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Anal Fucking

Chapter 4

Monday and Tuesday were actually kind of quiet for me. I took the boys to school, and picked them up, then while I waited for them, I took care of getting more of the fruits and vegetables from the gardens that were ready, and prepared them for storage, or to sell down at the road.

This time of the year is busy for that, but that is okay.

The only thing of note on either day was right after school on Monday, when Baby Gaby giddily told me that Alex is now wearing diapers full time, even to school, and how happy he is because of it as well. He had told Baby Gaby that when he got home, his daddy picked him up and hugged him, clearly feeling his soggy baby diapered bum, and at first he thought he was in so much trouble, but then they talked, and Alex admitted that he would very much like to wear all day, and so, his loving daddy took him to his bedroom and showed him the stacks of all his brand new diapers. Alex was ecstatic at this news. Baby Gaby is clearly also very happy for his older baby boyfriend.

Wednesday, as soon as I picked the boys up from school, we headed to Baby Gaby”s checkup. I take him in a couple to a few times a year. Granted, I go as well, and I had mine already this morning. As soon as we were pretty much all done the checkup, I asked the question that Baby Gaby wanted to know.

“So, you”ve undoubtedly noticed just how muscular Gabriel”s becoming. He”s joining us in our runs pretty near every other day, but now, instead of having to sit out at least half of them, he”s managing to do the entire twenty kilometers. He”s still not as fast as we are, but when he does a sprint, he”s bloody fast, and can hold for far longer than I think most four year olds can. I”ve tried to rein him in a little, so that he doesn”t hurt himself. Is there any reason whatsoever that we should be concerned that he has almost no fat reserves on him, and has the muscle tone of a young teen?”

“Yes, I noticed, and I must say Gabriel, you truly do have an amazing little body, especially for your age. I”m of the opinion that as long as he”s still getting all the proper minerals, nutrients, and fats that he needs, then there”s no reason that he can”t do that, and run to his hearts content. Of course, there are those that say that”s bad, but, really, what”s good, what”s bad. No, Gabriel, you”re in astonishing shape, your test results are all very nearly perfect, and so, I say, continue what you”re doing. Just remember, when you get tired, have a nap, I”m certain you still need them, and of course, don”t over do it. About the only thing I can say is about your diapers. You”re almost five, and I see no reason at all why you still need them.”

“Diapers aren”t in the question Dr. Unh uh, not giving them up. As far as I”m concerned, I have Daddy”s problem too.”

“Ah, I see. So I take it your daddy knows this then?”

“Yeah, he flat out told me that he”s a diaper lover, that he”s not giving them up, and I may as well keep him in diapers, because he”ll just pee his pants otherwise.” I said.

“You understand, I hope, Gabriel, how hard that decision will be to maintain as you go through school.”

“Oh yeah, already hadta tell someone off at school. They keep trying to tease me, I just keep asking if they”re jealous or something.” He grinned.

“Okay. As a doctor, I haveta say, it might not be healthy for your self esteem. As a diaper lover myself, I fully understand where you”re coming from.”

“Really, you are too?”

“Yeah, and your daddy”s known for years.”

“Yep.” I said.

“That”s awesome. Can I get a doctors note then, saying that I”ll be a baby for life?”

“Absolutely you gorgeous little baby boy.”


“So, what things should I be feeding Baby Gaby to ensure that he”s getting all he needs. He already drinks at least three to four baby bottles worth of whole milk per day, though not always in a bottle, that”s just how he prefers it, he also gets lots of cheese, and yogurt, tonnes of fruits and vegetables, not really a lot of meats or grains, oh and at least once per day, his milk is also mixed with a toddler formula, just to ensure that he”s getting all his proper nutrients. I felt that was necessary since he doesn”t eat a lot of meat, and he doesn”t care for some of the higher iron sources of foods yet, and I know iron”s rather important for his growth.”

“Actually, that sounds pretty near perfect, if you ask me. By Baby Gaby”s age, it”s usually okay to start switching him to the lower fat milks, and kids his age don”t usually need as much milk, but given his fitness levels, I”d say keep it going as is. You didn”t mention eggs, I”d try and get at least one egg per day, as well as avocados, at least a couple servings per week would be good, but once per day would be great. I know you can”t stand fish, but if you can at least cook it for Baby Gaby, and he eats it, that”s another good thing to have, you can use canned if you really haveta, but I”ve always felt that the canning process takes out too many of the key benefits, but at least it”s better than not having it at all. With that being said, though, I think you guys are doing just fine. If I were at all worried, I”d send you for blood tests to make sure, but I”m not.”

“Good to hear, and we do eat eggs and avocados at least a few times a week, and we do eat canned tuna, but probably not as often as Baby Gaby should, but I don”t honestly care for it all that much, and when I make tuna sandwiches, they”re probably not that good for us, that”s probably the only time I use mayo, and I probably use way too much, and add more than enough onions to help mask some of the flavour.”

“You know what, there”s nothing wrong with that, as long as you”re getting the fish, then that”s really all that matters. And let”s face it, neither of you has any worry or risk of eating those fats, and right now, they”re good for Baby Gaby, and even you, considering I know how much you push yourself, because you”re the only patient I have who”s not even in the slightest overweight. Most aren”t overweight, per say, just not as trim and fit, and I doubt I have one other that has as close to zero percent body fat as you can actually get.”

