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by Pink Panther

Hi everybody! I”m sorry this chapter took a bit longer than I would have liked, but it”s here now. I hope you like it!

I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the response to chapter 39. So if you want to get me re-energised, please send your comments to ail and I”ll get back to you as soon as I can.

And may I add a reminder that Nifty depends on readers” donations in order to keep operating as a free site, so please give generously.


December 1960

Having worked plenty of lube into Bradshaw”s anus, Alex rolled onto his back.

“I”d like to try something a bit different, if that”s okay,” he said, smiling.

“So aren”t you going to stick it up my bum?” Bradshaw asked, looking puzzled.

“Oh yes. It”s just a different way of doing it. What I”d like you to do is to kneel astride my chest.”

With Bradshaw in position, Alex held the base of his cock between thumb and index finger so that it stood straight up.

“Okay, now shuffle back a bit,” he instructed.

Bradshaw obeyed to the letter.

“Right!” Alex told him. “That should do it. Now sit down.”

As Bradshaw began to lower himself, his rosebud encountered the head of the man”s penis. He grinned mischievously.

“Go on,” Alex urged. “Down you go!”

Very slowly, Bradshaw pushed down, steadily impaling himself on his mentor”s cock. Finally, he”d got it all, the man”s pubic hair squished up against his bottom.

“Excellent!” Alex congratulated, wrapping his fingers around the boy”s throbbing prong. “Now ride me!”

Bradshaw began quite slowly, pushing himself up and down on his teacher”s rock-hard penis. Gradually, the pace increased until he hit the perfect rhythm.

“Oh, yes!” Alex enthused, gently fondling the lad”s boy-parts. “Oh, that is wonderful!”

Suddenly, Bradshaw began to shudder, his breathing becoming harsh and irregular.

“Oh, sir! Sir!” he moaned, his bum tightening sharply around Mr Faulkner”s invading cock.

A moment later, his penis came to life, swelling and pulsing between the man”s fingers. The youngster”s anal contractions had their usual effect, taking Alex right over the edge.

“Oh yes!” he gasped, “I”m going to fill your bottom!”

Releasing Bradshaw”s boy-spike, he pressed down on the lad”s thighs to keep him fully impaled. In the next instant, his cock jerked powerfully, several volleys of creamy spunk spurting deep into the eleven-year old”s rectum.

For several seconds they remained exactly as they were, smiling happily at each other. Eventually, Alex lifted Bradshaw off his super-sensitive cock. He laid the lad face-down on top of him, their lips meeting in a sensuous, post-fuck kiss.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After dropping Bradshaw near his house, Alex headed back to the flat. He was floating on air. It wasn”t simply that they”d just had a wonderful fuck. While his encounter with Long the previous day had been very exciting, it had been purely about sex. By contrast, his relationship with Bradshaw seemed to touch every aspect of their lives.

Although the previous week had been tough, it had been very rewarding. With only 3-Red”s exam papers still to be marked, all his classes had performed at the upper limit of his expectations. Very few of the boys that he taught had failed to reach the required standard, and with the exception of Jones from his fifth-year class, even they weren”t too far away. At the other end of the scale, many of his students were doing very well indeed.

Things, it seemed, were going exactly as he would have wanted them to. There was only one cloud on the horizon. Whitney was not going to take kindly to being replaced as his `number one boy”. It was not as though he could try to portray matters differently, Alex reflected. Though not an outstanding student, Whitney was certainly intelligent enough to see how close he and Bradshaw had become. The thirteen-year old was not going to like it.

At some point, he”d have to introduce them, but he couldn”t decide how to go about it. If Whitney went into a sulk, it could be very embarrassing, for Bradshaw in particular. That was the last thing he wanted. But there was no immediate rush. He”d bide his time and hope to find a suitable opportunity.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Monday morning, the period before break. Alex”s fourth-year class made their way into his room and sat down, looking at him expectantly.

“I”m now going to return your exam papers,” Alex said smiling. “I”d like you to look through them. First of all, I”d like you to add up the marks I”ve given for each question. This should be the number shown in the circle in the margin. Then add up the numbers in the circles. That should give you your total mark. If you find any discrepancies, please let me know. And if you have any queries about the actual marking, please ask.”

With that, he began walking around the room, handing out the boys” exam papers. Following his usual practice, he”d arranged them in ascending order, and so Dodd, who had scored 39, was the first to receive his paper.

“See me at the end of the period,” Alex said quietly.

