A Birthday Surprise

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He had just finished checking his email and was scrolling through a new story on his favourite site when there was a knock at the door. Scrambling to hide his erection beneath a sweatshirt that had been hung on the back of the chair, he quickly changed windows on the screen before calling, “Come in.”

The door opened and a woman with dark hair and dark eyes came into the room. She closed the door and smiled at him. “I hope you don’t mind me just showing up,” she said, taking off her jacket to reveal a red blouse and black skirt. “I wanted to surprise you.”

He stared at this woman, certain he’d never seen her before and wondering if she had the wrong house. “I’m sorry-” he began, but she interrupted him.

“Ohhhh,” she said, “You don’t recognise me.” She smiled and came closer to his chair, tugging at the sweatshirt he’d hastily draped over his lap. “But I can tell that you like what you see, nonetheless.” She had leant over, and he could see down her blouse to her breasts. He could also smell her breath, smelling faintly of mint, and her perfume, a wonderful fruity smell. Her voice sounded odd to him, American perhaps, softly lilting but coming from low in her throat.

He swallowed hard, wondering what to say. “I’m sorry-” he tried again, but again got no further as she placed her finger against his lips. He fell silent as she slowly traced her long nail around his lips. He stared at her, her face subtly made up, her hair swept up into a clip, her eyes roaming his face and body as though she were looking for something. Her gaze lingered on his lap, where his erection still pressed against his jeans. Not wanting to sound foolish by apologizing again, he said nothing.

Feeling suddenly bold, he reached up with one hand and brushed his fingers over her cheek. Her skin was quite warm to the touch despite the chill in the room, and she smiled at him, sinking down to her knees in front of him, so that to maintain the eye contact that he now couldn’t bear to break, he had to look down at her. He still didn’t know who she was but thought he might make a case for love at first sight – or at any rate, lust at first sight. He couldn’t stop himself from imagining his cock between those full lips, or those long nails digging into his back as he thrust into her pussy.

She smiled – had she guessed his thoughts? Her hand reached up behind his neck and she pulled his face to hers, her tongue snaking out between her perfect lips to trace wetly around his own lips. Suddenly he didn’t care who she was, he was kissing her, both hands on her head holding her close, kissing her deeply and passionately and wetly. She sucked eagerly on his lips, on his tongue, her body pressing up towards him, her arms round his shoulders pulling him closer.

Kissing her feverishly, his hands moving down to fondle her breasts, standing and pulling her to stand with him, kissing her again, his hands reaching down now to her ass, pulling her pelvis in hard against his, breathless, his thoughts were consumed with her smell, her taste, the feel of her in his arms and against his body.

He felt her hands slip between them, felt her unbuttoning her blouse. He pulled slightly away to watch her do this, her fingers with their long nails moving with such assurance from one button to the next, until her shirt fell open to reveal creamy white skin and soft red lace. He groaned softly, gazing at her exposed flesh. She canlı bahis şirketleri smiled, raising her arms above her head, her breasts lifting, tantalising.

Leaning forward, he kissed her neck, her collarbone, the tops of her breasts. “Who are you,” he murmured, using his fingers to lower the cup of her bra and taking her nipple into his mouth.

Her only answer a sigh as he sucked on her nipple, she raked her fingers through his hair, reaching behind her to undo her bra so that it fell away from his fingers, giving him total access to her luscious breasts. His mouth moved from one to the other, laving her nipple with his tongue before sucking it between his lips. She moaned her approval, undoing the buttons of his shirt and slipping it off.

Tearing his mouth away from her breast he stood up straight, looking at this woman he didn’t know. Her lipstick was smudged, her hair falling in messy curls from the clip. She grinned wickedly at him, dropping to her knees once more, unbuckling his belt and undoing his jeans. He watched her in astonishment, hoping this wasn’t a dream, anxious to see what she would do.

She tugged his jeans down, then his briefs, not even waiting for him to step out of them before she wrapped her fingers around his very stiff cock. His inaudible moan became a very audible gasp as she then wrapped her lips around the throbbing head. Her fingers fell away as she engulfed his cock in her mouth, slipping past her lips and over her tongue straight to the back of her throat, taking all of his cock until he felt her nose against his pubic hair. He looked down at her, shocked beyond words, the pleasure almost consuming him. He’d never felt anything like it in his life and he wanted it to go on forever.

She slowly drew back and then took him in again, her lips wrapped around his cock, her tongue swirling over it, her hands on his hips holding him still as she bobbed back and forth on his cock. He watched her, unable to take his eyes from the sight of this woman practically swallowing his cock. Her eyes were closed, her lashes lying against her cheeks. Suddenly they opened and their eyes met, and he noticed fleetingly the strange gray colour of her eyes before he was completely absorbed once more in what she was doing.

Her hands suddenly left his hips and reached for his hands. He let her guide them to her head, and her hands fell away. He realised she wanted him to guide her movements, and he pulled her off and on his cock a few times, feeling her shudder. Feeling a freeing sense of abandon he changed gears, holding her head still as he plunged his cock in and out of her mouth. She moaned around his cock, her arms hanging limply at her sides in surrender, as he thrust his cock past her lips and right to the back of her throat. Over and over he forced his cock into her mouth, fucking her mouth.

He noticed that her hands no longer hung at her sides. One had reached up and was pinching her nipple; the other had disappeared beneath her skirt. He sniffed the air, reaching beyond her perfume for the smell of her pussy, inhaling deeply when he found it. He pulled her mouth away from his cock, kneeling on the floor in front of her. He lifted her skirt to see her fingers buried in her pussy beneath her panties. Gently he lowered her down onto her back on the floor, and then tugged her panties off. He leant down close to her, inhaling the scent of her pussy. canlı kaçak iddaa Using his fingers he spread her soft lips apart, then let his tongue find her clit.