“Good to know.”

“So, yeah, over all, I”d say excellent job, and I wish more parents would get their kids out running every other day as well, maybe not a half marathon every other day, but honestly, most kids should be running at least five K per day. I”ve actually had to be downright harsh on a few parents for how fat their kids are getting, telling them that they”re causing their children far more harm by letting them eat so much and getting no exercise. Of course, I”m only a doctor, I don”t actually know anything, and there”s nothing wrong with their perfect little angels, it”s just a little puppy fat and will burn off in a couple years. Yeah, except it doesn”t.”

“Yeah, there”s already a couple in Baby Gaby”s class that are far larger than they should be, that”s for sure. Well, I suppose we should probably be heading out here now, so, we”ll see you in a few months.” I said.

Jasper had just stayed in the waiting room, since he said he really did not need to be in there, though it really would not have mattered any at all, but, honestly, there was not enough room in the exam room for him anyway. He had just been reading something on his phone as he waited, and looked up and turned it off when we came out.

“So, how”s that nasty little lump on his shoulders coming, does the doctor think it”s gonna fester and pop soon?” Jasper asked perfectly straight faced.

“Huh?” Poor Baby Gaby asked cluelessly.

“Ah, I”m just teasing you.” Jasper said, but Baby Gaby was not completely satisfied until Jasper explained exactly what he meant.

“That was mean, I liked it, it was funny.” He giggled when he finally got it.

We headed home, all happy to be heading home to our safe place. Almost as soon as we got home, though, Jasper headed home, and I took Baby Gaby in and we did some school work. Thursday afternoon, I broke the news to Baby Gaby that he was going to be spending the weekend at Alex”s, I had talked to his dad and arranged everything, so we are all good now. Understandably he was absolutely crushed by this news.

Friday afternoon, when I arrived to the school, I picked up Baby Gaby, cradling him, to give him his hugs and kisses, and warnings. He will be going straight home with Alex and his dad.

“Now, you”ve never spent the night at a friends place, you make sure and behave, and I mean both heads. There”s to be no more than what you baby boys did last weekend, kissing and petting is fine, for now, but that”s it, you hear me.”

“I know Daddy. I remember.”

“Yes, your top head remembers just fine, it”s your lower head that I think we really haveta be worried about, now don”t we?”

“Yeah, you”re probably right, but I promise to behave Daddy, don”t worry, I won”t poop the bed on this, so that I getta do it again.”

“That”s a good Baby. Now, I have your bag of stuff here for you, I packed lotsa extra diapers, maybe ask Alex”s daddy to triple diaper you as soon as you get to his house.”

“Oh, good idea Daddy, I will. Did you pack my baby bottles like I asked you to?”

“Sure did Baby, but I didn”t warn Alex”s daddy, so don”t be surprised if he”s a bit shocked from that.”

“Okay, and did you pack me tea and our spare french press?”

“Of course.”

“Good. Then maybe I”ll survive if I can”t play naughty games like I really wanna.”

“I know. Now, hop down Baby, grab your bag, and let”s go.”

“Okay Daddy.” He said, but gave me one more kiss first.

We went and found Alex and his dad, and talked for only a few moments, before I said that I have to go pick up Jasper, and with one final hug and kiss goodbye, I am leaving Baby Gaby for the very first time since he first came into my life. I admit, it is harder than I thought it would be. Funny considering that I had never thought for a second prior to him coming into my life that I would even have a child to begin with. As soon as I walked across the street and Jasper saw me, he headed the way I started walking, knowing that that is where I am parked. When we climbed in, Jasper started talking almost instantly.

“Fuck, today just wouldn”t end. I swore it was like I was walking through Jello all day, and every time I looked at the clock, the bloody thing was going backwards.”

“That I don”t doubt Baby. You”re still sure, right?”

“More than I”ve ever been about anything in my life before, and as soon as we get home, I want you to make hot gay baby diaper love to me, and fill me as full as you possibly can. I just hope you can peepee inside me like I deserve.”

“Considering how hard I”ve been for the entire day, and the simple fact is I haven”t changed my diaper all day, yet I”m nowhere near full, tells me that I more than likely haveta go pee very bad by now.”

“Good. What sucks is that it”s almost thirty minutes still “til we even make it home. I just hope my baby balls can hold on. I swear when one of the boys in my class bent over in front of me today, and showed off that he has a seriously hot ass, that my dick was gonna tear right through my diaper and pants and then through his pants and underwear, and drill him deep, right then and there.”

“I remember those days well, but you”ll be just fine. Just think, the next time you cum, it”ll finally be with a dick deep inside you like you”ve needed for a long time.”

“Oh god, I can”t wait.”

We talked happily the entire way home, and I accidentally made it home almost a full ten minutes early, which meant that I was definitely speeding. We live a long way from town, on back country roads that are twisty, curvy, and hilly, and already the speed limit is eighty kilometers an hour on most of the road, but I had to scold myself, that was way too fast. At least we made it home alive, but, still, I scold myself. I am acting exactly how I have been ensuring that Baby Gaby does not.

