A Curious Attachment

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I got an email from wife.

Its subject line simply said “I made this for you.”

The body of the message was a video clip. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I downloaded it and watched. It was my wife, obviously. She’d made a video message just for me. This is what it said:

“I want you to know that I love you. I love you with all my heart. You are the kindest, most gentle man I have ever met or, most likely, ever will. You have been my rock in all my ups and downs for the past 15 years and nothing will ever change that. But I need something more.”

She had a nervous smile on her face and paused briefly as though she was trying to think of what to say next. She clearly hadn’t planned this. It must have been spontaneous.

“Please don’t think this is some kind of dear John letter or something because it definitely is not.”

Well that was comforting.

“I want you to be my partner until the day I die. What I do want though is to feel sexy again. I want to feel wild again. I want to feel like I am the one and only woman you will ever want or need. But I know things have seemed a bit stale recently. And I think I know why.”

This was true. Over the last few months or intimacy has been a bit routine. A couple times a month we have a little date night, go through the motions and have some of the most boring sex you could imagine. I’ve never been entirely certain why though.

“You once asked if there was anything that I would change about you. I said there wasn’t which was not true. There is one thing I want to change, but we just can’t change that. You need a bigger dick.”

Oh. That was all that went through my mind, “Oh”. It never seemed to be an issue before. I mean, I’m not huge by I’m by no means small. Well I mean, maybe I’m on the lower end of average but certainly not small. I mean I haven’t gotten any complaints before and I’ve pleased my fair share of women before I met my wife.

“I know this may seem harsh, but I don’t mean it to be. I love your dick, but I need a cock. A big one. And I know this seems out of the blue.”

Well that was quite an understatement.

“But there’s a reason for that too…”

She hesitated here and I could feel my heart racing wondering what she canlı bahis was going to say.

“Remember when I went out with Julia for her birthday a few months ago?”

I nodded to myself as though I was somehow responding to this video.

“Well we met this guy named Paul. He was a really hot guy and Julia was all over him. So the two of them ended up drinking pretty heavily and I drove us all home. They were in the back seat together playing grab ass the whole time. There was so much passion between the two of them. It was kind of a turn on…”

Again she began to trail off here.

“Anyway, we got to Julia’s house and she was nearly passed out drunk at this point so I had to force her out of the car and toward her door. Paul tried to follow us and go inside with her but I wouldn’t allow it. I mean, they were all over each other but she was in no condition to give consent. So I got her in the house and gave Paul a ride home. But on the way, something happened.”

My pulse was beating out of control now.

“As we were driving we began chatting a bit and he was being very flirtatious. He was drunk so I didn’t think too much of it but he was also drunk enough to start openly playing with his dick.”

I was listening intently to every word.

“He even pulled it out and it was huge. I mean he had to be over 8 inches and he was just stroking it…next to me and telling me how hot I was.”

My heart raced, anger swelled, but so did my dick. I was almost in a trance watching as she described it all.

“He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock and I liked it. I liked it a lot.”

There was a long pause at this point and she was looking down as though she were collecting her thoughts. She looked up and leaned in closer to the camera.

“I stroked his cock the rest of the car ride home. His moans were just too much for me to resist. I was drunk on this hung, cute guy who wanted me so badly. So when we got to his apartment complex and I’d parked the car I stayed there massaging is his big fucking cock.”

Those last words, she dragged them out. I was rubbing my own dick now anxiously awaiting the rest of the story as I leaned in close to the monitor.

“I stroked him faster and faster until bahis siteleri he shot a massive load of cum all over my hand. He kissed me passionately, like you use to but then he left and I had nothing left to do but clean up and come home. I licked every drop of his cum off of my hands and I absolutely loved it.”

Visions of my wife licking another man’s cum off her hands danced through my head. By this point I’d pulled my dick out and was clearly jerking off. I was completely oblivious to her presence in the doorway behind me.

As I watched, and stroked, she quietly crept up behind me doing everything she could not to alert me to her presence. She did however hug me from behind and whispered in my ear, “don’t finish yet, the best is coming.” So I took a very deep breath and let go of my dick. I looked back at her but she motioned back to the video.

“That night I came home and you were feeling so frisky, and after my night I wasn’t going to say no so we made love. And then I pulled out my dildo and had you use it on me. It wasn’t that you weren’t good, you just weren’t what I wanted at that moment, but the dildo was close enough.”

I began to stroke again.

“I thought about Paul’s big cock the entire time and how badly I wanted him to be inside me. I want him to fill me. I want him to do the things you simply can’t do.”

In the video her delivery was becoming more sensual now. My wife, with her arm still around my shoulders and her head still by my ear slowly slid her hand down to my dick and said, “let me.” She began to stroke me as the video continued.

“I love your dick baby, but I need to get fucked by a real cock. I know how much you enjoy watching me use my dildo, and I know how much you enjoy using it on me. So I wanted to make this for you so you would have something that could last forever and would make both of us happy.”

In the video my wife took several steps backward and it became clear she was nude from the waist down. She turned around to show off her perky, plump ass as she bent down slightly to rest her hands on what appeared to be the arm of our couch.

As I watched intently my wife gripped my cock firmly and slowed her stroking momentarily as though she were waiting on some type bahis şirketleri of queue.

The camera used to film her began to jostle and that was it. She began to stroke me again, steadily. The camera jostled and moved closer to her. It panned down to her milky white ass and into frame came a large, firm cock. Not a dildo, a real life cock. She quickly whispered in my ear, “get ready”. The camera panned up to my wife’s smiling face as she looked over her shoulder.

“Meet Paul.”

The camera panned down again quickly as a big cock slid into my wife’s pussy. She was being pounded by him. And as I watched a bit horrified, but completely turned on, my wife stroked my dick faster. Her screams of pleasure seemed to echo as they left the speakers. I was getting closer and closer to blowing my load when it became clear she would be cumming all over Paul’s big dick. Suddenly my wife pulled her hand away from my cock as she climaxed on my monitor.

She turned my chair around so that I was now facing her. With my cock throbbing, pulse racing and a look of bewilderment, I tried to speak, but she held her finger to my lips to quiet me.

She began to stroke me again. As she did she said “did you like seeing that real big dick getting me off honey?”

A breathless “yes” was all I could muster.

“Did you like how he made me scream?” she asked dropping to her knees in front of me.


She stroked me faster now, staring deep into my eyes. “I love you so much” she said with sincerity, “but I love feeling that big cock in me.” Faster and faster she stroked me. “I love how deep it was in me. I love how full it made me feel.” Faster and faster she stroked as my balls tightened and my cock twitched, she could tell how close I was. “I loved all of it so much, but you know what I loved most of all?”

“What?” I managed to ask hanging every word she said.

“I love how much he cums in my tight, wet pussy.”

Two long ropes jetted out of my cock as my wife quickly tried to wrap her lips around the head. She was able to catch most of it in her mouth, but it seemed as though she was caught off guard by how quickly her words made me cum.

She stayed there with the head of my cock in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip to tease everything out of me. She swallowed audibly, looked up and said “I love you baby. We need to do this more often.”

I had no clue what to say. Dumbstruck all I could manage in response was “ok”.

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