A Continuing Education Convention

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A Continuing Education Convention

The continuing education continued into the après-ski activities

We are a couple and this is our first submission to Literotica. This was written for and by ourselves many years ago but we recently decided to open a Literotica account and to post this. The “he” part of us thought this should be posted under ‘group sex’; however, this was so erotic that I (the “she” half of us) trumped that decision because of the extreme eroticism of the encounter. It could not be classified as ‘loving wives’ because we were not yet married at the time. For you to decide: Was this pure fantasy? A true or partially embellished experience? Was my husband to be in this story? We welcome your comments and especially constructive comments – either public or private. As a couple we want our stories to affect both men and women, so let us know. Please remember to vote too!

CHAPTER 1: the introductions

It’s January and I’m attending a seminar at my favorite ski resort. I’ve come alone but will be with a large group of other professionals: stockbrokers, CPA’s, lawyers, senior executives, the whole “who’s who”. The mornings here begin early, allowing us to “get the education out-of-the-way” and enjoy the warmer afternoon temperatures for some glorious skiing. This is one of those perfect afternoons! It’s about 30 degrees, a low wind, partly cloudy blue sky, and perfect packed powder. I can’t remember when I ever skied better. I’m gliding down the steeps with the speed and grace I used to know only on the blues. I hate skiing alone, but, who’s really alone when surrounded by magnificent mountains such as these!

I come to a stop and am standing alone above a relatively steep slope with a challenging but neat looking double fall line. In a moment, I’m joined by three men who recognize me from the seminar. (How they know me with my ski outfit on, I’ll never know) but it felt good to be noticed. Truthfully, I never felt better: my weight is just right, I am strong, in great shape, and my outfit outlines me just right. They introduced themselves: Bill, John and Neil. As I soon discovered, they were just as in love with skiing as I, and their passion showed on the slopes.

Neil was the oldest, maybe five or ten years older than me and, although soft spoken and considerate, he was obviously the leader type and commanded respect just by being there. John is just about my age; a big guy, not overweight, just strong and quite handsome…with a great voice. Bill is the youngster of the group: young to mid 20ish, about 5′ 8″, and not much more that 150 lbs. Lean and virile looking with just a headband around his slightly curly hair, this guy is a real cutie! I had a great a day and received several compliments.

At first I thought they were just patronizing me, but then I realized that they were really impressed by my ability as well as my desire to try anything reasonable on the slopes. They really were surprised that a smaller woman like me (I’m 40, blond hair, 5’4″, 124 lbs., 34C – for those of you who are trying to picture me), could ski so well and be so versatile on the slopes.

After our last run, we retreated to the base lodge for a couple drinks and a little singing. On our empty stomachs, the drinks really started to hit us, so we decided that it was time to stop partying; why risk a great working vacation! The three of them talked quietly amongst themselves for a moment and, to my pleasure and surprise, asked me to join them for dinner. I must have hesitated momentarily because John, the connoisseur of the group, offered dinner as their (or his) treat. How could I refuse! When we discussed a time and meeting point, we learned that we were staying in the same townhouse condominium complex, just a couple hundred yards or so away from each other. We agreed that Neil would pick us all up and we’d go to a nice restaurant.

I quickly bathed myself in nice bath oils, and fixed my hair and makeup. I looked more like I was going to a dance than to dinner in a ski resort area. The best outfit I had with me lined my figure just right, and the pearls were the perfect accent. When they picked me up in Neil’s luxury SUV, I was doubly pleased to see that they too had dressed nicely for our “outing”. The dinner, as I had learned to expect, was nothing short of superb. Appetizer, soup, filet mignon, desert, champagne. Finished, and not even eight o’clock yet. What a pity!

On the way home (to the condos), John invited us all over to his townhouse, making us aware that he rented one of the units with an outdoor hot tub. What good that now, my swimsuit was back at my condo, and I certainly wasn’t going au natural with three strangers…but the thought did make me tingle a little.

