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Not long after I started dating my future ex-wife I found myself at her parent’s house, when they were out, playing strip poker.

Now, we had been dating for a couple of months and were both just 19, though I was nearly a year older than Hannah who I would go on to marry within a year. However, she was my first serious girlfriend and I was a little self conscious about removing my clothes in her parent’s living room.

My embarrassment grew when Hannah’s sister, Debra, walked in on us just after I’d taken my t-shirt off and Hannah was down to bra and pants. Trying to cover myself up I was surprised when Hannah just asked her sister if she wanted to join us and even more surprised when Debra said she did.

Debra was a year younger than Hannah, about five feet four slightly built, though her breast looked disproportionately large for her frame and were certainly bigger than her sister’s breasts. I didn’t know much about her other than Hannah had been careful to keep us apart, citing past instances where Debra had tried to steal her boyfriends. With this in mind, Hannah’s invitation to her sister seemed all the more surprising.

It was agreed Hannah and I would put on the clothes we had already removed so we would all be starting from the same point. Hannah wore a t-shirt and jeans over her matching white, rather un-sexy bra and panties. Debra was also wearing a t-shirt, though hers was more figure hugging and complimented her ample cleavage and nipples that seemed to be permanently erect. In one of the few conversations I’d had with her she told me about a part-time job she had in a work-shop repairing accident damaged cars where the other mechanics called her “Nipples” explaining she was named after the appendages on the ends of brake hoses. However, it was clear looking at her it was because of the obvious points of interest sticking out a good half inch from her breasts. I thought her a little forward.

In addition to her t-shirt Debra was wearing tight denim shorts. They did not leave much to the imagination when viewed from behind. Like her sister, she was wearing Nike trainers on her feet, without socks as was the fashion at the time.

We began to play cards again and my luck was good, or the women were playing to loose, I wasn’t sure which was the case. Anyway, Hannah had soon lost her t-shirt, Nikes and jeans and was down to bra and panties. I’d lost my t-shirt, and one shoe.

Sat round a small coffee table I didn’t really know where to look as the game progressed. Well, that is perhaps a little inaccurate as I wanted to look at Debra who was now down to her bra and shorts and panties. The few peeks I dared aim her direction were rewarded with a view of her heavy cleavage held in a lacy black bra that was transparent enough to give me a view of her large, dark pink nipples which were, as ever, quite proud of the surrounding flesh.

I fought the temptation to indulge myself too much firstly because I did not want to upset Hannah and secondly because I knew I would not be able to fight off the tightening in my balls that was signaling a coming erection.

Another hand played and Hannah lost. Leaving the table and the room she quickly returned with a large bath sheet, turned her back on the table and modestly removed her bra before wrapping the towel around her.

I protested as I felt this cheating but my arguments fell on death ears and Hannah just said it was her house, her rules.

More hands and I lost my other shoe and then my socks in a loosing streak that was only broken when Debra lost again.

Thinking her shorts would go I was utterly surprised when she put her hands behind her back and unfastened her bra which she then slid forward over her breast before dropping it and her hands to her lap giving an unobstructed view of her marvelous globes.

“What are you doing?” Hannah asked angrily.

“What do you mean?” Debra responded.

“You can’t strip off in front of Jon like that and show him your tits. What were you thinking?”

Debra made no attempt to cover herself and as Hannah stood up and grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me from the room she simply replied, “We’re playing strip poker and loosing your clothes is inevitable. You shouldn’t have asked me to play if you wanted me to keep my clothes on. Besides, would you rather I’d taken my shorts off? I’m not wearing any panties and he would have got a lovely eyeful!”

Without protesting I let myself be dragged to Hannah’s room. She was pretty mad at her sister and after she’d sat me on the bed and told me to stay put she padded off to the living room and retrieved our discarded clothes. I could hear an angry exchange of words and but it didn’t go on long and Hannah was soon back.

“I could kill Debra for that,” she said on her return as she sat beside me on the bed.

