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Three months ago…

Julie slipped into bed alongside me, wearing a plain pink cotton nightshirt that came down to her knees. Her long hair tumbled over the pillows as we began to kiss, our tongues slurping together. Her hands toyed with my hair as I ran mine up her smooth, sleek calf and onto her curving thighs, relishing the firmness of her eighteen year old dancer’s body. I kissed down the side of her neck, hearing Julie’s breathing become deeper, and then feeling her gasp as I slipped my hand into the warmth of her nightshirt and cupped her silky breast.

Toying with the erect nipple I kissed her gently on the mouth again, lifting her shirt upwards with the flat of my hand. Then I traced light kisses down her neck, looking at her exposed bosom. Unfettered, her full breasts sloped slightly either side of her narrow torso. The erect buds of her round, pale pink nipples quivered slightly in her tense excitement. I ran my tongue around one areola and nipped gently at the hard bud protruding from its centre. Julie gasped and began to breathe more heavily.

Sliding my right arm down to the heat of her inner thighs, I gently pushed against her left leg, lifting it slightly to part her thighs. Rolling over to my right, I supporting most of my weight on my arms but now lay on top of her petite frame, my erect cock pressing against her exposed crotch. I shifted attention to her other breast, sucking and teasing. Julie gasped in response. Pressing my groin experimentally against her own, Julie made a small noise from deep in her throat and I felt the thrill of heightened anticipation as the soft, cotton knicker-covered mound of her pussy pushed back up against me.

I burned with desire to experience her. I knew Julie had given up her virginity to her previous boyfriend, but she now viewed that as a mistake, mutual inexperience leading to an unsatisfactory encounter for her. Now we were together and about to go beyond heavy petting to the sweet exploration of each others’ bodies. With a body such as hers, young, petite and toned by over ten years of competitive dancing, the treasures to be uncovered were potentially priceless.

I raised myself up into a kneeling position between her legs, holding her hands in my own and gently pulled Julie upwards into a sitting position. Her nightshirt bunched on one side above her left breast, its nipple still moist with my saliva, and slid down on the other side to her toned stomach. I placed my hands on her hips and slid them upwards, lifting the nightshirt with them. Julie instinctively understood and lifted her arms above her head. As her nighty gathered over her face, catching there momentarily, she giggled and as it cleared her hands and I let it fall to the floor, she flicked her long dark hair away from her face, her clear blue eyes looking into mine with an oddly serious expression.

I reached out and cupped both of her breasts, brushing the pert nipples forwards and back with my thumbs and drew close, kissing her gently again. Julie closed her eyes with a sigh and as our lips met, hers parted and her tongue slipped into my mouth. We kissed deeply and with increasing passion as I squeezed and circled her breasts, tracing my fingers lightly down the sides of her neck, inner arms and stomach, exciting her skin. We were both breathing through our noses now, our breath warming our faces as our tongues circled between firmly locked lips.

Leaning forwards, I pushed Julie back down onto the bed. Kissing lustily I again pressed my crotch against hers. Julie moaned and pushed back in the animal instinct to thrust. I broke off our kiss and looked into her eyes as they opened, asking softly

“Do you want to go all the way?”

Her moist lips parted to answer, then something flickered across her face and she looked away for a second or two, then back at me.

“Yes. Yes I do. It’s just…”

I waited for a moment or two, then gently asked

“Just what? Is there something wrong?”

She frowned almost petulantly and exclaimed in a frustrated voice

“I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do! I want this to be good for you- for both of us. ”

She looked away to one side, frowning and obviously embarrassed. I tilted her chin gently until she was looking at me again, her lower eyelids now brimming slightly with tears. Smiling, I told her that that didn’t matter. All she had to do was to relax and let me show her. It was going to be fun to learn together. Julie smiled up at me, her eyes shining. Then she did as I asked, I did as I promised to and the fun was exquisite.


