Sutton Family Stories 07

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I was a motherfucker. Literally. I’d lost my virginity to my sister, in a threeway with my brother Aiden, then gone off to uni. First year was amazing, lots of drinking, some fun with girls. And now I’d come home from uni to find Aiden balls deep in our Mum and had joined him in fucking her. It was surreal but I didn’t feel regret. Young, hung, and full of cum: 19 and horny all the time. Mum was in great shape and I’d always looked up to my older brother really, not that I’d tell him that.

I wasn’t an early riser so it was mid-morning (after that night before) when I got out of my bed and went downstairs in search of something to eat. I was almost in the kitchen when I heard a groan. Definitely a sexual groan. I turned and walked to the door to the garage, which was ajar. Aiden had set-up a weights bench there a few years ago and now he was lying there, his shorts pulled down around his ankles while Mum rode his cock, her dressing gown open to reveal her gorgeous breasts bouncing obscenely.

“Fuck me Aiden, I fucking love your cock,” I heard Mum groan.

“Yeah I know you can’t get enough, it’s a perfect fit in your hungry cunt,” he replied.

It was such a hot scene that my dick started to get hard immediately. I was torn between leaving them to it and joining in. My brother made the choice for me when he caught site of me in the doorway. “Looks like we’ve got company Mum.”

She turned around to look at me, while still impaled on Aiden’s thrusting cock. “George, I didn’t mean to make you feel left out baby, but I walked down to get some breakfast and found Aiden in here straining away with those weights and he just looked so hot I couldn’t help myself,” she confessed, giggling slightly.

“It’s cool, you two look really hot together,” I replied, walking closer to the weights bench and now getting a proper view of Mum’s pussy, stuffed with Aiden’s cock. The lower part of his dick was glistening. Her lips were spread open but hugging his shaft and her trimmed ginger pubes framed the scene. She was clearly very wet and I was getting very horny just looking.

“Enjoying being the voyeur, son?” Mum asked, while reaching out and taking hold of my bugle. She then pulled my aching dick out of my boxers and slowly wanked it. That first stroke felt like heaven. She continued to bounce on Aiden’s thrusting pole.

“You want to fuck Mummy some more?” she asked obscenely.


“Did Mummy’s pussy feel good last night?”

I could only groan in reply. “Oh yeah.”

Aiden had stopped thrusting up into Mum’s snatch and now joined the conversation. “You know, George has had my sloppy seconds twice now, maybe we should try it the other way round.”

“Twice?” asked Mum. Shit. I didn’t think now was the time to discuss how we fucked our sister.

“Yeah we both tag teamed another girl once,” Aiden replied.

“Who?” Mum demanded.

“Just some slut who went to school with both of us,” Aiden said quickly.

“Mmm well who knew I had such horny boys for sons?” Mum asked.

“We must get it from you,” I said, and watched as Aiden took hold of her body and pulled her off his cock. Freed from her cunt, it was visibly wet with Mum’s juices.

“Suck your pussy juice off my dick Mum, while George gets another go on your pussy from behind,” Aiden instructed. I wasn’t going to argue with my older brother, and nor was Mum.

Mum quickly stood up, leaving Aiden lying on his weight bench, then she bent over and engulfed his dick deep in her mouth. Her curvy arse was right in front of me. I walked forward, my dick throbbing in my hand, and searched desperately for her hole. I had to rub around a bit at first, but I quickly found her honey pot and started to slide in. I couldn’t believe how warm and wet she was in there. My dick felt like it was in heaven. I groaned.

“Sounds like George’s enjoying your hot snatch as much as I do,” Aiden said.

“Fuck yeah,” I cried out. “I can’t believe I’m fucking my own Mum but it feels amazing,” I replied.

“Mmm, that’s it George, right back where you came from,” Mum added, taking her mouth off Aiden’s dick momentarily. “Give me what I need.”

I still couldn’t quite believe I was stood here, balls deep in my mother’s cunt. She felt amazing and the fact we were related and I was spitroasting her with my brother just made it mind blowingly kinky. I’d like to say I lasted a long time but I just couldn’t help myself, it was all so hot. I pounded my dick in and out of Mum hard and fast, basically humping her like the Energizer Bunny. After a few minutes I cried out and pumped my load into her.