Next was Townley, with a score of 42. Alex gave him the same instruction. He then continued around the room, finally coming to Laws who had scored a very creditable 81. He spent the rest of the class dealing with queries, all of which he was able to resolve. He gave himself a little pat on the back. He hadn”t made a single mistake in either the marking or the addition. Finally, the bell went for break.

“Okay,” Alex said. “Dodd and Townley, I want a word with you. The rest of you, put your things away and make your way out quietly.”

“Sir,” Armstrong asked. “What will we be doing tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow, we”ll be getting back to work,” Alex said firmly. “You”ve done very well, but there”s no time for you to rest on your laurels.”

As the last of the other boys disappeared, Dodd and Townley made their way to the teacher”s desk.

“First of all,” Alex said quietly. “I want to congratulate you on the improvement you”ve made. You”re still not quite where you need to be, but you”re not far away. So there”s to be no slackening off. In fact, I expect you to work even harder.”

Dodd and Townley looked at each other, clearly not keen on the message they were being given.

“Do you remember this time last year,” Alex asked them, “when we were having extra classes at lunchtime? When I taught you two, there was always a third boy there. Who was it?”

“Stainham, sir,” Townley said.

“Back then, he was struggling just as much as you were. Is he struggling now?”

“No, sir.”

“That”s because he took the decision that he was going to get on top of it. When he got stuck, he asked for help, which I gave him. He put the work in and now he”s reaping the rewards. You can do the same. And if you do, at some point it will all start to fall into place, and once it does, you won”t need to struggle anymore. It”ll actually become quite enjoyable.”

Townley raised an eyebrow. As far as he was concerned, the words “maths” and “enjoyable” didn”t belong in the same sentence.

“Tell me,” Alex said, smiling. “Have I ever told you that something would happen, but it didn”t?”

“No, sir,” Townley conceded.

Alex turned to Dodd.

“No, sir,” the lad echoed. “But Stainham”s a swot. He does really well at everything except maths.”

“That”s not the point,” Alex said. “This time last year, he was the weakest boy in the class. Now he”s not. He made that break-though, and next term, if you show a bit more determination and actually start believing in yourselves, you will too. Right! Off you go to break!”

He watched them go. It was the best pep-talk he”d ever given. He just had to hope it would have the desired effect. He”d have to follow it up by giving Dodd and Townley lots of attention and encouragement, but the prize would be worth it; to have every boy in the class pass their O-level exam. In the school”s terms, that would be a major achievement.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was late on Wednesday afternoon. Alex was in the pavilion changing room, Under-12″s football training having finished half an hour earlier. Very carefully, he removed his cock from Pennington”s bottom. The twelve-year old farted noisily, the man”s spunk spluttering from his anus and trickling down his legs.

“Did you enjoy that?” Alex asked, carefully massaging he sticky fluid into the lad”s thighs and buttocks.

“Oh yes, sir! It was super!”

“I thought so. It was for me too. I love it when you shoot your spunk while I”m fucking you. Okay, you”d better go to the toilet.”

As Pennington disappeared, Alex carefully wiped up the little drops of boy-cum that the youngster had deposited on the far side of the bench. It was strange, he mused. All he really knew about the lad was that he was stunningly good looking and a wonderful fuck.

A couple of minutes later, Pennington was back. Alex decided to take a chance.

“What will you be doing next Thursday?” he asked.

“Nothing much, sir.”

“I wondered if you”d like to meet me. How does that sound?”

“Good, sir. Where would we go?”

“To my flat. It”s not far. Do you know the Kings Head, just along the main road?”

“Yes sir.”

“If you can meet me there, I”ll pick you up.”

“Yes sir. What time?”

“Would half past two be okay?”

“Yes sir. That”ll be fine. I”ll need to be home by five o”clock.”

“That”s good. We”ll have plenty of time.”

A few minutes later, Alex was on his way home, a broad grin on his face. In less than two hours, he”d be back at school, ready to take part in the annual carol service. He”d be the image of the respectable schoolmaster. escort kocaeli What would parents and colleagues think if they knew what he”d been up to? It didn”t matter, he told himself. They didn”t know, and as long as he was careful, they weren”t going to find out.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At break the following morning, Alex was summoned to Neil”s classroom. The exam results for every year group were laid out on the desks.

“You”ve done it again,” Neil said appreciatively. “These results are even better than you achieved last year.”

Alex looked through each year group in turn. At the top end, his results were similar to everyone else”s. It was at the lower end that his classes stood out, with far fewer boys failing to achieve the expected standard.

“I”ve tried everything I can think of with my fourth year group,” Neil went on. “My results are still not as good as yours.”

