A Change in Plans – Coming Together

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It is early Thursday morning as the telephone rings — at 6:30 am — in Gil’s hotel room for his wake up call. Now, there is no one else in the room. Slowly, he climbs out of bed and walks to the window of his fifth floor hotel room located near the downtown area of a major city.

Gilbert opens the curtains and looks out of the Northwest window. Distant dark grey clouds are observed — it appears that it is raining or snowing. Looking down toward the front entrance of the hotel, Gil observes that the flags on the flag poles are sticking straight out toward the building. It is very windy. The hotel parking lot is almost filled with vehicles. Some ice can be seen on the vehicles, on the parking lot, and on trees and bushes.

Gil turns on the television and gets a weather report. He learns that the rain last evening turned to ice during the night. And now snow is starting to fall at a distant airport. He continues to watch the television as he stands by the mirror. Gil is wearing only his T-shirt. Now he is only listening to the television, he is watching his reflection in the mirror. His hands and fingers have been massaging his balls and penis — like the flags, his manhood is sticking straight out from his body. After removing his T-shirt, he tosses it on to the bed. He is stark naked and is enjoying his muscular body — over the past several months he has lost some weight — his waist is smaller.

Gil puts some baby oil on his erection and continues stroking his rod. Sometimes slow stroking, and sometimes fast stroking. A few times, he stands and looks at the reflection of his naked body in the large mirror.

He is stroking his hard rod even faster with his left hand. His right hand is massaging his balls. Now he is using two hands on his cock — one hand is stroking his shaft; fingers of his other hand are making circles as they rub his entire cock rim. He starts stroking his balls with one hand, his other hand massages his cock head. Looking from his actual cock to the cock reflection in the mirror, Gil observes his manhood growing.

He thinks about how nice it would be to suck enlarged nipples and a clitoris, then rub a woman’s small bundle of nerves and lower lips with his manhood. Finally, he would push past her lower lips and enter a warm moist tunnel — — his manhood would obtain ample pleasure as he used her body. But this is not possible, now. He strokes his manhood even faster and harder. He thinks about several lady friends that he knows.

Gil watches in the mirror as his cock grows slightly larger — — then it seems to explode. His cream colored cum shoots out from the cock tip. Some lands on the carpet, some on the top of the two drawer dresser, and a little hits the bottom of the mirror.

Gil tightens his grip on his cock and squeezes some cum on to the palm of his right hand. Then he sucks the cum off of his hand. And swallows his male juice.

After resting briefly, Gil takes a quick shower, shaves, and gets dressed — underwear, shoes, colored shirt, and dark brown pants. His tie, jacket, and coat can be put on after he eats the hotel’s complementary hot breakfast.

Also on the fifth floor of the hotel, near the other end of the long hallway, Karen is wide awake. After she has done several exercises, she looks out of her Southeast window and observes a few clouds. The sun is just starting to be visible on the distant horizon. Some light comes through the sheer curtain on the window — and touches the sheer purple lingerie covering some of her body. She has had this sheer gown for about one year — she likes it, and some men have said they also like this gown. It accentuates her curves, but partially hides the details of her body.

Karen does some more of her morning exercises. She turns and directly faces the mirror and removes the short purple gown and the matching purple thong. Now stark naked, Karen turns — first to her left, then to her right. She is pleased with the appearance of her body and her curves — — exercise and watching the type of food she eats helps her maintain an appealing figure. Now she is again directly facing the mirror; she looks down below her navel and sees her tattoo reflected in the mirror. Actually she has two separate tattoos. One was done years ago; while brief, it is a suggestive tattoo.

She rubs her breasts. She is well aware that men like her boobs — when they are bare, or even covered or partially covered. It does not seem to matter whether the fabric is opaque or sheer — men enjoy her curves. She knows that most men like to kiss, lick, and suck a woman’s breasts and teats. Her left hand rubs her left boob and its teat. Her right hand rubs her right boob and its teat. Then her fingers pinch and play with her nipples. Her nipples start to become firm. But this morning, Karen is by herself in the hotel room.

