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Gregory Patrick


Jaiden � Chapter 144

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Greg Patrick


Leon was being spooned by Peter when he woke up this morning. “Hey, sweetheart, you finally woke up. I have been watching you sleep for the past hour. I wish you could see what I have seen; you are so angelic-looking when you are asleep. When I wake up and see you lying next to me, I feel like I”m the luckiest guy in the world.” “Peter, if you”ll let me brush my teeth, I”ll give you a good morning kiss that will blow your socks off.” “In that case, my love, let”s brush our teeth together, and I”ll kiss you back.” “OK, come on!”


They got up, brushed their teeth, embraced, and kissed each other with a passion neither knew they possessed. Then Leon said, “Peter, we need to go to the kitchen and get breakfast started for everyone who had to stay overnight.” “I guess you are right, babe. We can catch up on the romance after everyone heads home.


Peter and Leon got to the kitchen and started looking for breakfast foods they could cook for their company. Jenny walked into the kitchen and said, “Hey jerk-butt, I love you. What are you and Peter doing?” “We”re trying to see what is here to cook for breakfast.” “Little brother and brother-in-law, y”all can forget preparing breakfast. Dad and Mom are taking everybody to a nice restaurant in Brevard for breakfast. If Mom sees you trying to fix breakfast for this crowd, she is going to have a hissy-fit.”


“Jenny, I”ve heard that term before, but I swear I don”t know what it means.” “Leon, a hissy-fit is when a southern momma gets mad and gives you a lecture that makes you wish she had whipped your butt instead of giving you a lecture.” “Interesting.” At that moment, Phyllis walked into the kitchen and caught Leon and Peter trying to prepare breakfast for their company.


“Young man, what do you think you and Peter are doing?” “Mom, we were about to prepare breakfast for everybody.” “The hell you are! You are at the end of your honeymoon, and I am not going to let you cater to all the people at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.” “But, Mom…” “Don”t, “but Mom,” me, son.” “Jenny spoke up and said, “Leon, I love you dearly, don”t do it.” “Hissy-fit,” Jenny?” “Yep, I warned you.”


Peyton and Jaiden walked into the kitchen and saw the look on Mom Riley”s face. Peyton said, “Uh oh, hissy-fit on the horizon. Leon, Peter, you may want to get out of the kitchen. I”m sure Mom and Dad have something in mind for breakfast and lunch.” “James Peyton Riley, you know we do.” “James Peyton Riley! I know to keep my mouth shut when you use my full name. So, whatever you say, Mom.”


“Pay attention, Leon; Peyton learned the hard way not to argue with Mom; she always wins every disagreement.” “Dad Riley walked into the kitchen when Jenny said that about Peyton and commented that she was right, that even he couldn”t win an argument with his wife – even when he put his foot down, and she put her foot on top of his.


Peter looked at Leon and said, “I guess we both learned a lesson this morning. If Mom says to stop doing something, we need to say yes, mam, and stop.” Dad Riley spoke up and said, “Damn, son, you and Peter learn quicker than Peyton!” “Dad!” “Peyton, you know it”s true. Your Mom chewed you up and spat you out when you tried to get around her when you were in high school.”


“That”s true, Leon, but I learned my lesson the first time I tried to be argumentative, and everybody knows that.” Peyton walked over to his mother, kissed her cheek, and said, “Leon, you won”t find a more loving, more supportive, more interested Mom than our Mom.” “Believe me, Peyton, I”ve already learned that.”


“OK, folks, let”s pile into the van and the car and head to breakfast in Brevard. When we get through eating, we”ll go to Wellstone, show you around, and let you meet my aunt, who is head of housing, and my uncle, who is Dean of Men. Then we can go by the counseling center and introduce you to our friends there. And the most important thing we will show you is the fraternity house you need to steer clear of; those guys will cause you problems you don”t want or need; you”ll just have to trust me on that.”


“Dad, where are we going for breakfast?” “You”ll see shortly, Peyton, just sit tight.” Thirty minutes later, Dad pulled into Wellstone. “Dad, I thought we were going to breakfast.” “We are, son. Apparently, you have forgotten how good the breakfast is at the main cafeteria.” “You”re right; I had forgotten.”