“She’s just immature,” I offered, hoping to calm the situation. I then took hold of the bath sheet and loosened it so it fell open exposing Hannah’s upper rip her up porno body and leaning towards her I pushed her back on to the bed and started kissing her.

This did the trick until she felt my erection on sliding her hands down to my groin.

“Why is this already hard? Is it from Debra’s display?” she questioned me, sitting up and pulling the bath sheet back around her chest.

Thinking fast I replied, “No, no it’s from being here with you. You know how much you turn me on and I always have an erection long before you actually touch me.”

This was true. I’d been so turned on in the past when we first started dating that I would often be on the verge of coming in my pants just from foreplay and without my dick being actually touched. However, today I knew that my enthusiasm to screw was at least partially inspire by the seeing Debra at least semi naked.

Hannah accepted the explanation and we were soon naked on top of the duvet and I was between her legs fucking her hard and fast. I closed my eyes and just could not get the image of Debra removing her bra out of my head, seeing those breasts uncovered for the first time, no sag in them despite there size when she released them.

I wondered what her pussy would look like and thought about her sliding the zip down on those short denim shorts. What would I see? Would it be a dark patch of hair? She did have dark brown eyes but a fair complexion. The hair on her head was no guide as it colored a dark coppery red and Hannah told me this was of course not her natural color.

I opened my eyes and looked down to where Hannah and I were joined at the groin so I could see again her trimmed bush. It was a dirty sort of blonde, like her natural hair color. Would Debra be like her sister in this respect?

As our fucking intensified as we both neared a climax, it dawned on me that Debra may have a shaven pussy. Yes, this was a possibility and I closed my eyes again. I could see her removing her bra and then slowly pulling down the zip on her shorts.

I pounded my dick harder and deeper in to Hannah as I could see in my mind Debra now taking hold of the waistband on her shorts and slowly pulling them down over her hips, hips that were a little fuller than Hannah’s.

Harder and faster I pushed my dick in to Hannah’s tight pussy and I could hear Hannah moaning with pleasure at the intensity which was a contrast to our normally measured approach to sex.

Re-focusing my attention on the fantasy being played out in my head I could now see the shorts coming down those pale white thighs and as they got lower I could see a strip of dark pubic hair, trimmed to a narrow band terminating at the top of Debra’s vagina.

Suddenly the vision faded and was replaced with rainbow of colors as I tensed and then shot my load deep in to Hannah who was herself screaming as she climaxed.

As we lay side by side on her bed I felt a little guilty as this was the first time I’d thought of anyone else whilst having sex with Hannah. I tried to ease my own guilt by reasoning that I’d never had such external stimulus and it wasn’t my fault that Debra had taken her bra off like that and then admitted to not wearing any pants.

Thinking about it just made the situation worse and it seemed only a very short time before my penis was twitching and growing stiff again. Hannah noticed and was delighted and before long was sat on my erection and riding me for all she was worth. It took longer for me to come this time, but that didn’t bother Hannah as she had another couple of orgasms before climbing off me and bend over on to the bed so I could fuck from behind. As my prick went up her pussy I imagined entering Debra from this position seeing her lovely large breast swinging freely as I banged her from behind and this image caused me to reach the point of no return quite quickly and I tensed again and shot another load deep in to Hannah.


Hannah soon got over the incident with her sister and we didn’t play cards again for a long while. I couldn’t quite get the picture of those large breasts and nipples out of my head and found myself fantasizing from time to time about getting, dreaming of feeling, licking and sucking them. Time passed however and I figured that one flash was a one off and nothing further would happen.

I was wrong, much to my delight.

It was a cold, winter Sunday morning. I was staying at Hannah’s parent’s house for a few days as they were away. We had decided we would get up around 8am and go out for a run. The house was on the edge of the countryside and within a couple of minutes of leaving the front door you would be running along green lanes and farm tracks, through gentle rolling hills and pastures where you would see no living soul, except cows, sheep and the occasional fox or badge if you were lucky.

When the alarm clock went off I jumped out of bed and pulled back the drapes to let the bright winter son rus porno in to the bedroom. Hannah, uninspired and a little hung over from the night before, just rolled herself up in the duvet and refused to get up.

