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It’s 2am, all the guest are gone, & I’m drunk off my ass. I spark a blunt to my lips and head to the master bathroom. My body was longing for a steamy shower, and my pussy yearned for a orgasm.

Sparking all 30 strawberry champagne scented candles, the bathroom lit up like a full altar in a dark room; the tantric music set the mood.

To the left a full display of mirrors simulated a head to toe image of my naked glistening bronzen skin, nipples hard risen to attention.

Attaching my nipple clamps, I headed to my shower bench with my rose toy to tantalize my night. As I cut the shower on to set the scene, I turned to the left to slightly place the music above the sound of the water.

I felt my silk hair tie slip from my hair, releasing my hair down my shoulders. Glancing upwards at my reflection, a whisk gasp parted my lips as I became instantly startled.

Tracing softly down my spine, towering over me from behind Manny appeared wearing only his boxers and tatted skin. With his other hand he traced and teased my cleavage using the ponytail holder that he slipped from my hair whilst staring at our reflection intensely into my eyes.

Flushed and nervous I cupped my breast as I faced him.

“Where did you come from?” I whispered. Surprised, and bashful, finger combing a piece of hair behind my ear, still holding one arm over my breast.

Manny gently swooped me into his strong tatted arms, wrapping my legs around his body.

Softly he kissed my neck, one hand caressing my ass and the other running through the back of my hair.

My breast pressed against his chest tattoos as he held me close to drop his boxers. escort As he sat, we held onto each other tight. My pussy pulsed feeling his rock hard solid dick warm against her. He continued to caress and tenderly kiss me all over.

Gently releasing my nipple clamps, Manny licked my engorged nipples in a circular motion rotating his tongue and suckling. As he moved from each breast he massaged the other, I moaned enchantedly, and my eyes gushed with pleasure.

Juices began to drip from my valley onto his lumbar. My clit thumped and pulsed to the rhythm of my heartbeat. Our breathing increased.

Manny looked me deep into my eyes, his face as serious as always but his eyes soften in this moment. Holding on to my hips he grinded against my puddle below.

The tip of his dick felt so warm bulging at my pussy’s entrance. I gasped uncontrollably clenching onto his neck. His dick was girthy and long.

As the first inch slide in he kissed my neck, and I wrapped around him tighter. Both hands on my ass cheeks, Manny slowly began to pump the shaft of his dick inside of me. My face welled with overwhelming pleasure.

Nibbling on my ear he whispered between slow amorous kisses,

“Relax…I got you. . .Imma take care of you.”

Ensuring not to penetrate too much, too fast, I could tell he was taking his time; working himself inside of my walls, slowly inching his way in keeping the pace before inching deeper.

I moaned wildly feeling his full length stretch to my cervix. Still he kept his rhythm and continued to hold and stroke me, not recklessly rabbit humping as most men would in the moment. His touch was blowing my mind.

The way he handled me, izmit escort bayan looked into my eyes, and made me cum continuously while maintaining so much control was extremely intense.

“I had to have you tonight,” Manny whispered in my ear simultaneously stroking my g-spot holding my hips. I was too weak to formulate a sentence. Manny had placed me in a fog of euphoria, where the only language I could speak was serenading moans.

“I’ve been waiting since the very first day I saw your face to feel your skin against mine..imagining the faces you’d make.” He breathed in my ear holding me tighter stroking me deeper and passionately.

Manny took complete control over my body, grabbing a handful of my hair with one hand, controlling my hips with the other. He held my neck back as he tenderly proceeded to kiss my chest and pump my walls. I cried out his name in ecstasy as my juices poured onto him & my eyes rolled back.

“You look more beautiful than I could have ever imagined,” his deep raspy voice panted. The intensity in his voice turned me on, increasingly heightening me further and further into unlimited bliss squirting repeatedly on his stomach, his lap, and from his dick and down his balls.

“You sound so beautiful . . . so pretty,” he groaned burying his face into my neck holding me close as I continued squirting and cumming, completely helpless to his authority.

He kissed and caressed every part of my body.

The more he looked me in my eyes, and talked to me the more secure and safe I felt.

The sound of his voice really drove me crazy on top of all the things he was doing to me. Every way he touched me izmit sınırsız escort was perfect beyond anything I’ve ever known. A man that could be gentle yet strong is absolutely a super power.

Dripping wet Manny gripped both of my thighs and stood up holding me with his dick buried deep inside of me. My pussy was fitted around him like a Lifestyle condom on a foot long dick.

Holding my legs wide open he gazed into my eyes and began kissing me, thrusting my pussy slow and deep. I squirted persistently creaming down his dick into a puddle below us.

Dick still in my cervix, Manny walked me in the shower and pinned me against the wall kissing my neck fucking me and fucking me.

Suddenly he removed his piece and lifted me above his head. He started sucking my luscious clit, tongue massaging her sucking every drop of juice that dripped from me like a fountain. One squirt after another he drank every last drop.

Jamming his dick back inside my slippery tiny fat pussy I held onto him, one arm around his shoulders the other holding the back of his head. Lost in the abyss of pleasure I begged him not to stop.

Grabbing both my hands with one of his hands he pinned them above my head.

“Why is this pussy so good?” he respired in my ear, voice even more deep, more raspy and intense.

I moaned and whimpered feebly.

He let my hands go and gripped my body firmly “Yes, I want all of it. . fucking all of it” he groaned more aggressively, stroking perfectly with each word controlling his breath like a performer. I held onto to him tight cumming.

Walking us over to the shower bench, he laid me on my back pinning my legs open above my head and threw dick in me slow and deep. He started sucking on my toes not missing a beat fucking me gazing into my eyes.

“Get on your knees,” he commanded and I obliged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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