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Mid January we arrive, frustration from the train journey tinged with anticipation, teasing and lust only tempered by getting lost on the walk between the station and your flat. You return home from work and are amused to find us huddled together against the cold. Shyly I introduce Katie to you, and you’re taken aback by her natural exuberance and enthusiasm for you — the person she has never met before, but has heard so much about. My master.

As you unlock and open the door I’m tempted to hang back, I’m uncertain what the next twenty-four hours are going to hold and I’m unsure how to respond to being in the company of two people that I find so attractive, that I’ve lusted after for so long. Katie, as if sensing my uncertainty looks back at me and smiles, interlacing her fingers with mine and leading me over the threshold. Once the door is closed I turn to kiss her and you watch, amused, as my hands snake under her top and her tongue finds its way into my mouth. Yes, you’re my master and I want you, but I’ve spent the whole train journey in her company and her flirting is intoxicating.

I pull her jumper up and over her head, then followed by her t-shirt, and my hand slides down into her jeans as I unhook her bra. Bored of watching the show, suddenly your hands grip my wrists and pin my hands behind my back. With your spare hand you reach down and unbutton my jeans, sliding both them and my underwear down my hips. I step out of them as your hand runs down my newly shaved pussy, brushing between my legs. My arms still pinned behind my back, you slide your hand up underneath my t-shirt and undo the clasp of my bra as Katie unzips your fly. When all three of us are standing in the hallway in various stages of undress, you pick me up and carry me into the bedroom, placing me on the floor just next to the bed. I perch on the edge, a slight smile playing on my lips, looking up at you and awaiting orders from either one of you. Katie watches, trying to gauge the dynamics of the master/slave relationship as your right hand wraps itself around my throat and squeezes slightly, the fingers of your left hand tracing around my lips, parting them and presses into my mouth. I’ve been here before. I know what you want.

I shift my position round so that I’m lying on the bed, my head facing towards the foot; feel your hands close around my shoulders and you pull me sharply downwards so that my head overhangs the edge. I know what’s coming and I close my eyes with a sharp intake of breath. I feel the muscles in my neck and upper back tense as I am forced to support the weight of my head by myself. Katie watches, wide-eyed as you start to feed your cock into my willing mouth, and I begin to lubricate it with my saliva. My eyes are closed as she positions herself between my legs and grips hold of my thighs to part them and keep them spread. Your cock fills my mouth, stretching my lips apart slightly and I start to tease the head with my tongue, enjoying the feel of smooth skin against smooth skin, lubricated by saliva. I struggle to concentrate on the sensations of your cock in my mouth and your pleasure as I feel Katie’s fingers stroke upwards between my legs, pausing and hovering over the opening to my vagina.

As you begin to thrust into my mouth, her fingers start to press inside me and are met by a sudden pool of warmth and wetness — my moisture has yet to seep through and dampen the outside of my body. Her fingers run up between my labia, parting them and lubricating them with my own wetness. I try to pull away as I feel the coldness of her fingers rub around my clit, and then softly pull back the hood, exposing it to the air.

You’re thrusting into my mouth by now, and with each of Katie’s movements my lips are gripping firmer around your cock, imagining that it is inside me. As if to mirror what I am imagining, her fingers probe inside me and I momentarily enjoy the sensation of being filled, both in my mouth and in my pussy, before her fingers hook upwards and press against my g spot. I try to gasp, but your cock is filling my mouth and restricting both my movement and my airway. As she presses again and again into my g spot I begin to whimper gently. I remember that I have to ask you for permission to come, but your cock in my mouth is unrelenting and asking for permission is physically impossible, much as I want to. You look down at my naked body, beginning to shake and quiver with pleasure. ‘You don’t have permission to come slave. Hold it.’

I want to obey you sir. I try to force myself to focus only on the sensations of your cock thrusting into my mouth, trying to relax my gag reflex to enable you to fuck my throat. Katie’s fingers are rhythmically working against my g spot and I can feel my orgasm start to build as she begins to lap at my clit, cat-like, teasing me with the very tip of her tongue. She is determined to make me fail, to force me to come without your permission. Her fingers gently increase their pressure holding back my hood, and with a knowing smile she closes kütahya escort her lips around my exposed clit and begins to suck. Pleasure cuts through me and I start to come instantly, pulsing around the fingers Katie has buried deep inside me and panting around your cock. Your voice hardens — you are displeased with me. ‘No, slave. You came without permission, and bad slaves need to be punished.’