“I did have an advantage,” Alex pointed out. “I taught all of mine last year. They”re used to me expecting them to work their socks off. And I knew where the problems were. I”ve given Dodd and Townley lots of extra attention. Even so, they”re still not quite there.” He looked through Neil”s results again. “I see Parker”s done pretty well,” he commented, noting the former rebel”s score of 49.

“Yes,” Neil agreed. “And that”s partly as a result of you filling me in on the background. I don”t think he”ll ever be a model student, but he seems to be responding. And I think it”s probably easier for me to play the father-figure than it was for you.”

Alex nodded his understanding, feeling very happy with the situation. In just over a year he”d established himself as one of the school”s most effective teachers, respected by the boys, their parents, and his colleagues. It was exactly the reputation he needed as cover for his other activities.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was twenty past four. Michael was in Mr Faulkner”s storeroom where he”d just been energetically fucked.

“Shall I get dressed now?” he asked.

“Yes, of course.”

Michael pulled up his underpants, his bum still full of his teacher”s spunk.

“What will you be doing next Thursday?” Alex asked.

“Sorry, sir; I”ll be busy,” Michael responded.

The answer struck Alex as odd. Something in the way the boy said it told him that something was going on, but Whitney and Newton wouldn”t have planned that far ahead, and Holdsworth would still be at school. His instinct was to ask for an explanation, but experience, and several lectures from Gordon, had taught him to resist the temptation.

“Oh, fair enough,” he said casually. “I”ll be seeing you on Saturday, of course?”

“Yes, sir,” Michael agreed. Now fully dressed, he picked up his bag. “We”re going to Mr Smith”s, aren”t we?”

“Correct,” Alex confirmed. “I”ll see you then.”

And that was where they left it. Alex was disappointed. For some reason, things hadn”t worked out. On the spur of the moment, he”d had the idea to introduce Whitney to Pennington. But with the older boy unavailable, that would have to wait.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Although he hadn”t done much teaching, with the school carol service, a performance with the choral society, the under-12 football team”s last match of the term, and a visit to his old prep school to see Mr Smith and young Southcott, Alex had had a busy week. But after spending a relaxed evening with Joanne and a lazy Sunday morning reading the papers, he felt more than ready for the afternoon”s activities. Introducing his young prot�g� to Mr Brown and Arrowsmith would be one of the highlights of the term. He could hardly wait.

At quarter to two, he set off for the short drive to the Kings Head. As usual, Bradshaw, dressed in his school uniform, was waiting for him. With the lad safely in the front passenger seat, he headed back to the flat.

“So how are you today?” he asked.

“Okay, thanks sir,” Bradshaw replied, sounding a little apprehensive.

“Nervous?” Alex enquired.

“A bit, sir.”

“Don”t worry,” Alex said reassuringly, patting the boy”s thigh. “You”ll be fine, I promise.”

Back at the flat, they settled down to work, Alex recognising the importance of not deviating too far from their usual routine. Bradshaw threw himself into it with all his characteristic enthusiasm. Alex was delighted. That, more than anything, was what made the lad so special. At quarter to three, he brought the class to an end.

“Well done!” he said, smiling warmly.

“What time will they be here?” Bradshaw asked, packing his books away.

“They said three o”clock, but they”ll probably be early. They usually are. Let”s go into the lounge to wait for them. Would you like some lemonade?”

“Please, sir.”

Once in the lounge, Bradshaw parked himself on the sofa. He squirmed in his seat. He couldn”t help it. On the one hand, he was excited by the prospect of having sex with another boy, his cock straining to escape the confines of his underpants. On the other, he”d be expected to have sex with Mr Brown, whom he”d never even met. That was a worry. Mr Faulkner, or Mr White, as he”d been told to call him, had said that Mr Brown was very nice. But what did that mean, exactly? He”d just have to hope for the best.

Barely five minutes later, the doorbell rang. Alex went to answer it, opening the door to his two guests. He ushered them inside.

“Mr Brown”s told you what I expect,” Alex said, looking pointedly at Arrowsmith.

“Yes sir; no showing off and no bad language.”

“Correct! Now don”t forget.”

Waiting in the lounge, Bradshaw”s heart was in his mouth. Suddenly the door opened. A slim lad, several inches taller than himself, with a warm, open smile, lively, intelligent eyes and an unruly mop of almost black curls, was heading towards him, hand extended. Bradshaw got to his feet.

“Hi!” the other boy said, shaking Bradshaw”s hand. “I”m Arrowsmith. You must be Bradshaw. Good to meet you!”

“Good to meet you too!” Bradshaw responded, smiling.