Three months later…

Julie’s hair flew backwards from her face as she tossed her head back and cried out in pleasure as we made love on the stairs. I was sat on the top step with my arms extended in front of me, Julie riding in my lap, her hands clasped in mine, her arms straight too as she lay back, her body parallel with the stairs, hips thrusting in time with mine, head back and hair swinging. If either of güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri us were to let go, she would topple backwards down the stairs to the hallway below. Our pace was fast and hard now and I could clearly see my engorged length, shining with her honey, as it slid deeply in and out between the tightly gripping pink lips of her pussy. Julie gasped hoarsely and I felt her pussy clench and relax around my length as she worked with her hidden muscles as well as her hips. I struggled to remember how many positions we had tried, what number we were on now and how we had begun…

It had been just under an hour ago. We had settled down in front of the TV for the night with some cold bottles of beer from the fridge, and had gone through at least two each, with whiskey chasers. Julie stood up as I poured myself another shot of amber liquid and told me she’d be back “in a mo’” before heading through to the bathroom. After a couple of minutes I heard the flush and the cistern refilling and as that noise subsided, could hear her moving around in the bedroom. After another few minutes had passed, I wondered absently what was taking her so long. Putting down my glass and turning off the TV I was about get up to go and see when the living room door flew wide open and Julie bounded into the room, delivering a high split kick and landing with a quick spin, finishing in front of me with a flourish.

I gazed at her in silent wonder and sudden lust. She was clad in a translucent white catsuit that hugged her every curve like a second skin. Through the milky material I could make out a second, sleeveless and legless leotard top, the crisscross mesh of fishnet dancing tights and a skimpy, dark coloured thong.

“Why don’t you turn on the stereo and press play?”

Julie asked, grinning mischievously and indicating the stereo with a liquid movement of her arms. Smiling, I reached over to my right and did as she requested. After a couple of second’s silence I recognised the introduction to an upbeat, piece of dance music that Julie liked.

Slowly, she began to gyrate her hips, running her arms down over her body and looking at me intently. As the music continued to build, she danced for me, moving lithely and with a confidence I hadn’t seen her display before. Part of me absently wondered for how long Julie had been planning this? I realised that it wasn’t just a spur of the moment thing; some thought had gone into it. The CD with this track on it was not one from my collection, so Julie had brought it over with her and snuck it into the CD player, probably whilst I was making tea earlier. Also, she’d brought over some of her dance wear too. Several layers of warm, skin-tight clothing in fact, just waiting to be peeled off her nubile body. A body which would be warmed up and at its most supple by the time she finished this routine. My cock throbbed as I realised we were in for a night to remember. Dammit, Julie was about to give me my own private strip tease – a far cry from the girl with a lack of sexual self confidence who had made love to me for the first time so carefully and gingerly three months ago!

Julie moved slowly for the most part, punctuating her routine with the occasional high kick, sometimes whilst in flight. My heart beat faster and faster as at one point she dropped into the splits, rolling onto her back, legs spread wide to give me a good view of her crotch – a sure promise of things to come. I was not the only one excited by her dance, as I noticed Julie’s nipples straining visibly against the material of her catsuit. After another minute or so, still in time with the beat and tempo, as it slowed a little, Julie turned away from me.

I was busy admiring her peach of a bottom when I realised she was tugging the top of her catsuit down over her toned shoulders. A slow and slinky wriggle brought the catsuit down to her hips. Bending over to give me an even better look at her bum, she slipped it down her fishnet-clad legs and stepped out, kicking it away. As the music picked up again, she danced seductively, over to me, placed one hand, then the other on my shoulders and breathed into my right ear

“Stand up. You’re overdressed now.”

I had a raging erection and wanted to run my hands all over that fine body before stripping her naked and taking her quickly and forcefully. But I held my urges in check, even as Julie lifted my t-shirt up and over my head, removing it and tossing it into a corner of the room. Unable to help myself I reached out to caress her body, but she nimbly weaved out of reach, raising a single index finger and waving it at me admonishingly

“Ah-ah! You can look but don’t touch. You can get to do that soon, but not now!” she purred.

Julie danced on for the best part of another minute and then began to shrug her way out of the leotard. I watched, captivated by lust and desire, as her breasts popped free from their tight restraint with a jiggle, and then the plane of her flat, toned belly came into view. Turning güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to face me, Julie bent forwards, her breasts elongating and her long, dark hair falling forwards across her face as she tugged the leotard over her hips, letting it fall to the floor.