As my body slowly stops writhing and my breathing and heart rate begin to return to normal, I’m vaguely aware of being shifted so that I’m once again lying fully on the bed. My head is lifted and supported momentarily and I see a flash of purple before my eyes are covered with silk. You knot the blindfold firmly behind my head before letting it fall again.

For what feels like an age, nothing happens, and I’m overly aware of my body, of my breathing, of the warmth and wetness between my legs. Then something dull, slightly rough brushes across my left breast before pressure tightens around my nipple. For a few moments I’m euphoric, it’s as if my nipple and my clit are directly wired into each other and I can feel the throbbing between my legs as well as in my breast. Then the pleasure turns into searing pain. You attach a clothes peg to my other nipple and once again I can’t discern whether what I’m feeling is pleasure or agony. Katie’s hair brushes across my stomach, then my breasts, as she leans over to kiss me on the lips, and as her tongue presses into my mouth her hands begin to play with my tortured nipples. Tracing her fingers over my areolae, then cruelly moving the clothes pegs and stretching my nipples away from my body.

As my attention is being absorbed by the pain and pleasure in my breasts I feel a hand between my legs. Yours? Hers? I suspect yours, but I am stopped from my musing by the hand dipping into the moisture released from my previous torture and then smearing it across my breasts. Katie’s hair brushes across me again as she reaches down to lick it off. I’m still reeling from the sensation when a hand reaches between my legs again and this time it stays there, pressing into my vagina and then sliding between my labia. As it brushes across my clit I moan and shift my hips upwards, trying to will it to stay there, but it moves down and pinches my labia sharply. I try to pull away from you as you stretch my labia out in turn, but firm hands on my hips prevent me at my from moving and my struggling is futile.

Pain cuts through me again, more intense this time, as you attach clothes pegs to each of my labia in turn. I yelp before fingers plunge into my mouth to stop me complaining. One of your hands snakes behind my neck, the other behind my knees, and you pick me up. My sensation feels as if it’s been reduced to my nipples and my labia, the clothes pegs causing them to swing slightly, pendulous, with the movement of being carried.

You place me down on the floor and I am aware of the roughness of your living room carpet against the skin of my back before hands begin to pull and twist the clothes pegs again. You remove the clothes pegs from my nipples and labia and relief floods my mind as your hands massage my tender breasts. My punishment is over. My relief is short-lived as I become aware of pressure, something hard pressing insistently against both my opening and my lips, simultaneously. Shaking slightly I spread my legs and open my lips, allowing the intruding forces to enter my body. Your hardness pressing inside me as you fuck my pussy, the slight plasticy taste as Katie’s strap-on presses repeatedly into my mouth. Each time she presses forwards into my mouth I can smell the slightly musky scent of her wetness, and I realise that she’s rubbing her clit whilst fucking me.

Your cock is pressing into me, starting to pick up pace now, and I begin to raise my hips to meet yours, when both you and Katie pull out of me. Then I am filled again, this time by Katie pressing into my vagina. As you start to press your cock into my mouth you lean over and whisper into my ear ‘Make sure you get me nice and wet’. I taste myself on your cock as you press into my mouth, and Katie presses the strap-on firmer into my g spot. I’m on the edge of coming when both of you stop suddenly and pull out of me again, and I whine. ‘Please sir… I need to come sir…’

You untie my blindfold and suddenly everything is too bright and I’m forced to close my eyes again. You order me to stand and move over to the table, which I do, shakily, bending over it, breasts and hands pressed flat against the table top. Katie bends over and starts to kiss down my sides, stroking her hand up through my lips, gathering moisture. ‘Silence, slave.’ You order and I whimper and lower my head as I feel her finger begin to circle my arsehole and press in slightly, her other hand reaching round and teasing my clit. Slowly I begin to relax and focus on the sensations in my clit as her fingers begin to enter my arsehole, pressure building but not overly painful, stretching me outwards and lubricating my malatya escort arse with the moisture from my cunt. She stops, and pulls out.

