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This is a true story, as it has been told to me from an American friend.
I just “released” his story…
If wrongly translated, or wrong phrases, please bear with me…

Mostly you can read about sexual relations between young girls and older men.
Sometimes you can also read stories of young boys and women, but they’re mostly told by the women, so I’ll tell you a story from the ‘boy’s view’, as it happened to me when I was 13.
I said 13 years old, but in fact it was just 1 month before my 14-years birthday.
Living just about a mile from the Interstate and a bus stop, I was going to visit a friend for the weekend some 70 miles away from my home.
My friend used to live in my neighborhood, but had moved to another town, due to his father’s new job.
It was in the month of July, so the heath was up, and a pair of jeans and a T-shirt was the only things I was wearing, plus my bag, containing some extra clothes, plus a toilet bag.
Being almost 14 and like most other boys my age, I felt a bit adventurous.
I’d made this trip some times, but this weekend I’d decided not to go by the “Greyhound”, but to hitchhike instead.
Figuring that I would have to use at least 2 hours maybe 4 in this way of transportation, I was quite early this Saturday morning, but only 10 minutes later a car stopped, and my door was opened.
A fairly young woman told me to get in, and asked me were I was heading.
I told the name of my destination and she gave me a cute smile, and said that she lived in the town next on my destination, so I could join her all the way.
I was happy of course; saving money for the bus, and sitting comfortably, who could complain?
After about 10 to 15 minutes, the conversation was going on, and from time to time I had my eyes on her well-shaped leg and thighs, because her skirt didn’t cover that much.
From my point of view she was well shaped, and her bust also looked good.
By this time she had told me her name was Annie.
At a time she asked me how old I was, and I told her that I would turn 14 in one month.
Annie looked a bit surprised, and said she would have guessed me 1 or 2 years older.
I guess I was a bit bigger for my age, and also better developed.
Later I found out she was 26, and worked as a nurse at the hospital in my neighborhood.
She turned the subject of our conversation into sex, and frankly she asked me if I had a girlfriend and had tried sex before.
I guess I blushed, but she just smiled and said there was nothing to be ashamed of.
After this the conversation turned into more common subjects.
About 20 miles from my destination Annie suddenly changed the subject back to sex.
Frankly she asked if I would like to have sex with her, if I got the chance.
I wasn’t sure if she was serious, but she said, that she would like to try, so if I would join her to her house for a couple of hours she would take me directly to my destination afterwards.
Annie also told me, she’d never tried a young boy before, but as she said there‘s a first time for everything.
I looked at her face, and it told me she was very serious.
I couldn’t help looking at her body, and just the thought of her naked, and putting my young prick into her, made my prick erect quite fast.
Annie noticed my condition, and told me to relax.
We still had about 15 minutes to her house, so I would have to take it easy.
We passed the town of my destination, and a little later we were at Annie’s house.
I took my bag from the car, and Annie let me into the house.
Annie showed me the bedroom, then took me to the bathroom and told me to take a shower, and that she would join me in a moment.
I hurried into the shower and standing there, Annie joined me shortly after.
I happened to notice that considering her fairly slim body, her belly was a bit bigger.
Annie saw me looking at her belly, and told me, she was 3 months pregnant by accident.
Her lover had left her, but she had decided to have her baby.
I began to worry about having sex with her, due to hurting her baby, but Annie told me not to worry; her lust for sex had become bigger the last months, and she would stop me if necessary.
She looked down on my hard prick and said she would wash it to make sure it would be clean enough to enter her.
Without warning she had the soap in her hands, and washed my prick carefully.
What a sensation: Annie could feel that I was about to burst and took a firm grip around my prick, and squeezed it for a while.
Then she told me to wash her, and I guess that her breasts were the cleanest in the U.S.
We turned off the water and dried up.
Annie took me to the bedroom, and told me to lie down on my back.
Shortly after she sat between my legs, and took my prick into her mouth, almost in full length.
Ohhh, this was a sensation I couldn’t describe.
She could feel that I was about to come, and she took my prick to the hilt.
The sight of my prick totally engulfed by her mouth, made me explode into her mouth, and she left it there for quite a long time, until she was sure, that I was empty.
Slowly she released my prick, licked it clean and told me, that now I would have to do the same thing to her.
She lay on her back, spreading her legs widely, and I felt that I could see all the way into her body.
Her cuntlips were bald, and the rest of her cunt didn’t have much hair either.
I put my face down to her cunt and began to lick, but being inexperienced Annie had to guide me in the start, but apparently I was a fast learner, because all of a sudden Annie orgasmed.
I looked up at her, and she took a firm grip of my head, pulling it to hers, and gave me a big kiss onto my mouth.
I hadn’t been kissing a girl like that before, but it was nice, and letting our tongues dancing on each other’s, felt good.
My prick had become hard again, and Annie said, that now she would like to have a good ride on me, so I was put on my back and slowly Annie lowered herself onto my prick.
She sat there for some minutes and wriggled her abdomen and squirmed quite a lot, but then she leaned over me and told me to squeeze her breasts gently, which I gladly did.
Shortly after Annie came again, and told me to finish off as fast as possible.