“Don”t you think it”s a good idea to let Leon see what the food is going to be like on campus?” “Dad, you”re going to make me say you”re right twice in one day, aren”t you?” “Damn straight, I am. I hardly ever hear you say I”m right about anything.” “Maybe not a lot, but you know I do admit you”re right every so often.” “That”s true, son, but the more I hear you admit it, the better I feel because you always squirm before you admit I”m right, and I love to see you squirm!” “So you finally admit that?” “Yep, I sure do.”


“Peyton.” “Yes, Leon. You are really squirming right now; it”s hilarious!” “Thanks, Leon.” “You”re welcome, Dad.” Everybody in the car was laughing their butts off.


When everyone went inside the cafeteria, Peyton”s aunt and uncle were in the restaurant waiting on them.


Mom said, Leon, I”d like to introduce you to my sister, Janet, and Reggie, her husband. Janet is the head of housing at Wellstone, and Reggie is the Dean of Men.


“Mam, sir, it is a pleasure to meet you.” “Likewise, Leon.” I”d like to introduce you to my spouse, Dr. Peter Anderson. Peter is a pediatric oncologist at St. Jude”s, or he was. He is to start work next week at the hospital in Boone as an emergency room physician. We have moved to a new home about halfway between Boone and Brevard.” “That”s awesome, Leon, Janet, and I can visit you and Peter, and you two can feed us.” Janet looked at Reggie and said, “hubby, you better cool it; you know I won”t impose on two newlyweds.”


Janet mezitli escort looked at Leon and said, “so, tell me, Leon, how did you like Little Beach?” “How did you know about Little Beach?” “We”ve been there too. When Jim and Phyllis told us you were there and described what you and Peter looked like, we tuned in to the beach camera on Little Beach and saw you lying on your back smoking as you fried yourselves. We noticed you got burned enough that you couldn”t have the usual fun on a honeymoon.”


Jaiden and Peyton were about to roll on the ground and laugh their butts off because they knew Peyton”s dad had set Leon and Peter up; there is no beach cam on Little Beach; Peter and Leon didn”t know that.


Leon and Peter had each turned about ten shades of red before Janet started laughing and said, “Guys, relax, there isn”t a beach cam on Little Beach. Jim told us about your predicament, and we just wanted to make you squirm a little bit. We are so happy that you and Peter had such a wonderful honeymoon.


“Peyton, Jaiden, we invited an old friend of yours to join us for breakfast. She should be here in a few minutes.” “Who would that be, Janet?” “Melanie Griffith.” “Awesome. We want Leon to meet her.”


“Hello, Peyton, Jaiden, how are you guys doing?” “Awesome, Melanie, how are you?” “Couldn”t be better, guys.” “Melanie, we”d like to introduce you to my newest brother, Leon.” “What do you mean by a new brother, Peyton? “Leon became a wonderful addition to our family a year ago after a long and horrible time at home. Mom and Dad surprised him by petitioning the court to adopt Leon.”


“How wonderful! Somehow, I feel you two had a hand in Leon”s becoming family.” Leon spoke up and said, “Melanie, they had a hand in a lot of things through which I have been so blessed. We can talk about that later. I have an appointment to see you on January 15th.” “Leon, I look forward to being able to talk with you.” “And I look forward to speaking with you, Melanie.”


After breakfast, Janet said, “I have the keys to your old apartment, Peyton, so Leon can see where you and Jaiden lived while you were at Wellstone. I”ve made sure he can get your old room if he wants it.” “Janet, I appreciate that, but my family got together and purchased a beautiful home for Peter and me as a wedding gift. It is halfway between Boone and Brevard.”


“There has only been one house for sale in that area for the past ten years. It”s a two-story home with a full basement sitting halfway up the mountain. It is a large log home.” “That would be our new home.” “You are going to love living there; the area is beautiful, and since we have had several feet of snow over the past month, that area is so beautiful.” “It really is. Once I get settled in school, and Peter gets settled at work, you”ll have to visit us.” “We”ll look forward to doing that in the next month or so. Maybe we”ll bring Melanie with us.” “Please do.”


“Janet, before we go to see our old apartment, Peyton and I would like to show you a picture that should surprise you to no end. So take a look at this picture.”


