A Beautiful Fall Afternoon

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It was a beautiful fall afternoon. Both of them were off work for the day. He grabs her by the hand and starts leading her to the door, too beautiful to stay in, time for a ride.

They take off for the country to explore all the back roads. As he pulls off the main road to head back in the woods he lifts the arm rest between them, slides his arms between her legs to coax her over beside him. Her long legs were smooth and so enticing. He wrapped his hand around her knee and resting his arm between her legs. He pressed his elbow against her warm bald mound.

As the road began to become bumpy his elbow would rub against her pussy. She could feel the warmth building between her legs, she needed to feel him. She didn’t hesitate in the least, reached over to feel his pants to see if he was getting as turned on by the bouncing as she was. She could feel him getting slightly hard and her mouth began to water. She loved to suck him until he had a full hard-on in her mouth. She didn’t ask, simply kissed his neck and began to unzip his pants to release his growing cock.

She wiggled away from him, positioning herself to easily place her head in his lap. Grabbing his shaft at its base with a slightly, tight grip, she began to suck him into her mouth. It didn’t take long until his long, hard rod was deep in her mouth. Her head, bobbing up and down trying to stay in sync with the ever bouncy road.

With his free hand he tried to touch her tender, pink clit but she wouldn’t allow him to get close. For this moment she was in control and intended on sucking him until he was nuts for her or he released his warm, thick load down her throat. Tightening her grip at the base of his shaft she went all the way down on him, the head of his cock now jammed in the back of her throat causing a gag reflex. She lets out a moan of exquisite pleasure and begins sucking on his hard, large, cock quickly.

With the road so bumpy and trying to watching her head bob up and down on his shaft he knew he had to find a place to pull off. Her moans each time she took his cock deep in her mouth increased as she came closer and closer to cumming from the pleasure of his cock gagging her. She wanted so bad to taste him, to feel his warm, thick, load flow down her throat. Faster and deeper she went down on him his cock was throbbing hard now; she knew she was bringing him close. More and more she sucked with a final, deep thrust into the back of her throat; his fingers twisted in her hair, forcing his throbbing cock down her throat. His hips thrusted upwards as he releases the gift she had been working so hard to get. With his moans of pleasure and the gagging in her mouth she let go of herself and released her own juices, squirting them on the seat. Sucking softly to coax every drop of his cum into her wanting mouth. He grabs her hair tightly; pulling her head up to kiss her deep.

He could smell his own load on her breath. He had free spin to have her right then. Not caring where they were he yanked the vehicle over and threw it into park. He demanded she get out. The tone in his voice was strong and demanding. Her master was awake and taking control. He raced to the back of the vehicle and removed the tied blanket.

He took her by the hand and led her into the thick over grown grass. As soon as they reached a spot under a tree he stomped the tall grass down, untied the blanket, and laid it out. He wrapped her up in his arms and kissed her deep and passionately. Their tongues met and danced, exchanging each other’s tastes. Pulling her tight into him he gently lifts her and eases them down to the blanket without their lips separating.

Now under him he presses himself hard against her, rubbing his semi-hard cock against her bald mound. Her arms wrapped around him and nails digging into his skin each time he presses against her wanting pussy. Lifting himself up, hovering above her, he looks into her eyes. He removes her hands from around his neck and forces them above her head.

With one hand he holds of her wrists tightly, preventing her from moving them. With his free hand, while sitting on his knees above her, he slides under her shirt. Gently brushing his hand across her breast, she wenches at the slight touch, trying to arch her back begging him for another touch.

Releasing her wrists he leans in to kiss her, his hands gripping her shirt and pulling it above her head separating them temporarily from their lip embrace. Laying her shirt to the side, he lifts her back reaching around to release the latch of her lacy bra. He watches as her large supple breasts fall from their restraints.

When he places her bra to the side he notices the tie from the blanket and a small broken tree trunk above her head. Kissing her once again he ties one end of the rope around her right wrist, pulling it above her head. Without struggle she allows him to take control of her body and he wraps the tie around the small trunk and then secures the other end around her left wrist.

Her hands now bound and unable to prevent him from having his way with her he softly kisses her on the cheek and whispers in her ear, my naughty whore will allow me to have complete control. He takes a slight bite of her ear causing her to flinch and moan.

Sitting atop her, the sunbeams sneaking a peek through the sparse branches, leaving streaks of light across her large breasts, and brushing across her large, erect, tan nipples. He takes each breast into his hands, squeezing them, pulling on one as he took her large, tan nipple into his mouth.

His breath was warm and his wet tongue instantly forced her nipple to harden. He took her nipple between his teeth and gave it a bite. He repeated this on the other breast forcing each breast to be firm and erect. Kissing down bonus veren siteler her belly, his tongue stopping to trace around her belly button and rest just under the edge of her denim shorts. Kissing down to her waiting mound he blows his warm breath through her shorts, she thrusts upward as he enjoys teasing her bald kitty.