The taste of her pussy flooded through him, and without thought he dove in, licking, sucking, nibbling, determined to get as much of her into his mouth as possible, as she writhed beneath him, moaning. He pushed a finger inside of her, sucking on her clit, listening to the sloppy sounds of his finger fucking her wetness.

Unable to wait any longer he pushed her over onto her stomach and pulled her up onto her knees, using his hands to spread her ass cheeks, guiding the head of his cock to her slit. He heard her gasp as he pushed against her, sinking his cock into her pussy in one long thrust. He groaned. Holding her hips he began thrusting intently into her pussy, hearing her moans as he ploughed into her. He loved the wet slurping sounds as he slammed in and out of her, the feeling of her pussy hot and tight like a glove around his swollen cock. He plunged in and out, hearing from her moans that she was enjoying it but not really concerned about it, just fucking her for all he was worth.

Looking down he watched his cock disappearing inside her, his hands on her ass. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, too much stimulation. He could still taste her pussy on his lips. He gripped her hips tightly in his hands as he slammed his cock deeply into her pussy, as far as it would go, as hard as he could, harder, harder, faster, so close, so close, finally pushing in tight and letting go, feeling his hot essence flooding her pussy as she shuddered beneath him.

It was all he could do not to collapse on top of her as he came, feeling her pussy spasming around his cock and milking it of every drop. He gasped for air, fighting to stay upright as his heart pounded in his ears. He’d never experienced anything so unlike making love and yet he felt a rush of something like love for this woman still wrapped around him. His hands brushed over her skin gently. He pulled back, letting his cock slip from her pussy, turning her around and pulling her up into his arms. He kissed her lips, her cheeks, her forehead. She smiled lazily at him, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

Her hair had come loose from its clip and her lipstick had been kissed completely off. Dressed only in her skirt and shoes, with the mixture of their juices slipping down her thighs, he couldn’t believe how sexy she looked. He felt his cock grow hard again in spite of himself. She felt it too, and pressed herself more tightly against him. This time it was she who pushed him to the floor, climbing on top of him, dragging her pussy teasingly over his cock. He felt the sopping entrance to her pussy, but she didn’t let him in, instead gliding further forward and sinking down so that his cock was nestled between the cheeks of her ass. She moaned, grinding her clit against his pelvis as she rocked back and forth, as he felt the tip of his cock slipping over and over again up the crack of her ass, gliding each time past her tight asshole.

He watched her face as she teased herself with his cock, saw her bite her lip every time his cock made contact with that oh-so-sensitive spot. He felt her sticky slit pressed against his pelvis, her hard little clit, and the slippery spot between her cheeks. He reached up with both hands and took hold of her breasts, pinching her hard nipples canlı kaçak bahis between his fingers. Finally she stopped teasing herself and lifted up, letting the head of his cock rest instinctively against her pussy. Slowly, inch by torturous inch, she sank down on his cock. He couldn’t believe how tight she was! Only minutes before he had been ploughing into her pussy but still she was tight as a glove around him. Sopping wet and slippery and hot and tight. He closed his eyes to dwell in the pleasure but quickly opened them to watch her face, enjoying the way she bit her lip to keep from crying out as she at last bottomed out on his cock and began to ride him, rocking back and forth with his cock embedded in her pussy.

He felt her hot juices coating his cock, dripping down over his balls, down the crack of his ass to the floor. He watched her, mesmerized, as she rode his cock with abandon, her breasts swaying as she began to bounce up and down on his cock, slamming herself down and lifting up, her head thrown back in pleasure. He understood that just as he had used her moments ago, now she was using him, and he revelled in his role, pushing his hips up to meet her thrusts, one hand slipping down to where their bodies were joined and rolling her clit between his fingertips. He felt her pussy begin to spasm around his cock, felt the rush of hot juices drenching his cock and pelvis, heard her single triumphant shriek as she exploded into orgasm around him. He couldn’t take his eyes from her face as she moaned her way back down to earth, he felt his cock throbbing inside her as she shuddered and shook.

At length her eyes opened and rested on his face, she whispered, “You liked that, did you, me using your cock like that.”

Hoarsely he whispered, “Yes.”

“Mmmmm, you should get a reward for doing so well,” she murmured, and before he could protest that she had already rewarded him with the gift of her orgasm, she had slipped her pussy from his cock and knelt down beside him, and before he could grasp what she intended to do she was sucking her juices from his cock.

He gasped, shocked, as she slurped at his cock, then took each of his testicles into her mouth and cleaned them of her juices before returning to his cock, which she began to suck in earnest. Helplessly he moaned as she sucked expertly on his cock, alternating between sucking on the head and taking it all into her mouth. He put his hand on the back of her head, tangling his fingers in her hair. He looked down to see his cock disappearing between her lips, and almost without warning felt himself on the edge of exploding. He tried to warn her but she only sucked harder, and as he felt his hot essence spilling into her mouth he realised she wanted him to cum in her mouth, and his cock twitched in her mouth as he saw her swallowing his hot seed. She kept up with every spurt, swallowing quickly, still sucking at his cock, determined to get every drop.

He moaned as he let his hands drop to his sides, lying there on the rug. When she was sure she’d had every drop she released his cock from her mouth, then lay down beside him and cuddled up to him. He held her tightly to his side.

After several minutes she lifted up on one elbow and gently kissed his lips. He tasted her juices there on her lips, and he sucked at her tongue gently. She pressed close to him as they kissed, snuggled together.

Eventually she rose, dressing quickly as he watched. He wondered if he could convince her to stay. She knelt beside him and kissed him once more, whispered “Thank you,” and quickly left. He sat up slowly, wondering what the rest of the year could bring to top THAT birthday surprise!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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