I feel her move away and she is replaced by you, your erection pressing against my arse. I whimper again, I want you to press into my pussy and feel you push into my g spot, not take my arse, but I remember your orders and stay silent. You lean forward and kiss my neck slowly, seductively, and I stop tensing up as you press again against my arsehole. I begin to take you inside me, pulsing around your cock as I force my muscles to relax and accommodate you. Slowly you thrust into me, and as I become accustomed to the fullness of you inside me I begin to press back against your hips as well. Again and again you thrust into me, and Katie slips round to the side of me and resumes her teasing of my clit, lubricating me with wetness from her own pussy.

As my hands try to grip the smoothness of the table I am overwhelmed by sensation — you stretching my arse, plunging deep inside me, Katie’s slippery fingers pinching and rubbing my clit. The pleasure builds and I’m on the verge of coming when I feel you grip my hips tightly and your cock starts to pulse as you come. My knees buckle and I collapse onto the forwards as my punishment comes to an end.


The rope wraps around my wrists as you tie them to opposite sides of the door frame, forcing me to stand and remain standing in the same position regardless of what happens. You order me to stand, legs spread — Lena is to kneel between my legs and follow your instructions to the letter; neither of us have permission to come until you grant us it. Hands behind her back, Lena slowly begins to lick the tops of my inner thighs, kissing them slowly and gently and glancing upwards momentarily to check my reaction. She moves to spread my labia until you bark ‘No, slave. No hands.’ My eyes are closed by now and I gasp as I realise she is using her nose and tongue to part me instead, her tongue flicking briefly inside me before she begins to work her way upwards.

I try to shift my position so that her tongue will touch my clit, but she carefully avoids that area, licking around the edges of my hood before moving back down to suck on my labia and delve into me with her tongue, tasting my growing wetness. ‘Please sir, I want more’ I beg, and am rewarded by Lena pressing two fingers deep inside me. I start to shake and moan slightly as her fingertips massage my g spot, thrusting in and out of me. I feel my orgasm begin to build as she slides first three, then four fingers inside me, stretching me, filling me.

Just as I am on the brink of coming you order Lena to stop and stand up so that you can check how wet we both are. She obeys, wincing with obvious discomfort after having knelt for so long, but all I can really think about is the sensation in my pussy and how badly I want to come. I moan as you run your fingers between my legs, pressing your fingers inside me, and buck my hips, trying to persuade you to begin teasing my g spot where Lena left off, but you refuse and remove your fingers as quickly as you inserted them. I almost cry with frustration as I watch you slide your fingers easily inside her and begin to thrust them in and out as your thumb rubs against her clit. As you pull out of her you whisper something in her ear, and, quivering slightly, she takes her place kneeling between her my legs again. ‘Beg, slave.’ You say.

Lena’s fingers press inside me again, roughly this time, and as my orgasm builds I obey your command — beg her to continue, to use her tongue on my clit, to suck and bite me until I can’t take it any more. I gasp sharply as I feel her fingers leave my vagina and slide backwards, coming to rest against my arsehole and beginning to press inside me there, but my initial shock and discomfort is replaced by my orgasm washing over me as she pinches my clit with her other hand, pulling it gently away from my body. Lena stands and kisses me, hand still stroking between my legs as you untie my arms from their restraints.

My hands feel like lead and my cunt is still aching from the feeling of emptiness as I shuffle into the bedroom after you and Lena and sit down, legs apart and exposing myself to the pair of you as I begin to stroke between my labia, feeling the combined wetness of myself and of Lena’s saliva. I watch as you order her to remain kneeling, and she tilts her chin upwards towards you. You lean down and kiss her, then press your fingers against her lips, forcing them inside and stretching her lips open. You quickly replace your fingers in her mouth with a dildo gag, which you buckle tightly behind her head. I can feel my clit begin to tingle with anticipation already as I realise what lies in store for me.

You lift her up onto the bed and she lies down, breathing heavily. I squat over her face and spread my labia, then lower myself down onto the thick plastic cock. You watch, erect again now, stroking yourself as I begin to rock back and forth, gasping manisa escort as the dildo hits my g spot. I close my eyes and imagine I’m riding your cock as I begin to thrust harder, pinning Lena’s hands down so that she is unable to pleasure herself while I fuck her face. The dildo presses again and again against my g spot and I feel the muscles in my legs tense momentarily before I come, hard, crying out from the intensity of my orgasm. With difficulty I lift myself off the dildo before collapsing, shaking, on the bed beside Lena.


