Great oral sex

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I was widowed at 46. My wife was older than me by three years. No it wasn’t an older woman thing. I just loved big tits and she had them. Sex before marriage was really good or at least so I thought. Oral sex was a one way street for her. She never gave but she liked to receive so after a while I stopped giving. Every so often the sex was really good. She liked facesitting and every so often liked it doggiestyle but apart from that our sex life was, for the most part, plain vanilla. Not even French vanilla because she never tongue kissed.

Now I tell you that not because I was bitter about it, which I was, but because my sex life as a widower took off like a rocket once I got back into the dating scene.

Let me tell you about Claire. She was a research scientist. For real! I haven’t looked through this website that much apart from the movies but I can guess that most of what you might read in ‘true stories’ are just a little too wild to be true. Claire was bi. She was mostly straight but every so often she liked to swing into the lesbian side which is how I got into my first and, sadly to this point, only threesome. Claire also liked going to the better quality strip clubs in town.

She didn’t exactly drag me off to bed our first date. In fact it took a few dates and then only after some careful graduated groping. First kissing and then kissing and mild izmit escort bayan groping. I guess she wanted to see what my intentions were. You know; is he just after a one night stand or maybe he wants something more.
So one night after some heavier than normal groping and kissing I was about to leave and we kissed in her kitchen. I thought, ‘what the hell’ I might as well feel her up a bit more before I go. She looked at me and then down at her cleavage and then back at me. Yes she was that tall. I’m 6foot 2inches and she was about 5’11’’. It seemed like an invitation to me so I undid her shirt to find a black bra. I grabbed behind her to undo the clasp. Her bra fell away and her tits were fantastic! You know, just incredible. Even though she was 40 she had never been pregnant. Her nipples were pristine. Once I saw those tits I knew I just had to stick my dick between them. But still no sex. Well not that night anyway. Driving home I knew that the next time would be it.

A week later we went to dinner and a movie. Yes I know very predictable but I was certain we were going to do it. I didn’t see the point of going to the movie but Claire really wanted to so I suffered through another chick flick. We got back to her place and went for it straight away. This time there was no resistance from her. First her tits and then her pussy. She went straight for my cock. izmit eve gelen escort She stood up and grabbed my hand to pull me to her bedroom and then asked me the strangest question I have ever been asked. ‘Is it OK if I suck you?’ Like I was really going to say, ‘no I don’t do that sort of perverted stuff.’ I would like to tell you I had a really smart funny remark but I just nodded and mumbled,’ yes of course you can.’

True to her word she went down on me straight away and enthusiastically sucked! Now remember I haven’t had a blowjob in well over 20 years. Sex yes but not for over 6 years! Let me tell you it could have been my first blowjob ever and she was really good at it. A well-practiced tongue as they say. Eventually I knew I had to return the favor and I really wanted to. I pushed her onto her back and slapped her tits with my dick and then kneeling down and I licked my way to her pussy. My knees near her head I started licking her. I don’t think a guy really knows if he’s doing it right but she seemed to be enjoying it. Then she started grabbing for my cock, complaining that she couldn’t get at it. She started pulling on me and before I had even thought about it we were in a sixty-nine position with me on top. I had never even thought about it like that. Like most guys we think of sixty-nine with the woman on top. This was memorable. izmit otele gelen escort I often think about because I guess most women do it with themselves on top for the obvious reason that it gives them control of how far the dick goes in their mouth but Claire was really up for it.

This was really great but then I thought about those tits. I just had to fuck them so I got off her and climbed back on her and slapped my cock between her hugetits. I started thrusting backwards and forwards pressing them around my cock. This only lasted a few seconds before she slid down and bit and once again took me in her mouth. This woman was a true connoisseur of oral. She really loved it and couldn’t get enough cock in her mouth.

But I had to dip my cock in her pussy too. So I pulled out of her mouth and went to spread her legs but she pushed me over and jumped on top and started to ride me, her hugetits bouncing up and down. I couldn’t last much longer. I knew I was going to cum and cum big. And then I did like I had never cum before in my whole life. She looked down at me and smiled. Then she dipped her fingers into her pussy, my cock still in her. She pulled her fingers out with come on them and stuck them in her mouth and swallowed. What a woman. What an incredible fuck.

Claire fell of me and started to masturbate herself really vigorously. Looking at me she said, ‘Yes I did cum but I just have to cum again. Get that dildo into me will you.” Which I did. There was more great sex to come over the next few months which I might tell you about if I feel like writing again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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