Peyton, are these your nieces and nephews?” “No, mam, they are Jaiden”s and my biological sons!”




Jaiden said, “Peyton”s sister was a surrogate for me, and her sister-in-law was a surrogate for Peyton. The babies were born two years ago. Do you remember Dale and Charley? “How could I not remember those two young men. They are an incredible young couple like you and Peyton.”


“Look at this picture.” “Don”t tell me these other five children are Dale”s and Charley”s.” OK, I won”t, but they are. Four boys and the only little girl out of ten babies who were born on the same day.” “On the same day! How did y”all manage that?” “A doctor in our synagogue in Erie is a fertility specialist, and he helped us with the pregnancies at no charge to us.”


I know where you and Peyton live, but where do Dale and Charley live? We have all lived together since we left Wellstone for medical and graduate school.” “You have ten two-year-old babies in the same house?” “We do, and they are wonderful children. A couple of Peyton”s and my boys are, let”s say, practical jokers who make life very interesting.”


“Janet, Melanie, those children, all ten of them, are brilliant. Don”t let Peyton and Jaiden pull the wool over your eyes.” “Jim, you have to be saying that because you are their grandpa.” But, Phyllis said, “actually, he”s not; those babies are brilliant. They potty trained themselves before they were a year old, and they spoke in complete sentences at a year old. They are learning to read at two years old. The babies love to be read to.”


“Jaiden, what else have you and Peyton accomplished?” “Melanie, we completed medical school a year early while we were working as Physician”s Assistants at the Erie Hospital. As a result, we were named employees of the year two years in a row. The second year, Peyton”s brother, Richard, was also honored with Peyton and me as an employee of the year.”


“You also have a brother named Richard?” “Richard and his little brother, Seth, were adopted by Mom and Dad. Richard and Seth are two of the most incredible brothers I could ever have, Janet. Richard”s wife, Sally, is expecting twin boys. We are returning to Erie on the first of May to open an Erie branch of St. Jude”s Children”s Research Hospital. I will be the chief of oncological surgery in the unit, Peyton will be chief oncologist, and Richard will be the chief pediatric physician examining and working up cases of children who will enter the pediatric cancer hospital.”


“Leon, what are you going to do when you graduate from Wellstone?” “The plan is for me to get a PsyD and be a child and family psychologist in the Riley-Reynolds Pediatric Oncology practice.” “Peter, I understand you are going to be an emergency room physician at the hospital in Boone.”


“That”s correct, Janet. When Leon completes Wellstone, we”ll move to Erie and join Peyton, Jaiden, and Richard in the family medical practice. I”ll practice pediatric medicine and handle illnesses the children incur while being treated for cancer, the same position I held at St. Jude”s in Memphis.”


“That is so awesome to hear. Jaiden, Peyton, when you left Wellstone, you had accomplished 22 first-evers never achieved by any other graduates. How many first-evers are you up to now?” “We stopped counting at 40. We started a movement in Erie that resulted in changes in the educational systems across the country. Peyton, Dale, Charley, and I won a Nobel Prize for that work. In addition, we were voted employees of the year this year at St. Jude”s.”


“So, y”all are planning on returning to Erie in May?” “We are, but we are going to drive the van and the children back to Erie and vacation on the way back home. The first week in May, we”ll bring all ten children for y”all to meet them at Wellstone. Plus, Charley and Dale will graduate from Wellstone and Penn State in May, so we”ll be at the graduation with the children.” “That”s exciting, I can”t wait to meet those babies, and I am sure the President will love to meet them as well.”


“Well, guys, how did you like breakfast at Davis Hall?” “It was pozcu escort delicious. Is the rest of the food as good?” Jaiden told Leon it was and that he and Peter could eat together at the cafeteria on the weekends if they wished to do so. “If you like prime rib, they usually have an exceptional prime-rib lunch on Sundays. Also, great baked potatoes, grilled asparagus, salads galore, and a sundry of desserts.”


“Let”s go see our old apartment, and show you around the campus. By the time we complete the tour, it will be time to go to lunch.” “Lead the way, Jaiden.”


