp. It would not be over for another week. And tomorrow happened to be Chris’ birthday, for anyone who was paying attention – which so far had been exactly three people. Chris had opened his presents early, since he knew he would not be back in his dorm room for a long time. His dad had sent a card and a check for $25; his older friend Pat had sent him an ecard and a gift certificate to her shooting range; and this morning, Justin had given him a small tub of Vaseline, Chris’ favorite lube, AND a much larger bottle of Astroglide, which Justin had intimated might see some use very soon.

The last gift and the broad hint had made Chris’ little weiner hard immediately; he was way more than ready for Justin to fuck him with his thick, 8.5-inch uncut, veiny, delicious cock – a cock he had swallowed more times than he could count, but which had not yet made its way into his ass. He clenched his hole just thinking about how amazing that would be.

Chris was positive that if he made it through this week, Justin would not only fuck him for the first time, but that the hot jock with the shaved head, great body, handsome round face, and deep brown eyes would also finally feel free to develop the most intimate bond imaginable with his boy. Belonging to Justin’s prized fraternity would clinch Chris’ place in Justin’s world.

And who would have thought, after being such a completely nondescript freshman, not to mention being beaten into submission last semester by his roommate, casino oyna that Chris would have been able to pull this off? It was a real achievement. Membership in this prestigious society would open countless doors for him in the future. At the moment, though, he only cared about one door, and that was the one to Justin’s heart; fuck, how he hoped THAT door would open, for real and forever.

They would be discreet, of course. But after the live-in requirement next year, they could get their own place senior year, and then . . . Chris had it all planned out. He had recently altered his usual route home to include a walk past some great off-campus apartments; as he passed each day, he looked longingly at the bay windows on the top floors, imagining the hardwood inside . . . yup, there would be quite a lot of hard wood in there once he and Justin moved in, that was for sure. And probably some eye hooks in the ceiling before long, too, Chris thought hornily.

Chas’ voice snapped Chris out of his reverie.

“And we have our first request from our online viewers!” The pledges groaned. “Pledge Reynolds, step forward.”

The actives watching from the sidelines cheered, and Chris smiled to himself. That was Keith. He wasn’t surprised that whoever was tuned in to NakedFratStudz had chosen the biggest-hung guy first.

“Please stroke yourself for the camera, Pledge Reynolds.”

Keith looked resentfully at Chas, and then at the camera. What the fuck was all this homo shit, he thought. He gave his 6-inch flaccid member a few desultory tugs.

Chas read out a viewer’s response from his laptop. “Is that it? LOL.”

“You’re being laughed at by a faggot, pledge. Are you gonna take that?”

Keith scowled, and focused a look of utmost contempt on the camera lens, then started deliberately stroking his dick, never breaking eye contact with the screen. He was hard in less than a minute, and the other pledges yelled their approval. He slapped his eight-and-a-half-inch, thick, cut monster on his left hand a few times, then continued to jack it with his right.

That’s pretty fuckin’ hot, Chris thought. Shit! Don’t get hard, don’t get hard, don’t get hard . . . that had been Chris’ mantra for two months now.

It had been a titillating but terrifying journey for the gay, submissive pledge. He wondered – would the fact that his 20th birthday aligned with hell week be a fortuitous coincidence, or just an opportunity for extra abuse? Chris imagined he would get a special paddling for sure, and probably some other hazing, but all eight of the pledges were no doubt in for a lot of alcohol-fueled, sexually-charged fun. Justin had not revealed anything specific about what the week might contain, but he had hinted that it was nothing Chris couldn’t handle, particularly after his performance last month. Man, that had been one scary but incredibly hot night. Chris had taken both a harsh hand spanking and an even harsher paddling from Justin in front of the whole fraternity, and hadn’t broken. The guys had all felt awkward about the severity of it, but most of them had ultimately been impressed, and his nickname was now “158” for the number of swats he had taken that night. Chris wore that name as a badge of honor. Never mind that it also turned him on. The other guys didn’t need to know that he was servicing the dude who had paddled him that night on a daily basis, or that getting spanked aroused him.

In fact, Chris felt that night had bonded him to his fellow pledges in a really meaningful way, although only he had experienced the punishment. He had sensed a respect from them in the following weeks that hadn’t been there before . . . well, from everyone except Keith. Keith was wealthy even by SAE standards, and he had also won the competition that night for best-hung pledge. Fitting, because he was turning out to be the biggest dick of the eight of them. Chris thought he was insufferable, but everyone higher up in the fraternity seemed to really like him. Keith thought very poorly of Chris too, and showed it at every opportunity. The fact that Chris hadn’t been cut from their pledge class appeared to infuriate him, and Chris had been extra careful to keep his nose clean, show unparalleled enthusiasm for the frat, and strive to fit in as casually and as artlessly as he was able. Fortunately, other pledges’ opinions didn’t ultimately matter; it was the brothers’ votes that counted, and he was sure that if he had made it this far, there wasn’t going to be any problem now. Not for Mr. 158.

