Taking Her in Hand

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Hal drove home whistling a soft tune along with the radio as he moved in and out of traffic easily. He was in a hurry to get home; he had plans when he got home. It was time for Emily’s next lesson.

Emily was his daughter; about a month ago she had finally reached eighteen years of age and he’d finally been able to give into the lust he’d felt for her for years. Ever since the moment his no good wife walked out on him to run off with the black man next door leaving him to raise the little imp by himself.

It hadn’t been all bad; it’d actually been kind of fun without his shrew of a wife standing over him and shouting all the time. But a few years ago, when she’d hit fifteen, he’d started seeing her as something far removed from his little girl.

In his defense, what man could resist? The girl was stunning. Her breasts grew in over the summer and were perfect; just enough to be a handful and round and full. Her ass, round and firm with just the right lift to it simply begged to be fondled and he often had to resist the urge to do just that. He could only imagine what her virgin pussy was like.

That was the one thing he was sure of; she was a virgin. He’d made sure that himself chasing away any and all boys long before they showed an interest. Not that he’d needed to try too hard, she showed little if any interest in them even before he’d begun chasing them away.

Instead, he’d become overly affectionate to her; at least behind closed doors. He took every opportunity he could to touch her, arms, face, legs. And he used the excuse that he was her father and he had to show her his love. If he occasionally touched her ass or her breasts, so what? He always made sure those brief touches could be construed as accidents and he always apologized afterwards. If she thought his behavior was strange she kept it to herself and things continued on.

He pulled into the driveway and killed the engine as his mind drifted back to the very first night he’d decided to push the envelope with her and let her see that he planned on fucking her someday soon.

It was the night of her 18th birthday. There was a big party; plenty of friends and even some booze. She thought he didn’t know about that part but he’d simply turned a blind eye to it and let them have their fun. She came in wearing short shorts and a nearly nothing top that did little to hide her from lecherous eyes. She was slightly drunk; not trashed but still feeling pretty good.

He’d been up still, nursing a raging hard on due to the combination of the sight of so many scantily clad teenage girls running around and not having been laid in months. When he caught her standing in the doorway of the den, disheveled and her top pulled down so far it nearly exposed her perfect breasts, something in him snapped and bostancı escort bayan he knew that he would stop at nothing until he fucked her.

“Party done sweetie?” He kept his tone level and soft not wanting to give away the carnal thoughts even then surging through his head.

She nodded. “Yeah. No one wanted to stay and they all decided to call it a night.”

“You going to bed then?” She nodded. “Then come give your dad a kiss.”

She stepped closer to do as he asked, leaning down within his reach. His arm snaked out and grabbed the back of her neck in a firm, tight grip. She tried to pull away and he tightened his hold on her. She whimpered suddenly and without thinking he pushed her slowly down until she was kneeling in front of his chair. She looked up at him with panic stricken eyes as he let go of her neck.

“You turned 18 today pumpkin.” Numbly she nodded. “Daddy thinks that maybe its time you learned the consequences of certain behaviors.”

She found her voice and shakily asked him “consequences?”

He nodded, touching her face gently with his finger tip. He felt a surge of lust as she shivered at his feet. “Yes sweetie. I know you had alcohol at the party; that’s your first offense. I also know you’ve been prancing around in that skimpy outfit all day teasing all those other boys. Do you think either one of those things is how a good girl should behave.” She shook her head slowly, her breath coming in quick bursts. “Then you understand that you must be punished?” Again she nodded.

He smiled at her softly, never taking his eyes off of her as he reached for the button on his jeans. The soft sound of it freeing the hole loud was as palpable in the quiet of the room as a gunshot. Her eyes widened in panic and she pulled away from him. But he reached out grabbed her by the back of the neck again, forcing her back down as he continued to unzip his pants.

His cock was hard, so hard that it was throbbing inside the prison of his jeans. At her look of panic, it hardened even more and when his zipper was down completely, he had to reach inside to pull it out. It sprang free, bobbing in the air as he let out a sigh of relief and she gave a quiet sob.

He reached out to silence her, his dick weeping precum inches from her face as she stared at it wide eyed. “Daddy isn’t going to hurt you. He’s just going to punish you tonight.”

She swallowed convulsively several times, her eyes never leaving the bobbing cock in front of her. “Are you going to fuck me?”

He laughed gently and shook his head. “No not tonight sweetie, but one day soon, yes I am going to fuck that sweet, sweet pussy of yours. But tonight, tonight I’ve decided to begin your training.”

“Training?” Again that shaky voice, her eyes glued ümraniye escort to his bouncing dick.