First, they stopped at the old apartment. The residents were at the apartment, and when they learned who their visitors were, they called all their friends to come to the dorm apartment to meet Jaiden and Peyton. Afterward, they toured the entire campus making sure to point out the frat house Leon needed to avoid at all costs � and why.


They finished the campus tour and headed to the original Tony”s for an exceptional Italian lunch. When they entered the restaurant and were seated, Jaiden asked if Tony was there. They were told he was in his office, so Jaiden asked, “would you please go to his office and tell him a couple of customers are in the dining room raising hell and ask him to take care of the problem.” The waiter smiled and said he would.


A few minutes later, Tony flew through the kitchen door expecting to find problematic customers. Instead, when he saw Jaiden and Peyton, he stopped in his tracks and asked them when they got to town.


Tony”s question led to a long conversation during which Peyton introduced Leon as his newest brother. After that, Tony sat with the group, had lunch with them, and learned the story about Leon. Then, he got up, said he would be right back, and went to his office. When Tony returned to the table, he had a lifetime free pass for Leon and Peter. When he gave them the pass, he told them it was good at any Tony”s restaurant anywhere, and that if they had a problem using the pass to call him.”


Leon and Peter thanked Tony profusely. Tony told the group to meet him at Ruth Criss” Steakhouse at six that evening, and he would treat them to dinner. So they did that, and since it was snowing heavily, their flight was rescheduled for the next day.


When they finally got back to the house, everybody was exhausted. Most everyone got into comfortable clothing and went to the upstairs den to relax. Peter and Leon kept on their warm clothing and went to the porch off the basement and sat together in the porch swing. Leon lay his head on Peter”s shoulder as they held hands and talked about how blessed they were.


Peter, did you ever imagine having a home this beautiful in the mountains with a beautiful snowy vista?” “No, sweetheart, I never imagined that. But to be blessed with this home on such a beautiful plot of land covered with beautiful snow and having you by my side to share all this, I realize how blessed I am � all because of you. Babe, I love you so much. I”m not sure I have the words to tell you how much I genuinely love you.”
“Peter, I don”t need the words because you constantly show me how much you love me, which means the world to me. I”ve never felt loved the way you make me feel.” Peter lifted Leon”s chin toward his face and gently kissed him on the lips, and then rested his head against Leon”s.


The two lovebirds sat in the swing for at least an hour before it got so cold they had to go inside. When they got to the den where everyone was sitting, Leon”s Mom went to the kitchen and got the two a mug of hot chocolate. When she handed it to them, she told them they needed the hot chocolate to help them warm up from being outside.


When Peter and Leon awoke the following morning, the house smelled heavenly from someone cooking breakfast. “Leon, that smell is very familiar to me, is it to you?” “It is. It smells like breakfast in Maui, but I can”t quite put my finger on the smell.” “Peter, one of the things you smell is bacon.” “Isn”t your family supposed to avoid pork since y”all are Jewish?” “Normally, yes, but in Reform Judaism, it”s permissible to have some pork since it is safer to eat with modern cooking methods. I know Mom prepares it on the farm occasionally, but she doesn”t do it all the time. In orthodox Judaism, no pork is allowed; I”m still learning about Jewish dietary rules.”


“Let”s go to the kitchen and see what Mom is preparing for everybody.” When they got to the kitchen, they were surprised to find Jenny cooking breakfast for everybody.


“I hope you guys like banana-macadamia nut waffles and Hawaiian syrup. We”re having waffles with bacon and coffee. I hope you like the coffee; Dale taught me to make it his way.” “Sis, if you make coffee anywhere near as good as Dale”s, it has to be good.” “Dale says I do since he taught me how, but whether or not that is true is up to you.” “Jenny, Peyton says you outcook Dale two to one, and Dale is a great cook.”


“Leon, Peyton wasn”t truthful with you about my cooking versus Dale”s; I don”t beat Dale two to one, I beat him 10 to one. Just wait until you taste what I have prepared for breakfast; then you can tell me what you think.”


When everyone gathered in the dining room for breakfast, Dad Riley gave the Jewish blessing for breakfast. After breakfast, he thanked Hashem for providing the food.