Jasper grasps my hand as soon as we get out of the truck, and leads me all the way to our bedroom. As soon as we make it there, he lets go my hand, başakşehir escort and then strips me until I am standing there in front of him in only my soggy and seriously tented diaper. I then start stripping Jasper, until he too is standing before me in nothing but his wet and gloriously tented diaper. He is still not huge yet, but, the lump that he is forming has my mouth dry, and my ass tingling like never before. It has been so long since I have even had sex, let alone been made love to, and I need it so desperately. Jasper had asked for me to make love to him first, though, and even though I desperately want for him to make love to me right now, I know that it is only fair, and really, since I have experienced it, and he has not yet, it really does make sense that his first time is he being filled.

I had known I was gay before I had had anal sex my first time, truly I knew it deep down, but, you know, until the very moment I had my first erection slip deep inside my wanting little hole, I had no idea what I knew, because after that, I knew it so deeply, it permeated me so fully, there was no similarities to what I had known versus what I had then felt. I know that the same will hold true for Jasper, I know how much he wants and needs me to make love to him, and I know too exactly what it will do to him. Even still, even after all that we have done, Jasper still fears everyone making fun of him because he is gay, but, after today, I feel that he will no longer be, because he will fully be at peace with everything, I know that was how I felt.

We start our lovemaking as we always do, by kissing and touching tenderly, though we are not yet touching anything in our diaper areas, we know what will happen should we do so, and neither of us wants that. I do cut our kissing and caressing short though, I can hear the impatient sounds that Jasper is making, and let”s face it, I need this every bit as much as he does.

I lay my baby down on the bed, right in the centre, I position him so that his head and shoulders are up on a pillow, so that he can watch, and I put his arms over his head, so that they do not get in the way. I grab the lube from the end table, poke a hole in the seat of Jasper”s diaper, and as I slip two lube coated fingers inside to prepare him, I press my face into the front of his diaper, and inhale his wondrous scent. I have always loved the scent of Jasper, even long before we got together, any time he was near, I would smell him. He has always had a scent about him that has driven me mad with lust, and I do not even truly know what it is about it that does that to me. Even the rare times that I got to smell his armpits, and he was not wearing deodorant, and probably not as fresh as he could be, just his smell would make me stone hard. Getting to smell that smell, as well the smell of his warm pissy baby diapers, is even better.

I can hear that Jasper is already getting close after only a few seconds of this, I have my two fingers all the way inside him already, poking, prodding, scissoring, twisting, and turning, opening him, loosening him, making him ready. Truth be told though, I am certain that I could easily slip another two fingers inside him, without lube, he already feels so open and ready. I do not wish for Jasper to have his orgasm without being in my mouth, though, so, using my other hand, I gently pull down the front, and engulf his proud young erection, but, just as I do so, I slip a third finger all the way inside my baby as well.

He arched up, hissed, held his breath to attempt to prolong it, but exploded probably not even a full two seconds after I inhaled him.

Jasper fed me the largest load of cum to date that he has ever managed, his hot baby balls must have been churning up baby butter in overdrive all day long to have fed me such a thick, creamy load from such a young teen baby boy. The flavour, the texture, and the volume, absolutely nothing has ever pleased me more.

“Oh god, I”m ready, I need you buried inside me, please make sweet gay baby diaper love to me Baby?” He pleaded as soon as he came down.

“Okay Baby, roll onto your side, I wanna hold onto you for dear life as we make love for our first time.”

He did so, I knelt and poked the hole in the front of my diaper, caused extreme pain in extracting myself, and then crawled into position as well. I slipped my arms around my baby, and by feel of my erection alone, I slip inside Jasper”s diaper, line up to his hole, and as slow as I possibly can, I slip inside him.

Jasper had been moaning and purring as I worked, but as soon as I started slipping in, he sighed so deeply that I have never heard a sound so satisfying before. I took fully two minutes to slip all the way inside my baby, taking every ounce of will power I had in me to control myself and not just ram it inside my baby, and more than likely cause him not only extreme discomfort, but possibly also damage in doing so. He is still very young, very small, and very much unaccustomed to the feeling of a full adults erection invading his innards, and as such, I must control myself, go slow, or I will hurt the only other person on the planet I love. I love both my baby boys equally, just in different ways, and it is immeasurable.

As soon as I have our soggy baby diapers pressed together in the way that we have wanted and needed for so long, I kissed Jasper”s ear, and whispered into it that he did it, that he now has me as far inside him as I can give.

“How”s it feel Baby?”

“Better than anything has a right to. I”ve never felt better in my life. Do it, make sweet, long, slow, gay, baby, diaper, love to me.”

I can very clearly feel that he is crying, the tears are pouring down, but the one thing I am so certain of, is that they are absolutely not tears of pain. He is not overly tight, just good and snug, the way I like it, and he had taken me all in with ease, and not once did he make a sound of discomfort, I was waiting for it, so to pause as soon as I had to, to allow him to take me in, but I never had to, I just kept slipping all in, until I was in fact all in.