He nodded, patiently explaining. “There’s a reason I’ve saved you from all those boys all these years; I’m going to be the first man to fuck you. I’m going to take your virginity by sliding my cock inside you and then cumming deep in your pussy. I’m going to be the first man to do that. And you’re going to beg me for it when I do.”

She looked up at him disbelief and he just chuckled again. “You don’t think so? Well want don’t we see if I can change that.” He reached down and wrapped his hand around his cock and began to slowly stroke it. Her eyes never left his hand or his dick as he gripped her neck tightly.

“Tonight I’m simply going to jerk off until I cum on your face.” He felt her shudder. “And you are going to kneel there and let me and do exactly what I say when I say it. Do you understand?” Helplessly she nodded riveted at the sight of him jerking off inches from her face. “Good now, I’m going to take my hand away and lean back and you are going to stay there and watch me.” His grip relaxed a bit and she began to pull away from him and he roughly pulled her forward, his hand stilling on his dick as he spat out in her face. “If you try to run away you’ll regret it, do you understand?” She nodded wordlessly; then he let her go.

He leaned back, stroking his dick once more, letting his enjoyment of it show as he sighed with relief. He picked up speed as he stared at his daughter kneeling there trembling slightly as she watched. Her eyes seemed fixated on what he was now doing to himself.

“Pull down your shirt.” His gruff whisper broke the silence.

This surprised her and seemed to break her out of her revere. “What?”

“Take off your shirt; I want to see your tits.”

Slowly as if remembering his threat, she reached up and with shaking hands did as he asked. Her shirt came down slowly and as it did her trembling increased. She gave a start as the top of it reached her nipples and with a bounce, her tits were free.

He groaned loudly at the sight of them and sped up the stroking on his dick. “Touch them.” He whispered and watched as she hesitated a moment before reaching up to cup them in her hands. “Touch your nipples.” Again the soft spoken command was obeyed.

He watched in amazement as she did as ordered, her eyes drifting shut as her hands found her nipples. She gave a slight shudder at the sensation and he knew it wasn’t from fear. He smiled, feeling the cum in balls beginning to boil as he resisted the urge to cum. He watched her closely; he could tell she was so close to the edge and he knew it wouldn’t take much to tip her over it.

She swayed a bit in front of it, her eyes closed as she continued touching escort kartal her own breasts and he kept jerking off while watching her. He decided to push her a little further. “Take off your shorts and show me your pussy.”

Her eyes snapped open settling on him as he sat in the chair with his dick in his hand, beating off while she touched herself and she blushed slightly. But she raised up on her knees and began unbuttoning her shorts as told.

She stood to slide them down her legs and he gave a soft whistle as her neatly shaven pussy came into view. “You don’t wear underwear.” She shook her head, her blush deepening. “Good; from now on you won’t wear any unless I tell you to. Now, touch your pussy.”

Shyly, she slid her fingers down her leg, heading slowly for her pussy. His breath grew ragged as he watched her touching herself and he waited impatiently for her to begin touching her cunt. But at the last moment she hesitated and without thinking, he barked at her. “Touch it!”

With a jerk, she did just that, and he groaned at the image of her kneeling front of him with her fingers in her pussy. Her eyes widened when her fingers made contact and he knew he had her. “Are you wet?” She nodded dumbly. “Play with your clit baby. Play with your pussy and cum with daddy.”

Wordlessly she obeyed him, her fingers slowly starting to circle her little nub inside the folds of her cunt. Her eyes drifted closed again and then opened with a start when he began groaning loudly.

Watching his daughter playing with her pussy was simply too much for him and he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He reached out and grabbed her, dragging her close as he stood up, towering over, beating his cock over her face. He looked down at her terrified but wondering expression in triumph.

“Keep playing with yourself sweetie. Daddy wants you to cum when he cums on your face.” She nodded and he felt his knees buckle slightly as her arm began moving in earnest. He stood there, holding her in place jerking his dick rapidly as he felt himself slip over the edge.

He groaned loudly. “Oh god baby, here it comes; daddy’s cumming baby.” She gasped as he writhed a bit going rigid a moment before the cum left his balls and raced up his shaft to spatter across her face. He held his dick in place and watched in satisfaction as spurt after spurt of thick, ropy cum sprayed from his cock and splashed her face. In seconds it was nearly covered and she was forced to shut her eyes.

She shuddered under the onslaught a sharp cry bursting from her mouth as her own orgasm overwhelmed her. Only his hand on the nape of her neck kept her in place as he let the last of his cum dribble out onto her face. Then he wiped it clean across her chin before collapsing into his chair, breathing heavily.

He watched her crumble next to him, her eyes still shut, the cum dripping off her face. He watched her wipe it from her eyes, her breath coming in huge heaving pants and she gazed at him in amazement.

He smiled at her. “Next time, you’re going to suck my dick baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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