A Butt Fantasy

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The village clock struck 4am as Tim and Sue arrived back at their holiday apartment on the Greek Island of Kalymnos. ‘Gosh, I’m bushed’ said Sue as she fumbled the key into the lock. ‘Or drunk’ laughed Tim, taking the key from her and opening the door with ease.

As they entered the darkened apartment, Sue asked ‘What did you think of Pamela?’

Playing for time so he could think about his answer Tim said ‘Hang on, let me just get some air in this room’. He crossed the bedroom to the patio windows and opened them wide, the slight breeze barely moved the heavy drapes and had no effect on the stifling temperature in the room. Tim and Sue had a very open relationship but Tim knew from experience that it is never wise to be too honest.

‘I wanted to fuck the arse off her’ he thought, ‘I liked her, nice girl, cracking body’ he said

‘ I thought you would’ said Sue, as she walked to the fridge ‘she is your type’.

‘Oh, and what’s that?’ he replied

‘Blonde, big tits, small brain’ laughed Sue, opening the door and reaching in for some much-needed water.

‘Now that’s not fair….’ he paused, and Sue thought he was being a bit quick to jump to Pamela’s defence ‘….don’t be so hard on yourself – you have got a brain!’

‘Haa, Haa’ she replied sarcastically

‘…and lovely big tits’ he continued,

Tim crossed the room to stand behind Sue and put his arms around her, cupping her lovely 36Ds in his big hands.

‘As I said, lovely big tits’ he caressed her breasts and could feel her nipples start to stir under the palms of his hands.

‘Get off, I’m too hot and too tired to make love’

‘Go on……’ he pleaded

‘No leave me alone’ she shrugged Tim off and went out to the patio, swinging a cool bottle of water as she went. She sat at the plastic table, listened to the waves crash on the beach below and looked at the twinkling stars, idyllic. Tim followed her ‘and what did you think of Graham?’ Graham was Pamela’s hunky boyfriend; tall, dark and handsome. ‘Lovely’ she sighed

‘You dirty cow’ Tim said playfully ‘You want to fuck him’

After Sue’s initial immediate denial, they chatted for about ten minutes about the respective charms of Pamela and Graham before finally admitting that, given the chance, they would güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri love to fuck them. By this time Tim was semi-erect and feeling very horny and Sue was also showing signs of arousal – her neck was getting flushed and her nipples were more prominent against the fabric of her long grey dress.

‘Just imagine…’ said Tim, pulling Sue to her feet and leading her to the edge of the large balcony. ‘…you are standing in the moonlight, watching the waves crash only a few feet below you and you hear footsteps approaching – you presume it is me – a hand reaches and strokes your long blonde hair, then moves it gently to one side and a warm mouth kisses the side of your neck. You sigh as the mouth teases your neck and a man’s hand slowly caresses your belly in a slow circular motion – I have been waiting to do that for days says a stranger’s voice.’

Sue didn’t have to imagine very hard, her eyes were closed and it was easy to think of Graham in Tim’s place. Tim was touching her in just they way he had described and now Sue really was getting aroused – her nipples were achingly hard and her pussy was starting to get very wet as the fantasy took hold.

Tim was now licking her ear-lobe, a very sensitive spot for Sue, and his left hand continued to caress her belly – but with ever increasing circles, so that at times his hand was only a heartbeat away from her breasts or just above her pubic mound.

Continuing to tease her ear-lobe Tim now started to stroke Sue’s upper thighs, Sue sighed and parted her legs slightly. Tim needed no further invitation and he gently cupped his hand over her damp pussy and rubbed her through her dress. By now Sue was starting to slightly pant as she enjoyed the feelings coursing through her body, She could feel Tim’s (Graham’s) hard cock pressed against her thigh and she wanted to be fucked. She reached for his bulge but was surprised when he gripped her wrist, ‘Relax, leave it all up to me’. ‘Submission’ she thought, ‘Yes, why not?’

Tim stopped rubbing her pussy and stood directly behind her. Sue could feel his hard cock pressed against her ass. His hands caressed her shoulders and then he slowly undid the bow on her right thin shoulder strap. Her dress fell but, teasingly, only the top part güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of her right breast was on show. He undid the left strap and the silky dress slithered down until stopped by her womanly hips. She was not wearing a bra and her beautiful breasts with their Rose coloured nipples were now naked to his gaze.