With that I sent a load into her cunt, and Annie relaxed over me.
For a moment we lay in this position, Annie recovering her breath.
Half jokingly Annie called me a big boy, but she didn’t mean it personally.
She gave me a kiss, and said she’d really enjoyed this ride.
Annie went aside me, and looked at me, and I couldn’t help looking at her body.
She asked if I’d liked it. Liked it? I’d heard it would be good, but this was better than imagined.
Annie took me to the bathroom, for a quick shower, and this time I could hold back more as Annie washed my prick, which of course began to erect again.
She looked at me surprised, and asked if I could do it to her one more time?
To tell from the condition of my prick, it was absolutely possible.
Without further questions, Annie just turned of the water, kneeled in front of me and took my prick into her mouth for a moment.
The she took a towel and placed herself on all four in front of me, and told me to take her from behind.
Shortly after I took her from behind, and this time it felt like my prick was deeper inside her.
Annie told me just to ram as deep as I could, and it didn’t take long for her to cry out in her orgasm.
I continued my movements, but Annie stopped me for a while and asked if I would like it otherwise.
Well, would there be other ways?
Oh yes, Annie told me.
First of all there was of course ‘the old-fashioned way’, but the easiest way would be just to suck me off.
I was about to suggest her to suck me off, as she told me a little embarrassed, that there would be an alternative way of fucking.
I got curious, what was she referring to?
Annie placed herself on all fours again, and pointed at her anus.
My God, I thought that only gays were doing it that way, but Annie told me that some women also enjoyed it that way, and she would like to invite me in there if I wanted to.
One advantage would be that it would feel tighter to me, and later in life I could fuck the girls there instead, to avoid pregnancy.
In addition some girls also could have orgasm this way.
I wasn’t sure, because my first thought was that I might get shit on my prick, but Annie told me, that it could be washed of if necessary.
I guess I hesitated to long, so Annie just turned around, took my prick in her mouth, and sucked me of just like that.
Annie looked at me, got back on her feet, and gave me a hug.
At this time I found out, that my height was the same as Annie’s as we kissed each other, and I felt her little belly against mine.
Then I realized that my first sexual experience had been made with a pregnant woman.
Annie didn’t wear a clock, but her sense of time made her say that it was about time for us to leave for my destination, and took a little step back looking at me.
I felt a little embarrassed by our nudity, but Annie just said that I had nothing to be ashamed of. In fact she would like to see me again as soon as possible and hoped I felt the same way.
Boy, did I?
A willing good-looking woman, and nothing could happen about pregnancy; I was more than willing. The big question was how to succeed.
As we dried each other we talked it over, and agreed that tomorrow afternoon, she would pick me up close to my destination, and we could go back to her place for an hour or two, and then she would bring me back to the bus stop in my hometown.
Then she would go to the hospital for another shift.
If I liked, we could do this every second weekend for quite a while, but on one condition:
I had to cross my heart that I would keep my mouth closed about this, because she would go to prison for having sex with a minor, if this affair was discovered.
I was more than willing to cross my heart.
We put on our clothes, and Annie took me close to my destination and we made an agreement for a meeting-time the next afternoon.
Arriving at my friend’s house, they looked a bit surprised at me, because I was a little later than expected, but I told them that I’d been hitchhiking, and things hadn’t turned out as expected.
We talked it over a bit, but the subject subsided quite easy, and we got some lunch.
My friend and I had a good time, so when I left on Sunday, I think no one suspected anything.
I met Annie at the place as agreed, and 10 minutes later we were at her house.
Just after closing the door, we took us some time just kissing, and my prick erected on the spot.
Annie took her hand down and said jokingly, that she guessed I’d been missing her.
In a jiffy we were in the bathroom, and had a quick shower.
Annie almost threw me on the bed, took my prick into her mouth, and finished me off.
After this Annie gave me a dildo, telling me to use it on her, and lick her at the same time.
Of course Annie had to guide me about the dildo, but eventually I managed to do it right.
After her first orgasm, Annie told me to continue licking her, while inserting the dildo into her ass instead.
I removed the dildo from her cunt, and in disbelief I saw, how it slowly disappeared into her ass.
Annie mumbled some words I didn’t get, so she took my head, and pulled it down to her cunt, and I started to lick her again.
This time Annie came in a more violent orgasm, and her thighs was squeezing my head so much, that it almost hurt.
When her orgasm had subsided, Annie looked down at me and asked if I would be kind to do the same to her ass, but with my prick instead.
A look at her face told me that she really would like me to, and at the same time she handed me some jelly, to put on my prick.
While doing this Annie turned on her fours, and shortly after, my prick was entering her ass.
I found out, that Annie was right about what she had said the day before; her ass was tighter than her cunt, and I also managed to bring her to another orgasm, as I sent my last wad of spunk into her that day.
We went into the bathroom and had a shower, and a little later we were on our way, heading for my hometown.
An hour and a half later, Annie stopped the car at the bus stop, where she had picked me up the day before, and we agreed to meet there in two weeks, at the same time.
Being home, my parents asked if I’d had a good weekend, which I certainly agreed to.