Still stroking my hand up and down my erection, I walk over to the bed and unbuckle the dildo gag from you, smiling slightly as you move your jaw experimentally, trying to recover from the pressure of the gag. Then I order the pair of you to kneel down, ignoring the discomfort you must be feeling from having previously spent so long on your knees, and the fact that Katie is still shaking from her orgasm. You start to plead ‘Please sir, please can I suck your cock sir? Please can I taste your come sir?’ I grant you permission and you slowly begin to take my head into your mouth, warm and wet. I wrap my fingers in Katie’s hair and pull slightly, and she begins to alternate between stroking and licking my shaft.

My breathing quickens as you start to suck on me, exerting pressure as your tongue teases its way round the underside of my head, flicking gently across it and trying to locate where I am sensitive. Katie’s attention shifts downwards and I feel her begin to tease my balls with her tongue, trying to engulf them with the warmth of her mouth. Without warning I thrust into your mouth, hearing and feeling you gag as I hit the entrance to your throat. I maintain the pressure and press past your gag reflex, into your throat, and feel your muscles tighten around me as you try to swallow, only succeeding in making yourself gag again. I pull out of you, allowing you to breathe and swallow again, and your mouth is quickly replaced by Katie’s, licking and teasing my head as you wrap your hand around my shaft and squeeze firmly, kissing my inner thighs.

I reach down and begin to play with Katie’s nipples, pinching them and pulling them away from her body. As she moans in pleasure and pain I begin to thrust firmly into her mouth, feeling her start to gag around me on each thrust inwards. As I feel the pressure build up in my balls I pull forwards to come in her mouth, not wanting to force her to swallow by coming nearer her throat. She coughs slightly as I fill her mouth, a small trickle escaping and beginning to run down her chin. You both await permission to swallow, but it doesn’t arrive — instead Katie leans over and kisses you, transferring my still warm come into your mouth. ‘You don’t have permission to swallow, slave’.

You try to obey me, but I can see you’re struggling to hold the mouthful of liquid, and you dribble it over Katie’s breasts. ‘Bad slave. Messy girl. Clean that up.’ I order, and you reach forwards to lick the come from her nipples. I watch, entertained, as your tongue gently laps around her areolae, making the skin tighten and her breath shudder, her erect nipples becoming even harder at your touch.

When her breasts are shiny with your saliva, I reach forward and take your nipples between my fingers, tweaking them sharply. ‘Did you enjoy that, slave?’ ‘Yes’ you mumble, and I frown at you. ‘Yes, what, slave?’ Without giving you time to reply I pin your arms behind you and begin to tie you into a butterfly harness, ignoring your objections and attempts to struggle. I tie a bullet vibrator into the design so that it rests upon your clit, then turn it on. You writhe and whimper slightly as soon as the vibration starts, but I simply shift you backwards so that you are propped in a sitting position against the headboard.

I pull Katie towards me and begin to kiss her, my hands massaging her breasts and nipples, tongue dancing in and out of her mouth. Then I begin to trace my hands down her sides and across her stomach, coming to rest on the light covering of hair between her legs. I glance over at you, and see that you have closed your eyes. ‘No, slave’. I move over to you and turn the vibrator against your clit up a notch. You are going to watch me fuck Katie, whether you like it or not. Turning again to Katie, I stroke my fingers between her legs and smile as she shifts her hips to impale herself on them. I lean backwards slightly and inhale sharply as she climbs onto me and wraps her legs around my back, before beginning to thrust back and forth. You are whimpering above the buzz of the vibrator as the sensation gets too much and you come, over and over again, but the feeling of Katie’s warmth and tightness wrapped around my cock is too much for me to pay you that much attention.

As I plunge in and out of her my orgasm builds and I come just as you start to plead for release. By way of response I simply thrust my softening cock into my mouth for you to lick clean. Then I shift you downwards so that Katie can once again straddle your face as you lick my come out of her. You struggle and thrust, trying to free your clit from the continual vibration, tasting Katie and I’s combined fluids as you lap at her, working your tongue into the delicate folds of her labia.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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