A Day at the Lake

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Author note: This Story, is yet another (or second encounter) in the normally uneventful lives of Bob & Cindy, a mature married couple, on their journey to sexual fulfillment.

If you haven’t read “Christmas At The Shopping Mall” yet, it is highly recommended that you do so, first.



Our New On-Line Chat Buddies

We have become on-line friends with Paul and Debbie, and have begun to know a lot about each other through numerous e-mails and pics, ever since ‘that day’ when we met them at Shopping Mall a few months ago while we were Christmas shopping.

The thoughts of what we had witnessed that day while looking through their car window, that chilly December afternoon, was still very fresh in our now extremely sexually charged minds.

We hadn’t talked about that day too much between ourselves. But we both knew perfectly well, that the other had it on their mind, a lot. We had agreed, a few weeks ago on-line, to meet them again at a nice restaurant at the Casino in a nearby city for lunch on a weekend afternoon.


Finally, (after all those many days of dripping anticipation and anxious worry) that fateful day had finally arrived. To say we were extremely nervous, was an understatement. We thought we felt confident enough to meet them again, face to face, but at the same time we were shivering in our shoes about the prospect of meeting them again.

All during the car ride west on the highway, both of us reassuringly told each other (as if to convince each other) this is only a first meeting. Just to see if we still like each other as much in person, face to face, as we now do on-line. We agreed to ourselves, as if to try and convince ourselves there isn’t a unending burning desire we felt for this couple, and that we wanted to take things real slow, at first.

Cindy then tells Bob that she’s not sure she has any intention of ever doing anything with any another couple. “All I ever said was, I’d consider it, if we ever do meet ‘the right’ couple for us. We’ll meet them again and politely tell them, we haven’t made any concrete decisions yet.”

(Then the dirty and nasty thoughts of that chilly December afternoon, of them in their car, in the middle of Shopping Mall parking lot, made her melt and she knew she HAD to meet them again, if only just briefly, and just this once.)

Once again, Cindy fretted over her clothing choices for the day. And then with her hair and make up, and said “Do I look like a tramp?”

Bob kept reassuring her that she looked great. “You look sexy and hot, but not like a slut.” (But she continued to worry the entire ride to the Casino.)

Small Talk

As we met Paul and Debbie at the door of the restaurant at the Casino, we suddenly both feel inadequate and weak in the knees. We both wondered to ourselves, “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

After a little awkward small talk at the door, we went in for lunch. Without saying another word, we instantly feet the attraction we had felt previously with them, reoccur.

Each of us was a little nervous and awkward and said very little, at first. After ordering our drinks, we ordered our food.

After conversing on small talk for a while, and because of us all being a little nervous, we slowly start loosening up a bit, and we all start to laugh a little.

After a while, we soon forget ourselves and we start to play a little touchy/feel-ly under the table with one another. (After all, what could a little innocent playfulness hurt?)

After a few minutes of conversation and continued touchy/feel-ly under the table, Cindy whispers into Bob’s ear, “My pussy is on fire, and my panties are already soaked, can we invite them to our weekend getaway place in the country by the lake, …to just have a drink.”

Bob whispers back to her, “Just a drink?” She says, “Yes, JUST a drink. …And, possibly, watch an adult film together, if they are interested, and see how things go from there, before we decide to meet them again for ‘anything’. They do seem like such a nice couple.”

Bob is somewhat taken aback by her nervous, and awkwardly said, remark. (Because this is sooo unlike Cindy’s normally shy and innocent behavior.) Bob agrees to Cindy’s request, thinking that she’ll soon come to her senses.

After lunch, the men disagree on who should pay the check, but Paul insists. Bob reluctantly agrees by saying, “Only because you allowed me to pay the first time we met.”

The Ride Home

As we all get up to leave, we extend the invitation to Paul and Debbie to come to our lake home for a drink, and more private conversation. They gracefully accept, (knowing our intentions aren’t completely innocent) but knowing full well that we aren’t homicidal maniacs either. Also knowing full well that they both have no intention of letting this first date proceed too far, or too fast (or, at least hoping that they have the will power, not fully considering how the coming drinks will cloud their normally sound judgment).

To my amazement, Cindy suggests, in the interests of getting better acquainted, that we separate güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri as couples for the drive to the lake. Cindy with Paul, and Bob with Debbie.

Having caught us all completely off guard by her asking, we all awkwardly and meekly agree, having never considered such a request, in advance.

Once on the highway Bob clicked the cruise control on at 75, and proceeded to sneak quick schoolboy peeks at Debbie’s beautiful perky breasts and crotch, (wondering what they looked like without her clothes on) all the while remarking to her how attractive she is, and how lucky Paul is to be her husband.

(Bob just couldn’t get that cold December day out of his mind, and how she had sucked off Paul’s big cock in their car in the Shopping mall parking lot, while he and Cindy watched.)

