A Day at the Beach

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This was to be our first real date. One without my 2 1/2 year old daughter as our chaperone and my mind was reeling over all the possibilities. We had both gotten a day off during the week so I decided to take full advantage of the daycare I was already paying for.

He met me back at my house and we headed off toward the beach at around 9:00am. It was perfect beach weather, hotter than hell, with a gentle breeze blowing in from the east.

We parked down at the 9th street parking garage and headed for the boardwalk and the beach with all the customary accoutrements in tow. While we were walking and talking we decided to stop into a little local cafe for a quick bite to eat and a cup of coffee.

Over breakfast we talked and laughed about our first meeting and made several provocative suggestions for those to come. He made note of my fair skin, porcelain he called it, reminding me to make sure I used sunscreen. Of course I told him he’d have to make sure I didn’t miss any important spots.

Just thinking of his strong hands rubbing suntan lotion on my body sent shivers down my spine and into nether regions. This was going to be a wonderful day. Little did I know just what he had in store for me.

We spread out the beach blanket and began disrobing down to our bathing canlı bahis suits. His was a nicely cut pair of black swim trunks that left just enough to the imagination. I was wearing my favorite suit, a little black bikini with tiny pink flowers, which also left just enough to the imagination.

After we had settled in on our blanket I began applying my suntan lotion, first to my legs and then my arms, very slowly and seductively. All the while I was staring into his piercing hazel eyes, silently conveying my hidden desires. I could see his appreciation for my little show both in those amazing eyes and in his swim trunks! He finally offered to help me lotion my back and my body betrayed me with a slight shiver of anticipation.

Slowly he came around behind me and began applying the lotion to my shoulders. I was amazed by the gentle strength of his hands as they deftly caressed and massaged my neck and shoulders. He slowly began to slide his hands down my back, sliding the straps from my shoulders, taking care not to miss a single inch of my exposed flesh.

I gathered my hair loosely atop my head to allow him better access. Then his hands ran around my sides towards the front of my body, gently grazing the edges of my breasts. I could feel the dampness starting between my legs as my bahis siteleri nipples hardened. As he slid his hands slightly under the edge of my top a slight gasp escaped from my lips. I could tell he was enjoying this as much as I was.

He once again moved his hands around to my back and insisted I lay on my stomach for him to properly finish. I happily obliged. The long firm strokes of those muscular hands on my back, legs and thighs was almost too much to handle. Teasing me from time to time by letting his fingers linger just under the edge of my suit.

Next it was my turn. I took a minute or two to just admire his form on the blanket. All the running and working out he’d been doing were definitely paying off. I couldn’t wait to run my hands all over his body, I wanted to feel those strong hard arms and legs wrapped around my body.

I told him to lay on his stomach and I straddled his thighs, so that I could begin to return the favor. Leaning forward I began massaging lotion onto his neck and back in long broad strokes, working my way down his sides and around towards his chest. I gentle moan escaped his lips as my breasts pressed into his back and I gently nibbled on his ear.

He was getting tired of the teasing. He took a deep breath and flipped me over onto my back, bahis şirketleri pinning me to the blanket. After I reached up and tickled his mid-section he grabbed both my arms and pinned them above my head. Laughing at my half-hearted attempt to squirm away.

He told me that I was going to pay for being such an imp. Leaning down he pressed his lips to mine, his hunger matching my own. He moved my hands together over my head and held them in one of his own, freeing is other hand to torture me further. With his free hand he began to slowly trace the outline of my suit, occasionally allowing his fingers to slide inside.

After a few more minutes of this we were both hotter than the sun and decided it was time to take a swim. We ran for the water and dove into the waves. The coldness of the water was a welcome relief to my burning flesh. But it did not quench my thirst, the contrast only made my nipples harder and my pussy wetter.

He snuck up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I leaned back against his chest, just letting the waves wash over us. The feel of his hot skin against mine in the cold water was intoxicating.

Slowly his hands slid up my chest, finding their way into the top of my suit. He began to gently tug and pinch my nipples, while pressing his hardening manhood into my ass. I arched back towards him reveling in the thought of what it would feel like to have that hard cock inside me, filling me, with the waves crashing around us.

(To be continued)

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