Almost two weeks passed by and soon it was Saturday again; in the days between I had wanked quite a lot, thinking of Annie.
I had also managed to see some blue magazines, one of them containing scenes with a pregnant woman.
Annie was at the place before me, and this time she drove a little faster. I remember that I asked if she was in a hurry, and to my surprise she told me that I was right.
In fact it only took a little more than an hour, and Annie almost dragged me into her house and tore off my clothes, as we closed in on the bathroom for a shower.
Here she sat on her knees and sucked me of, and told me to get ready for some new experiences.
In a jiffy we were on her bed, and Annie put me on my back and put herself on top of me with my prick in her mouth and her pussy right over my face, telling me to lick her.
After kocaeli escort bayan her first orgasm, Annie rose from the bed, found a dildo and some lubricating, got on all four next to me, and told me to insert it into her cunt, and then put my now fully erected prick into her ass.
Without much hesitation I did as she told, and remembering how tight her ass was I was surprised of how much tighter it felt now, with the dildo in her cunt.
I had no doubt that Annie really enjoyed being fucked in the ass; when I shot a load into her, she had orgasmed twice, and they were quite violent.
After this Annie laid flat down with me on her back, and it took some time for my prick to shrink.
Some time went by, and Annie told me to get off her.
I lay beside her, and took a good look at her face; her hair was quite messy, but I managed to see into her eyes and they were pretty ‘wet’.
Annie gave me a cute smile and told me to take a shower, while she got her breath.
When I came back from the shower, Annie laid on her back, spreading her legs a bit.
She handed me the jelly, and told me to that she had promised me a new experience, and now was the time.
She told me to lubricate my hand, and carefully put it into her cunt.
Again I hesitated a bit, due to her pregnancy, but Annie calmed me down, and said that there were no chances of hurting her baby, if only I stopped if she told me to.
I also put some jelly on her cunt, and slowly entered two fingers, while watching Annie’s face, and to my surprise it seemed like she quite enjoyed it, so I kept on inserting more fingers, until my whole hand was on the verge of disappearing into her.
At this point, Annie’s abdomen wriggled quite a lot, and she told me to try to get my whole fist into her.
I just put some more jelly around my hand, and all of a sudden, it felt like Annie’s cunt was open, and my whole fist was almost sucked into her.
At that time I didn’t know if Annie had tried this before, but she went quite wild, and without doing anything, Annie came in another orgasm, which seemed to go on for eternity.
Annie’s cunt was so contracted, that it almost hurt in my hand, so when she finally relaxed and I had withdrawn my hand, it felt pretty soar.
After washing my hands I returned to the bedroom, where Annie laid on the bed, looking as if she was sleeping.
As I lay down next to her, she looked at me and gave that cute smile, to tell me that she was quite satisfied, but when she looked down my body, she saw my erected prick, and without further comments, she sat between my legs and sucked me off.
That ended this Saturday, and it was a bit hard to go to my friend; I would much better prefer to spend the weekend with Annie, but I also knew that it would be impossible, so we went to the bus stop near my friend.
It was hard to make the time pass until Sunday afternoon, but I managed.
Annie was at the place before me, but 10 minutes later we were back at her house on our way to the bathroom.
This time Annie didn’t suck me off right away, but asked if I had something special in mind; but being young and still somehow inexperienced I didn’t have the courage to speak up about it.
Annie took the initiative as we had dried up. She took a firm grip around my stiff prick and guided me into the bedroom, and put me on the bed.
She took some jelly, put some on my prick and some on her asshole, then lowered her ass onto it with a groan, and began to ride me.
Annie and I orgasmed at the same time, and she relaxed on top of me and gave me a big kiss, to say ‘thank you’. I returned the favor by squeezing her breasts, and another groan came from her mouth.
At the same time my prick escaped her ass, which sent a shiver through her body.
Annie moved over and told me to hurry and wash my prick, as she wanted to feel ‘something’ inside her again as fast as possible.
Back in her bedroom, Annie laid on her back ready with the jelly.
She handed me a dildo, and told me to put it into her asshole, which I willingly did.
With the dildo well placed in her asshole, she told me to lubricate my hand and put it into her cunt.
I did as told, but this time it was a bit more difficult to put my hand into her, as she felt tighter with the dildo in her ass, but she kept on telling me to go deeper, and all of a sudden my whole hand slipped into her.
Boy, did she go crazy by this. Her abdomen moved so erratically that it was almost impossible for me, to keep my hand inside which I told her, so Annie just told me to try to go deeper inside her. I did my best, and later my hand had passed after the wrist, and at the same time I pushed the dildo so deep into her ass that it was about to disappear into her as well.
What a crazy feeling: I could feel the dildo with my hand inside her.
Annie came twice within a minute, and she seemed to have passed out, so I let her lay in this way for a moment to let her recover.
Slowly she came to herself, and told me to withdraw my fist, and later the dildo.
After withdrawing my hand, her cunt looked quite open, which I told her.
Annie looked at me with a cute smile and asked jokingly, if I was afraid that her cunt would be too wide to squeeze my prick later.
Apparently I may have looked a bit embarrassed, so Annie said that it was for me to decide how to get finished of.
Well, I quite liked being sucked of, so that’s what I told her.
When I’d come in her mouth, it took some time for her to release my prick, as if she tried to suck out more sperm from it. Finally it tickled so much, I had to tell Annie to stop; otherwise I feared to piss into her mouth, which I told her.
She released my prick, and we went into the shower, where we caressed and kissed each other.
Later Annie took me to my bus stop at home.
On our way Annie asked if I had enjoyed the 2 days with her, and I honestly told her, that it had been an exciting experience to fist her.
Annie told me, that she would let me do it to her as often as I wanted, and maybe she would let me try something ‘different’ to her next time, but that was not to be told by now.