Shortly after the last prayer, Leon looked at Peyton and asked, “Peyton, why did you tell me a fib about Jenny”s cooking?” “I didn”t fib about Jenny”s cooking; I told you she beats Dale”s cooking two to one.” “Peyton, you did fib! I just ate breakfast that Jenny cooked, and she does not beat Dale two to one.” “Splain yoself, little bro.”


“Jenny beats Dale”s cooking at least 10 to one!” “I guess our little brother told you, didn”t he, Peyton.” “Leon, I”ll let you get away with saying that. The waffles we just ate were way better than those we ate in Maui. Geez, I can”t believe I just admitted that; Jenny won”t ever let me live down my admission.” “Darn tootin” I won”t, little bro.”


Jenny walked to Leon, put her arms around him, and said, “Ya know, little bro, I think you might just be more intelligent than our brother. You recognized something he never has and called him on it. And you know something else, Leon, I love you to Mars and back.” “Thanks, Leon; I am going to get hit with what I admitted for a long time.” “The truth hurts, doesn”t it, Peyton.” “Jenny!” “You said it, little bro; I didn”t.”


“See what I mean, Leon. Although, I put myself at risk of being bombarded with Jenny”s comments, I have to admit that she is indeed a far better cook than Dale, but don”t tell him; it”ll hurt his feelings.” “Peyton, what a sweet thing for you to say. There is no way I can rag you after hearing you say that.” “If you can”t rag me after what I said, Jenny, that”s a first.”


Dad Riley said, “Peyton, you better enjoy the break in Jenny getting over on you with her pranks; the break from her pranks won”t last long.” “Dad, I know that, but any break from her pranks is much welcomed, however brief it may be. Besides, I am so used to her antics that I will not be comfortable not experiencing them.”


“Jeny walked to Peyton, wrapped her arms around him, escort bayan and said, “tell you what, jerk butt, I”ll give you a month with no pranks; but after that month, you”re fair game again – deal?” “Deal. And by the way, Jenny, I love you too.” “To Mars and back, Peyton?” “To Mars and back, sis?” Jenny pulled Peyton”s head back and kissed his forehead, to which Jaiden said, “the family tradition continues.” That drew a hearty laugh from Dad Riley and Mom Riley.


Leon and Peter were sitting outside admiring the beautiful mountain snow when Seth walked out to where they were sitting. “Leon, I don”t want to bother you and Peter, but I haven”t gotten to talk to you very much. I just wanted you to know I really love you, and I”m thrilled you are my brother.” Peter saw a tear well up in Leon”s eyes as Leon got up, grabbed Seth, and gave him a bear hug. “Seth, I love you too, and I think you are the best younger brother a guy could have, and I am so proud to be your big brother.” “Thanks, Leon, that means a lot to me. I”m going to go back inside so you and Peter can have your private time together.” “Seth, you”re welcome to sit out here with Peter and me.” “I can”t. Jenny will kill me if I don”t go back inside. She told me not to stay out here too long.”


“Yeah, you don”t want to make Jenny mad, so tell you what, Peter and I will take you out this afternoon to see some of the sites in the area. And next time you come to see us, you can stay for a while, and we”ll have some fun, just the three of us.” “You mean that, Leon?” “I mean that, Seth.” Seth hugged Leon and told him he was the greatest before running back inside before Jenny came to get him.


“Leon, he is a great young man.” “He truly is, Peter. Do you know the story about Seth?” “No, I don”t. What is the story?”


“Seth is gay, and his parents at the time didn”t know it. Then, one day, his dad walked into his bedroom without knocking and caught him kissing his boyfriend. That was a hell of a way for the piece of shit to learn his son was gay. He pushed Seth onto his bed, ripped his pants and briefs off of him, and took a mop handle, and anally assaulted Seth. He ruptured Seth”s colon in three places, damaged one kidney, cut his liver, and damaged his spleen.”


“If Richard hadn”t had enough faith in Jaiden and Peyton to confide in them, Seth may well have died. Jaiden talked to Seth at his and Peyton”s house and then called the surgeon he and Peyton worked for and met him in the emergency room with Seth.”


