800 Words

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This encounter happened pretty fast, and the shortness of the story reflects that. Fresh out of a long term relationship, into a new job in a new town, I was optimistic about the future, but a bit cautious – once bitten, and all that.

I’d just moved into the neighborhood and was invited by some neighbors to a block party at their home the next weekend. I went to find the house filled with mostly couples, and one single female, Jean, a decade or more older than my 37, somewhere between average and voluptuous, attractive, but (thankfully) not a knock-out. We chatted a bit amiably, then I continued the rounds of introductions. Small talk and wine flowed through the evening, neighbors were hospitable, all in all a nice time. I thought little about things other than trying to commit all the new names to memory, and being pleased to have moved to a friendly area.

The following Wednesday evening my cell phone rang just as I was sitting down to my cold bachelor dinner of leftovers. It was Jean. “Hi, Jim, sorry to bother, but I need some help getting some boxes of summer clothes canlı bahis down from up in my closet – could you lend me a hand?”

“Sure, I’ll be right over,” I said, wondering how she got my number, decided to call me, etc. I ambled the good 100 yards down the street, and rang her bell.

“Come on in, Jim!” I heard her call from a back room. I found her on a stepladder in her bedroom’s walk-in closet, about to topple over it seemed. Just as I paused to admire her shapely ass, covered with a short skirt, and the nice legs beneath, she reached way up, revealing more legs. I watched them as she tipped a box on the top shelf, and its contents spilled down over her.

“Whoa!” I said, and without thinking raised my hands and grabbed her hips to steady her, in time to get some of the garments falling on me as well. They were nice hips – not skinny, a mature woman’s hips – hips I’d like to . . .

That thought was interrupted by her turning to face me and stepping forward, obviously down. I released her hips enough to let her turn, but not enough to let her fall, bahis siteleri not being convinced of her balance yet. She stepped further down to the floor, hands on my shoulders, laughing at the clothes scattered around and on us both.

I realized they were silky, and then that they were lingerie – and fine lingerie at that. I had a filmy bra land on my shoulder, and she was adorned with a lacy thong on top of her head and a black bustier at her feet.

Then I realized I still had my hands on her hips, and she wasn’t objecting, or stepping back from standing close, almost touching me.

“Pardon me, madam, I believe this may be yours?” I laughed along with her, taking the half-cup bra from my shoulder and holding it up by a strap.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, realizing (or did she damn well already know?) what the items were. She grabbed the bra out of my hand but seemed not to know quite what to do with it.

I continued, lifting the thong from her hair, “and possibly this as well,” I grinned, enjoying her predicament.

She looked temporarily even more bahis şirketleri mortified, then broke back into laughter. It was an honest laugh, and I joined her.

After a moment, we calmed, still standing very close in the closet. “They’re lovely, and I’ll bet they look even nicer on you,” I risked.

“They might have in the past, but I think I’m a bit old for them, and for you, now,” she said quietly.

“I think not,” I answered, and suddenly we were both very serious indeed.

“I must be the most forward man in the universe,” I said, “but unless you object, I’m going to kiss you now, then I’m going to take you to your bed, and make love to you, and before the day is out, I’ll be wanting you to model every item that fell.”

She looked stunned, but since I’d forewarned, I bent, and kissed, and pulled her hips to meet mine. Just to make clear what she was failing to resist, I cupped a breast in one hand, finding it unencumbered beneath the blouse, and finding its nipple hardened. I heard a faint murmur of acquiescence before walking backwards, still holding her to me, to her bed.

Some time later, she did model each of the mentioned items, and more. My favorite was the bustier, glimpsing her bare breasts above it, her bare ass below, as she mouthed my restored erection.

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