ESTIM Experiences Ch. 08

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Big Tits

Some of you have asked me to describe my cock.

I am not going to lie to you yeah. I’m not the owner of some big huge cock. But it isn’t a tiny little one either. However when it is soft it isn’t anything remarkable. It’s quite small but you’re not interested in that part!

I’m what you would call a grower not a show-er.

What I have is 6 inch cock that is very thick at the base tapers off in the middle and swells again at the head, which when erect tilts slightly upwards at a bit of an angle. I am uncut; this makes my cock very sensitive.

When I take my Electro sex toys out, which is the usual way that I masturbate, just like women who like to use your Hitachi vibrator, ( I’ll explain why I brought that up in a second ),

I take a long electro sensitive rubber tube that is about 1/8 inch diameter.

They basically are electrodes that are made out of rubber that has particles in rubber that are electro sensitive, that is that they carry electricity.

There’s a little adjustable clip on them so it makes a loop.

I like to take a cock ring when I’m aroused and slide it down the base and tighten it up nice and snug, which keeps me nice and hard and sensitive.

I then take the first rubber electrode and draw it tight just under the head of my cock, on the top part that’s facing me and I bring the two ends that are looped and tighten them up against the underside of my cockhead, what they call the frenulum.

This of course you all know is the most sensitive part of a man’s dick. The other electrode is shaped like a small dildo. It’s fairly narrow; it’s about 6 and 1/2 to 7 inches long.

That goes in my butt, to put it frankly. I do this so can feel it bump up against my prostate, which feels fantastic.

It doesn’t have to move by me moving it manually.

These things are wired to each other through the electronic box which is battery operated in the case of what I have.

I plan to buy a box that has much more settings to be more powerful and has an adapter to plug in, but for now this really does the job. So anyway,

each isveçbahis electrode has a positive wire coming out one end and the negative wires go to the other side which means in my set up that it sends a signal or sensation through my cock right down the shaft somewhat internally, through my balls and to my prostate.

I get a juicy sensation like my cock is being sucked or licked or stroked or even or the same time which is un-fucking-believably good, with big tingles in my balls, like fondling in a most delightful way, and through the electro pulse I get a very natural contraction and relaxation of my anus.

I get a rhythmic pulsing in my butt that makes me feel like I’m being finger fucked or gently fucked against my prostate!!

Needless to say pleasure is incredible, it’s totally adjustable from a mild buzzing to an extreme erotic and amazing rubbing, stroking, and fucking feeling. As you would expect this produces an amazing amount of pre-cum, leaking copiously, keeping my cock wet and drippy, so incredibly sensitive and so, so hard.

It’s perfect for edging. I can adjust a setting and just let it stimulate me while I have my hands-free do whatever I want.

A typical edging session will find me naked with this contraption setup which does not take very long by the way, to hook up. It sounds elaborate but it’s not.

So during that time I can be laying down, hands free cock, ball, and ass stimulation pleasuring me and fucking my brain on porno, totally enjoying my exotic masturbation. I can be sitting , whatever; I can play with my nipples, I can caress my skin, squeeze and play with my balls, or something as mundane as adjusting the volume on my headset. I can reapply add some lube because you do need the lubrication. You do that so that it keeps the conductivity at the optimal feeling that spreads the feeling all over. And most important I’m able to constantly play with the settings to increase or decrease certain types of stimulation or to select a different pattern off the presets built into the machine.

You may or may not know that if you isveçbahis giriş stimulate a man’s prostate it’s just like a woman’s G-spot

It is incredibly arousing and the sensations feel amazing and ultimately the ejaculation when I cum is absolutely delightful and mind-blowing.

I can tell you that I am not exaggerating that while I love having sex with another person and I still do, although not as often as I used to it does still happen, the orgasms from the sensations like that mimic so many real physical sensations and also unique feelings you can’t feel any other way that y make for ball draining orgasms that are intense, and truly memorable.

It’s so addictive and feels so good that words escape me.

There was a woman that I got from chat with who loves to masturbate with her Hitachi vibrator okay. But she’s shy and that she has never sent any images.

I know she liked to do things with her boyfriend. I know she liked to get fucked and she loved to suck cock. I know she loved to have her juicy wet pussy and asshole caressed and sucked.

She has told me as much. But I know that she absolutely loves her Hitachi vibrator and the incredible masturbation pleasures that it gives her

Like me and many of us here she is a dedicated masturbator.

She just told me that despite everything she gets the most powerful intense orgasms from masturbation possibly because like a man she loves to edge herself over and over for up to 2 hours on average, before she makes herself cum.

So that brings me to today. This very morning after watching many women masturbate on various porn sites using all kinds of toys and fucking themselves, riding dildos, using fuck machines, with their fingers, I was so incredibly aroused and reach a point of no return.

Recalling a particularly hot text and phone session with her I looked particularly for one video that I had saved that has a very busty blonde woman.

My friend told me she was a blonde with nice big tits, so the fact that the video girl also sounded a bit like her, which I knew from several intense phone isveçbahis yeni giriş sex encounters, and she was moaning and she made herself cum was great!!

I could imagine I was actually watching my lusty phone partner masturbate, and for 45 minutes I lustfully played along.

It was the last one I watched today and it was my trigger.

By the time she was ready to cum I was drooling and ready to lose my mind, a few more moments of unbelievable pleasure and I had an incredibly ball blasting, hands-free ejaculation.

I had an amazing feeling of my prostate being fingered intensely. At the same time it felt like my cock was being sucked over and over again, with a tongue licking, fluttering on my frenulum.

Well clearly there was no way I could keep going.

When she let loose and started to squirt so would I!!

Watching her was inspirational but at the same time my phone friend was also what I was thinking of.

Even though she and I were not talking and I wasn’t even hearing her it was like I was. She had given me that mental image many times.

I felt the surging final swell of blood pumping into my cock. Even stiffer than before, I could tell I was going to cum hard!

I watched lustfully as blonde woman on the screen masturbated herself into a pelvic thrusting, mind fucking masturbation climax, pressing her Hitachi vibrator against her wet, juicy clit, and her swollen pussy, rocking back and forth in ecstasy, cumming in moaning, pulsing pleasure, her contractions of orgasm clearly visible as the waves of lust reached their peak.

This made my final peak so intense, my swollen penis, stretched tight and shiny, the helmet throbbing and a steady pulsing stream of clear pre-cum leaking out suddenly twitched hard! One, two, three spasms of pleasure, and gasping in feeling, I felt my cock erupt, spouting liquid hot spurts of ropey cum into the air, landing everywhere, on my chest, my stomach, my thighs and eventually, as my spent cock began to recede from its pleasure, the last bit of cum-juice pooling around my soft, satisfied balls.

I allowed my body to bask in the aftermath so, having had a wonderful pleasure session. I promise you all who are reading this that I typically do this every morning for no less than 2 to 3 hours. I hope this inspires you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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