Sex With My Cousin Ch. 01

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Ever since I was young, my best friend has been my cousin Melissa. We are two years apart, with her being the older one. I’m now 19, and she is about to turn 21. We’ve always been friends, but I started to become attracted to her when I was 15 and she was 17. She was always good looking, but not in a hot sense. However, it seemed as if puberty happened all at once for her, and now she has become an absolutely stunning young women.

She’s about 5’3, with an amazing chest, probably a c-cup. She also had a nice, tight ass. She has wavy brown hair, and a cute face. She can make this puppy face that can get your dick standing at attention in no time. I’m about 6 feet, and I’m very well endowed. Though I’ve never measured, I would estimate my cock’s length to be about 8 1/2- 9 inches. As a result, I’ve always been the one girls have gathered around, and I’ve definitely has my share of sexual experiences. However, since the age of 15, I’ve always lusted after my cousin Melissa.

I would think about her, and jack off to thoughts and pictures of her. However, I didn’t make a move on her until I was 18, and she was about to turn 20. The following is the story of how I got with my cousin.

We were at a family reunion in San Diego. I’m not sure why it was in San Diego, since no one in my family lives there, but none the less, it was a great place to be. I had just started college fake angels porno in Texas, and she was already in college in Florida. As a result, we hadn’t seen each other in a long time. My family had reserved an entire hotel for the reunion; it was the first in 5 years. We all met up at a reception, and for the first time in half a year, I laid eyes on my gorgeous cousin. However, nothing happened between us for the first few days of the week long reunion.

On the fourth day, we were hanging out by the pool. Then, Melissa came out to the deck in the most stunning bikini I had ever seen. It revealed most of her amazing tits. She came up to me and gave me a hug, and I could feel her entire body pressed up against me. As we were embraced, she said that she felt very skimpy in this bikini, which she was. However, I was not one to object, so I said that it really didn’t reveal much. None the less, she felt uncomfortable, and she wanted to change.

I walked her back to her room. Since we had been very close for the longest time, we has made a point of having our rooms adjacent to one another. There was a door that connected the two. I, like her, wanted to change. Now, surprisingly, at this point, I completely forgot about my attraction to her. It was strange; I was just playing the nice cousin, helping her out. I went into my room, she went into hers. I quickly fake cop porno changed into shorts and a shirt, and went back into her room. She was in the bathroom, and told me just to wait a sec, and she’d be right out. As she came out, she told me to look away.

It was then that I remembered my complete fascination with her. I assumed that she was changing right behind me, and I couldn’t help but take a peak backwards. There she was, standing in a miniskirt (the one a stereotypical school girl wears) and a bra. She looked a little surprised ot see, and even more surprised to see the huge bulge in my pants. We both stood there in an awkward silence, staring at each other. I then cracked a small smile, and she did too. I went up to her, and gently pulled back her hair. She looked me right in the eyes, and rose up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. At that moment, I knew I had my chance to score with my cousin.

As she descended from my cheek, I came down and placed a big kiss on her lips. We moved over towards the bed, and began to make out. It was amazing, she was a great kisser. I then reached behind her and unlatched her bra. Her absolutely amazing tits were released. I caressed the gently, and then began to suck them and her nipples. As this was happening, she began to unzip my pants, releasing my rock hard cock. I pulled away, and she took off my shirt. fake hospital porno I unzipped her skirt and revealed her thong. I pulled that down, too, and saw her wet, shaved pussy. And I began to lick that pussy. I always licked an alphabet, and it was definitely not failing me today. She moaned like a banshee, and eventually cummed all over my face.

The next few minutes were probably the best of my life. I’ve gotten head so many times that I’ve lost track. I’d hook up with a girl, and eventually I’d get my dick sucked. But Melissa sucked my dick like nothing I’d ever felt before. She deep throated me, which was amazing, considering the size of my cock. She licked and sucked until I cummed all over her.

We laid back, and I spilled my feelings for her, and how I’d been attracted ot her for the past 3 years. I was surprised to hear her say the same thing. She had realized my bulge every time she saw me, and she had been fantasizing ever since. We talked more than I’ve ever talked with her before. And the talk was boring, and I was still incredibly horny.

I then rolled on top of her, and penetrated her. We fucked long and hard for the next few hours, going from missionary to doggy style to anal to titty fucking. It was the most incredible sexual experience of my life. My cousin, the one with the great tits and amazing ass, the one that I’d never thought I’d ever bed, was fucking and sucking me.

It’s been a year since that experience, and since then, she has transferred to my college in Texas. We see each other a lot now, and everyone knows us as cousins. But late at night, she’ll come over to “study,” and we’ll fuck till the break of dawn.

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