CHAPTER 2: the condo and the game

The night had become so cold, so quickly, that when we opened the door to John’s condo, it was like transporting ourselves into the tropics, but with the outside benefit of snow and winter. As we hung up our coats and began to relax, John started a fire and pointed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri out the location of the bar and snacks. I found the Warren Miller videos and punched up the VCR and stereo (yes, this was in the 1990s). As Neil mixed and Bill served, I rested back in a lounge chair. What more could a woman want! The low fire light, cool drinks, nice company and good casual conversation which drifted our minds to tomorrow’s skiing. At least that what we said we were thinking about. It wasn’t long however, until the hot tub was suggested. (Now they knew I didn’t have a bathing suit with me. Was I getting myself into something, or was one of them planning to get into me?) This is a really nice group of guys and they’ve shown a lot of respect. Moreover, I really do look pretty good tonight, and, I probably would be a little disappointed if they didn’t at least try…politely.

I rather quickly refused the suggested dip. One of the men backed me up in a gentlemanly fashion so as to not embarrass me or make me feel overly prudish. Everyone accepted my decline respectfully, so we settled down to another drink and some cheese, deciding to play some cards. Almost as expected, Bill, somewhat half-jokingly, suggested that we play poker for something other than money or chips. The alcohol must have begun working because John and Neil seemed to think it wasn’t a bad idea either, although neither gave a strong: “Here! Here!” Neil just looked at me with those piercing eyes as if to hypnotically tell me to play. I thought his eyes might be undressing me and I began to feel naked…and delirious. I refused the suggestion, explaining the unfairness of it all. A friendly, fun oriented debate ensued about what’s fair and what’s not fair. A mixture of joking, flirting and slightly off-color innuendos, but no pressure, just a lot of fun.

We settled on playing pitch with the stakes being lunchtime drinks tomorrow on the slopes. Neil, John and I won drinks from Bill and I get a free lunch from John (I could listen to him talk for hours). Someone suggested that we add a little excitement to our game.

Not necessarily clothing, but control…total control. I perked up again, I’d been running a winning streak and had three chances of winning here. Everyone was showing excitement and interest as we talked about the rules and the stakes. Total control, slavery for the evening: would I love to see Bill’s young, lean body dancing just for me…talk about total control! Or John and Neil could … (I mustn’t let my mind run to wild, control yourself Mary). Nevertheless, my apprehension got the best of me until Neil suggested a unique approach.

If any of the men lost, I was the master: total control, anything goes for 24 hours. They’d be my slaves, as a group or individually. If I lost however, they have total control and the winner directs; we all agreed on no physical harm and an uncle call would be immediately honored. I could stop anything at any time. Each of the three pledged themselves to honor the agreement. I have no doubts as to their integrity and sincerity. But I couldn’t see how I could lose…a 3 out of 4 chance of winning, and a winning streak going to boot.

A chance which was totally blown when Neil bid four, made his bid, and won the game in the next hand. What will he do? I was getting warm and moist already.

CHAPTER 3: do I pay off

Dressed in my silken button-down blouse, pearls and designer slacks, I was escorted back into the living room. The lights were dimmed, but the glow of the fire provided most of the light, bathing me and them in a warm hue of reddish-gold. By the fireplace, I was made to stand in front of Bill and John as Neil walked around me. He touched my hair lightly, my face, my throat, the nape of my neck, and my upper chest in the middle of my slightly unbuttoned ‘V” neck. He reminded me of our game and my commitment. He kept telling me how pretty I looked and how much he and the others would enjoy looking at me, caressing me, and pleasing me. These men were such gentlemen.

We all knew what was in each of our minds. Mr. Virility and Mr. Strength (Bill and John), whose pants had already begun to show bulges, were looking down half of the time so as to not embarrass me. Neil, for all his class and poise, was doing everything to hide the shaking in his hands and voice as he touched and talked to me. This game that we had all joked about was actually beginning to take place. Despite our commitment to each other, they were asking, in a veiled way, “Is it OK to continue this, Mary?”

I don’t know? My lips are trembling, can they see that? Can they read my thoughts? I made a commitment; I have no doubt they would have kept theirs. I shouldn’t go through with this…even though I think I want to; I know I want to. I’m only as good as my word; I played the game and lost. The rest is up to them and their honor, right? If I refuse now, what will they think. I need to give them an answer. When Neil’s finger touched my quivering lips, my answer slipped out with my tongue as it touched his finger. I was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri giving the answer that none of us were sure would be given.

