A Camping We Will Go

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I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to work. I’ve been at this for over an hour and still haven’t gotten it right. That’s what I get for trying to surprise someone with knowing how to put up a tent. The damn stupid directions weren’t made for me. The t – pole goes to the right, the x – pole to the left. “Damn” I shout for the fifth time. “Baby, I’ll help you if you quit screaming damn” a deep masculine voice says. I look up and up and up till I find the face to go with that voice. Wow!! The tallest man I’ve seen in a while was standing right in front of me, with the tightest britches I have seen outside of Dallas. “I’ve been hearing your voice echo in this canyon, it’s taken me a while to find you” he says with a smile on his face.

“Baby, if I would have known you were to come running, I would have screamed louder” I say laughingly. “I’m pretty good with poles, can I help?” he says. I would really like to know what kind of poles he’s talking about, cause the only one I see is the one straining to be released from those jeans he has on. He bends down to view the instructions. “I think I understand what the problem is, there’s a page missing from the instructions.” Damn I wish I would have known that canlı bahis before I tramped this far out. Now I was going to have to turn around and go back.

Then he says, “But I’ve put this type of tent up before, I’ll help you to get it up.” Oh baby if you only knew what those words did to me. I was almost cumming in my jeans. “Great, lets do it” I say. He looked at me with big brown eyes, I could feel the cum leaking down my legs. “Let’s first get comfortable, it’s kinda hot out here isn’t it?” And with that he proceeds to take off his shirt. Oh my god, I almost fainted right there. The hair on his chest just kept going down, down, down into those jeans. I took off my jacket, wishing I could take off more.

He starts describing where each pole should be placed, and all I could think of was baby put your pole right here in this little bitty hole I have all wet for you. Oh god I can’t concentrate. I know I’m staring but, what the hell. “Baby, what else can you do with poles, cause I am wanting yours right now” I say out loud. Oh, shit what have I done. My mouth gets away from me sometimes. He is looking straight at me with those big brown eyes and then he says “Baby I can put my pole in you so hard, so fast bahis siteleri you wouldn’t know what’s happening.” And then he flashes the biggest smile.

The cum is just running down my legs. I slowly take off my shirt, my nipples are so hard, aching to be sucked. He walks over to me, bending down to suck first the left then the right nipple. I can barely stand. His hands reach out to hold me steady. “Would you like to try out your new tent baby?” he says with that delicious voice of his. No need to ask twice, I bend down to enter and he cups my cunt. “Damn your wet baby” he says. He follows me in. I turn and unzip his pants, his cock is straining to be let loose. He reaches out for my jeans, we fall together on the ground, stripping each other naked. “Let me love you baby” he drawls. I’m speechless with need. I arch up and he spreads my legs apart, licking me slowly cleaning my cum. He sticks his tongue in and I moan loudly. My moans must carry through this canyon, I think.

“Baby, fuck me now I can’t wait to feel your cock in me” I fairly scream. “Please, baby, please” I say. He gets on his knees, raising my ass up, putting my legs over his shoulder. Teasing me with his cock, he places it next to my bahis şirketleri clit. Now baby, now I’m thinking. He pushes against me, I let him enter, deep, deeper. Oh, god deeper. To the hilt baby, he drives into me, I hang on to him tight. Pulling it back, teasing me with the tip again, and again. “FUCK ME NOW BABY” I scream. He pushes in, moving faster, faster. He’s breathing heavy now, I can feel him throbbing within me. “Oh yes baby, Oh yes” he says. I wonder how he can not scream at the pure heat of the moment. Over and over he pulls out only to ram back in. “Oh god baby, I’m cumming” I moan. “Cum to me baby, cum to me” he drawls. Oh, god, oh god…oh…fuck!! “YES”


“YES” I scream. He pumps continuously, I can feel him cumming now. “Oh, god…yes!” he moans. He finally stops pumping and we lay exhausted, his member throbbing inside me. He rubs his hands all over me, soothing me down. He whispers in my ear, “Jackie, did you enjoy yourself?” I tense. My god he knows my name. I look into his brown eyes and see the humor in them. “How do you know me?” I ask, waiting for the answer.

“Baby, I’m the cubscout troup leader that just took over Pack 69” he says quietly. “We’re camping about 2 valleys over.” I sit up smile and say “Well, glad to finally meet you, my boys been talking about you for weeks now.”

“Maybe, I’ll take more time to make the troup meetings that I’ve been missing.” Oh yes, I sure will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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