“That’s it bro, fill her up,” shouted Aiden. I groaned. It was an amazing orgasm. I slide out of Mum slowly, my own dick ataşehir escort now coated in juices. Aiden wasted no time in standing up, then putting Mum down on his weight bench on her back. I watched, mesmerized, as her freshly fucked cunt was on full display and I could see some of my cum coating her lips. Aiden quickly got between her legs and the next thing, he was sliding his cock deep into her.

“Ahhh, fuck yeah, so wet,” he sighed.

“Mmm well it’s got your brother’s load mixed in there with my own juices, you naughty boy,” replied Mum.

Aiden didn’t seem fazed in the slightest by this and rapidly starting pumping in and out of Mum, mauling her tits while driving himself in and out of her. “Yeah, it’s so hot and wet in there, all those juices coating my dick as it works in and out of you Mum,” Aiden bellowed. He was really pounding into her and she just wrapped her legs around him and took it. I was enjoying watching.

Aiden must have been pretty worked up as before long his thrusts were becoming erratic. “I’m getting close Mum, you want both your son’s loads inside you?” he asked her.

“Oh fuck, yeah.”

“You’re such a naughty, horny little bitch, you love both your sons using you as a cum bucket don’t you?”

“Yes Aiden, just fill me, fill me up.”

“‘Yeah, I will, you going to cum?”

“Yes, yes,” Mum screamed out in reply. With that I watched my brother and mother orgasm together.

It was such an erotic sight I was rock hard again and slowly wanking myself. Aiden stopped pumping into Mum and pulled out and stood up. There was a loud plop as his cock pulled out of her and a flood of cum started dribbling out of her pussy onto his weight bench.

Mum looked up at me and Aiden. “That was hot boys, but your Dad is home soon, I’ve got to get cleaned up.” From her tone, I wasn’t going to convince her for round two. She tied-up her robe and left the garage. Aiden turned and grinned at me. I stuffed my dick back into my boxer shorts while Aiden pulled up his shorts too. Once Mum was out of earshot he explained how our sister Sarah had stopped putting out and was apparently all loved up with her boyfriend and their new baby, but then Mum had turned out to be just as good a fuck as our sister and could equally easily be convinced to put out.

Dad came home about half an hour later and things seemed like a normal family again. After lunch Aiden went out to play some rugby and Dad decided the lawn needed its first mow of the year. That’s when I found myself in the kitchen alone with Mum. I’d gone in looking for a snack and she was making a cup of tea.

She was dressed in jeans and a top, but her arse looked lush as she bent slightly over the kitchen counter. It brought back images of fucking her from behind just a few hours ago and I felt myself getting hard in my jeans.

Mum looked over at me. “Want some tea?”

“I want whatever’s on offer,” I heard myself reply.

“Whatever’s on offer? What do you mean by that? And why are your jeans tenting out young man?”

Mum sounded slightly pissed.

“Sorry,” I stuttered, “I just can’t help it, you’re so hot. All my friends call you the town MILF.”

She smiled. “I guess that’s a compliment but remember my rule.”

I noticed Mum had kept looking at my bulge while talking. I swear she licked her lips. I felt more confident. “I remember Mum, but Dad’s not in the house right now. He’s in the garden moving the lawn.”

She giggled. “Technically correct. But you can’t be horny again already?”

“Oh don’t doubt it,” I told her, and unbuttoned my jeans, letting them fall down slightly. She’d either slap me or something hot would happen. It was worth a try. “I usually wank three times a day Mum. I’ve only cum once so far, although it was a very good cum.”

I closed the gap while saying this, so I was right next to Mum now. “Well we can’t have you all blue balled and we need to get rid of that hardon before you Dad finishes cutting the grass,” Mum said, then dropped to her knees. Result.

She pulled by boxers down and my now rigid dick bounced free. “I’m a lucky woman. Keep your eyes out for your Dad,” she instructed me, then lent forward and enveloped my dick in her mouth.

I guess my Mum really was a horny slut, like Aiden had told me. I looked round and could see Dad out of the corner of my eye. I knew he wouldn’t be able to see us, and even if he approached the kitchen window, he’d only see my upper half, which was quite normally covered in a t-shirt. My lower half, however, now had my jeans and boxers pulled down to my shins and my own mother on her knees, one hand massaging my balls, one hand holding my thigh, and her lips wrapped round my throbbing shaft.