She pushes a breast toward her mouth and sticks out her tongue. Saliva coats her teat, then her lips clamp down on her teat. She sucks her right teat for about a minute. Next, canlı bahis she pushes her other breast upward and licks its teat. She clamps down on her left teat and sucks. As she sucks, Karen looks — at her breasts and at their mirror reflections. Over the past year, some men have enjoyed watching her as she sucks her own teats.

Several minutes later her left hand is rubbing and massaging both of her breasts and teats. Her saliva coated teats respond and become even more erect. Different men have told her that she has nice boobs and responsive teats — — as she provides breast massages or gets her female mounds fucked. Fingers of her right hand are rubbing her pussy lips and clitoris. Slowly, her clitoris enlarges and becomes firm.

Then she lays down on the bed — — for more sexual satisfaction. She places a penis shaped vibrating dildo in her vagina — — it is vibrating at its fastest speed. Fingers of one hand soon are moving the operating dildo inside her vagina. Fingers of her other hand are vigorously rubbing her clitoris. Frequently, her fingers touch the stainless steel jewelry that pierces her clitoris. Her clitoris quickly enlarges. She knows that sexual pleasure will soon be flowing through her body.

After several minutes or so of self-stimulation her body starts to quiver. In several more minutes, her body is quivering even faster. Then she is shaking. At last, a wave of motion starts deep inside her — then spreads through her entire body. Other waves follow. Her body jerks — — frequently. Karen has had her orgasm.

After resting for several minutes, she takes a quick shower and shaves her legs and underarms — then rinses the remaining soap from her body and dries off using a fluffy white towel. Karen looks at her nude body in the large bathroom mirror. Yes, her pubic hair definitely needs to be shaved — she wants her pussy lips to be smooth — — for tonight.

Using soap and warm water, she shaves her pussy lips and the area above her slit until her skin is smooth and free of any hair. For several minutes, she admires her nude body in the large bathroom mirror. She holds a small mirror by the juncture of her legs and checks the genital shaving. She is satisfied with the visual inspection — there are no isolated hairs. Her pussy lips are very smooth.

Using both hands, Karen gently rubs lotion on her breasts, stomach, thighs, lower legs, ass, and arms. More lotion is rubbed on her bare smooth pussy lips and on her clitoris and the attached jewelry. She feels some natural moisture slowly ooze past her pussy lip.

Still stark naked, Karen packs her luggage — she will soon be checking out of the hotel and flying back home. She puts on her new flesh-colored size 36 C bra, panty hose, blouse, pants, and shoes. After breakfast, she can easily get her luggage and coat — then take a shuttle to the airport.

A Casual Meeting — And Sharing

About the same time, two distant doors on the hotel’s fifth floor open. Karen walks down the long hallway toward the elevators located in about the center of the building. Gilbert also walks his section of the long hallway toward the same elevators.

Karen arrives at the elevators first and pushes the button to signal the automatic elevator to stop on the fifth floor. Gilbert arrives, says “Good Morning”. Both wait for an elevator and make a few comments. And they wait some more.

In a minute or so, an elevator stops. Karen and Gilbert share the elevator as it goes down to the first floor. But the room where the complementary hot breakfast is served is crowded. Then several people leave, one table is available.

“Shall we share that table.”

“Yes. I certainly am willing to share the table with you.”

Their conversation continued as both ate breakfast. Then Karen left and returned to her room. In a few minutes, she was back on the first floor and checked out of her hotel room. Gilbert was still sitting at the table and talking with another man.

Across the room, their eyes meet. Both smiled and waved. Gilbert and Karen had come together for a few minutes — — as they shared an elevator. More time was shared as they ate breakfast. Now they were going in separate directions — most likely never to come together, again.

Karen walked out of the hotel and got into the parked airport shuttle. Karen, along with several other people, waited in the shuttle. While the shuttle heater was operating, it was still cold in the vehicle. The driver was listening to the radio.

The voice on the radio stated that all flights at the Airport were cancelled. The runways were coated with thick ice and now snow was rapidly accumulating. No airplane flights were leaving — no flights were arriving. All flights for today had been cancelled.

Karen got out of the shuttle and went to the hotel reservation desk. But, unfortunately, the hotel was already booked for that night. They would not know of any available rooms for about ten hours — after 6:00 pm.