And so, I start pulling out, just as slowly, until I slip clean out of his hole, but, as soon as I slipped out, I started slipping all the way back in, and just as slow again, I fill my baby. How I managed to hold such a long slow pace for the five minutes I managed to last, I have no idea. I just kept kissing Jasper”s ear and neck, and thrusting long and slow, trying with everything I had in me to not cum too soon, and somehow managed to last fully five minutes, maybe even longer.

It had been Jasper that set me off, though, he had had enough again, and exploded. I had already slipped my hand inside his diaper, not touching him, not stroking him or anything, I only had my hand poised to collect his cum, and as soon as he exploded, the intense pressure and feelings caused me too to explode. The way it felt, Jasper will be spewing my cum out his mouth any moment now, it felt so amazingly copious, and because of it, he now feels even sloppier than he did before, and it feels amazing.

Just as Jasper was about to come down from his orgasm, I slipped my hand from the front of his diaper, and offered it to his greedy tongue to enjoy, and boy did he. He made sure that my hand was fully clean.

“Mmmm, that was amazing. Do it, peepee inside me now, fill me as full as you can. I”ve dreamed of it for so fucking long, and I don”t wanna wait any longer, then make hot gay baby cummy and pissy diaper love to me.”

And so, I let go my bladder, though actually I guess I was just pressing down on my stomach muscles to hold it off, because, as soon as I came, I felt a pressure that I rarely ever feel, and so, I attempted to control it like I have managed in the past only a few times, and held it in me. Bar none, the longest I have ever felt myself pee though, it is a rare feeling for me, and it was amazing. The feel of Jasper, though, was even more so once I finished. I always pee a little after I cum, the longer I last, the larger it is, but this is far more so than I have ever managed, and it feels amazing.

Adopting the exact same, long, slow pace, I continue to make love to my baby. We both came again almost ten minutes later, and once more I fed Jasper his very own baby cream, but this time I never even stopped, and continued making love to my baby for only one more orgasm, when even Jasper started softening up. Neither of us are fully flaccid, but we are no longer fully hard either, and within a minute of my last orgasm, Jasper expelled me from his insides, and we both moaned in deep loss.

“Oh my god, never in my life did I imagine that it”d be that amazing. It never even hurt, it was a little uncomfortable at times as you slipped in, but no actual pain. But, then when you started making baby diaper love to me, my god, fantastic doesn”t even come close to describing it.” He said softly.

“Mmmhmm, know how you feel Baby. And I can”t wait “til I getta be in your position again, and finally feel you fill me full. I”ve dreamed of you for so long, I hoped and dreamed that eventually you”d be my baby boyfriend. Of course, I knew it was never gonna happen, but still I dreamed. I want you to know, here and now, I”d happily sacrifice myself to save you, I”d do almost anything in this world for you, and I love you more than I can possibly say.”

“And I feel all that and more for you as well. I think I”ve loved you for a long time, and I”ve dreamed for probably longer. Now, I know we”re gonna haveta wait “til tomorrow morning for me to make sweet gay baby diaper love to you, so, now I think we both deserve nice thick baby diapers.”

“Yes, I think we do too. We”ll just go one thick, change at bedtime, and then I wanna feel you make love to me through our soggy night diapers for sure.”


I crawled out of bed and gathered all the supplies that we are going to be needing, and then came back and diapered my baby. As soon as I have him cleaned, lotioned, creamed, and taped up nice and snug like we like and deserve it, we traded places, and I got the same treatment.

“So, I definitely think that it”s close enough to dinner time, and I desperately need a drink as well. Shall we go get fed and watered Baby?” I asked.

“Definitely, I”m feeling like a baby bottle, would you like one as well?”

“Sure, why not.”

I got the tea started, Jasper got he bottles ready, he even put some of Baby Gaby”s formula in them, shook them up well, and then as we drank them down, we started getting dinner ready. As soon as our tea was ready, we switched from our now drained baby bottles to large thermal mugs of nice earl gray tea, and then ate dinner only shortly thereafter.

As soon as dinner was done and cleaned up, we went and curled up on the couch and watched two movies, hardly moving at all the entire time, just holding each other all in love. We changed each other at bedtime, since we do very much need to do so, had a good couple glasses of water, and then crawled in, where we kiss and hold tenderly for several minutes.

We had an amazing sleep, as we do every time that we get to hold each other all night long, and woke up within only a few minutes of each other, I was first.

“Good morning my gorgeous baby boy, how”d you sleep.” I whispered softly into Jasper”s ear, then nibbled on it softly with just my lips.

“Mmmm, so good, but waking up”s already been way better. I love it when you do that to me.” He sighed deeply.

“I know Baby, which is why I love doing it to you. You ready to make hot gay baby diaper love to me now, I desperately need you buried inside me where you belong.”

“Oh yeah, and as it just so happens, I really haveta go peepee too, and my balls feel like they might explode soon as well.”

“Goody, then prepare me and slip into me and fill me as full as you possibly can.”

“You got it Baby.”

I rolled onto my back when Jasper urged me to, after kissing me for only five or so minutes, and then he crawled down my body, kissing, licking, and nibbling all the way, in the way that we both enjoy doing to each other. When he reaches my soggy and super tented diaper, he proceeds to mash his face in it for several minutes, so long, in fact, I had to warn him that I will halkalı escort blow soon if he does not stop, and I know that he fully intends to have me fill his mouth with my loads, not my diaper.