Chris’ attention snapped back to Keith; the dark-haired stud with the shaved bush and smooth chest was now whipping his monster dick into a frenzy.

Chas kept reading comments from the online audience.

“Open your eyes, stud.” “Slow down, I want to see you edge.”

Keith ignored the pledge master, and shut his eyes, going for gold. He wanted this to be over. He grunted, and shot a huge load of jizz that hit the floor by the camera with an audible THUNK. Then there was a second, canlı casino slightly smaller THUNK. Then a third. There were five cum volleys in total from the hunk with perfect, 6’2″ 200 lb. cut body. Each one traveled more than six feet.

“Woah, nice shot, pledge,” Chas said, raising his eyebrows. “Next time aim a little higher, for the lens – the viewers will love that.” Keith gave him a nasty look.

“May I return to my place in line . . . Sir?” Keith asked insolently.

“Do I hear disrespect in your tone, pledge?”

“No, pledge master.”

Chas was unconvinced.

“I think I did, pledge. Go fetch the paddle.”

Chris nearly cheered out loud. Keith NEVER got the paddle, and now he was going to get it in front of an audience of thousands, who could all see his dick, his ass . . . and his face. Keith reddened, and he walked silently to the wall, where a small, thin wooden frat paddle was hanging. He yanked it down, and handed it to Chas with a curt nod instead of the required bow.

“Assume the position for the camera, pledge!”

Keith turned around, and bent over, showing the viewers his magnificent, chiseled ass.

“The commenters are going wild, pledge. Shall I ask them how many to give you?”

“That’s your call, Sir,” Keith hissed.

Chas laughed. “Not so cocky now, are we pledge? That’ll be ten swats for the camera.”

Chris groaned to himself, outraged. Ten swats with the junior paddle! He had taken 78 with the badass senior paddle that had holes drilled in it. Keith was getting off easy, like the pussy he was.




Keith’s punishment was over in less than a minute. Hardly chastened, he resumed his place in line.

Next was Chandler, who was first told to flex for the camera. Chandler was 6’0″ and 220 lbs.; Keith had a perfect body but Chandler was huge and jacked, and shaved all over except for his legs and forearms. He posed like a body builder – biceps, quads, lats, everything. He started to get half hard, and blushed when viewers commented on his tumescence.

“Is this turning you on, pledge?”

“Fuck no, Sir!” he yelled, but the brothers around the room whistled at him.

“Since you’re practically already there, stroke yourself for the camera, pledge.”

Chandler complied with some relief, figuring that once he came, this humiliation would be over and he’d be that much closer to a welcome beer. He jerked his seven inches quickly, and spurted almost instantaneously, his large load dribbling down his thick penis and landing in a puddle at his feet. He closed his eyes, embarrassed at how fast it had happened, and that others would get the wrong idea.

“That was quick, pledge,” Chas observed sarcastically. “Do you cum that fast with your girl?” Chandler shook his head, abashed, and retreated back to the pledge line, returning his hands to their position behind his head.

And so it went; Jay was next. It was fairly predictable, but with a little variation each time. A pledge would be called forward, required to flex and pose, fondle himself, do something unique, and then jack off until he shot his wad. Jay was told to spit on his hand and get his dick wet to show the guys online; he took a long time to cum, and spent a lot of time in profile so the horny men on the other end could get a long look at his slicked-up cock.

Cooper had to spank his own meaty ass while he jerked his dick with his other hand. Bryce, the shortest pledge, had to do pushups and thrust against the floor at the bottom of each rep. His arms were the second biggest of the pledges after Chandler, but his legs were skinny. A few of the brothers teased him for having a “state prison body” – built on top and nothing below the waist. He also closed his eyes when he came, and it took him the longest of all the pledges, which proved to be very entertaining for the audience, both online and in the room. It was a solid ten minutes before he climaxed, with his penis deflating at regular intervals. His cock looked raw when he returned to the line.

After Bryce came Ryan, whose extra twist was having to show off his pubes, which were shaved into a tight rectangle above his manhood; he was made to rub what Chas called his “landing strip” before he was allowed to jerk off. Josh, the only pledge besides Chris with natural pubes and chest hair, had the second-biggest cock of the bunch. He had to squat down and look up at the camera while he rubbed one out. He was among the handsomest of the group, and the viewers apparently wanted a really good view of his face.