“The surgeon looked at MRI scans Jaiden ordered in the case and examined Seth from head to toe. He immediately took Seth to surgery, and he and one of Jaiden”s professors operated on Seth for six and a half hours to try and keep him alive. Seth was in the hospital for a month and a half. A Judge and two police officers Jaiden knows met them at the hospital, got the information they needed on Seth, and the Judge issued multiple count warrants for Seth”s dad and mom.”


“His mom and dad were arrested that night. Fortunately, the public defender knew not to mess with the Judge, so on Monday morning after the parent”s arrests, the Judge sentenced his mom and dad to multiple consecutive sentences, which means his dad will die in prison, and his mother will serve 45 years before she is released.”


“Dad called Peyton that night, and Charley told him Peyton and Jaiden were in surgery at the hospital trying to help keep a classmate”s little brother alive. Then he informed Dad what Seth”s dad at the time had done to him. Two and a half hours later, Dad walked into the hospital in a fit of rage. If they had not put Seth”s mom and dad in jail earlier in the evening, Dad would have killed him with his bare hands. Peyton said he had never seen Dad so angry.”


Mom and Dad went to court the following morning with a lawyer from Jaiden”s and Peyton”s synagogue. When the judge sentenced the two pieces of trash to prison, he recognized the attorney and asked if he had business with the court.”


“The attorney said he did and gave the judge papers for Mom and Dad to adopt Seth and Richard. The Judge granted the petition without a DFCS investigation. Seth was rolled out of court on a stretcher and taken back to the hospital for another month. But at least he and Richard had a new family. Dad paid all of Richard”s medical school loans and paid upfront for his last year of medical school. When Seth was released from the hospital, they took him to their farm in Alabama, and he has done extremely well there.”


“He was given a full-ride scholarship to Veterinary School at the University of Florida. Seth worked his ass off getting ready for vet school and completed all the prerequisites while he was completing high school.”


“He starts veterinary school in the middle of January when the new semester starts. So he is bypassing the baccalaureate program and going straight into veterinary medical school. He tests out as brilliant.” “It sounds like it, Leon. The story tells me just how blessed you are to have had them adopt you as well.”


“Peter, you know how Mom is related to the judge who helped them adopt me and get my record cleared?” “Yes, why?” “Mom is also related to the judge in Erie, and so is Jaiden”s Mom, but they can”t tell anybody � and neither can you.” Jaiden”s Mom is also a distant cousin of Mom”s and used to visit Mom”s family when they were little girls.”


“That”s a wild story, Leon. You have really been blessed to become a member of their family.” “I know that Peter, and the story of all they have done for others is what is so surreal to me when it comes to their adoption of me. Aside from you, I”ve never had anybody love me the way they do. Mom and Dad adopted me without really knowing anything about me, and they, Peyton, and Jaiden have done everything they can to help me overcome my past. And you”ve seen how Jenny loves me. It has been so hard for me to accept.”


“And then they buy us this house, they gave me a brand new car and allowance that helped me to be able to eat decent food. Then, finally, Jaiden and Peyton made me move in with them to get me out of the tent city. That”s when Jaiden took me to a men”s store and bought me a whole new wardrobe of clothes, underclothes, and shoes. He threw all my old clothes in the garbage and told me I deserved better. He did all that after I tried to attack him in the park.” “What happened about the attempted assault?” “Peyton kicked my butt like you wouldn”t believe.”


“I was arrested and went to court, and that”s when I learned Peyton is an internationally recognized martial arts expert and won tournaments in six European countries.”


“Leon, you have truly been blessed by an amazing family.” “I know, Peter, and I hope I can live up to their expectations and make them proud.” You will, sweetheart; I have no doubt you will.


“Let”s go to bed and have a little fun.” “As Jaiden has said, “Hot damn, we”re gonna have a rodeo tonight!” “I don”t know about a rodeo, babe, but I am definitely going to make you feel unbelievably loved, and I”m going to enjoy every minute of making you feel that way.”


“The lovebirds went upstairs to go to bed. First, Peter undressed Leon and laid him on the left side of the bed. Then he undressed, crawled into bed on Leon”s right side, and began giving him a sensual massage with some Hawaiian lotion Jaiden ordered for them. Once the massage was finished, Peter slipped under the covers and began making Leon squirm with delight. Leon would be in ecstasy by the time the lovebirds finally fell asleep.

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