As he pulls away, he pulls my diaper down with one hand, all the while already poking the hole in the back of it with the other. He grabbed the lube, and as soon as he is ready, he slips his fingers inside my diaper to search for and prepare my hole, and just as he finds it and starts tickling it, he sucks me in, and starts making me feel like a god.

I manage to hold on for almost three minutes, before exploding once again and feeding Jasper all the cum I can, but, this time, as soon as I finished cumming, I can feel myself peeing, and it sounds as if Jasper is very much happy with that, because I heard him moan even deeper than he normally does when I just feed him my cum loads.

Without so much as stopping for even a second, Jasper continues to suck and finger me. In truth, I was not ready for him to stop anyway. I know I only have at most four orgasms in me, whether Jasper will be able to make love to me for long enough to work the fourth from me is another question altogether. This time I last about six or so minutes, and feed my baby his baby milk, and he greedily sucks it all down.

“Oh god, Baby, you gotta do it now, make hot gay baby diaper love to me, fill me with all that hot gay baby diapered dick, cum, and piss, and then piss fuck me, make hot gay baby diaper cum and piss love to me like I deserve.” I moaned deeply.

He pulled away from me with a happy, cum eating grin, showing off the strings of my cum in fact as he smiles, and then licks the last of it off his lips, savours it for a moment, and then swallows it down. All the while he had been doing that, up on his knees, he was preparing his diapered teen baby bone, and it sounds as if it were rather uncomfortable as well for him to push his erection through the hole in the front of his diaper, because he grunted and groaned in pain from doing it. I have to admit, at least to me, there is nothing hotter than seeing someone”s hot hard dick poked out the front of their super soggy diaper, just before it slips deep inside my sloppy diapered asshole.

Jasper moved into position, considering our size difference, this time he will make love to me while I am on my back, and he laying pretty near on my stomach. He has to guide himself in his his hand, he has not learned how to go in by feel of his erection alone, mind you, most of my partners had not been able to, I guess I am just special that way. Now, I have had much larger partners than Jasper, yet he is not my smallest, but with that being said, it was more years ago than Jasper has been alive since I had a smaller dick inside me than he has, and I was only about the same age as he is now. Mind you, I have snuck a few fourteen and fifteen year olds, even though insanely illegal, because I knew they had lied to me, and Jasper is the same size as the one fifteen year old was, and just slightly larger than the fourteen year old was.

I admit I sighed even deeper than Jasper did as he slipped all in me and bottomed out, pressing our soggy baby diapers together in the way only us diaper lovers can enjoy. Oh, Jasper sighed deeply, do not get me wrong, I just sighed even deeper. I have missed this, I have needed this so much for so long, but, I had a baby to raise, being the prime slut that I was, was just not practical when I had a baby to raise instead. Oh, sure, I could have brought guys home, and had them fuck me, and I have, but only a couple, but, what I wanted was another lover, most importantly a diapered lover. They”re hard to find.

Oh sure, most of my partners thought it was hot as fuck to diaper fuck me, and I even talked a great deal of them into diapering up for me as well, but it was never the same for them, they did not love the diapers, it did nothing for them, and so, it was just for the sex.

Feeling Jasper, who is not only an amazingly hot little gay teen baby boy, but as big a diaper lover as me, slip his hot hard diapered dick deep inside me, is just what I have been needing since my last lover died. I missed this, more than I hope you can possibly understand. I feel tears streaking down my face, I cannot help but to cry unashamedly at the feel of Jasper making such slow, sweet, gay baby diaper love to me, and he is doing so as well. He is going every bit as slow as I had in him last night, he is pulling all the way out, and then slipping all the way back inside me, he is grinding his hips sexily as much as he can, and he is doing even better than any ever has before, and though I have always been easy to make cum by just fucking me, it always takes far longer, but not Jasper, he is going to make me explode again in just a few minutes of making love to me.

And I am the one to cum first, which almost instantly set Jasper off, he screeched as the orgasm that he had been attempting to hold off, slammed into him full force, and nearly knocked him out cold. I felt him pump what felt like twenty times, but I know full well that he had at most five actual small squirts of his amazing cum fill me up, and how I love him so for filling me as full as he can.

With my eyes closed, I cannot see just what our orgasms have done to him, but he quaked and nearly vibrated for almost five minutes after cumming, my guess would be that it was every bit as massive for him as it had been for me, because I did the same, but for probably only three minutes, and because I am so much more used to it, I no longer go quite as out of it like Jasper almost certainly has.

Then Jasper sighs deeply, and I know he is down, but then he let”s go what I am certain was an aching bladder, and he gave me one of the finest gifts a gay baby diaper lover like me can get, and filled me about as full as I have ever been filled before, and it feels wondrous.