The boys sat on the sofa. Bradshaw”s fears were assuaged. He”d taken to Arrowsmith immediately. He liked the older boy”s confident, relaxed manner, not pushy, but nicely self-assured. And though he hadn”t actually spoken to Mr Brown, the man did look nice, just as Mr White had told him.

Alex shepherded Mr Brown into the kitchen.

“That”s the first hurdle overcome,” he said, pouring a cup of tea for Mr Brown and a glass of lemonade for Arrowsmith. “Bradshaw was as nervous as a kitten before you got here.”

“You”ve found a good one there,” Martin responded. “Not classically pretty, but very cute. And you can see how bright he is. It just shines out of him.”

“Last Sunday, I taught him how to ride my cock,” Alex confided.

“Excellent! So he knows what”s expected?”

Alex nodded, and led the way back to the lounge. He was pleased to see the boys talking animatedly, seeming very relaxed in each other”s company.

“Bradshaw,” Alex interrupted, handing Arrowsmith the glass of lemonade. “This is Mr Brown.”

“Good afternoon, sir,” Bradshaw said, getting to his feet. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Delighted to meet you too,” Martin answered, smiling warmly. “Now don”t stand on ceremony. It looks as though you and Arrowsmith are just getting to know each other.”

Bradshaw resumed his seat, and the conversation continued.

“So you”re not involved in music at all?” Arrowsmith asked.

“No,” Bradshaw told him. “I like music, but I can”t sing and I don”t play. The two things I love are maths and football, and Mr White helps me with both of them, don”t you sir?”

“I do what I can,” Alex said quietly.

“And sex,” Arrowsmith suggested. “You must love that or we wouldn”t be here.”

“Yeah, of course I do,” Bradshaw conceded, giving his new friend a mischievous grin.

“Can you cum yet?”

“No, Mr White thinks I”ll be able to soon.”

“When”s your birthday?”

“I”ll be twelve in January.”

“Oh, wow! My birthday”s in January too! I”ll be thirteen. So had you done anything before you met Mr White?”

“No, I hadn”t got a clue. When Mr White started stroking my thigh while he was teaching me, I knew I liked it, but I had no idea why. It didn”t dawn on me until he got his fingers right up inside my shorts.”

“So what happened?”

“My cock started to get hard.”

“Right! So when was that?”

“During the half term break.”

“Wow! That was what, six weeks ago? You”ve learned really fast!”

“It”s what he does,” Alex intervened.

“Mr White says you don”t like kissing,” Bradshaw said, changing tack.

“No, it”s girly,” Arrowsmith responded.

“No it isn”t!” Bradshaw shot back. “I like it, and I”m not girly, am I sir?”

“Definitely not,” Alex confirmed. “You should see him playing football; not girly at all.”

“It”s okay if you don”t want to do it,” Bradshaw went on, “but don”t say it”s girly because it isn”t.”

“I like you,” Arrowsmith said, grinning. “You say what you think, not like Whitney.”

“Whitney?” Bradshaw queried, looking at Mr White. “Is that the second-year kid?”

Alex nodded.

“Yeah,” Arrowsmith confirmed. “When I said that to him, he never said a word. But a couple of weeks later, when my younger friend came here, Whitney started criticising me behind my back.”

“To be fair, Whitney is too polite to get into an argument over something like that,” Alex said evenly. “Mr Brown and I were concerned that you were exerting too much influence on your friend Jessop. You”re a pretty forceful character. Jessop was lapping it up to the extent that he was trying to be like you. That wasn”t doing him any favours. Something needed to be said, and it was.”

“Yes sir,” Arrowsmith said, giving Alex a wry grin. “I heard about it.”

“So you don”t like sport then?” Bradshaw kocaeli anal yapan escort enquired.

“Oh, I play rugby at school,” Arrowsmith said. “I”m not bad, because I can catch the ball and I”m fairly quick. But I hate getting tackled by one of the bigger lads. I get flattened!”

“Not like Southcott, then?” Alex suggested.

“Oh, he”s nuts!” Arrowsmith asserted. “Good kid, and very sexy, but he”s as mad as a hatter!”

Bradshaw looked totally bewildered.

“This lad Southcott”s at the cathedral choir school where Mr White used to go,” Arrowsmith explained. “He”s your age, but a bit bigger than you. Well, not only does he like getting dumped on his arse by the bigger kids while he”s playing rugby, he likes being spanked. He even liked being caned. He says it turns him on. And he does some crazy stuff!”

“Turns him on?” Bradshaw queried.

