McKenna and Kaden

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My name is McKenna and I’m 22. When I was 20, I got my certified nurse’s assistant license and started doing home health care for people who were temporarily immobilized and couldn’t do things for themselves due to injury. During this time I started working with Kaden, a 26-year old who had been in a snowboarding accident and had limited use of his limbs for awhile.

I walked up Kaden’s steps to his apartment and let myself in. I had been coming every morning for the past week to help him with his basic “getting ready” routine, which usually consisted of me making him breakfast and then helping him get into the shower and put his clothes on etc. This morning Kaden was sitting in his chair watching TV. He could manage getting from place to place, but needed to rely heavily on crutches for the time being and he tired easily. The doctor said he would heal in time as long as he did his exercises and took it easy when he needed to. As I entered the living room Kaden greeted me with his usual grin and again I noticed how beautiful his smile was. I knew how hard it was for him to have to be taken care of by a small girl and I could tell how shy he was, but he was really upbeat and easygoing about it. We made our usual small talk and joked as I showed myself around his kitchen and made him some toast and eggs. He was very easy to talk to but I could tell he didn’t have much experience with girls in his apartment. I had teased him about this on a few occasions and he had admitted that most of his time was dedicated to snowboarding and he hadn’t spent too much time meeting new people or dating. This shocked me because since the moment I met him I couldn’t stop thinking about how gorgeous he was.
After breakfast I needed to help him get ready for his doctor’s appointment and some other things so I wrapped my arms around him and helped him off the chair and to the bathroom. On the way I could feel his apprehension, as I could on every other day before his shower. I was feeling more and more comfortable with him and I knew he was with me, but he was always very private in the bathroom. I helped him off with his shirt and pants then once he was in the dry tub I would turn my back while he managed to get his boxer briefs off. I stepped back to close the curtain and then reached around it to turn the water on. I usually chatted with him and tidied the bathroom while he cleaned himself off and was mostly there to make sure he didn’t slip or have any accidents. When he finished I turned off the water and held up a towel, turning my head while he took it. Today he took a second to reach for it so I took a quick glance to see what was wrong; my quick glance gave me a view of his perfect body, and a lingering glimpse between his legs. I looked away before he caught me though and went through the rest of our routine without mentioning it. However, after I left and for the rest of the day I couldn’t stop thinking about my gorgeous patient and his even better looking, semi-erect cock.
The next morning, back at his apartment, I went through the motions of breakfast and minimal conversation while I ran the image of his body over and over again in my head. I helped him into the shower as usual, trying to keep my role as a professional izmit rus escort and push away my desire. I went about picking out some clothes and cleaning, distracted as he washed himself. After a few minutes I heard a grunt and thud as he hit the bottom of the tub. I ran back into the bathroom and tore open the shower curtain to see him lying in the bottom of the big, jetted tub. “Are you okay?” I asked as shower water hit my back. I was surprised when he started laughing. “I got a little daring” he said “and I guess I just slipped”. I laughed too and asked what he was trying to do that was so “daring” while in the shower. He seemed embarrassed and admitted that he just wanted to shave. My eyes immediately traveled down his tight stomach to my favorite area and I realized he wanted to shave his pubic region. I helped him into a sitting position and took the razor from him. “You know, I can do that for you. I’m here for a reason and you don’t need to feel weird about it at all. I’ve done it for boyfriends before”. He rolled his eyes and admitted defeat. I turned the water from the shower to the bath faucet so I wouldn’t get any wetter than I was and laid him back down again in the tub. I slipped my wet nurse’s (scrub) top up over my tight tank top and rolled up my bottoms so I could kneel on the outside of the tub.
Grabbing the shaving cream, I re-lathered him and got to work with the razor. He seemed very uncomfortable with the situation as I used my hands to grasp his member so I could shave around it. After a minute I could feel him getting harder in my hand and I glanced at his face. His eyes had traveled to my front and I looked down to see my damp tank clinging to me. I have a smaller, athletic body and small, round tits so I hardly ever wear a bra and my nipples were reacting to the cold by tightening up and pressing against the thin fabric. I pretended not to notice as I continued my task, but as I heard his breathing increase slightly so did the pressure of my hand on his penis. “You don’t have to do this” he breathed and I focused my big green eyes on him “I want to” I replied, “and it’s my job to take care of you”. “Am I just a job?” he implored, raising an eyebrow. I told him that anything more could get me fired…..unless he wouldn’t tell. His grin told me everything I needed to know and I tightened my grasp on him again, this time moving my hand slowly up and down his shaft and locking my eyes with his in the process.
As his inhibitions began to give way he moved a shaky hand up my side until it rested upon the side of my breast. I used my hand outside the tub to raise his hand to my mouth and kiss his palm and then press it to my whole breast. His breathing increased even further as he weakly ran a thumb over my hard nipple and I pumped at his cock a little faster. He let out a low laugh “I wish I could carry you to the bed” he said, and I smiled “this is a pretty big tub” I joked. I stood and dropped my loose bottoms to the floor. I had on some thin white cotton panties that showed all too well the juices leaking through from my small pussy, “I bet we could both fit.” I stepped in and crouched down. The tub was just wide enough for me to plant a knee on either izmit escort side of his body and lower my small frame onto him, his throbbing member pressed firmly against my pelvis. I lowered my torso so our faces were inches apart and let him lean the last inch until our lips met and I finally was able to taste him. The shock of it made me groan softly and he kissed me harder, sucking on my bottom lip. I parted his lips with my tongue and pushed it into his warm mouth, this time it was him that grunted and pushed his hips up slightly, grinding his cock against my fabric-covered pussy.