Jasper was unable to make love to me as he was peeing, but, as soon as his flow stopped, he started once again, and started making hot gay baby cum and piss love to me, and once more, we both sighed, me far deeper so. Jasper must have held on for easily ten minutes this time before he came again, filling me with just a little more, which caused me to cum again as well. Neither of us went out of it this time, but before I could tell Jasper that I am done, clearly he is not, because he just continues right on making love to me. I doubt very seriously that I can cum again, but, you know what, at this moment in time, I truly do not care about that, just feeling my baby make such sweet love to me is all that I truly need, whether I do manage to cum again or not really is not important.

It absolutely amazed me, though, when Jasper managed to make slow, tender love to me for another nearly twenty minutes, maybe more. If he were not so used to physical exertion, there is no way that he would have been able to last, though even his muscles must all be burning up, but, I am feeling utterly amazing, and even I am building up to yet another orgasm. I do not think that I am even hard any more, I am sure that I am good and chubby, but not hard. The last time I came five times in a row, I was probably sixteen, well, I am not that young any more, and cumming that many times is hard for a man to do, though, no, I am not hard. Sorry.

And I was right, as soon as Jasper slammed into me, and exploded in what I know will even be his final orgasm, it caused me to explode as well. The funny thing is, from the feel of it, that might have been my largest actual cum of the day, though how I could possibly pump any more out is beyond me.

Jasper slumped down on me, and within one minute, he softened up, and then slipped from inside me. I sighed in loss. Jasper, though, I am not entirely sure even knows what has happened yet, I will be shocked if he did not actually pass out with that last one. Five minutes later, he is still laying on me like he was just after he exploded, his breathing has slowed, but he has not moved. Grabbing him to hold him to me, I gently roll us over, so that Jasper is now laying on his back, I finally open my eyes, and see that Jasper”s eyes are open, but I know that he is not actually there yet. He has not passed out, at least in the normal sense, he is just in overload right now.

I slip out of bed, stumble to the closet to grab everything that we want and need, and make it back to the bed just as Jasper comes to fully.

“Wow.” He groaned. He sounds as if he were dragged through a pit of sulfur.

“No shit. Never before, Baby, has anyone made love to me like you just did, none has ever made me feel as good as you just did, and I love none like I love you. Now, I think we both deserve a wondrously thick, quadruple baby diaper, but would you like a butt plug up your hot little gay baby bum as I do so?”

“I love you that much as well, maybe even more, and yes please.”

And so, we quadruple diapered and plugged each other. I did Jasper first, and then he did the same for me. The only difference was, as soon as Jasper opened up my diaper, he found what sounded an awful lot like a gallon of cum in the front of it, because he buried his face in there and sucked it all out. Well, I know he had no cum in his diaper to offer, but I grabbed it anyway, because it sure sounds as if he is enjoying some of my pee, so I too enjoyed some of his. Finally I too am plugged and quadruple diapered, just like I deserve, and then we head to the kitchen. As I start the tea, Jasper makes us a baby bottle each, and he again put some of the formula in them, which considering how much resources we have probably used up this morning, might actually be for the best.

We enjoyed our baby bottles as we started making a very large, fattening, and filling breakfast, and then enjoyed our tea once it was done, but enjoyed our breakfast even more. I so rarely eat such a breakfast, there was more cheese than I am sure is strictly healthy on it, and lots of sausage too, and we absolutely made and ate way too much. Even if Baby Gaby and Alex had have been here to share it, there was still too much, and we ate and enjoyed every bit of it.

“Fuck, I can barely move.” Jasper groaned when we were done.

“Same. We needed it though.”

“For sure.”

“Let”s go curl up and watch a movie or two Baby, and then, maybe later, we can go play in the shop in just our diapers and shoes.”

“Sounds good to me Baby.”

And that was exactly what we did, too. We watched two movies, both of them just over two hours long, we made another large pot of tea and had another bottle each between the movies, and then made and ate a much better for us and lighter lunch, ate that and cleaned it all up, put our shoes on, headed down to the shop, and played in there until dinner time. Sure, working in the shop in only a diaper might be a little dangerous, but at least we never had to worry about clothing getting sucked into a machine. After eating and cleaning up from dinner, we played games and talked and laughed the entire night away.

Given just how much we had had to drink all throughout the day, even our quadruple thick baby diapers were about to leak when we decided to go to bed, and so, we relieved each other of our mega thick diapers, as well as our plugs. We both desperately needed to use the toilet after removing our plugs, and so, we emptied out completely, cleaned each other nicely, lotioned and creamed each other generously, and then quadruple diapered each other once more. We each had another baby bottle as we went to sleep, but we had had two large glasses of water before that, and then curled up and had an amazing sleep. The funny thing is, we never made each other cum so much as even once during our diaper change, we were both still so amazingly satisfied from our morning fun, that we only got half hard.

We had an amazing sleep, and when we woke up, we are good and soggy, but our quadruple thick baby diapers have several hours left in them. We slipped our hands inside our boyfriends diaper and pleasured each other for two baby boygasms, while kissing each other with a shocking amount of love pouring out of us. As soon as we are ready to face the day, we go and make a good breakfast, another large pot of tea, and then clean that up.

“I”d liketa go for a run this morning please. şirinevler escort I wanna put on the smallest pair of shorts that I can get away with, and no shirt, and run just like this.” Jasper said as soon as we were done.