Again almost 2 weeks passed by, and it was Saturday morning.
Annie was at the bus stop before me, and like 2 weeks ago, she seemed to be in a hurry to get to her house.
As expected we went to the bathroom, and Annie sucked me of, but this time she also massaged my balls gently, wow!
In the bedroom I fistfucked Annie, while she was having a dildo in her ass, this time ‘doggy style’, which gave me a sight of her ass contracting as she reached two orgasms.
Annie lay on her stomach, still with my fist in her cunt and the dildo in her ass, as she told me to hold on for a moment more. I was soon to find out why.
A couple of minutes we were in this position, but finally Annie told me to remove my fist and the dildo, just wash my hands and be back in a hurry.
Back in the bedroom, Annie looked at me and asked if I would try to fist her with both hands, as she wanted to be widened to the extent; she might as well try it, as she would have to be that open when she was to deliver the baby.
I was a bit hesitating, but not for long; I put some jelly on both hands and in a few seconds my first hand disappeared into her.
After trying for maybe ten minutes I only managed to get four of the other fingers into her, and I could feel that Annie was a bit disappointed, and I guess I was a bit too.
However, Annie kept up her courage, and asked if I would try it a bit more different.
I was a little lost; how could we try it different?
Annie had a secret dream, of trying to feel a man’s hand in her ass, and she would like me to be the first man to do it to her.
Many things I would like to do for her and to her, but I might get some shit on my hand.
Annie could see the disbelief in my face, and cut me off; she found some examination gloves, and told me to wear them if I wanted to.
About a minute later my hand was lubricated, and trying to get into Annie’s ass.
Unfortunately, I only managed to get all four fingers inside, but my thumb was too big an obstacle.
However I somehow enjoyed it and Annie certainly did too.
I’m pretty sure that Annie got another orgasm by my trying.
At this time she seemed pretty exhausted, and told me that now she just wanted a good decent fuck.
I took off the gloves, and almost rammed my prick into her well-lubricated cunt in just one push, and just by doing this Annie gave a loud ‘Ohhh’.
In a few seconds, Annie came and it didn’t take me long to deliver a good load into her.
A moment later Annie turned around and lying on her back, we took each other into our arms and hugged for quite a while, while kissing and caressing.
I couldn’t help caressing her now bigger stomach, and some sort of a laugh escaped Annie’s lips.
I was a little bewildered, and Annie told me, that one day I would have a girlfriend or wife who would be pregnant, so I might as well learn how a woman grew during pregnancy.
After a while we took a bath, and later I was taken to the bus stop at my friend.
On the Sunday, we repeated almost everything we had done the day before, but this time she finished me of with a good blowjob, and she just kept on sucking my prick so it tickled, and I had to warn her, that I was about to piss into her mouth.
When I told her this she just smiled, and asked if I would like to do that if I got the possibility.
I was pretty sure that she was serious about it, but I was afraid that it could be dangerous to her or the baby in some manner, but Annie calmed me down and told me all about the nature of urine.
Well, Annie had been good to me all the time, so if that was what she wanted, I wouldn’t mind giving her that experience.
Annie almost ran into the bathroom, placed herself on her knees and told me to come closer.
Without hesitating she took my prick into her mouth, and began to suck my prick.
It didn’t take long, before I could feel the sensation of being about to piss.
I told Annie, and she just took my prick into her mouth, up to the hilt.
With that I released my bladder and some jets sprayed from her mouth, but I guess that she also swallowed some.
Annie sucked my prick clean, and asked if I would fist her again meanwhile she pissed.
Without waiting for my answer, she laid on her back in the bathtub, spreading her legs wide, just waiting for my hand.
I put my whole fist into her, and in place, she began to massage her clit. It didn’t take long for Annie to climax again, and at that time a parabola of piss came from her.
After this ‘session’ we took a shower, and dried each other carefully.
At this time, when drying Annie’s stomach, I jokingly said something like it would be more difficult by time, to dry her.
Annie smiled cutely, and said that maybe she would have to find me a younger girl, due to her growing stomach, as it would be more difficult to make our ‘exercises’ in the future.
I wasn’t sure what she meant, but Annie was quite sure that I would enjoy having a younger girl, to ‘replace’ her when she wouldn’t be as ‘mobile’ as now.
I was a bit confused: Annie apparently loved to have sex with me, but on the other hand she would like me to have a younger girl to replace her in order to keep up my sex-life.
Annie told me, that she knew a younger girl, and she was quite sure, that I wouldn’t mind having sex with her also. She also revealed some information, by telling me that this girl was more ‘my age’, and may be in time we could go steady, as she said.
Hum, I was fond of having sex with Annie, but as she also told me, we could never go steady, due to the difference in age.
On our way in the car back to my place, we discussed the subject, and Annie promised to invite this ‘younger girl’ as well in two weeks.
Back at my place, Annie gave me a squeeze on my leg, and told me not to worry, as she wouldn’t ‘let go of me’.