Karen looked bahis siteleri toward the breakfast table that she had shared with Gilbert. He was there and reading a magazine.

At another nearby table, a loud conversation was going on between two men:

Man One: “I almost had a good game of golf a week ago — had a score of 77 at the end of the 17th hole. But the 18th hole caused me problems. I ended up with an 85.”

Man Two: “I would be happy with anything in the low eighties. And how was the 19th hole at the club?”

Man One: “OK. I won some money at the poker game and got a few free drinks.”

Man Two: “And the 19th hole — — — at home?”

Man One: “Wonderful. My girl friend gave me an excellent hand job — — really got me hard and large. Then I was in mouth — the blow jobs she gives me are fantastic. Then I got in her ass. Finally, I pounded her cunt for a long time — — until my ejaculation. Three holes — occupied over many minutes — thanks to my erectile dysfunction drug.”

Man Two: “Sounds like you are still pleased with your live in girl friend.”

Man One: “Yes. I am still very pleased that I got a divorce from my bitchy wife — — now ex-wife. I am giving and receiving some of the best sex that I have ever had. And as you know, I retired about a year ago. I have had many women over the years, especially when I was young — — my current one certainly is one of the best.

Man Two: “You have lots of time for golf and then sex. In that order?”

Man One: “Reverse the order — sex first. Golf in any remaining time. You can have sex during the day and at night. But can only golf on a course during the day.”

Man Two, laughs softly. Then says: “Wish I had a live in girl friend. Possibly I could rent yours for several hours.”

Man One: “Everything and everyone has a price. What are you willing to pay?”

Man Two: “Remember that we have been good friends for many years. You should give me a nice discount. I could have her body during the time that you are playing golf.”

Both men loudly laughed. A few people, sitting at near by tables chuckled. Then, at the same time, both men got up and left the breakfast room.

Karen had already walked away from the hotel reservation desk and was coming toward the table still occupied by Gilbert. She heard only part of the loud conversation between Man One and Man Two.

As Karen sat down, she asked Gil: “What where those men talking about? I could easily hear their conversation as I walked toward this table — but I did not really understand. Something about a 19th hole.”

“One man was talking about his golf game and his score — — said he had an 85.”

“What about the 19th hole”. I thought that golfers usually played 18 holes or possibly 9 holes for a short game.”

“Usually the 19th hole refers to some drinks with friends at the golf club after their game is completed. But as I understand the conversation, the reference to the 19th hole was also about the sex that the man had with his live in girl friend.”

“I understand now,” Karen replied. Then added: “He apparently had lots of fun and pleasure with his rod in the holes of a woman’s body.”

“Yes. And the other man was suggesting that he could rent the live in girl friend for his sexual pleasuring. Then both left.”

“Often it is better to rent for a short time period — — instead of purchasing and having something for a long time, with many on-going expenses. They were certainly loud.”

“Why are you back? I thought you had gone to the airport and were flying back home, today.” Gil asked.

“In the shuttle, the driver was listening to the radio. It was announced that the airport runways were coated with ice and it was snowing. And that all flights had been cancelled. Also the hotel has no empty rooms for tonight and will not know about any available rooms until after 6:00 pm.”

“Through the window, I can see that snow is just starting to fall here.”

The conversation between Karen and Gilbert continued. Many minutes passed.

Finally, Gil suggests: “Hopefully, I am not being too forward — — but you could use my room, if necessary, to make another airplane reservation or use my computer. I have two nights remaining on my reservation.”

“Thanks for the offer. I wanted you to suggest something along those lines. I can put my suitcase in your room and change clothes.”

“We shared the elevator this morning. And we shared this table as we ate breakfast. And now we can share my room.” Gil stated.

“I certainly appreciate the room sharing.” Karen said.

“And, there are two double beds in my room.”

“Possibly I will not need to sleep in your room — — if another room becomes available this evening after 6:00 pm.”

“I would not object to you sleeping in my room, Karen. We can share the room, and have separate beds.”

“Possibly we would not need to use both beds.” Karen suggests.

“Are you suggesting — — bahis şirketleri — — what I think you are suggesting?”


Karen and Gilbert leave the breakfast room and get on the elevator. Soon they are in his room. After many minutes of trying, Karen is finally able to get an airplane reservation for tomorrow afternoon.