“That”d be hot, but, there”s no guarantee that someone won”t see us. Even though we have private property signs up, there”s always people around, not to mention what running with a diaper this thick will be like. It might chafe pretty bad.”

“Don”t care, to tell you the truth. After Friday afternoon and yesterday morning, I no longer care at all what other people think of me. I”m a gay baby boy diaper lover, and no one, absolutely no one, can tell me I”m bad or wrong because of it.”

“I do know how you feel. Okay, let”s go get ready for a run then Baby.”


We went to our bedroom, I grabbed my smallest pair of shorts that I felt would still go over my mega thick diaper, and Jasper did the same. I then grabbed his shorts and helped him into them, and then he did likewise for me.

“Fuck, that”s hot.” I groaned when I stood up and really looked at Jasper.

Just a secret, a boy, any boy, I do not care how old, I think looks spectacularly sexy in nothing but a pair of shorts or pants and the band of a diaper sticking up over top. I am especially a fan of jeans or jean shorts and a Pampers band above it, and so, that is what Baby Gaby wears almost solely, and I never make him wear diaper shirts, I mean, honestly, why. Of course, now that he is getting older, and people have stupid views of boys his age in diapers, I do have to keep him in diaper shirts, same with Jasper and me, we wear diaper shirts too. Just never at home. So, yeah, seeing Jasper like this, but with a quadruple thick, and amazingly thick diaper, not even close to being concealed by the soft and far too small cotton shorts that he is wearing, sets my heart beating like I hope you cannot possibly fathom. It feels like I just had an adrenaline shot to the heart, just without the meter long, five centimeter across needle. I know, it is not that large, but it sure looked like it when it was aiming toward my chest. (I did have this once, a massive asthma attack, fuck did it hurt too, never felt my heart pound quite like that.)

“No shit, you”re fucking hot like this too.” He groaned just as much, then giggled, “We better go for our run now.”

“Yeah, but we need socks. I hate wearing just bare feet in shoes at the best of times, but running like that”d be nearly insane.” I said and grabbed a pair of socks.

“No kidding.” He said and then grabbed a pair of his as well.

As soon as we are ready to go, we head out. Theoretically, someone could be able to see us as soon as we leave the shelter of the house, but, they would have to be looking at us from way down at the lake or the road, they would almost certainly need binoculars in order to actually see what we are wearing, and so, we care none at all, and just go right to our trail head, and just as we start running, Jasper takes my hand in his, and leads the way.

Not once did Jasper let go of my hand the entire time we ran, and he set a very good pace, so fast, in fact, that I feel like we will be shaving at least a full two minutes off our previous best time, but, I did not bring my stop watch, pedometer, or even my phone, so I will not be able to tell. We are only carrying our water bottles in the hand that is not holding the hand of our boyfriend. About the only time that we did not talk as we ran, was when we took a drink, which we never stopped even so much as once to do. We did talk and joke and laugh almost the entire way too, it was real nice.

“Wow, that was an amazing run.” Jasper said when we made it back.

“No kidding, and I think it might”ve been our fastest yet too. How”s your diaper feel, and your legs where it woulda rubbed?”

“Amazing, and not chafed as far as I can tell. You?”


“As soon as we stopped though, I peepeed lots and lots, and even I think I”m gonna start leaking here soon.”

And so, I reached out and felt, and mmmm, oh yeah, he sure is a super soggy baby boy, and I say so. Jasper, for some strange reason, decided to check my diaper, and he moaned out as well, telling that I too am a super soggy baby boy.

“Shall we go for a nice cooling dip, then spend some time in the hot tub and sauna, and then go for another dip?” I asked.

“That sounds nice, actually.” He said, and then led me to the pool, still holding my hand.

I actually pulled Jasper the other way though, and headed to the kitchen instead, I am thirsty once again, and need water, he must think this is a good idea, because he too grabbed a glass and slammed back two large cups full himself. Then we headed to the pool. Jasper grabbed the scissors first, and then relieved me of all my massive diaper, but, instead of throwing it in the trash, he presses the entire soggy mass to his face, and I can hear him sucking happily. I bet with all the sweat that I created in there it probably tastes really good to him, and now I cannot wait to do the same with Jasper”s amazingly sexy soggy baby diaper.

It took Jasper at least two minutes, but probably three, to take in all that he cared to, before throwing my diaper away. As soon as he was ready, I already had the scissors, I went in and relieved him of his gloriously soggy diaper as well, then promptly pressed it to my face. I too inhaled all the scintillating scents, the tantalizing tastes, and enjoyed it until I could get no more. The flavour of both his pee and sweat combined, as always, is almost too much, and like Jasper before me, I can tell that it made me not only just merely hard, but impossibly hard.

Just as I threw down his diaper into the garbage, Jasper hit his knees, and sucked in all of my erection that he could in this position, and proceeded to enjoy me for only maybe the two minutes that I managed to last for, when I exploded and fed him the baby milk that he was searching for. As soon as I was down, I reached down and pulled Jasper up into a standing position, and when he was, I reached down and kissed him deeply, sharing the wealth, cum kissing my gorgeous baby boyfriend.