Kissing the inside of her thighs watching her facial expressions while he unbuttons her shorts, pulling them off of her and tossing them aside. Laying there before him, totally exposed to Mother Nature he admires her body, the body that drives him insane.

Her body; he owns and dominates at his own leisure. Removing his shirt she stares at his sexy, strong chest. He leans into her glance to leave a passionate kiss on her lips and quickly wraps his shirt around her eyes, tying it behind her head preventing her from watching or anticipating his moves. Once again he whispers in her ear, reminding her that he is her master, she is his personal sex toy, and as his naughty whore; she will submit to his every need and desire. He asks her if she understands, when she doesn’t respond quick enough he smacks her bare hip, leaving a slightly pink hand print. She responds weakly and submits to him.

He kisses her lips biting the lower lip as he moves away. The master takes her legs in his hands, spreads them wide holding them apart as he leans toward her slightly spread lips. The sun lights up the little drops of moisture on the outside of her hot, wanting cave. He blows on her exposed clit causing her body to arch his way, begging him to reach in for a taste.

He smacks her clit for trying to demand him to place his warm mouth against her throbbing pussy. Blowing again she feels the warmth of his breath flow across the sting from him smacking her clit, it arouses her, she must have more. Wanting and hoping for another smack she thrusts her hips towards him again. He pops her pink clit again, she moans from the painful pleasure. He pops it again a little harder, her moans are erotic and are driving him insane. Spreading her wet lips with one hand he smacks that naughty pussy hard. His smacks cover her clit and the wet opening to hot box. As she wiggles and moans louder he smacks that pussy until he forces her to tense up, then release; squirting her juices on his hand and into a puddle beneath her.

He moves in, to lick up every drop covering her bald pussy. Her taste drives him wild and he thrusts his tongue deep in her wet hole. Thrusting in and out; fucking her with his tongue while pinching her tender, pink clit.

She wants him so bad; he uses his tongue on her pussy and she thrusts her hips in conjunction with his tongue plunges deep in her wanting cunt. He knows that her body is totally aroused, sensitive, and submissive to him. He continues to tongue fuck her wet cunt until she squirts her juices into his mouth and is dripping off his chin, he deneme bonusu veren siteler drinks up every drop.

His cock throbbing, hard, and bound in his shorts. He stands over her and removes his shorts. She cannot see him or what he is doing. He walks away briefly to search the vehicle for other ways of binding her, of keeping her exactly where he wants her. He finds a few cords and takes them back to her, lays them beside her. He squats down to her and kisses her lips, she sucks one into her mouth and she can smell then taste her juices on his lips.

He moves to straddle her, slaps her mouth with his hard throbbing cock and demands she open her mouth and takes him in. She opens her mouth wanting to feel his hardness buried in her. He leans up on his knees and guides his cock into her mouth. He sits there for a moment holding it still in her mouth. She suckles desperately begging for more. He allows her to have more by pushing in deep and teases by pulling out quickly. She whimpers at the tease, again he demands she open her mouth. When she does he grabs a handful of her hair and thrusts his cock into the depths of her warm, wet mouth. He feels the back of her throat pressed against the head as she gags. He begins to pump his rock, solid cock in and out of her mouth. Each thrust in and out his balls slap her on the chin. He continues to ride her mouth, gagging her occasionally, grabbing her hair in his hands and holding her head perfectly still so he could push his throbbing, hard cock into the depths of her mouth. She could feel his cock throbbing on her tongue and the head pressing on the back of her throat. She wanted more, she wanted to taste him again. She sucked hard with every thrust trying to coax his thick load into her mouth. His grip on her hair tightened with one last, hard thrust she felt the vibration from his cock unloading his precious, thick cum. She swallowed every drop, softly sucking his tender cock to get every last drop.

His cock; now limp and in need of a short period to recover, but she would not have that luxury. She was his whore for the afternoon, he stood above her admiring his bound beauty. He loved how submissive she was, how much she wanted to fulfill his fantasies and desires.

The sun was slowly setting and the light had lowered its position across her body. Now positioned as though Mother Nature wanted to touch her beautiful, swollen mound he could see how wet she was and how excited she had gotten while he fucked her beautiful mouth. He left her again to get something cold to drink. He placed a straw in it and held it to her lips. He watched as she sucked the straw and felt his cock bounce slightly remembering that he had just fucked her mouth and she sucked him dry. He took a quick drink and placed the cold can against her side.

He stood at her feet looking down at the cords he had gotten earlier, he squatted at her feet spreading them apart, tying each cord around her ankles. He looked around for a place to tie them, spreading her legs wide and exposing her wet, pink, and swollen pussy to him. After he bound her he sat between them and admired her swollen, bald pussy. He was going to be balls deep in her cunt after a brief period of rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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