“Fuuck,” kadıköy escort I groaned. “You suck a good cock Mum.”

She momentarily took her mouth off my cock and giggled. “Better than those little fresher girls at uni?”

“Much better, such enthusiasm and experience I guess.”

“I’ve picked up a few tricks over the years, and I want my baby son’s cum shooting down my throat. I want to taste you George,” she replied, “but keep an eye out for your Dad, remember.” Then she started licking my cockhead and shaft like an ice cream cone.

How could I forget my father? I glanced out and could see Dad still slowly trimming his immaculate lawn. “Don’t worry Mum, your husband has no idea his hot slutty wife is currently on her knees sucking off her own son.”

I don’t know where that came from. The girls at uni I’d been with didn’t seem to like dirty talk but Mum groaned then starting sucking me with more enthusiasm. She obviously did. “That’s it, you’re going to gulp my load down aren’t you?” She nodded and continued sucking so I began pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. Mum was taking my dick very deep now. I’d reached forward to take hold of her head and was fucking her face. She was gagging a bit but not stopping sucking me. It felt amazing and I couldn’t hold back much longer. “Yeah, take my dick. I can’t hold back much longer,” I told her. Mum sucked me harder and then I felt the familiar rush as my cum travelled up my cock and squirted out.

It felt amazing. Mum was struggling to swallow as I felt my dick lurch and blast spray after spray of cum into her mouth. My toes were curling. I must have shot about five or six good sprays into her. She gulped most of it down but there were a couple of dribbles running down her chin.

Eventually she pulled her mouth off my cock, having continued to suck it a little while to get any remaining drops of my load. “I can’t believe you sprayed so much again, but there’s nothing like a fresh load from a younger guy,” she said. Mum then helped me pull my boxers and jeans up, then wiped the dribbles of my cum off her chin with her finger and swallowed them.

Next, Mum checked her hair, then lent over, opened the kitchen window and shouted out at my Dad. “Brian, do you want some tea?” I couldn’t believe she’d switched from sucking off her own son to the good wife in two minutes flat. I made a mental note not to underestimate my mother.

I was left wondering how much I could push this little arrangement. Aiden had clearly been getting lucky a lot recently, and I was just as horny as he was. I’d always been a bit shyer than him but having Mum so clearly horny for me was giving me newfound confidence.

My next chance was the next day. There was rugby on, and Dad and Aiden were watching in the living room, enjoying a relaxed Sunday. They knew I hated the game, so I left them to it and wondered outside. Mum had been in the garden, but I couldn’t see her at first, then I noticed the shed door was open. I went in.

Mum was potting some plants, her hands earthy. She was wearing a summer dress, clearly making the most of some spring sunshine. “Hey Georgie,” she said as I walked in. “I’m just putting these houseplants in bigger pots, want to help?”

“Yeah. Dad and Aiden are watching rugby. It’s such a boring game,” I replied, then stood next to her. I started to pass her some plant pots, but my mind was already wandering. I couldn’t be alone with her without immediately feeling a twinge in my cock. Time to push things again.

“Thanks for helping but I’m not sure potting plants is much more entertaining than rugby,” Mum said.

“I can think of things that are,” then I reached forward and tried to kiss her.

“George! Remember my rule!” Mum replied.

“Relax, Dad’s in the house but we’re not, and you know him and Aiden will be glued to the game now,” I said, whilst slowly working a hand up Mum’s thigh.

“Well true, but we can’t get caught, we really can’t,” said Mum.

“We won’t. I just can’t help myself around you, you’re such a hot Mum,” I told her, as my hand reached her panties.

“You should have more self-control,” Mum said, but she hadn’t stopped my hand. I was fully hard in my trackkie bottoms now.

“So should you Mum, but you’re as horny as I am. Like you said yesterday, maybe it’s genetic.” As I spoke, I cupped her panty-clad pussy. I could feel heat coming from it. I knew she was hot for me. I gently rubbed her mound for a minute then crouched down and pulled her underwear down her legs before leaning up, with my head under her skirt, and running my tongue over her now exposed cunt.

I’d fucked my Mum twice and been sucked by her, but not properly eaten her out yet. bostancı escort bayan I worked by tongue into her. She was wet and her nectar tasted delicious.