Once I could barely taste me in our kiss any more, I dropped to my knees, and sucked my baby boyfriends hot baby boner, taking him all the way in, and sucked him for at most thirty seconds, before he squealed happily, and proceeded to feed me his baby milk. Jasper too pulled me up, and as soon as I was standing again, he kissed me deeply, and I happily shared his load with him.

As soon as we could no longer taste Jasper in our kiss, he hit his knees once more, and sucked yet another load from me, at which time we kissed again, and then I repaid the favour once more to him, and then we kissed. We are now satisfied, but this time our kiss lasted even longer, and we are almost dancing on the spot. Finally I broke the kiss, took my baby”s hand in mine, and led him to the shower, where I very slowly, tenderly, and lovingly washed him down, from head to toe. It took probably close to fifteen minutes for me to wash my baby the way he deserves, and he moaned and sighed deeply the entire time. As soon as Jasper was all clean, he did the same to me, and I admit, it was so nice that I too moaned and sighed the entire time, and it sounded as if I wanted Jasper to stop every bit as much as he wanted me to stop, so not at all. Sadly we cannot spend the entire day in the shower, as it is, really, running the shower for thirty plus minutes is stupidly wasteful, and you know what, at this moment in time, I do not care in the least.

Holding hands again, we went and jumped into the pool, swam to the centre, and just laid on our backs, side by side, still holding hands, I have my eyes closed, I assume that Jasper does as well, and there we laid for what had to have been at least half an hour, possibly more. I am not sure if the human body is actually capable of sleeping while floating or not, but I think I just might have actually slept for a bit. It honestly felt like that time in the morning, where you think you”re awake, but you are pretty sure you are still asleep, and have what they call waking dreams, except I did not dream. Maybe I just went into full meditation, I do not know, but I know that I was more relaxed then than I ever felt before.

Somehow both Jasper and I started heading toward the edge at exactly the same time, but how we knew, or even how we swam while still holding hands is beyond me. We slipped into the hot tub, laid back and sighed deeply, and stayed there for probably another half an hour, then went and sat in the sauna, this time for maybe fifteen minutes, and then went and dove back into the pool. Not once have we let go our loving hand hold, and we swam lazily from one end of the pool to the other, then back again.

We hit the shower, rinsed off in cool water quickly, then dried each other off, then headed into the house to get diapered and dressed. Sadly Jasper really should head home at some point, and I do have to go pick up Baby Gaby. Strictly speaking, we did not have to get dressed yet, but we are there anyway, so we may as well. We double diapered each other, dressed each other, and then went out and made a very late, and so nice and small lunch, and then ate that in silence.

So far we have not even spoken once since heading to the pool. Yet it feels like we have said so much more than would have been possible had we actually been speaking. It was just as we were cleaning up from lunch, that Jasper finally spoke.

“I know that I really do haveta head home here soon, but, do you have any idea how much I truly wanna stay?”

“I know, and probably not near so much as I wanna have you stay as well. I”ve made love and been made love to, hundreds of times, but every one of them paled in comparison to how we made love to each other, and I loved none like I love you. Letting you go will be one of the hardest things I”ll ever do, and I”ve buried a lover, someone I honestly never thought I could replace. We both know that you can”t live here, we both know I can”t keep you all to myself like I desperately wanna do, you can”t, and really shouldn”t do that to your mom, she loves you a great deal, and it”d crush her to do that to her yet. But, that”s not what I want.”

“And I love you that much and maybe even more. Yeah, we both know all that, but, it”s truly not what we wanna do.”

“That”s the hardest thing about being an adult, I swear, that no matter what you do, sometimes doing the right thing feels far more wrong than every wrong thing you could possibly do.”

“Tell me about it.”

“We still see each other every day, we still kiss and cuddle every day, and really, we”ve even been relieving pressure every day, but still, at night, when I go to sleep, I miss holding you most of all. We will survive, and it”s said that it”s the time that we spend apart is what makes our time spent together that much better. I understand that, I even accept that, but, the way I feel for you, I don”t agree with it.”

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly. So, what time are you supposed to pick up Baby Gaby?”

“In an hour. So that means I haveta leave in about thirty minutes or so here. I haveta stop at the store and grab stuff, so, I should be heading out now though.”

“Yeah, and I should go and see my mom, she”s supposed to be getting home right about now herself.”

“So, I guess there”s nothing to it, we”re just gonna haveta grin and bear it, and go do what we know we haveta do Baby. I need another kiss, though, before I let you go.”

And so, we kissed, long, deep, tender, and loving. I nearly swooned from the sheer power of the kiss, but then, that could have been oxygen deprivation kicking in, because I am certain that I forgot to breathe, kissing my baby was of far more importance than mere breathing. We put our shoes on, held hands as we headed out, and as I hopped in my truck, Jasper gave me one last kiss, and then walked away, and I saw that he had to wipe away the tears as much as I did.

The drive to town was long and quiet, one of the largest reasons I love living where I do, but, without Jasper by my side, the silence felt heavy. We can sit next to each other and say nothing for hours, and it feels good. Half an hour of silence by myself now for some reason feels oppressive. I made it to the grocery store, went and grabbed all the supplies that we will need for the next several days, and then headed to Alex”s house to go pick up my other baby.

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