“Yeah, you know, it makes his prick go hard. At their school, they cane boys just in their underpants, right? He told me that one day he was being caned for something he”d done, and he had a dry cum in his undies! That is mad!”

“Oh, he told you about that, did he?” Alex asked, grinning. “Come on, I think it”s time we went to the bedroom.”

Bradshaw was suddenly nervous again. When Mr Brown sat on the bed, he obediently stood in front of him, just as Mr White had instructed him.

“Relax!” Martin said soothingly. “I”m not going to hurt you.” He ran his fingers over the front of the youngster”s shorts. “Hmmmm!” he breathed, “I see you”re hard already.”

Reaching up, he undid the top of the lad”s shorts and pulled down the zip. Bradshaw shimmied slightly, causing them to fall around his ankles. After quickly removing his shoes, he kicked off his shorts and stood up again. Mr Brown”s long slim fingers slid up inside his underpants, expertly wrapping themselves around his throbbing penis. The man”s touch was exquisite. It felt wonderful.

“Oh yes!” Martin cooed. “You are so hard! Okay, take off your sweater, and your shirt and tie.”

Bradshaw quickly did as he was asked.

“You”ve got a beautiful little body!” Martin enthused.

Releasing Bradshaw”s prong, he removed his hand from inside the boy”s underpants. Gripping them by the waistband, he skinned them down the eleven-year old”s legs, enabling the lad to step out of them.

“Beautiful cock!” he whispered, before leaning forwards to take it into his mouth.

Bradshaw was in ecstasy. Mr Brown was sucking him even better than Mr White did, the man”s fingers working wonders on the sensitive area behind his balls. He scarcely knew which planet he was on. After a minute or so, the young choirmaster let him go and stood up.

“Okay, your turn now,” he said.

Bradshaw quickly undid the man”s fly-buttons and extracted his cock.

“Good boy!” Mr Brown said quietly. “Right, you know what to do.”

Bradshaw knelt on the floor. Holding the man”s penis between thumb and forefinger, he guided it between his lips. Compared to sucking Mr White”s, this was easy. Not only was it more than an inch shorter, it was considerably slimmer. Within seconds, he was sucking it right down to the root, burying his nose in the choirmaster”s pubic hair.

“Ohhh!” Martin gasped. “That is amazing! I can see what Mr White means about you being a quick learner. I”ve known boys who”ve been doing it for ages who couldn”t do it as well as you! Ooooh! You”d better stop now. I don”t want to cum yet!”

Bradshaw immediately let him go. He looked up, smiling and licking his lips. He and Mr Brown glanced across the room. The naked Arrowsmith was kneeling on the floor with his mouth around Mr White”s hard pole.

“Mr White,” Martin asked. “Do you think it”s time for these boys to have some fun together?”

“Absolutely!” Alex confirmed. “Okay, young man!” he added, looking down at Arrowsmith. “Let”s see what you can do.”

The two boys climbed onto the bed.

“Take your socks off,” Arrowsmith instructed, grinning. “You look weird, just wearing your socks!”

Grinning back, Bradshaw pulled them off. They snuggled up, their penises grinding together. Bradshaw could hardly believe how good it felt, having the older lad”s slim, smooth body pressed against his own. He inhaled deeply, Arrowsmith”s musky aroma flooding his nostrils. His boy-cock twitched involuntarily, as though he had taken some wonder sex-drug.

“Do you want me to kiss you?” Arrowsmith asked.

“Only if you want to,” Bradshaw responded. “You don”t have to.”

“Because it”s you, and you”ve got balls, I want to try it,” Arrowsmith whispered.

“Okay,” Bradshaw said, smiling.

Moments later, their lips met.

“Open your mouth!” Bradshaw told him.

Arrowsmith”s lips parted, allowing the younger boy”s tongue to slip inside. It ran sensuously over the lad”s white, even teeth. By pure instinct, Arrowsmith responded in kind. Within seconds the boys” tongues were engaged in a full-scale wrestling match, pushing, writhing, caressing. Finally, their lips parted.

“Fuck!” Arrowsmith breathed. “That was unbelievable! I”d no idea it felt like that! Do you do sixty-nines?”


The slim lad snaked around, quickly devouring the eleven-year old”s penis. Drawing Arrowsmith closer, Bradshaw”s lips closed over his new friend”s cock. He sucked it eagerly, working his way down until he was licking the older lad”s line of short black pubes.

Arrowsmith slipped his hand between Bradshaw”s legs, the younger boy opening them wider to give him better access. Standing up, Alex handed Arrowsmith the tube of K-Y. Squeezing some onto his index finger, the lad quickly located his new friend”s anus. He pushed inside.