The next two weeks passed by, also worrying about Annie’s talking about a ‘younger girl’. Was she concealing something like dropping out of our ‘relationship’?
This Saturday morning I was quite excited about meeting Annie, but there was nothing changed about her.
As we drove in her direction, Annie told me, that we would make a minor detour, in order to pick up the ‘young girl’, and that this girl, was quite anxious to meet me.
Annie promised solemnly, that if I didn’t ‘fancy’ the girl, I just would have to say so.
Near Annie’s place we made a detour, in order to pick up the ‘young girl’; in fact she turned out to be Annie’s niece, and her name was Diana
She looked quite young, and I was quite sure, that she was underaged.
Despite her young looking, she looked quite nice, although her body wasn’t that developed.
She had blond hair, green eyes and was about 5 ‘2“high. I guess that she was aware of this meeting, but somehow she was quite open-minded to me.
At Annie’s place we undressed slowly; Diana seemed to hesitate, so Annie told her to relax and remember that she had seen Diana naked many times.
At this time Annie told me, that she and Diana had had some ‘happy hours’ together, so she knew all about our ‘relationship’.
Diana seemed to hurry up a bit, and as usual we took a shower, washing each other.
At this time I realized, that Diana wasn’t that developed for a girl just turned 13; in fact she just kocaeli sınırsız escort had some budding breasts, and very little hair on her cunt, but I felt that some day, she would be as pretty as Annie.
In the shower Annie took good care of Diana and me, and encouraged us to wash each other.
To me it looked like Diana never had touched a prick before, so Annie and Diana knelt in front of me and Annie gave her some ‘education’.
During this Diana carefully examined my prick, and of course my prick went bone hard.
We dried up, and went into the bedroom, were Annie told me to lie on my back, so Diana could ‘examine’ my prick further.
Diana was a novice, but with Annie’s help it didn’t take her long to find out how to suck my prick.
Annie had told me to give a warning, in order to prepare Diana for my ejaculation.
As I felt the sensations in my prick that it was about to explode, I warned the girls, and Annie told Diana to take my prick as deep as possible into her mouth.
With that my prick sprayed Diana’s mouth full so that she had difficulties in swallowing my sperm, and some of it ran out of her mouth. At that time Annie kissed Diana, and together the girls licked my prick clean, and while doing that, Annie complimented Diana’s initiation on doing a blowjob.
When I had relaxed for a short while, Annie told me to lick Diana, and while doing so, Annie was sitting on Diana’s face. Annie climaxed quite soon, and a little later it seemed like Diana also climaxed.
For a moment we hugged each other, and I couldn’t help looking on Diana:
Her small nipples were stiff, and I squeezed one of them gently. A shiver ran through her body, and I put her on her back, and began caressing her small breasts and nipples, like Annie had taught me during the past.
Annie took part of the action, and knelt between Diana’s thighs, and started to lick her.
It didn’t take long for Diana to reach another orgasm.
After this, Annie wanted Diana and me to do ‘something’ to her, and apparently Diana knew exactly what.
Annie stood on her fours, and Diana found the jelly, greased one hand, and started to insert one finger by one into Annie’s asshole.
Soon, Diana had her four fingers deep into Annie’s asshole, and Annie told me to keep her buttocks apart, to help Diana.
I took a good grip on Annie’s buttocks, and as I did that, I could see on Diana’s face, that she knew exactly what this was all about.
She slowly began to insert her thumb as well, and in a couple of minutes, her whole hand was about to disappear into Annie’s asshole.
At this point, Diana told me to spread Annie’s buttocks as much as possible, and as I did that, Diana twisted her hand a bit, and all of a sudden, her whole hand was inside Annie’s asshole.
Annie squirmed quite a bit, and when Diana also massaged Annie’s clit, she climaxed violently.
Annie’s climax subsided, and she told me to sit in front of her, so she could suck my prick for a while.
As I sat there, I also massaged her breasts, but only a little later, she stopped me.
She wanted to lie on her back, and wanted me to fuck her, while Diana’s hand was still inside her asshole.
Annie slowly turned on her back, and I saw, how Diana’s hand also turned into Annie’s asshole.
Lying there on her back, I ‘mounted’ Annie, and fuck her to a good orgasm, and it didn’t take me long to shoot into her.
Diana’s hand inside Annie’s asshole, was a complete new sensation to me and so intense, that I couldn’t hold back.
I withdrew my prick from Annie, and a little later Diana also withdrew her hand from Annie’s asshole. What a view; Annie’s asshole was gaping open, and it made a bizarre look to see, how her sphincter slowly contracted.
Diana then hurried into the bathroom to wash her hands, and a little later Annie and I joined her.
A new surprise came to me: Annie lay on her back at the floor, and right after Diana sat on Annie’s face.
Annie told me to sit behind Diana’s ass, so she would be able to lick both of us.
As I sat behind Diana, I gently massaged her small nipples, and it didn’t take long for Annie to lick both of us to that tickling feeling, that told me, that I was about to pee.
At the almost same time, Diana and I pissed all over Annie’s face, and it felt like Diana climaxed at this point.
As we stood in the shower a little later, they both looked a little embarrassed about this, but as I told them, it had been a great sensation, to sit this way, and also massaging Diana’s nipples.
However, I was looking forward to fuck Diana, if I was allowed to.
At this point Diana blushed a bit, and Annie made a big smile, and told me that it had been the plan for a while, but I’d have to wait.
If not tomorrow maybe in two weeks, but the decision would be Diana’s.
The girls took me to my destination, and as usual I had difficulties to make the time pass by at my friend, and at this time, I’m not sure if he or his folks guessed what really was going on.
Sunday afternoon the girls picked me up again, and it didn’t take long to get into the bed with both girls.
Annie told me, that she and Diana had been ‘practicing’ most of the evening and night, and Diana didn’t feel the time was ‘right’ yet, but instead I could use her ‘rear entrance’.
Well, I had been looking forward to use her right hole, but on the other hand, Annie had taught me to be patient, so if that’s the way she wanted it, we might as well give it a try.
Diana knelt on all fours, and Annie gave me the jelly, and watched as I lubricated Diana’s asshole carefully.
At the time I had two fingers in Diana’s asshole, Annie placed herself on her back, and told Diana to lie on top of her in the 69-position.
With the girls in this position, I had a firm grip around my prick, and slowly inserted it into Diana’s little asshole.
About a minute later, my prick was almost totally engulfed by her asshole, and the major reaction from Diana was, that it tickled a bit, and Annie was stunned about Diana’s ‘capacity’.
Boy; was she tight.
From this moment, I’m sure Annie started to tongue Diana, and meanwhile I started to move my prick inside her.
It didn’t take long for Diana to find the rhythm, and a little later she told that it felt nice.
This encouraged me, and I thrust my prick even deeper into her, which made her gasp, and all of a sudden, her body was shivering so much, that my prick was about to slip out of her, but Annie was quick to hold Diana’s hips too, and then Diana reached climax.
Wow, a girl that young could reach climax being assfucked, was quite a new experience to me.
For a moment I stopped, and Annie moved from her position beneath Diana.
Annie gave Diana a big hug, and congratulated her on her first assfuck, then she took place aside us, and held Diana’s buttocks apart, and I guess she was also a bit surprised, that Diana was able to take my prick to the hilt.
Again I started to move, and as I shot my load into Diana’s asshole, she had a minor orgasm.
For a moment we were standing in this position, to let Diana relax. As my prick slipped out of her asshole, she gave a groan, and lied on her stomach.
In the bathroom, Annie washed my prick thoroughly, and said that she also wanted some sort of fuck, and Diana came stumbling out to us, and participated in the washing.
She gave me a big hug, said thank you for the experience, and gave me a kiss right on my mouth.
Before I could react, she had her tongue deep in my mouth, and at that moment I almost slammed my arms around her, returning her kisses.
If she was a novice of fucking, she was almost an expert in kissing.
Our kissing resulted in my prick grew rapidly, and after some drying up, we hurried into the bed.
Annie positioned herself on all four, and asked Diana to fill her cunt and let me use her asshole.
When Diana had her fist fully inside Annie, I lubricated her asshole and sunk my prick to the hilt.
It was quite a strange feeling like the day before, only this time Annie’s asshole felt tighter.
As I had it my way, I happened to notice, that Diana also squeezed Alice’s breasts, and later on I found out that she was also massaging her clit.
It didn’t take long for Alice to climax the first time, and as I sent a load of sperm into her ass she reached another climax.
Still with my prick in Annie’s ass, Diana withdrew her hand from Annie’s cunt.
As she did that, it felt like Diana was trying to take a grip on my prick, and it sent a shiver through Annie’s body.
All done with this, we went into the bathroom, were Diana laid herself in the bathtub, and Annie placed her head between Diana thighs.
Annie told me to come and fist her, which I gladly did, and with my hand deep inside Annie, Diana pissed right into Annie’s face, and meanwhile jets of urine came from Annie.
When this was over, we took a good shower, and again we hugged each other. Diana kissed me deeply again and promised me, that next time she would like me to fuck her for real.
It was hard to leave Annie’s house this time, but Annie managed to separate us.
We took Diana to her home, and then back on course towards my hometown.
While we were heading my direction, we talked about the past two days, and Annie commented my kissing scenes with Diana, and she was quite sure, that Diana was some sort of devoted to me.
At this time I didn’t realize how right she was.
This time Annie gave me her phone number at home and at the hospital, ‘just in case’, as she said.
I also gave Annie my phone number, ‘just in case’.
The next two weeks were hard. In my dreams, Annie and especially Diana came to me in my dreams, and lots of variations were done sexually, so when I woke up in the mornings, I had a hard-on like never before, so many mornings I had to masturbate, just to ‘relax’.
These days got more difficult to pass, as I had to realize, that I might have fallen in love with Diana.