He reached around her and took her big nipples between his fingers, he squeezed them and made her wince, but secretly she loved that dominant touch. Now he was sucking her breasts, occasionally biting her breasts, now nipping her erect buds. Her cunt was on fire and her legs were getting weak. Sue leaned against the balcony letting it take her weight, this meant that her ass was pushed out. Tim stopped licking her tits and turned his attention to bottom, squeezing it, stroking it, loving it.

He found the zip at the small of Sue’s back and slowly pulled it down, the dress slithered all the way to the floor and pooled at her feet. She now wore only a white thong and Tim lustily viewed her ass. Fucking Sue in the ass had always been one of Tim’s fantasies; she had a lovely pert bottom, smooth, firm and round. But Sue had never let him take her in that special place – maybe tonight she would allow Graham to fuck her there.

‘Stay there’ he whispered and kicked of his sandals, stripped off his T-shirt, his chinos and finally his black silk boxer shorts. His cock was erect and he pressed it against Sue’s ass as he reached round her to grip her big tits in his meaty palms. Sue moaned as he caressed her breasts, moaned even louder when he reached and stroked her cunt through her sopping g-string.

Pulling the thin material to one side his agile fingers found her clit and he stroked her firmly before plunging two fingers into her sopping pussy. Sue was on fire. She was still leaning over the balcony her pert ass sticking out and Tim could not resist – he dropped to his knees and started to kiss and suckle her bottom. He pulled the g-string out of her ass and was delighted by the sight of her puckered brown asshole, fringed with light blonde hair. He reached around her and found her clit again and then as she moaned with pleasure his tongue slid down the crack of her ass and he began to lick her cute asshole.

Now güvenilir bahis şirketleri Tim took his bloated cock and, leaning against Sue, rubbed the purple glans over Sue’s wet slit.

Sue, still well into the fantasy, moaned ‘Fuck me, Graham’. She was going to get fucked but not in the orifice she was expecting. Tim continued to massage his cock against Sue’s cunt making sure that it was well lubricated. Then he concentrated on her clit, stroking it with a steady rhythm. Sue was panting and moaning and Tim could tell that her orgasm was not far away. As he continued to stroke her clit with one hand his other held his cock poised at the entrance to ass.

Occasionally, as she writhed under his agile fingers, her asshole would bump against his cock but she was too drunk or too excited to think of the consequences. Tim loved it, he was finally going to fuck Sue in the ass. Slowly, but inevitably, her orgasm approached. Tim’s agile fingers and the fantasy about Graham were bringing her to the verge. She started to moan louder and tried to squeeze her legs shut as she started cumming. And it was just at that moment that Tim forced his hard member into her virgin asshole.

He only put the head of his cock into her ass and it was so tight – he groaned in pleasure. God, it was fantastic. He nearly came on the spot. Sue writhed under him as her orgasm continued. He was harder than he had ever been in his life and he just had to bury his cock in this beautiful ass. He lunged, forcing his cock three inches into Sue’s butt. Then grabbing hold of her hips he lunged again and forced his cock to the hilt.

Sue screamed as she felt her ass being plundered. ‘You bastard, you are in the wrong hole’ she said, thinking he had made a mistake. ‘I know, but Graham wants to fuck you in the ass, so just shut up and enjoy it’ he replied as he started to fuck her, slowly thrusting deep into her ass.

As he fucked her Tim again found her sensitive clit and he started to frig Sue again. She writhed beneath him. Because of the pain in her asshole he guessed, but she surprised him when she shouted ‘Go on Graham, fuck me in the ass, fuck my asshole you dirty bastard, cum in my ass you fucker’. Sue taking so dirty and the tightness of her asshole was too much for Tim and with a loud shout he buried himself in her asshole and spunk poured from his throbbing cock.

‘Oh fuck’ Tim moaned as he collapsed against Sue.

‘Fuck’ he said again as his cock slipped from Sue’s puckered asshole. And he watched in admiration as his thick white cum slid slowly out of Sue’s beautiful, rounded ass.

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