Earl Exposed

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Earl was just checking the news on his tablet when he heard the mailman stop. He went over to the window and saw him put some mail in the mailbox. “Please let it come today.” Earl murmured aloud as he opened the door and made his way to the mailbox.

He pulled open the black door and was rewarded with an inconspicuous brown envelope.

“Yeah!!” Earl exclaimed as he grabbed the rest of the mail and quickly headed back to the house.

In the package was the August edition of Sexy Folks magazine. Earl was especially excited because the last issue said to look forward to a very special August feature – two of their hottest models, Boris O’Neill and Kiara Anderson, would be doing the no-fap challenge for one month. At the end, the magazine would release photos and an article documenting the challenge – and the results. The editors also suggested loyal readers do the no-fap challenge until the magazine came out.

Earl was a bachelor. He dated on occasion, but after reading that article, he stopped calling his booty-girls (er, casual acquaintances) in order not to be tempted. Instead, he stayed busy at work – he was a realtor for a busy real estate firm and summer was usually bustling with transactions. When he was bored at home, he did a few extra laps running around the neighborhood to try to get his mind off of his sexual tension. It helped a little. But by the end of the month he was eagerly anticipating the magazine. He usually received the magazine a week before the beginning of the next month but for some reason this issue was four days late. Earl was sure the editors were playing a mean joke. He had taken this week off, expecting the magazine in Monday’s mail. Now it was Thursday. Each day he woke up with a bigger boner it seemed.

Anyway, he happily carried the package out to the backyard and sat on a chaise. The sun was bright outside, with a slight breeze. Earl didn’t usually masturbate outside, but his backyard was fenced and the neighboring yards were quiet.

He ripped open the package and sure enough was rewarded with a photo of Boris and Kiara on the front. They were barely clothed – Kiara had the tiniest thong on and a mesh shirt and Boris had a small banana hammock on, which clearly showed the lines of his large member. Kiara was fondling his balls through the thin fabric, and a large wet spot was on the front. The headline read, “Our hottest models describe the no-fap challenge…and the release!”

Earl had on his swim trunks and could feel himself start to slowly fill. It had been so long! He quickly went to the table of contents, then flipped to page 47.

Kiara was on a beach towel, with Boris hovering close. He was grabbing and squeezing a breast and she clearly enjoyed it.

The article started out really boring. SF asked Boris how he got through the challenge.

BO: “I mean, it was really hard!”

Earl sighed. He could see why Boris was a porn star. With huge biceps, sculpted abs and a ten inch cock he could make anyone fall to their knees. But Earl had a feeling he was one of those guys that should remain quiet and just stand around looking handsome. He seemed like a douche whenever he spoke.

SF: “Kiara, what was the most challenging part for you?”

KA: “I would say it was being out in public. Like I would be shopping for groceries and I would find myself suddenly checking out random guys and then they would check me out and I would think, wow, I wish we could find a private place and take care of business real quick. It made me really horny in really weird situations.”

SF: “Like grocery shopping. What about selecting cucumber and squash. Would it make you horny – looking at random phallic shapes?”

KA: isveçbahis (laughing) “Um, no I could select my veggies without getting hot and bothered. But I was at the car wash and this super hot Asian guy was washing my car and I seriously almost got out of the car to suck his cock. I was so horny I almost had to get my car upholstery cleaned too LOL.”

Earl chuckled. The article went on to describe how the models went to a remote beach and were able to release their tension. The rest of the feature was mostly photos from the shoot. He opened the front of his board shorts and let himself out. The sun warmed his skin and he started studying the photos.

Kiara looked so unbelievably good, with her golden skin. The mesh shirt clung to her breasts. In no time, Earl felt his full 8 inch member thickening and pulsating slowly. He was going to enjoy this. He grabbed a bottle of lube from the table next to him, and squirted some on. It felt hot and delicious on his tender head, running down over the veins that slowly popped out.

The next page revealed more shots. Earl started stroking slowly as Boris had a hand down Kiara’s thong, obviously fingering her wet pussy. He was biting her neck and her head was thrown back, while her hand gripped the front of his cock through his tiny bathing suit. The next photo showed her nipped hard, pressing against the mesh top. She lowered herself, pulling his bathing suit down and exposing his large organ, pulsating and leaking from the tip. She spread it around, then leaned down, opening her pink lips and swirled her tongue around that massive mushroom head while he closed his eyes.