Finally it was Saturday morning again, and at last Annie picked me up at the bus stop.
I hurried into her car, and I may have been a bit eager to get home to Annie, as I almost slammed the door behind me.
Annie commented this with her cute smile, and asked if I was in a hurry.
Well, as a matter of fact, I was set for fucking Diana for real and had to admit, that I had been missing both girls.
We didn’t say much during our ride, and as we picked up Diana, the only words were like ‘hi’ and so on.
At Annie’s place we were more or less in a hurry to get into the bath, and Annie encouraged Diana and me to take good care of being washed.
During this I tried to insert a finger carefully into Diana’s cunt, and she stepped a little back as she felt my finger on its way into her.
Annie realized what was going on, and told me not to deflower Diana in this way.
It should be in the ‘right way’.
We dried up, and got into the bed, were Diana was put on her back.
Annie and I placed us on each side of Diana; me kissing her while Annie began to fondle and kiss Diana’s nipples.
Diana returned my kisses quite passionately; in fact I was surprised by her eagerness.
Finally Annie interrupted us and told me place myself on top of Diana, and try to deflower her.
Me in position, and Annie still taking care of Diana’s nipples, I carefully tried to ease my prick into Diana. With only the head of my prick inside her, Diana told that it hurt a bit, and Annie told me to lick Diana for a while, to get her even wetter.
While licking her, I could feel that she quite enjoyed that Annie and I were ‘taking care’ of her.
A moment later Diana climaxed, and shortly after I positioned my prick at her virgin entrance.
Diana spread her legs widely, looked at me and nodded as a sign of being ready to let me try to penetrate her.
I made a little thrust with my hips, and I felt, that the way was open, so I thrust even deeper.
In a few seconds, my prick was almost buried inside Diana’s cunt.
Diana expressed a bit of pain, but also a kind of joy, realizing that she was no longer virgin.
Even Annie seemed to be pleased by this fact.
Annie told me to hold my pelvis for a moment, in order to let Diana get accustomed to my prick inside her, but it didn’t take long before Diana told me to move my prick inside her, so slowly I began to make some movements.
After a while, Diana had relaxed and got accustomed to my prick, and it seemed like she liked it, because she told me to get deeper and faster.
Meanwhile, Annie was kissing and fondling Diana’s small tits, and soon Annie started to shiver.
This scene went on for some minutes, and all of a sudden Diana’s body began to shake violently and shortly after I sent a load into her cunt.
Some small tears went down her chin, and I later found out that Diana was happy about being turned into a woman.
Diana was told to get washed, and later the girls were doing a 69 with Annie on the top, and me fucking Annie from behind.
We reached a climax almost simultaneously, and after having a shower, the girls took me to the bus-stop.
Sunday was almost a repetition of Saturday’s events, so I guess I was a bit exhausted, as I came to my home that evening.