“Are you going to fuck me?” Bradshaw asked, grinning.

“Is that okay?” Arrowsmith asked.

“Yeah, of course it is! I want you to. How are we doing it?”

“Get on all-fours,” Arrowsmith told him, “with your feet over the end of the bed.”

“Okay,” Bradshaw agreed, “Let me lube you up first.” He took the tube of K-Y. “This is special,” he added, expertly coating the older boy”s cock. “I”ve only taken Mr White”s before.”

As Arrowsmith got off the bed, Bradshaw moved into position. Standing behind, the older boy guided his stiff rod onto its target. He pushed hard. Suddenly, Bradshaw”s anal ring opened up, allowing him to slide smoothly in.

“Oh yeah!” Bradshaw gasped, the older lad”s weapon grazing his prostate.

Arrowsmith didn”t hesitate for a moment, fucking his young sex-partner with long, hard thrusts. It was better than he”d expected. Even though Bradshaw had been penetrated by the well-endowed Mr White, he was still beautifully tight.

For his part, Bradshaw was in heaven. There was none of the pain or discomfort associated with being fucked by his mentor. This was simply the greatest pleasure he”d ever experienced, Arrowsmith pounding him relentlessly, the well-developed twelve-year old not missing a beat.

Feeling his orgasm beginning to build, Arrowsmith thrust even harder, reaching around to grab the younger boy”s prong.

“Ohhh!” Bradshaw gasped, his muscles going into spasm. “Oh! Oh! Nnnnnnngggg!”

Arrowsmith was vaguely aware of his new friend”s boy-hole clamping tight around his cock, followed by the lad”s prick swelling and pulsing between his fingers. Suddenly everything went crazy. A kaleidoscope of colours flashed in front of his eyes, the whole room turning cartwheels around him. His penis jerked repeatedly, little jets of translucent boy-spunk spurting into Bradshaw”s bottom.

As the room returned to being the right way up, he carefully withdrew. While Mr Brown joined Bradshaw on the bed, he went to sit on Mr White”s lap, knowing that in just a few minutes” time, it would be his turn to take the man”s large cock up his bum.

“I think you enjoyed that,” Alex said quietly.

“Yes, definitely,” Arrowsmith said, grinning. “That was unbelievable! Sorry about saying `fuck”. It just slipped out.”

“Oh, don”t worry about that,” Alex said indulgently. “You weren”t saying it for effect. You did really well. Bradshaw enjoyed every second of it; I could see it in his face. And you gave him a dry-cum! You really like him, don”t you?”

“Yes sir,” Arrowsmith agreed. “Like I told him, he”s got the balls to stand up and say what he thinks. I know he does maths and I do music, and it doesn”t seem as though we”ve not got much in common, but somehow, it”s as though we think the same way.”

“Yes,” Alex said thoughtfully. “I”d agree with that. It”s good, because I expect you”ll be seeing each other quite often over the next couple of terms.”

“Jessop”s okay,” Arrowsmith went on, “and I love having sex with him, but he never questions anything. I tell him stuff. The masters at school tell him stuff. He never questions any of it. I was thinking. If I was going into battle, of all the kids I know, Bradshaw”s the one I”d want to take with me.”

“And I definitely agree with that!” Alex said, smiling broadly. “He”s as tough as they come. For my money, you couldn”t find anyone better.”

“Mr Brown says you like modern jazz,” Arrowsmith said, changing tack.

“Yes,” Alex told him. “I heard quite a bit while I was at Cambridge. Actually, I heard some when I was in the sixth form at school, but back then I couldn”t follow it at all. Once I was at Cambridge and I had the opportunity to hear it live, I started to understand it.”

“Mr Brown hates it.”

“Yes, I know. He”s strictly classical, I”m afraid.”

“Did you tell Mr Brown that Charlie Parker was a genius?”

“I did indeed. But what you have to remember is that it was an extremely flawed genius, as it so often is with these highly creative people. Parker died in his mid-thirties as a result of all the drugs he”d izmit yabancı escort taken. He simply burnt himself out.”

“I wish you were my housemaster, sir,” Arrowsmith said.

“Really?” Alex queried. “Why”s that?”

“Because you”d encourage me to do the things I want to do, and that”d mean you”d be much better at getting me to do the things you wanted me to do.”

Alex allowed himself a smile. Coming from a boy who was not yet thirteen, that was quite an insight. And it was perfectly true. He thought back to when he”d first started at Woodchurch, and how he”d managed to get Etheridge and Wilson on his side. By encouraging them with their football, he”d been able to bring them into line in his maths classes. It had worked superbly, with both boys now on target for top grades in their O-level exam.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Did you enjoy having Arrowsmith”s cock in your boy-hole?” Martin asked quietly, nuzzling Bradshaw”s ear. “It certainly seemed like you did.”