All seven of them were very, very clearly not into it. Chris waited and waited for his turn to be called, and the delay helped him in a way; his nervousness had half an hour to build, and it kept him from getting hard. Maybe the online audience wasn’t interested in a guy who, while slim, tight, and in good shape, was shorter at 5’8″ and not as built (or as smooth) as his peers – and who had a much smaller dick. Just as Chris thought kaçak casino he had escaped this one indignity, Chas called, “And last, but certainly least in the penis department, pledge Donaldson! Step forward.”

Chris walked to the designated spot, picking his way through the minefield of semen on the floor, and resigned himself to jacking off his dick on camera like the rest had. It would be more embarrassing for him, because he was only 4.5″ cut and really thin. But whatever it took to get into the fraternity, he would do it. Humiliation was temporary. Justin was forever.

“Is that all he’s got?” Chas read out from the online comments.

Chris blushed and lowered his clear blue eyes. Somehow, being humiliated about his dick in public never got easier. He didn’t mind when Justin did it, but others . . . it was a different story.

“They want to see it hard, pledge.”

Chris obediently jacked his dick, slowly making it stand out proudly from the thick, light brown bush, which was a few shades darker than the hair on his head.

“Wow, that’s the smallest one I’ve ever seen,” Chas read from his screen.

Keith laughed loudly, and the rest of the pledges chuckled. There was more laughter from around the room – how many brothers were watching this, too? Chris looked at the floor, trying to angle his head to see if Justin was in the room to give him strength.

“Eyes up, pledge! Look at the camera!”

Chris obeyed, casting a quick glance to each side as he looked up. He couldn’t see his roommate.

“They want you to turn around, pledge, and show them your asshole. They think you’re more built to get fucked.”

Chris turned even redder, and hesitated. Why was he the only one who had to show his hole?

“DO IT, pledge!”

Chris pivoted so that his ass was facing the camera. He bent over without being asked again, and spread his firm, pale butt cheeks with his hands. His almost-virgin, hairy and tight pucker came up on the screen in the rec room. Chas zoomed the camera in.

“Woah, these comments are coming in faster than I can read them,” Chas laughed. “Here’s some – ‘I wanna tap that.’ ‘I wanna fuck it!’ There’s about ten of those . . . shit, more like twenty.”

A new comment appeared on Chas’ screen: “Make him finger his little hole.” The author typed another line. “He has to wet his finger in another pledge’s mouth first.” Chas chuckled. This shit was getting good.

“Pledge Donaldson! We have a request for you to finger your hole.” Chris took a deep breath and started to move his middle finger to his anus. “Not without lube, pledge! Go stick your finger in a pledge brother’s mouth to get it wet.”

Beet-faced, Chris started to stand up and walk to the line of naked men. His dick had already shrunk back to its normal soft length of about an inch.

More typing on Chas’ screen: “Make him walk there bent over, still spreading his ass for the camera. And make him put his finger in Reynolds’ mouth.”

“Not so fast, pledge,” Chas shouted before Chris could take a step. “He wants you to walk over to the pledge with the biggest dick, but still bent over with your cheeks spread for the camera.”

Chris bent over again, relieved not to have to look at anyone’s face. He waddled like an idiot over to Keith, his head now level with the jock’s flaccid but still large member.

“That’s it pledge, now put your finger in his mouth. I hope he didn’t already have it up his ass, Reynolds!” Chas was laughing like a maniac now. Keith set his jaw and locked his lips together. “Open up, pledge Reynolds! Or do you want me to paddle you again?”

Keith knew he couldn’t get out of this, and glaring at the top of Chris’ head like he thought he could set it on fire, he opened his mouth slightly. Chris stuck the middle finger of his left hand in and drew it out quickly.

“What, are you afraid he’s going to bite you? Do it again and get it good and wet.”

Yes, I am afraid of that, Chris thought, and reluctantly complied. Keith made audible hocking noises to get the saliva going. Chris’ finger was now very wet.

“Ok, now back to the camera, pledge, and bend over. Put your finger up your hole.”

“Here’s some extra,” Keith snarled, and spit an enormous gob at Chris’ retreating face. “Oops, missed your finger.”

Everyone laughed.

Chris bent over again in front of the camera as Keith’s spit ran down his nose, and gently slipped his now dripping finger into his asshole.

“Make him finger fuck himself,” Mason Evans, the vice president of the fraternity and Chris’ RA, typed from the next room, where he sat in front of his laptop, monitoring the closed circuit link.

“Fuck yourself with that finger, pledge. No one wants to see you jerk off, they’re all way more interested in what you offer on the other side,” Chas said.

“Make him moan like he loves it,” Mason typed.

“Moan, you little bitch,” Chas pretended he was reading from the screen. All the men in the room laughed again. Chris moaned in a low voice, his eyes casting about for Justin, searching for just a hint of reassurance.

“Do it faster, slut.” More laughter. Mason and Chas were in sync now, and on a roll.

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