Neil’s response came when his hand gently closed my eyes and he held my head in one hand, and encircled my waist, from the front, with his other hand. As I felt his warm and trembling hand through the thin silk fabric of my blouse, I was oblivious to being watched by the others as he kissed my lips. His parted lips were so warm and so moist, it made me open my mouth to invite him to taste me. Taste my tongue, my cheeks, my whole mouth. I taste his mouth as his hand slides down from my head to my back, sending cold chills through my whole body. Delicious!

I felt his left hand move from my waist to my hand and then up my arm. It flows from my shoulder to my neck. Now it’s moving down my chest. I don’t feel it any more. I’m lost in our kiss. Then I realized that he had begun unbuttoning my blouse and I remembered where I was; I was his (their) subject, I am being watched. Should I open my eyes?

CHAPTER 4: my unveiling

Warm and cool air flowed over the front of me. My blouse must be completely open now. I felt his hands slipping my blouse over my shoulders while he is commenting on how beautiful my skin was, and how firm and young my figure is. He ran his fingers along the outline of my bra, across the top of my chest, then gently down through my cleavage and, while holding the undercups of my bra, lifted my breasts. I could feel my nipples hardening. I know they must be showing through my bra. Then he stands behind me, both hands placed on my shoulders and caressing down the front of me. He touches me in all the “safe” places. But I realize: I am on display. I know what is happening to him as he pulls me close to him and I feel is hardness pressing on my back and rear. I open my eyes slightly and see the two other men, now bare chested with slacks that can hardly contain them. As their hardness pressed against their pants, my breasts swelled and pushed against my exposed bra. It’s barely covering me now from the swelling, my heavy breathing, and his gentle lifting. His hands then brushed against my covered nipples with open palms and then pushed both cups up from under my breasts. I am so aware of how they are being pushed up and out. There is no doubt in my mind that almost every detail about my nipples – my private beauty – was known to them now.

Then, as if on que, his fingers caressed my bra line, invaded my cups, and pulled them both down exposing my breasts completely, including my nipples … complete exposure. I peeked through my eyelids and noticed that my normally light pinkish tan nipples were now the darkest purple, and so erect and so hard that they were actually hurting. How erotic some pain can be! I wasn’t alone in my pleasure: Bill and John were touching themselves; Bill somewhat obviously through his pants, John, with his hand in his pocket. But it’s the pressure of Neil’s still covered penis pushing against my back side that sends thrills of anticipation through me. (It is so very exciting to know, that at 40, I can cause such reactions in these men.) With my breasts now exposed, he took my rock-hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger and rolled them very gently, pulling them outward and embarrassing me by telling the others how hard they were. Then his palms touched them as they caressed my breasts and nipples together. It was such a pleasant sensation; the tingling went all the way down. I couldn’t avoid squirming until, strongly and unexpectedly, he commanded me, ” Be still!”

As I closed my eyes again, he suggested to the others that they come forward and sample my pulchritude. For the first time in my life I felt four, then six hands touching me all at once. I remember distinctly when someone put his hand on my covered thigh and moved it up to my crotch. With that, Neil (I think it was Neil), invited the other two to finish undressing me. I felt his hands on my back unfastening my bra while my slacks were being unbuttoned. One of them removes my shoes, my bra drops to the floor. (My upper body is now totally naked and exposed except for my pearls.) My slacks are open and being slipped down over my hips and thighs. It’s happening; I am being stripped. I am being controlled and will be totally naked, except for my pearls, in front of them. In front of who? I hardly know these men? What if they have a camera? No, I would hear it, wouldn’t I? I know I can trust them, I think? Now I feel them, hands and fingers moving down my legs, completing my undressing; hands on my shoulders and breasts, and another pair following the inside of my thighs up toward my most private and personal place. I now feel a finger moving under my panty leg opening, caressing the valley near my hip, between my tummy and thigh. His voice sounds strong and dirty as he slips his fingers out again. He runs the edge of his finger against my panty covered crotch and tells the others that I am “creaming through my panties.” Oddly, I loved this sense of humiliation, this sense güvenilir bahis şirketleri of display. I know I’m arousing them also.