“Come on Hannah, its lovely out there. Ten miles and you’ll be feeling great,” I encouraged.

“Oooh, you go yourself. Don’t wake me when you get back,” was the only reply I could get.

I dressed, a little disappointed that I was going to have run and enjoy the countryside on my own on this beautiful day.

A quick, light breakfast in the kitchen and I was just about to leave when Debra appeared. She was dressed in jogging sweats.

“Mind if I tag along?” she asked.

“No, I guess not. Your sister is almost dead to the world. Too much wine last night. I don’t think we’ll be seeing her until mid-day.”

With that we left the house and walked the short distance to the start of the circuitous country trail we intended to take and before we set off went through a short stretching routine.

It was a beautiful day indeed. The sun was rising in a crystal clear blue sky. It was cold, only a couple of degrees above zero and you could see your breath on exhaling. The track we were taking was made up of compacted dirt, very muddy in wet weather, but following a prolonged cold snap it was not quite solid and frozen, though not slippery.

The first couple of miles passed at a nice even pace with neither of us saying anything. Running side by side I glanced occasionally across to Debra and when I did I could make out the movement of her breasts under sweat top. Their shape was somewhat softened and hidden, but as I knew what was under there this didn’t really detract from my interest.

As we got to about five miles the trail began to climb as it would up and through series of small hills. These were of no significant size, perhaps each only climbing one hundred feet and overall getting no higher around the surrounding area than perhaps 300 feet, but it took a greater effort to maintain our pace as we climbed.

Suddenly Debra speeded up and started to pull away from me. Looking over her shoulder she teased, “Come on slow coach, beat you to the top!”

I couldn’t let that happed and head down I started to run faster so that I again drew level with her. This just spurred her on to try harder and she was soon leaving me behind a little as I began to find the effort quite telling and legs began to stiffen.

Approaching the top of the climb I gave it one last burst of speed but Debra’s lighter frame and faster feet were keeping her just out of touch and as we crested the hill she raised her arms in mock celebration and declared herself champion hill climber. Her pace then slowed and she came to a stop. She was quite breathless and told me she just needed a minute to get over the exertion.

I felt fine but was quite happy to let her recover, taking some satisfaction from the fact that I could have kept running.

We’d stopped where the track widened in to a narrow lane which ran between two hedgerows. The lane was used as access between fields for farm vehicles; no nothing wider than a tractor would have been able to negotiate the narrow twists and turns. Despite the lateness of the year the hedges still had some leaves on and provided a little cover. They ran about waste height and also served as field boundaries which had been established sometimes hundreds of years ago.

Recovering Debra said, “I got to take a leak.”

I looked at her dumbly.

“I’ll just hop over the hedge,” she explained as she headed to the edge of the lane where there was a small gap in the hedge.

She squeezed through the gap then instead of walking a little down the hedge line to where there was a little more privacy she just stopped with her back to me, pushed her sweat bottoms down and squatted. My view was pretty much unobstructed and I couldn’t help but watch and listen as she began pee and I was surprised at the force, guessing she must have taken on board a lot of water in anticipation of coming out for this run.

When the flow stopped she wiggled her arse and then stood, pulling her sweats up at the same time and I noticed there was no sign of any panties.

I turned away quickly before Debra turned around and made her way back through the hedge and on to the lane.

“I hope you didn’t peek,” she purred and I was sure she was teasing me because she new full well she was in plain sight when she pulled her sweat pants down and knew I was watching.

“Shall we go on?” I asked and Debra nodded her agreement so off we went for another couple of miles before she suddenly stopped again.

“Aaah, I have cramp, I have cramp,” she wailed and dropped to the ground on her back, clutching at her right calf muscle. I immediately told her to raise and straighten her leg and I took hold of her foot and bent it so that her toes pointed downwards and towards her body so that her muscle would be stretched sert porno and the cramp eased.

This seemed to do the trick and I held out my hands and suggested Debra get up of the cold ground before she stiffened up too much.