“Yes sir.”

“And you”ll be okay with mine, won”t you?”

“Yes sir, I should be. Mr White”s shown me what to do.”

“Excellent! Did you have a dry cum while Arrowsmith was fucking you?”

“Yes sir! It was super!”

“I thought so. I”d better not rush you then. I”m hoping you”ll be able to have another one.”

“Yes, sir. I think I will.” He paused for a moment. “Sir,” he queried, “Mr White says you don”t like kissing.”

“When I was thirteen, I started at public school. I was a late developer. I was no bigger than you are now and I still couldn”t cum. Lots of the older boys wanted to have sex with me. They”d take me somewhere quiet, kiss me and tell me how beautiful I was. Then they”d pull my pants down and fuck me. It didn”t matter whether I wanted them to or not. During the first few weeks I had sex with at least a dozen older boys, most of whom I wouldn”t have gone with if I”d had the choice. But I didn”t. As far as they were concerned, I was just a sex-toy.”

“That”s bad, isn”t it sir, having to do it with someone you don”t like?”

“Yes, it is. All my boys really enjoy what we do, just like you enjoy being with Mr White. I think that”s important.”

“Yes, sir. How many boys have you got?”

“Three: Arrowsmith, Jessop who”s the same age as you, and Long, who”s a year younger. Mr White tells me that you”re keen to fuck another boy.”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, as soon as you”re shooting spunk, I”ll introduce you to Long. You”ll like him, and he”ll be more than happy to have your cock in his boy-hole.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Anyway, to answer your question, I associate kissing with some experiences I”d rather forget.”

“Yes sir, I understand. What happened after those first few weeks?”

“The school captain rescued me. I became his boy. He was fucking me, of course, but at least he treated me properly.”

Without waiting to be asked, Bradshaw moved down the bed. Leaning across, he took the choirmaster”s penis into his mouth and began to suck.

“Ohhh!” Martin groaned. “You do that so well! Just take it steady.”

After a minute or so, Bradshaw let him go.

“I love your cock, sir,” he said grinning. “It”s, you know, just right.”

“I love yours too,” Martin responded. “Come here!”

Getting onto his knees, Bradshaw shuffled up the bed until his prick was level with Mr Brown”s face. Turning towards him, Martin”s lips closed over it, taking it right down to the root.

“Mmmm!” he cooed, releasing it again. “That is perfect! Are you ready?”

Bradshaw grinned and nodded.

“Okay, Mr White,” Martin said. “We”re ready when you are.”

To Bradshaw”s surprise, Mr Brown snaked around to lie with his head at the foot of the bed.

“Right,” Martin said. “Mr White showed you what to do.”

Very carefully, Bradshaw lowered himself onto the man”s penis.

“Ooooh!” Martin breathed. “You”ve got a lovely tight boy-hole!”

As Bradshaw continued to push down, Arrowsmith stood in front of him, feet apart. He bent right over, resting his hands on the bed. The eleven-year old”s eyes widened as his mentor moved in behind, the man”s large cock steadily disappearing into Arrowsmith”s bottom. But that was not all. Before he had chance to think, his prick was engulfed by the older boy”s warm, wet mouth.

“Okay, Bradshaw,” Alex said, smiling. “You know what to do.”

Bradshaw knew exactly what to do. In fact, he didn”t need to know; it was completely instinctive, riding Mr Brown”s five-inch penis while simultaneously thrusting his boy-prong into Arrowsmith”s mouth. And all the while he was being turned on more and more by the sight of his mentor”s cock pumping in and out of the older boy”s bum. When, just a few weeks earlier, he”d begun having sex with his maths teacher, he couldn”t have envisaged doing anything like this, but here he was, and it was the most exciting thing ever.

After a couple of minutes, he was almost there. He held Arrowsmith”s head. That was instinctive too.

“Uhhhhhh!” he gasped. “I”m going to do it!”

A moment later, his muscles went into spasm, his bum clamping tight around Mr Brown”s invading member. An instant later, his prick acquired a life of its own, jabbing repeatedly against Arrowsmith”s palate.

“Oh, you sexy boy!” Martin moaned. “Ohh! I”m going to fill your boy-hole!”

Bradshaw held still, feeling the man”s warm seminal fluid spurting into him. In front of him, the action continued, Mr White fucking the twelve-year old even harder.

