Images of the Night

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The night that we spent together is etched firmly in my mind. I spend time lying in bed and replaying it over and over again. However, I began to realize that there are some images that stand out and I felt the need to write them down for us. They are, simply, a condensation of my best memories of the night. I felt something special that night. We were comfortable together like long-time lovers, not like it was the first time.

I arrive at your house and wave to you as you are cuddled up on the couch looking miserable. I come over and cuddle up next to you; I give you a hug and a kiss. We cuddle up together and talk quietly. As I watch, your eyes begin to flicker closed. I suggest that we get you into bed and that I will give you a backrub until you fall asleep. You climb into bed; I strip to my underwear and crawl in after you. We cuddle and I begin rubbing your back. You moan as I find the sore spots on your back. You slide your legs over and my crotch into yours and say “I want you inside of me.” I roll and slide off my underwear. Then I pull off your pajama bottoms and your underwear. Unfortunately nerves keep me from getting hard. You tell that it is all right. I slide my hand between your legs. I put two fingers in your warm, wet twat and my thumb on your clitoris. You writhe and moan on the bed. I take my other hand and wrap it around my cock; I stroke up and down.

You reach over and join in the fun. All this attention solves the problem; I’m hard and erect, ready to go. I move my body between your legs and you move czech couples porno up to meet me. I drive my cock deep into your waiting pussy. I moan; you scream. You try to move fast; I move slowly in and out. Your head thrashes back and forth as your pleasure builds. I begin to move faster and faster. You drive your body up to meet me, your hands pulling my body down to you. We are like animals driving as hard as we can. I feel the orgasm building deep in my balls. You feel my cock grow larger. I bend my head down to kiss you. We kiss the way we are making love, hard and passionately. You stop kissing me as your own orgasms take you over. I come over and over gain, driving into your hot, dripping wet pussy. I fall on top of you breathless. We hug, kiss and slowly return to our senses.

After making love for the first time, we fall asleep. When I awake, I see you lying naked before me; your body dappled by the moonlight; your legs partially covered by the sheet and your hands crossed behind your head; your hair spread across the pillow. You take my breath away. I can’t believe that this goddess has chosen to be naked before me. I shake with nervous energy as I look down at your beautiful breasts white in the light and my gaze moves down, over your belly to the juncture of your legs and see the dark, matted pubic hair. My hands and mouth remember the feel and taste of your breasts and their small nipples. My hands remember the feel of your pubic hair as they slid down between your legs to the liquid warmth czech estrogenolit porno that resides there. I run my tongue over my lips and taste the remains of that liquid warmth on them. My ears again hear your moans escalating to screams as you come again and again. My body remembers the feeling of the soft skin of your back pressed to my chest. My cock remembers driving in and out of your wet, hot pussy. I move closer and we kiss and we begin our pleasure again.

As we rest spooned together, tired after making love for what seemed like hours, I feel my cock begin to stir again. I think to myself that I can’t believe that I am ready to go so soon. I begin to caress your small, soft breasts; you turn your head and we kiss wildly, passionately. I slid my hands between your legs and gently rub your clitoris. You begin to moan. I can’t wait any longer; I slide into your ready, waiting, wet twat and begin pistoning in and out. You move your sweet ass against me meeting my strokes as hard as I am driving into you. I shift my position and slide one finger up your ass. You scream louder. I slide a second finger into your ass. You moan. You are so involved in the pleasure that I am giving you that cannot even kiss me any more. Your mouth hangs limp, as your breathing grows increasingly ragged. I pound my fingers harder and faster into your ass. Your body arcs like a bow; my cock slips out. You scream but don’t seem to notice. Your breathing sounds like you are running a sprint. Finally, after forever, czech experiment porno you push my hand away; you drop back to the bed spent. You look at me, but I don’t think that you see me. Your mind is still far away; your body twitches and lays limp. I think of the goddess before me, smile and prepare to worship again.

We pull apart and you roll on your back. I see your delicious ass lit by the moon through the skylight. I move between your legs and you spread them farther apart. I slide my rock-hard cock down the crack between the cheeks and feel you shiver and hear you moan. You slide you legs under and lift your ass into the air, pushing against my cock. I slide inside you, moaning with pleasure. I shake with nerves and pleasure as you push your ass against me. I am completely in you; you moan and twitch. I begin moving, taking long, slow strokes. You pound your ass against me, insisting that I go faster. I speed up until I reach my top speed. The noise of me slamming into your ass echoes throughout the house. I slow again, going back to long, slow strokes. You move with me as we enjoy the sensation of my cock’s long, hard length sliding in and out of your hot, wet teat. I reach out and begin rubbing your clitoris. You moan; your head thrashes back and forth. I begin speeding up and your breathing is ragged. You scream and, once again, we slam together. I feel my cock growing larger and larger as I get closer to coming. You clench your pussy around my cock. I come hard and begin to shake with the intensity of my orgasm. I continue to slide in and out until I shrink and fall out. We fell to the bed and kiss with the passion of long-lost lovers.

That night a goddess descended to earth and allowed me a night of pleasure such as I have never known. For the rest of my days, I will love and worship that goddess and remember this night forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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