I heard quiet talk as they moved away for a moment. Finally they spoke, asking me – no, telling me gently to take off my panties. “Very slowly, so we can see every beautiful inch of you revealed.” They stood around me in a circle, each from a different angle, and explained, each in his own way, how I looked; every detail of my body was spoken … and how beautiful I was. When I began moving my panties down over my hips, then down to my bare mound, each of them began removing their dress slacks in front of me. I needed no more imagination now! Each one had different underwear on: jockey shorts, boxers and silk underwear. The boxers held back nothing, and Bill was a little embarrassed as he burst forth right out of his fly.

The red silk briefs barely held back Neil, who was already leaving little to my imagination as he partially extended out and over his waistband. John’s jockey shorts were barely more useful than Neil’s silks. But as for me, my silk panties were now fully below my mons and ‘V’ and finally below my knees. I have to bend over now to remove them. With the three of them still encircling me, I bent over and lifted my right leg out first, feeling lubrication at the slight separation of my thighs as I did so.

As I removed the panties from my left leg, I lost my balance. John and Neil quickly catch me, and I feel their hot hardness touch my side and rear as they keep me from falling. They go to extremes to make certain I am OK. Their closeness now becomes a passionate kissing on my mouth and back of my neck. Their four hands, two in front, two in back, are gliding over me, awakening nerve centers I didn’t know existed. Then! “Stand here, in front of us, and turn slowly, so beautiful, but still too covered.” Neil says, “As beautiful as the pearls are, and how lovely they accent you, I would like to see you completely and totally naked. May I?” as he begins removing my necklace. I encourage him to do it. “Please, keep turning for us.” They move very close to me and are carefully looking at every inch of me. I know exactly how the slave girl in my fantasies felt as she was put on display on the auction block. The only difference being, my hands are free, hers were wrist tied above her head.

After standing there on display, for what seemed to be an eternity, I opened my eyes and looked deep into each of theirs. Neil’s penetrating eyes told me things he wanted to do that almost made me shutter. John’s eyes, so gentle and loving, were tasting every inch of my naked flesh, all exposed to him right now. Young Bill’s eyes were large and almost gaping as he took in the sight of me before him. And what a sight it was. When I’m excited my nether lips separate wide, exposing what I know was my protruding clit and open inner lips. I was dripping and the perfumed aroma of my sex filled the room. My breasts were as swollen and firm as ever with my quarter sized Arellano swollen and surrounding my hard fingertip sized pointing nipples. They came closer to me, almost as if choreographed. My eyes were wanton pools giving them permission to fondle and please me in any manner they desired. John’s hands went around my waist from the back, firmly but gently pinning my arms to my sides. I felt Neil’s cock between my ass cheeks. Then, he masterfully pulled away his pelvis, directing the head and top of his penis down the crack in my rear and nestling it firmly between my thighs. His gentle rocking causes a sensation on my vaginal lips that opened even more and opening my flood gates to such an extent that I felt my juices begin to run down my thighs. His cock must be covered with me by now. I hope, I know, he likes the feeling so very much. As he bends my head back to taste the inside of my mouth, I feel one hand on my thigh, and one above my pussy, on my mound.

His hand teases the valleys between my legs and hips, then my ‘key-hole’ just above my clit, and then he gently rubs over the top of my mons without directly touching me … there. The hand on my thigh can move no higher, it pushes John’s cock against my outer lips, separating them until I feel the length of that hard shaft laying across the length of my vagina. His hands move higher over John’s cock. His middle and index finger (I think) caresses my upper lips. Both hands now, Bill’s and Neil’s, are converging toward the same spot. Two fingers open me at the top, opening my hood and fully exposing me to the fullest – if anymore is even possible. I almost know how a man feels when standing naked with an erection. My clit is so swollen and feels so free. While gently held open, a finger…I think it’s Neil’s, lubricates itself from my inside, then follows the inside of my cunt all the way up until he strokes my clit. Lips descend from my face to my neck to my shoulders. It’s happening now, my bare breasts are being taken, being inhaled. The pulling, the sucking, both at the same time. My breasts are completely inside both their mouths. I’ve dreamed of it, fantasized of it, it’s too incredible to imagine. Both breasts, both nipples, sucked and tongued; a little nip of pain squeezes on my nipple…so delightful: I get more feeling between my legs. What’s causing this intense extra pleasure? Is it the direct petting of my clit or the indirect sensation coming from my nipples? Who cares!

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