Inspiration struck me and I struggled my wallet free from my jeans pocket. Opening it I withdrew a twenty pound note and quickly rolled it into a tube. Julie struck a pose, arms crossed over her breasts, hips cocked to one side and I beckoned her over to me. Stalking over like a big cat she stopped in front of me, so close I could see the fine sheen of perspiration coating her chest and breasts.

I held up the index finger of my left hand with it pointed towards the ceiling and made a circling motion. Julie understood and slowly rotated herself, arms held up above her, nipples erect and pointing, giving me a good 360 degree view of her petite curves. As she faced me once more I held up the rolled twenty pound note and lightly touched it against her chest, just below her neck. Smiling, I slowly traced it down towards the swell of her bosom, pushed up by her now-folded arms. As the note lowered, Julie uncrossed her arms and slowly lifted them out and upwards until they were above her head again, at the same time weaving her hips slowly so the line of progress made by the note mapped out a long, reversed ‘S’.

I reached her belly button and then the elastic of her black thong – a tiny triangle of satin covering her secret place so tightly. I noticed that Julie was wearing the thong over her fishnets as I tugged the elastic away from her creamy skin and let it snap back into place, trapping the twenty against her body.


I grinned at her and stood up.

“I’ve paid for you now. You’re mine for the night.”

Julie span away from me with more of that liquid grace and took the note from her thong. Holding it up to the light, she studied it briefly then put it down on the mantelpiece.

“Your money’s good. Alright, I’m yours. But first…”

She stepped over to me quickly, nimble fingers unzipping my fly and unbuckling my belt with quick, sure movements. I gasped as her cool hand traced up my cock as it sprang free, my pants and jeans tugged down to my knees. I sat back down and Julie pulled my clothes free, throwing them aside carelessly. Her eyes fixed on mine as she straddled me, sitting in my lap and crushing her body against mine. Kissing me once, she pulled her head back with a flick of her hair and looked into my eyes, smiling.

“Tess was bragging to me the other day about her and Martin doing it using eight different positions” she said.

I cocked an eyebrow and smiled at her, cupping her soft breasts in my hands and squeezing them promisingly.

“I think we can do better than that. Feeling flexible?”

“Oh, yes.” Julie replied, rubbing her crotch against my engorged cock. The satin thong whispered against my skin, making me shudder in pleasure.

Lifting my hands to the base of her neck, I took handfuls of Julie’s hair in my fists, tugging her head back to expose her neck. I kissed and nuzzled, sucking the soft flesh hard between my teeth to give her the kind of love bites I knew turned her on and made her good and wet. Soon, there was a ruddy, red mark blossoming on either side of her neck. Sliding my hands onto her shoulder blades I tensed my arms to take her weight and then lowered Julie back slightly so I could give equal attention to her breasts.

As her upper body angled back, Julie’s groin pressed forwards against my erection and I felt her soft mound yield slightly against my cock. As I licked around her nipples and teased their buds with my lips and teeth just the way she liked, Julie gasped through her open mouth, closed her lips, swallowed hard and opened her mouth again, now breathing more heavily.

“Hold on to my shoulders”

I suggested as I pulled Julie upright again and hooked my hands under her thighs. As her small hands held me tightly, I tensed my stomach and thigh muscles and with a grunt, stood up. Julie hooked her crossed ankles behind my back, wriggling briefly against my cock and breathed into my ear

“I want you inside me.”

Before I could reply, she nimbly hopped out of my arms, spinning away to stand facing me, hands on her cocked hips. Her thumbs snagged into the thin bands of her thong. With a fluid wriggle, she was stepping out of it. Her eyes never left mine. As I stepped over to her, Julie flicked the thong into the corner of the room with her foot, standing before me naked, but for her fishnet tights. I reached down between her legs and stroked the tips of my fingers up the length of her pussy. The mesh there was wet, lubrication pulsing from Julie in her excitement.