“Check my leg first for me Jon, make sure there is no knot in that muscle, I don’t want to risk an injury by running if it is still partly cramped.”

With that Debra pulled her sweat pants leg up to her right knee, still holding her leg in the air.

I looked at it and suggested I couldn’t see anything. “It still doesn’t feel right Jon. Can you feel it and see if you can feel a knot or a tear?”

Tentatively I put my right hand behind her right knee and cupping her flesh I let my hand run down the back of her lower leg, feeling to see if there was anything unusual there. I only knew what I was feeling for as I had suffered from cramps myself when running and you could at times feel a bulge in the muscle with a particularly bad cramp.

When my hand reached just above her ankle I slid it back up leg, marveling at the soft, warmth of her skin and the wishing I didn’t have to stop at the knee.

“No, I can’t feel anything there. I think you should be ok to continue,” I reported, in a matter of fact tone.

“Are you sure? Can you just give it a little rub for me, to get the heat back and in and blood circulating?”

Unable to refuse the request I began let Debra rest her right foot on my upper thigh and then used both hand to work her muscle gently, working from just below the back of the knee to almost the foot. Debra had propped herself up on her elbows and as I repeated the treatment she I noticed a rather dreamy look in her eyes.

“That’s wonderful,” she said as I continued to work and my thoughts again strayed to consider whether she would think it wonderful if I continued to massage up her thigh, gently letting my thumbs press in to the flesh of her inner thighs as I got closer and closer to that unvisited and still mystery area between her legs.

My own expression must have given me away as the silence was suddenly broken by Debra.

“Hannah’s so lucky if your touch is that good everywhere.”

I was shaken back to reality at the mention of Hannah and reminded myself this was likely to be my future sister-in-law and I did not need to complicate my life at this early stage.

“I think we should move on,” I suggested.

“Ok,” Debra replied, “where do you want me?”

There must have been a look of horror on my face as Debra burst out laughing and offered me her hands so I could pull her to her feet.

She was still giggling when we set off running again and I was stunned in to silence all the way back to her folk’s house, amazed at my own un-cool reaction. I must have looked like a dear that suddenly finds itself on a dark highway and the first thing it knows about the 18 wheeler bringing impending doom is when it checks out the direction it didn’t look when it began to cross the road and is blinded by the headlights and freezes on the spot.

When we got back in Hannah hadn’t moved from bed and before I disappeared in to her room Debra whispered from the bathroom door, “Do you want to come and wash my back?”

She has such a mischievous look on her face that I wasn’t entirely sure if she was still teasing me or if she was serious. I didn’t hang round to find out and simply stripped and climbed in to bed next to Hannah and dosed in to an uneasy sleep, haunted by the mocking of Debra and convincing myself that she was sexually much more sophisticated than her sister or indeed myself and even if I got the chance to test her invitations she’d probably eat me alive.

I did however console myself by recalling how good her skin felt and how I had managed to illicit a reaction from her that suggested she was responsive to my touch and not repulsed. I told myself she wasn’t faking this to draw me in to some dangerous game and it was perhaps just unchecked passion that she felt the urge to express.


The best laid plans of mice and men can often come to nothing. Hannah and I had planned to marry in a couple of years, perhaps towards our mid-twenties. We were engaged a very few short months after the small encounter with Debra’s leg but our plans to marry were brought forward when Hannah fell pregnant.

Our wedding was planned in a hurry and Hannah was already 7 months pregnant before the big day came. We were just poor students at the time and didn’t have the money to splash out on a big event. Anyway, the purpose of marrying was so our baby could be born in wedlock, even if she wasn’t conceived thus.

After a small family gathering we were at Hannah’s parent’s place packing to go away on a one week vacation to the beach. We had a nice, spacious apartment booked and the June weather was unseasonably warm.

I was in Hannah’s room trying to fasten her case which was over-filled. I had my back to the door and didn’t hear Debra enter the room and push the door closed behind her.

“Need a hand?” she said to announce her presence as she sat down on the edge of the bed where I was working hard on the zipper on the luggage.

“I can manage,” I replied.

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