It was a pain to wait for almost 2 weeks to see the girls again, and during that time I had to realize, that I might had fallen in love with Diana.
Well, I’d never been in love izmit anal yapan escort before, but the sensation in my body was so new to me, that just thinking of Diana, made my body shiver a bit.

As Annie met me at the bus-stop that Saturday, I was in a hurry to pick up Diana, and Annie could feel it, so she just gave the car a bit more speed.
At Diana’s place, her parents came out to say goodbye, and they got a short glimpse of me.
The three of us had agreed just to say that I was a hitchhiker, in order to prevent some ‘confrontations’. Well, it wasn’t that wrong after all.
After a short drive, Diana and I was sitting on the backseat and kissing. It felt like Diana had been missing me, and I could feel that Annie was looking in the mirror with some jealousy.
At Annie’s house we all made it directly for the bathroom, and the three of us were washing and kissing for a while, and of course had sex in lots of ways in the bedroom.
Diana was very eager to feel my prick inside her, so she got the first ‘round’.

Many Saturdays and Sundays were spent in this way, and late in the autumn we were ‘revealed’.
Diana’s parents found out, that I was frequently hitchhiking with Annie, and at the same time we picked up Diana.
On my way home she was also returned at her address.
Annie had a little talk with Diana’s parents and told them, that it just was a coincidence, but Diana’s parent wasn’t quite satisfied with that explanation.
She also confided Diana’s parents that Diana might be in love with me, and just had given us some time together at her place under her ‘surveillance’. On top of that my feelings seemed to be mutual.
At this occasion Annie told Diana’s parents, that I was visiting an old friend in the neighborhood, so she just appreciated not to drive all the way to and from her work alone.
Diana’s parents seemed to accept Annie’s explanation, by inviting me to their place.
At home I had to tell, that I’d been hitchhiking for the last months, and had ‘met a girl’ as I told my parents.
I remember that my parents made a minor grin, but somehow they were serious about it.
Being 14 and Diana 13 years old, everyone would think that it was just a teenage-romance that would subside by time.

Christmas was near, and it all ended up in, that Annie and Diana with her parents came to our house the 2nd day of Christmas.
Diana and I gave each other a big hug and kiss, and Annie also tried to give me a hug, but being only about a month from delivering her baby, it gave her a hard time.
The last couple of times the three of us had been together, Annie had not been that active in our games, due to her big belly.
Mostly Diana and I fistfucked her in both holes, which she quite enjoyed.
At our last ‘session’, Diana had managed to get both her hands into Annie’s cunt, and I had fucked her meanwhile in her asshole; what a sensation.
At the dinner-table Diana and I were seated next to each other, and when not eating, we were holding hands.
Diana’s family stayed with us for 2 days, and Diana and I had only some minutes alone once in a while.
The best thing was, when our parents agreed to let me go back with Diana until after New-year.
Annie confided me that she would try to get Diana and me over to her place for some hours, so we could be alone.

Going back to Diana’s parents, Diana and I were placed at the backseat together with Annie, and I think we behaved quite well.
At Diana’s place we were placed in Annie’s car, as Diana’s parents would have to leave the next morning for another visit for the whole day.
This would be our first entire night and day alone, together with Annie.
Annie had promised to take care of us, and that night and day, was a late one to forget.
We had all the time we could ask for.
Many things were tried out and at a late hour, Annie had to give up as she was worn out.
Diana and I continued for a couple of hours more, and honestly; it was nice to have her on my own.
I guess it was about 4 o’clock in the morning, when we finally gave up and fell to sleep in each others arms.
Most of that day, Annie just took care of cleaning the house and making food.
We also took a walk in the neighborhood, Diana and I hand in hand.
After supper Diana’s parents came by, and we all went back to Diana’s house.
I got a guestroom, and Annie had an extra bed in Diana’s room, so being together with Diana all alone didn’t seem to be quite possible.
The day before New-Year, Diana and I went to the Mall nearby for some firecrackers, and she showed me the town, so it was just before supper we came back.

It was now the day of New-Years eve, and Diana’s parents would go shopping for the evening, and decided to leave to two of us alone for a couple of hours.
Shortly after, Diana took me into her room, and we managed to have sex twice.
With that we decided to sit nicely in the living-room in front of the TV, and that’s how the family found us, as they came back.
I guess Diana’s parents didn’t suspect anything; they didn’t ask.
We had a very nice evening, and at midnight we all had our glass of champagne.
As the bell stroke 12, Diana and I gave each other a toast, and right after, I told her that I loved her.
Diana almost threw her arms around my neck, and told me that it was mutual, and right after, small drops of tears were running down her chins.
Of course this caused the whole family to look at us, and as we told the reason, everybody more or less congratulated us.
I guess that some of the guests didn’t expect our teenage-love to last; who could blame them?
It was pretty late, or rather early in the morning, when we made it for our beds; I guess Annie was the first one to go to bed, and Diana and I were the last ones just before Diana parents.
The next day about noon the whole family was gathered at the dining-table, and of course Diana and I were holding hands, maybe a bit more than earlier, which was kindly commented by her family.
Originally it was agreed that I should be returned at my home that evening, but apparently Diana’s parents felt sorry for us, so it was arranged for me to stay one more day.
Diana and I were in Heaven; we could spend one more day together.
In the afternoon Annie went to her house, so we were now just the four of us left in the house.
That evening Diana’s parents wanted to know more about me, and I remember clearly her parents’ biggest concern was that we would get so involved that we would end up with having sex.
They were quite aware of that we were very fond of each other, so if necessary, they would take Diana to the doctor in order to get a prescription for the Pill.
We felt a little embarrassed about the subject, but I can see that they handled the subject quite right.
The only thing I had to promise her parents, was to threat Diana well, and not getting her prematurely pregnant.
Their hope was that Diana would get some education, before ‘settling down’.
Even today I guess that Diana’s parents didn’t suspect anything at that time.
The next afternoon I was taken back to my place, and Diana and her parents stayed for a couple of hours, before leaving.
It was hard to say goodbye to my love, and going to bed that evening was harder than before.
Oh, how I missed that girl.
We had to be in touch by phone until next time, which was hard.