“Your turn now!” he growled. “Here it cums!”

Tightening his grip on Arrowsmith”s thighs, he thrust right in, depositing volley after volley of creamy spunk in the lad”s rectum.

After several seconds, they carefully disengaged.

“Okay!” Alex instructed. “You boys had better get yourselves to the bathroom.”

The boys obediently made their way out.

“That was wonderful!” Martin enthused. “Bradshaw”s a total delight. You”re so lucky to have found someone like him.”

“Very much so,” Alex agreed. “He”s quite extraordinary.”

“I was amazed by the way he stood up to Arrowsmith,” Martin continued. “Arrowsmith really seemed to respect him for it.”

“That wasn”t too much of a surprise,” Alex countered. “Bradshaw”s got a mind of his own, just like Arrowsmith has. I think they”ll be good for each other.”

“Yes, I think you”re right. Thank you so much for the invitation. It”s been marvellous. I wouldn”t have missed it for anything.”

“Tell me,” Alex said. “Will you have any free time on Thursday afternoon?”

“Yes, I”m sure it could be arranged. I don”t have to look after the boys all the time.”

“Will Arrowsmith still be around?”

“Hmmm! I think he”s supposed to be going home on Tuesday, but he may be able to stay for a couple more days. What do you have in mind?”

“If you could come over here, I”m sure you”ll have a most enjoyable time.”

“With Bradshaw again?”

“Er, no, somebody else. In fact, Bradshaw”s name mustn”t be mentioned. It”s hard to explain right now. Let”s just say it”s my guilty secret. And it has to be Arrowsmith. We need a spunker.”

“Oh I see,” Martin said thoughtfully. “Leave it with me. I”ll call you tomorrow evening.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Let me go first,” Arrowsmith said as he and Bradshaw entered the bathroom. “I”m leaking like nobody”s business.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“You don”t want to lick it up, do you?”

“Not really.”

“No, I wouldn”t either. Whitney does though. He likes it. He doesn”t just lick it off my legs. He takes it right out of my boy-hole.”


“Yeah, that”s what I think,” Arrowsmith said, sitting on the toilet, his host”s spunk rushing out into the bowl.

After a few seconds, he got to his feet, gingerly wiping his bottom.

“Is your bum sore?” Bradshaw asked.

“Yeah, a bit.”

“Mine”s always sore after he”s fucked me. I still like it though. It hurts when it goes in, but once he gets going, it feels incredible.”

They changed places.

“So how did you get on with Mr Brown”s?” Arrowsmith enquired.

“Oh, that was super! After taking yours, it felt perfect. He never hurt me at all. And having you suck me off at the same time; wow! I”ve never felt anything like it.”

“And you came! Only a tiny drop, but you definitely did. I could taste it.”

“Wow!” Bradshaw paused for a moment. “You”re still hard,” he commented.

“Yeah, that”s Mr White”s doing. It”s like you said. It really hurt when it went up me, but once he started fucking, he made me unbelievably horny. If I hadn”t already cum, I”d have spurted all over the place.”

“D”you want to fuck me again?”

“Not really, my cock”s still pretty sensitive. But you can suck me off if you want. It”s okay; I have washed it.”

“Come here then!”

Arrowsmith sauntered across to stand in front of the toilet. Leaning forwards, Bradshaw plunged down on him, sucking the older boy”s hard prick as though his life depended on it. Reaching down, Arrowsmith ruffled the younger lad”s hair.

“Ooooh!” he panted. “You”re so good at sucking! Oh! Oh! I”m going to cum!”

Holding Bradshaw”s head, his penis swelled and pulsed, three little jets of boy-juice squirting onto the eleven-year old”s tongue. Having swallowed it all, Bradshaw let him go. He looked up, grinning and licking his lips.

“That was wonderful!” Arrowsmith enthused. “Best blow-job ever! D”you want me to suck yours?”

Bradshaw nodded.

“Okay, stay where you are,” Arrowsmith ordered. “Just open your legs.”

As Bradshaw pulled his knees apart, Arrowsmith knelt in front of him, He buried his face in the eleven-year old”s lap, quickly bringing the lad to another shuddering boygasm. After a few seconds, he pulled away.

“You were dry that time,” he announced. “But don”t worry, it won”t be long before you”re squirting every time. Come on, we”d better get back.”

Moments later, the boys reappeared in the bedroom to find Mr White and Mr Brown already dressed.

“Bradshaw,” Alex said gently. “I”d say that you were the cat that swallowed the cream.”

“Yes sir,” Bradshaw admitted, giving his mentor a mischievous grin.

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