“Oh yeah.” Earl muttered, rubbing himself a little faster. The sun warmed his skin and the lube made himself slippery and wet. He tightened his hand a little and was surprised to feel his hips and buttocks flexing already. It was too soon – he wanted to savor this – but he hadn’t come in a solid four weeks and his balls needed release.

The next image showed a close up of Kiara – she still had her blue thong on, but it was clearly soaked with need. Another pic showed Boris rubbing the big tip against the tiny thong, both of them clearly in heat. Earl studied the next pic – Boris moved her thong aside for his massive organ and was halfway in her, both of them in the throes of passion. Fluids were all over them. Earl felt his hand moving faster and his balls tighten. Oh yes, he thought. This was going to feel amazing. His breath quickened.

“Earl? Are you home? Can I go swim-”

Earl’s heart stopped when he heard his name. He threw his magazine over himself but knew he had been caught.

“Uh…” He tried to clear his throat but knew he had been caught. “Tisha, hi.”

Tisha was his annoying neighbor who had popped her head over the fence and was giving him a hard stare. She always wanted to use his pool. That was fine with Earl, except she gave nothing in return. He sighed. This was so awkward. Why wasn’t she at work?!

“Um, yeah – so I am a little busy right now…” He said lamely. He just needed another minute and he would have gotten sweet release. His cock softened but his need was still there.

She popped down and a minute later he could hear the gate open between their properties. She had on a white bathing suit and licked her lips when she saw him.

“Oh, I see what you are doing here.” She said.

“Look, I’m on vacation-” He started.

She held up her hand. “I just want to go swimming. But I see you are busy. Sooooo, maybe I can help you out.”

“Um, yeah?” Earl wondered out loud. When did Tisha help anybody?

“Mmmmm yeah big boy.” She came closer and moved the magazine aside, exposing him. He was semi soft isveçbahis giriş but felt himself rise when she grabbed him and slowly moved her hand against him.

“Uhhh.” Earl said involuntarily. It had been so long since he had felt a woman’s touch. Soon he was full again, and at Tisha’s mercy.

She gave a small laugh as she saw him fill up and move with her hand.

“Ohh you like that, big boy.”

“Umm.” Earl swallowed. “Tisha, it’s been awhile since I’ve…”

“Since you’ve what? Masturbated?” Tisha glanced at the magazine cover, which had fallen to the ground. “Did you do that no-fap challenge?”

Earl didn’t want to admit it but he also felt with Tisha’s hand around his member, he was slightly powerless. “Yeah.”

“Oh boy. A whole month.” Tisha leaned over and pressed his cock to her thick lips. She opened her mouth and pressed her tongue hard against the backside of his tip, rubbing up and down fast.

“Ohhhhh.” Earl exclaimed. He had never felt anything like that. She stopped and pulled his shorts off.

“I need to see what I’m working with – Oh wow look at these balls!” She exclaimed, gently caressing them. His cock bounced in response and she managed to fit one in her mouth, then the other. The wind cooled them after she let go, and he felt his excitement reach a new level.

She then leaned over him and put her pussy directly over his cock. She still had her bathing suit on, but she pulled it aside, exposing her thick lips. With her fingers she spread them apart, then started rubbing her entrance over the length of his member. Instantly he was coated in her pussy juices. He could feel her hot entrance, teasing him, and his balls tightened. He wanted to plunge into her, to ravage and to take her, but she was in control. She got him nice and juicy.

“Oh baby look at this. You are all wet.” She said, taking a second to study his pulsating cock, standing straight up in the midday sun, glistening and desperate for release.

“Tisha.” He said, as she moved down. Her large breasts were cupped in a white bikini bra. She moved lower, grabbed his cock, and pushed him up between her cleavage.

“Oh God.” He gasped as he saw his dark head swell between her ample bosom. She went fast, and he saw his head disappear and reappear between her cleavage. His head was swollen and tingling with need. He felt like his hole opened a little more, begging to spew out his cum. He could feel the precum leak over his tip and coat her dark skin.

“Tisha…I’m gonna cum…” He groaned, feeling his balls and his butt clench.