“Ahh that’s good honey. You are right, I’ve been as horny as both my sons recently,” Mum replied, squirming around. “The more you and Aiden want me, the more I want it too. Now be a good boy and eat Mummy out.” I wasn’t going to argue.

After a while, Mum reached down and pulled me out from between her legs. “That’s good, and we’ll practice that more soon, but right now I need more and I don’t want to run out of time before that rugby game finishes,” Mum told me. I stood up and she took hold of my trackkie bottoms, pulling them down firmly, taking my boxer briefs with them. She purred when she saw my stiff cock and took hold of it.

She was clearly in the mood to take charge today. “You’ve got a gorgeous cock George, but you need to take it a bit slower sometimes. I liked our sex yesterday, but you don’t need to hump so fast every time. Let Mummy show you. Sit down there,” and she pointed to Dad’s deck chair, which was in the corner of the shed.

I sat down as instructed, my rock-hard cock sticking right up. Mum came over then lowered herself down onto me. My cock was brushing against her beautiful little trimmed bush. I tried thrusting up, but Mum stopped me. “Ah ah, no, I’m in charge. You wanted to fuck Mummy again, well Mummy’s going to do it her way today,” she told me.

Slowly, almost agonisingly slowly, Mum lowered herself onto me. She was facing me as she squatted down and I watched in awe as my cock disappeared into her dripping wet snatch. It took a lot of will power not to thrust up off the chair and bury myself to the hilt in her warm glove, but I held back and waited. Soon she’d lowered herself all the way down anyway.

“Mmm yeah baby, Mummy is going at her own pace today. You only came out here to the garden to find me for sex, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I whimpered. “I can’t stop thinking about fucking you, I think I’m addicted to this.”

“Mmm, good, I like being wanted, but you need to make me cum too.” With that Mum started slowly bouncing up and down on my rod. I reached forward and took hold of her plump breasts, cupping them through her dress.

Before long Mum had built up the pace a bit and was riding me like a star. Her dress was bunched up around her waist so I could watch myself sliding in and out of her, her panties and bra lay on the shed floor, and I’d pulled her tits out too and was licking and sucking them for all I was worth.

“Ah yeah, good boy, you’re learning fast,” Mum breathed into my ear.

“I’ve got a good teacher, although I can’t believe I’m fucking my own mother in the garden shed while her husband and other son are just inside the house,” I said back. I felt her cunt clutch as I said it. “You like that, don’t you, being a naughty slut for your son?”

“Oh god yes.”

“Feeling my young cock deep inside you, almost in the womb I came out of.”

“Ah fuck yeah baby.”

“You’re as addicted to this as I am. We’re going to fuck a lot aren’t we Mum?”

“Yes, I can’t help it, I need your dick. I’m burning up inside for you.”

“Gunna be my live in Mummy slut?”

“Yeah, taking good care of my two son studs.”

With that Mum took hold of my hand, licked my finger, then directed in down to her clit. I circled round it and she groaned. She was bouncing up and down on my dick with vigour now and I’d started clenching my arse and thrusting up to meet her. The deck chair was creaking obscenely.

“That’s it George, I’m close, make Mummy cum and then cum deep inside me.”

I started thrusting a bit harder and clamped my teeth on her right nipped while still touching her clit. Mum threw her heard back and started to loudly cry out. Shit! It was hot but I actually didn’t want to get caught. Dad and Aiden were inside but what about the neighbours? I’d got too good a thing going here to let anyone find out. I clamped a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet and felt Mum’s pussy walls grasp me even harder than before. She was clearly having an orgasm and I couldn’t hold back. I was soon painting her insides again. I just kept spurting and spurting and her pussy kept clenching and clenching, as if milking me. I think it was the biggest load I’ve ever blown, made all the crazy by the long slow start to the fuck as Mum set the pace.

I released my hand off Mum’s mouth and we both sat there panting, my penis still in her beautiful vagina. “Wow,” was all I could pant.

“I know baby, you made me cum really well. Do that again and I really will be an addict for you.”

“So we can fuck again?” I still couldn’t believe my luck at all of this.

“Of course babe, I need this a lot. Just remember what I taught you as a child: share nicely with your brother. And don’t let your Dad find out.” With that she climbed off me, licked my cock clean of our juices and then helped me pull up my boxers.

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