Two weeks later, Annie delivered her baby, and we all met at the hospital in order to congratulate her with her little daughter.
Fortunately it happened late on a Friday evening, so meeting at the hospital on this Saturday did, that Diana and her parents stayed at our place, for the week-end.
Our parents had a minor ‘family-talk’ late that afternoon, but it seemed like they did get along and as we had our supper, our parents were in a very good mood, and later they got slightly intoxicated.
To our surprise, Diana and I were allowed to sleep in my room, with an extra mattress on the floor, and some minor admonitions about ‘to behave’.
We didn’t have intercourse, but Diana gave me a blow-job and after that I licked her to a couple of orgasms.
The reason was that Diana was afraid that she was about beginning to menstruate, so there would be a real risk of making her pregnant.
We both fell asleep in each others arms on the mattress, and thus wakening in the morning.
We all had our breakfast, and later visited Annie at the hospital.
The weekend ended too soon, and after supper, Diana and her parents went home.

Due to Annie’s maternity leave, our only possibility for seeing each other was to go by bus, but our parents agreed to the expenses.
Often we took the bus Friday afternoon after school, so we could spend some more hours together.
My old friend was also paid a visit; when visiting Diana we often visited him for some hours on Saturday, and then went back to Diana’s place.

Of course we visited Annie on every occasion, and we were always allowed to use a bed so we could make love.
At the start Annie didn’t take part, as she was afraid of getting pregnant again, because she couldn’t be on the Pill, as long as she was breastfeeding her daughter.
By time our parents were more ‘relaxed’ by our relationship; in a few months it ended up with that we were sleeping in our rooms together, with an extra mattress on the floor.
I remember Diana’s parents were the first to ‘give in’, by giving Diana an extendable bed.
Of course they gave some admonitions of ‘behaving’.
1 to 2 months later my parents placed a similar bed in my room too.
Sleeping with Diana was Heaven; we felt that we didn’t have to ‘conceal’ our love concerning our parents, and for the last six months, Diana had developed quite a lot.
Her bust had grown from almost a merely A- to a good B-cup, and she looked ravishing.
Her period had started shortly after Diana had delivered her baby, and we could already set our clock by it.
By November Diana was taken to the Doctor for a prescription for the Pill, and this Xmas we were at Diana’s parents, and the whole family gathered.
Christmas evening Diana and I went to bed as usual, but this time it was more or less with our parent’s blessing.
Just the awareness of not making her pregnant, gave us a kick, and I guess we were looking quite tired on Xmas Day; our families didn’t say anything but just gave us a smile.
My parents had to go to job for some days, so we arranged it in that way, that I would stay at Diana’s place, and we would all come to my place the day before New-years eve.
It was almost Heaven; we could sleep together and have sex without ‘interference’. Diana’s parents had accepted me in full, and of course my parents had done the same with Diana.

Four years went by like this; Diana and I finished our school and started High school.
On my 18-years birthday my parents gave me a car, and with that I could visit Diana as I/we pleased.
For a couple of years I’d had a job at the Mall making some money, so on Diana’s 18-years birthday we got engaged.

Meanwhile Annie found a nice guy, who also accepted her daughter, and within a year they got married.
In fact he was chief physician at the Emergency Ward, and lived in vicinity of the hospital, so Annie sold her house and moved over to his house.
With that our ‘relationship’ with Annie stopped, but never the warmness.

Like all men, I also had to do my military service, but due to my line of education, I could get a postponement.
As an alternative, I was offered to do my military service, while studying in the Air Force.
Then I would get my education for free, and even have a salary.
Of course I would have to be on watch from time to time and on exercises, but that’s the price I would have to pay.
After one more year, my parents had made a minor extension to their house, so Diana could move over to my place, as the High school was in the vicinity of our place.
My parents were very aware of our privacy; I can’t remember they ever came over unexpected.
As studying for Electronic Engineer, I’d made an intercom, so my parents just pushed a button, and we could answer when we had the time; very convenient.
Of course we had our own telephone, and Diana’s family always gave us a call before visiting us.
Diana started her study for nurse, so many evenings and week-ends were spent studying.
Being in the Air Force, we could make a living, and at the same time that summer, Diana and I passed our exams.
Diana passed her exam with distinction, thanks to help from Annie and her husband, who spent many hours with us to ensure a good result.
We were very fortunate; Diana got a job at the same hospital which Annie and her husband worked at, and I guess Annie and her husband had their influence on that.
A company nearby producing and repairing equipment for hospitals wanted to employ me, so with the both of us in good jobs, we could afford to get married later that summer.
By tradition, the wedding was arranged by Diana’s parents, and Annie’s daughter was proud of being bridesmaid.

Diana and I have now been together for 36 years totally, and often when we’re talking with our families and friends, many of them has admitted, that they weren’t sure, that our ‘teenage-love’ would last.
If our kids had been going steady at that age, I guess we would have had the same opinion, but I guess that our parents attitude, and of course the help from Annie, did a lot for us.
Maybe we didn’t meet in an ‘ordinary’ way; it was rather “unordinary”.

Story told by; HenrikLDK

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