my favorite brother and sister

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hi this is a story i like to tell any one cause its true and gets me hard every time my name is nick i was 10 years old and my brother john was 13 we slepted in the same room so we spent time together alot my oldest brother james was 17 but was in jail for touching my sister nicole i dont really blame him since she was a hot piece of work she had c cups and a bubble as and a amazing body for a 12 year old it turned me on every time i looked at her i could tell john did to cause we would get naked and masturbate to her dirty clothes when every one was gone it got to some points were i would suck his cock and he sucked mine it was amazing.

i had always loved to have him suck my cock while i sucked his but i didnt have developed semen but he did and he would squirt all over me i would love it so much then nicole camed in the room the look on her face as she saw the cum all over my face she tried to run but john had closed the door and asked her to have fun with us with nervousness escort bayan she had sat on the floor taking her shirt off seeing her big tits bounce every were in front of me got me so hard i couldnt stop but to suck on her nipples.

john had rubed her ass makeing nicole moan we toked turns as we fucked her little tight pussy and as i fucked nicole john sticked his hard cock into me and i screamed as i fucked harder to feel johns cock get harder and biger inside of me and boy did it feel great fucking and being fucked i had the bigest orgasm ever leting john cum on my ass as he stroked my cock nicole laid down sore from the fucking we all did

4 years had pasted since that day had happened with all three of us fucking john had stoped and started to masturbate but still fucks me from time to time but me and nicole na we kepted fucking as i developed semen i let off big loads onto nicoles tits and ass somtimes mouth as i think back to the day we all fucked tho me and nicole do kocaeli escort bayan alot of roleplay most of when she pretends to be drunk and the janitor always cleaning her room she would hop on my cock and ride it till we cum

it was one day we went to a fair and got on a ride my entire family went i had sat next to nicole on a slow ride looking at her tits bounceing and jiggling i couldnt resist but to pull her tits out and suck on them she grabed my dick that started to rise harder and harder she whispers into my ear and says lets do it in the restroom and i gaved her tit a kiss goodbye then we left the ride went to the bathroom and had goten in the last stall

hearing the door open again john shouted out open the door im horny as we opened the door we saw him with his pants down and his rocking hard cock out him locking the bathroom door and walking looking at the way johns cock bounced nicole and i got undressed and nicole got on her knees kocaeli escort bending down in position for both our cocks to go in to her i had sticked my dick in her mouth as she started to suck and john forced his cock in nicoles mouth also rubing against mine geting me hard with his hard cock me and john started to rub cocks on to each others cock me being embarresed cuming early nicole suck on my dick to make it harder while she got fucked really hard in the anus as she started to cry from the pain and begged john to take it out since it was her first time anal

of course it turned me on as i sticked my dick into her ass also she cried more and made me feel good having my cock next to johns but the tightness of her anus begining to squeeze my dick with johns inside her to made both of us cum deep inside of her as we stucked our dicks out our cum just slid right out while she sucked us dried then the shit all started again but all three of us fucked as our mom camed in looking at us in shocked

i hope u had enjoyed my story and please tell me ur sex stories cuz i am so exicted the rest of this is done bcuz i need to space out and give all my character counts

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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