Feeling an animal urge now to be inside her, to thrust hard into her tight body, to fuck her right there on the carpet until she cried out and shook in ecstasy, I practically tore her tights down her legs. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Julie stepped quickly out of them and as I tossed them to one side she surprised me by suddenly sitting down on the carpet in front of me. As I looked down questioningly, Julie took hold of her feet, one in each hand and parted her thighs; her legs held out straight and spread wide, toes pointing. I could see her pussy, shaven pink vulva crowned with neatly trimmed dark hair. Its moist lips were parted invitingly. Julie looked up at me from under her eyebrows, mouth slightly open in almost a snarl of lust. Kneeling in front of her, my cock bobbing, I traced my fingers down from her ankles, along her legs to her inner thighs and finally to the damp folds of skin at her crotch. Her pussy twitched visibly as my fingernails ran up the smooth, skin either side of it. Our eyes met, in an almost challenging manner.

Then the lust overwhelmed me and I fell upon her, hungry for her body. Julie lay back, feet on the soft carpet with knees bent, as I planted my hands either side of her shoulders and thrust my hips forward, socketing my cock deep into her pussy with a gasp from each of us. Julie felt incredible, the walls of her pussy so slick it was like sliding in and out of some near-frictionless lotion. Yet at the same time she gripped and relaxed in rhythm with my thrusts, squeezing my length as her hidden muscles worked their silent wonder – an iron grip in a slick, velvet glove.

It took all the control I had not to break into as fast a pace as possible, thrusting in and out of her with our bellies clapping together. Instead, I managed to keep to a slow rhythm, rocking back and forth firmly, savouring the feel of her around me. Panting gently through her open mouth, Julie opened her eyes and smiled up at me, her head nodding slightly back and forth in time with our thrusts.

“Okay,” she said, “Missionary position is Number One.”

Her knees suddenly appeared either side of my elbows, just as I felt myself penetrating even deeper into her body. Julie gasped and then grinned at me.

“Number Two.”

After thrusting deeply into Julie in this delicious position for a while, I lifted myself until I was kneeling before her and then pressed down either side of her knees until they touched the carpet, holding them down there and continuing to rock in and out of her- her pussy making quiet, wet, noises as I worked.

“Number Three.” I said.

Julie sucked briefly at her bottom lip with her teeth, and then straightened out her legs. As I released her thighs, she lifted her legs inwards and up, resting her heels on my shoulders. Julie’s flexibility was amazing – she could perform full splits both front and side, to more than 180°. Eyes closed, she smiled up at me with an expression of almost lazy luxury on her pretty face.

“Number Four.” she counted.

And on we went, seamlessly and instinctively shifting to a new position, thrusting together in it for a short while and then moving on to another.

We both took our turns on top, lying side by side, standing up, sat facing each other. We used our imagination and Julie’s suppleness to full advantage, experimenting with different variations, her body arching one way, then another, a single leg stretched out, the other, both; trying everything one way and another, laughing together and having fun, sometimes settling for longer periods of thrusting and gasping together as we found a position we both particularly liked.

By the time we felt we had exhausted possibilities in the living room, the count was into the early twenties. Julie was on top riding me, leaning back with her hands on my lower thighs and grinding her clitoris into my crotch when I suggested we move to the kitchen.

“Great idea. Let’s do it on the kitchen table!”

Julie slipped up and backwards off my cock. As she swung one leg up and over me to turn away, I saw that her pussy was gaping widely open – her inner thighs and my belly now wet with a heady mix of our perspiration, my precum and her pussy honey.

By the time Julie was laying back on the kitchen table, moaning as her sensitivity and excitement grew and grew, I gave brief but heartfelt thanks for the delaying ability of several bottles of good beer. We had been screwing for what seemed like ages and yet despite being more sexually aroused than I had ever felt before, I did not feel anywhere near ready to cum yet. Julie was often hard to bring to orgasm anyway; her thighs usually clamped together with a sharp cry of pleasure either side of my head, or forearm. She could rarely reach orgasm through intercourse, but had become a proactive and affirming lover, making a variety of positive noises and sounds that let me know she was enjoying herself and which turned me on immensely.

After the table, we screwed with her sat on the kitchen work top, a glass jar of pasta and the cup tree rattling harmonically to Julie’s gasps, the soft percussion of our groins slapping together, and the low squitting and squelching noises of my cock pistoning in and out of her sticky pussy. An ice cube from the close-to-hand fridge freezer added a chilly thrill for both of us, arousing our skin and eventually dissolving in the furnace of her pussy, making Julie squeal as it slipped into her.

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