I didn’t want to tire him too early so I held him down as I pushed my little cunt back and forth against his pulsating penis. The movement caused the warm water to slosh back and forth in the bathtub and my folds started to ache with longing. I hated to end the kiss but needed more of his body so I finally broke away and sat up, feeling my soaking wet tank clinging to my breasts like a second skin. Kaden audibly made a sound as he took in the sight of his nurse’s hard nipples and wet skin. I smiled wickedly and toyed with my small buds through the fabric, making them swell even more. “Fuck” he whispered, “you are better-looking naked than I imagined.” “I’m not naked yet” I teased, “what kind of girl do you think I am?” He laughed, “Hopefully the kind of girl who does just what her patient asks of her.” “Well?” I probed, “are you asking?” He smiled again and nodded and I peeled the wet shirt up over my tits and threw it onto the bathroom floor. I scooted back to gain access to his hard-on again and wrapped my hand back around it. He rested his hands on my thighs as I squeezed his head and then stroked his thick shaft. After a minute I moved off him and crouched down until I could push his dick into my mouth. I loved the way it stretched down my throat and I tightened my lips around his base. I slowly slid it in and out of my mouth, licking up and down him and working it until he started to stream pre-cum down my throat and I could see his muscles tighten, “hold on, hold on” he said, breathing out slowly, “I’m getting too close”. I reluctantly pulled my mouth off of his swollen head; I wanted him so badly and couldn’t wait to get him in his bed. I pulled him up so we were both standing in the water and I hugged him against me, kissing him again and loving the feel of his skin on mine and his warm erection on my stomach, dripping his juices and my spit down between my legs.
I led him through the doorway and onto his big bed, helping to prop his head on a pillow. I then stood next to his bed, within reach and hooked my thumbs under the elastic of my sopping panties and slowly peeled them from my body. I took his hand and ran it slowly down the front of my body, finally letting it rest on the little mound of my cunt. “Mmmm” he moaned and wriggled a finger between my folds until it was at the opening of my hot center. I pressed my legs against the edge of the mattress to get closer and he probed into my wet slit with his finger until he was able to thrust it into my taut hole. “Holy fuck” I gasped, steadying myself against the wall. He kept exploring my cunt with his fingers, making me drip onto my thighs. After a minute, he delved kocaeli escort into my soft G-spot and I cried out in ecstasy. I moaned his name and he increased his speed, pushing harder and faster against the front of my tunnel. With one of my hands pressed hard against the wall and the other grabbing a fistful of blankets I came hard, clenching around his fingers and dripping hot cum down his hand. Wanting to return the favor, I gently pulled his hand away and then wiped my own hand across my sopping cunt and kneeled between his legs, using my own cum to lube his aching cock.
This time I pumped him with long, deliberate strokes, wanting to see him explode. He attempted to object, but I squeezed him even harder and in no time at all he was spewing his thick load up into my waiting mouth. I swallowed the cum and then stretched out on top of his body and lazily kissed up and down his neck while he caught his breath. He slowly ran his hands up and down a few inches of my naked thighs. Feeling his body against the entire length of mine made me start to ache again and I moved my mouth to his. Our kissing started out soft and then he grew more persistent, pressing harder and thrusting his tongue against mine. I lifted my head and gasped,
“I need to feel you inside me”. He groaned in reply and gripped my thighs again. I spread my legs on either side of him and reached down to position his penis at my swollen entrance. He placed his hands on my hips and slowly pushed my body down until I felt him stretch my tight little pussy. Even though I had been penetrated many times before, I was surprised at how difficult it was to fit him inside of me. He pushed hard until I was full and I spread my legs more to accommodate him. “Fuck me deeper” I commanded, I wanted to see how much it could hurt. He pushed me even further onto him and my cry of pain was soon drowned out by shouts of pleasure as I rocked back and forth on him. I sat up and planted my hands against his chest as I bounced hard on his thick pole. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit” I repeated. He grasped my bouncing tits as I moved and I pushed my hair off of my face. My pussy had never been stretched like this and I could feel his dick rubbing hard on every surface of my sensitive channel. The harder I came down on him, the closer I came to climax. “Fuck baby” I doubled over as my stomach tightened and my walls tensed on him and I gushed cum once again. I tried to slow down and lift off a little as I became sensitive, but he held my hips down and I was surprised at his sudden strength as he thrust up into me hard again. “Baby stop. Seriously, stop!” I couldn’t take his size after two orgasms and I was just too damn tender at the moment, but the more I pleaded the harder he shoved his hips up into mine. He had been the weakling for 2 weeks now and he was ready to take charge again and dominate me for a change. He pulled me down until my breasts were smashed against his chest and drove into my swollen slit hard. He breathed faster and faster, saying my name over and over until I felt him pulse and spew his load up against the end of my canal.
After a while I felt him relax. I pulled my head up and looked at him accusingly. Instead of showing remorse for his ruthlessness he laughed! “I’m sorry sweetheart, but that was fucking incredible.” I rolled my eyes and lay back on his chest. “Just don’t get me fired” I said with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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