Then Karen gets a few clothing items from her suitcase and changes clothes in the bathroom. Gil watches a few minutes of television.

Their plans are set. Karen is going to walk and do some looking / shopping and possibly purchasing some clothing at a large downtown department store. Gilbert plans to contact / visit several existing customers and see a few prospective customers — all are located in the near by downtown area of the city.

Karen and Gilbert will meet again at the hotel, about 3:30 pm.

Mid — Afternoon

During the morning and early afternoon, it continued snowing. The wind continued to blow. The temperature was low. Driving conditions were poor. But by mid-afternoon, the snow had stopped. The City road maintenance department made progress in clearing the roads. News reports indicated that the Airport expected to open for departing and arriving flights sometime in the early evening.

About 3:30 pm, Gilbert walked into the lobby of the hotel. Karen arrived a few minutes later. Once again they shared an elevator.

Now inside Gilbert’s room, they shared a bottle of blush wine.

“I am going to change my clothes and put on my swim suit. This hotel has a very nice indoor pool area, sauna, and hot tub. Nicely planted and maintained.” Gil stated.

“Yes. I have been here before and also used their facilities. And I also brought my swim suit.”

“Good. You can change in the bathroom. I will change here.”

“We are both adults. We each know what the opposite sex look like. We can change in this room.” Karen suggested.

“OK. Facing away from each other.”

“No — — You Silly Man. Facing each other.”

“We may not make it to the pool area. We could go directly to the bed — and be intimate.”

In a few minutes, Karen was stark naked. She put on her swim suit, a cover up, and sandals. The one piece swim suit has a multi-colored floral design — her body shape is quite evident but her skin is adequately covered. The cover up matches the swim suit.

Gil was still wearing his clothes — — he had watched Karen the entire time that she was changing from clothes, to her birthday suit, and then to her swim suit.

“Your turn, Gil. Change.”

Facing her, Gil stripped. Then he put on his swim suit.

“You did not say anything about my tattoo, Gil.”

“Guess I was somewhat surprised to see you strip — — so casually, in front of me. Let me see your tattoo.”

Quickly, Karen pushed the straps of the swim suit off her shoulders and down over her boobs and over her hips. Her ample breasts and sex are completely exposed. Gil looked at her tattoo — located on her lower abdomen.

Below her naval, he saw a tattoo of a yellow and black butterfly. It was starting to land on a tattoo of a large red flower that had a few green leaves. Several inches above her slit, Gil saw a word that had been tattooed. In large letters, the tattooed word said: PLEASURE

“Do you like my tattoo, Gil?”

“Yes. It is attractive — — and the word above your slit is very, very suggestive. I guess it means that the butterfly will be getting PLEASURE from the nectar it obtains for food from the flower.”

Their eyes meet. Both smile.

“It is suppose to be suggestive. I wanted you to see my tattoo — My now ex-spouse insisted on the PLEASURE word when our marriage was very satisfactory. I got the butterfly and flower about two years ago, just after my divorce.”

“I certainly understand the meaning and location of the word — PLEASURE . Your shaved slit and pussy lips are very attractive and interesting. Your breasts are beautiful — almost like a pair of matched book ends. You have a voluptuous body.”

“Voluptuous!! Now that is really a ten dollar word saying that my body can provide sensuous enjoyment.”

“I believe that word fits you, Karen.”

“Thank you for the complements, Gil. I did not want to tell you earlier — — — but at different times since my divorce, I have worked in the entertainment business in Nevada. But not really any long time. I simply needed the money.”

“But what type of work did you do in the entertainment business?”

“Just a variety of entertainment — some modeling, a little dancing, tending bar, serving drinks, and stripping. I can wear a thong and easily cover up the PLEASURE word. And still have the butterfly and red flower show.

“I guess that you are use to being partially naked or stark naked and having men look at your body.”

“Yes. I have had some well paying jobs when the tips are considered. But I do not let myself get emotionally involved with a customer. Some customers tell me all about their problems. I politely listen but do not want to get involved. I have my own problems.”

“I have received sexual pleasure at a few Nevada brothels. Different ‘girls’ each time. Quick in, quick pleasuring, and quick out.”

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