“Oh no baby, I’m not done yet.”

Earl nearly cried out when she stopped and grabbed his head hard. He could feel the pulsations, trying to get stronger, but were abated by her hand.

She laughed as he struggled with frustration and need.

“Ohhh look at that hard cock. You just need to spread that seed huh.” She cooed.

He hated being mocked. He also hated being denied. “Tisha.” He whispered. “What do you want from me?”

She moved her breasts up and down slowly. “I want to play.”

The slow motions made the tingling come back. Earl leaned forward. She had one of those annoying bathing suits with the bra cups that covered everything. He forced them down, exposing her nipples. To his surprise he found two very large, delicious areolas. With each hand, he pinched and rolled each nipple around in his hands. Her nipples got dark and hard.

“Mmmm baby are you playing with me?” Tisha said as she went a little faster on his cock.

“Two can play at this Tisha.” Earl said. He pinched her nipples hard, causing her to cry out. He could see her dripping and knew he was starting to have isveçbahis yeni giriş the advantage.

“Take me in your mouth again Tisha. You know you want me.” Earl challenged.

He could see her falter. She slowed, and when he pinched her beautiful nipples again, she got up, flipped around, and started rubbing her face against his engorged member.

He was left with her pussy only inches away. The poor excuse she called a bathing suit was a white piece of fabric with rutching that only contained about half of her large behind, and Earl slapped her ass, then moved the fabric aside, exposing her dark butthole and dripping pussy. He could feel her tongue prodding his tip, licking up the nutrient then trying to suck more out as she tried to stick her tongue in the small hole. As she took his swollen head in her mouth, he leaned up and took her clit in his mouth, and gently rubbed the outside of her tight butt opening. She leaned down slightly to give him easier access, and he licked more aggressively, and pushed his index finger into her butt.

“Ohhhhh my.” She gasped. She leaned down further, almost sitting on his face. Pussy juices were leaking all over him in broad daylight and Earl loved it. Her hand was working him faster and he felt his hips move, pushing forward.

“Tisha slow down.” He said.

She proceeded to push him slowly all the way into her mouth until his head was pressing against the back of his throat. It was soft and she pushed against him lightly so that he kept hitting it.

He moved two fingers slowly into her, in and out. She started bucking her hips, moving against him.

“Mmmmmm.” She murmured with a mouth full of cock and the vibrations drew new sensations into his member.

He sighed. He had such a big load. “Tisha.” He said, full of need and desire.

She sat up at once, and she moved his beautiful cock against her engorged pussy. He felt her hot entrance, leaking with desire, and pulled her hips towards him so that he was directly under her. He slowly pushed her down, and her lips enveloped him. She was so tight! When she felt his head pushing against her, pulsating, looking for home sweet home, she pushed down more and felt him split her well wide, seeking solace. His balls ached. He wanted to grasp her wide hips and ride her fast and hard. He was so hard. She was panting and thrust down, feeling herself fill up with his angry member, needing release. She rode him, moving her hips slowly, then moving faster. His smooth head was pushing against her, working her to orgasm and she could feel herself tighten.

She was sure he could feel the tightness as he groaned loudly. He grabbed her and tried to get her to move faster. He had to fill her up. He couldn’t wait. His balls were tight, pulling, and his cock was so stiff that the intercourse almost hurt. He needed to cum so bad!

“Argggggghh!” Earl exclaimed as he reached the edge. He was going to explode. She moved against him just a little faster and he could feel himself swell and get hot. He was there. He could be denied no longer as he felt himself pause, then his head started spewing out his desperate release. Suddenly he was forcing out all of his seed against her tight well. He breathed out hard as they both reached climax. Wave after wave flooded her insides, filling her up and leaking out profusely as his balls were finally allowed to release their heaviness. He had so much cum. It was the longest and most satisfying orgasm he’d had in a long time. Finally he felt the contractions slow.

They were covered in sweat and bodily fluids as the sun beat down on them.

After a minute Tisha slowly pulled herself off of him. She straightened her bathing suit and cleared her throat.

“Um, yeah so I wanted go swimming today.” She said.

Earl grabbed some tissues and started to wipe up the epic mess. “Tisha sweetie, be my guest.”

She smiled and dove into the water.

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