Once in Paul’s car, Debbie proceeded to innocently flirt with Bob, while she observed him pretending not to look at her tight black stretch pants and form fitting and extra cleavage showing pink top.

Back in Paul’s car, Bob becomes aware that his pants are starting to become very tight in his crotch area, and he tried to act nonchalant about it, but continues to take quick looks at Debbie’s wonderful body. He remembered back to the first time he met Debbie at Ruby Tuesday’s in the Mall and the erection ‘problems’ he had that day, as Debbie notices Bob looking at her curves. (She smiles.)

Meanwhile, in the other vehicle, Cindy, unable to control herself, kept staring at the big bulge in Paul’s pants all during the long ride to her house. She barely hears anything he says to her. (She too couldn’t get that day at The Shopping Mall, and that ‘big thing’ of his, out of her mind.)

Suddenly, Cindy feels a twinge of societal guilt at what she’s thinking, and tries her best to regain her composure and act as if that ‘huge thing’ isn’t calling her name, and begging her to release it from it’s tight and cramped fabric prison.

Private Conversation

After arriving at the lake, we all relax on our patio, because it’s a beautiful warm mid Spring day, and we enjoy the wonderful views of lake and the creek feeding it, provides us. We have a few cocktails and talk for a while, enjoying the breathtaking country views and wildlife. We talk for about an hour, just enjoying each others company and conversation.

The Movie

After awhile all our nerves settle down a bit, and we then all decide to go inside and put a DVD in the machine and watch one of Bob and Cindy’s favorite adult films (The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann) on the 52-inch wide screen flat panel TV in the living room.

As one would expect, we all start to get even more hot and excited viewing the film. Then, we decide to have a few more cocktails. Before the movie is barely half way through, we’re all feeling very tipsy and carefree, and not completely in control of our normally sound judgment processes.

Unaware, the air in room starts to fill with the scents of our sexual pheromones. Unconsciously, we all slowly react. Ever so slowly and discretely, we start rubbing up to our spouses, whom we are sitting by. Then we start kissing and touching a little; all the while trying not to be too obvious.

Lord Have Mercy

A girl/girl scene comes on the movie, and Cindy (completely out of character) says, “I always wondered what it would be like to be with another woman.”

Debbie says innocently, “Would you like to try it?” (Meaning someday, and not necessarily today, or with her.)

Cindy, (again, totally out of character) boldly agrees to her remark, as if it we’re an instant invitation (which takes Bob by complete by surprise, as he chokes on his drink, and dribbled some of the liquid down his chin).

Debbie surprises herself and says, without thinking clearly, “Well, maybe I would …with you. That’s, if the men don’t have any objections?”

Bob and Paul, at the same exact moment (in unison) blurt out that they don’t have ANY objections. (Debbie laughs out loud.)

Debbie, because of all the drinks, somehow finds the courage, and slowly walks over to Cindy and kisses her slowly and passionately. Ever so gently, their tongues slowly intertwine. Cindy just melts in Debbie’s embrace and Debbie instantly feels this, which emboldens her to continue, conscious that she (and Cindy) are being watched by the now stoic looking men.

Slowly, the women undress, all the while the men just watch, now completely forgetting the film entirely.

Debbie gently kisses Cindy’s perky breasts for a while, ever so gently, and then starts to lick Cindy’s now very stiff puffy nipples, as they shined from the wetness of Debbie’s saliva on them. Her tongue slowly takes turns tracing circles around Cindy’s areolas, as she lovingly, and very gently, nips at them with her teeth.

All the while, Cindy lovingly reassures Debbie by telling her how beautiful she is, and how strange and excited she feels at her gentile touch; having never experienced a feeling, quite like this before.

Cindy felt, for the first time in her life, entirely not in control of herself at güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that moment, and just gave herself away to Debbie’s loving attention. She thought to herself, “This is sooo different than I ever thought it would be. So completely different than a man’s touch. So HEAVENLY…”

Debbie slowly moved her head down to Cindy’s neatly trimmed pussy, as her tongue lightly and wetly traced the way down her slender abdomen. She tells Cindy how lovely she looks ‘down there’. Bob blurts out boldly and uncouthly, “That’s my handiwork …I should have been a Barber.” (Everyone completely ignored Bob’s completely dumb comment.)

Cindy’s eyes now had a strange glazed look in them, one that Bob has never seen in them before. As Debbie starts to ever so slowly and sensuously kiss lightly around Cindy’s well trimmed bush, ever nearing her clit, Debbie contemplates the new and exotic taste of another female, and the smell of Cindy’s perfume (White Diamonds) mingling with it. Before Debbie can decide if she likes this strange new taste, Cindy immediately orgasms unexpectedly and violently, just as Debbie’s tongue gently flicks over Cindy’s nubile clitoris. Debbie continues working on Cindy clit with her skillful toned tongue, as Cindy’s clit got a little bigger with each flick of Debbie’s tongue, as Cindy continues to orgasm.

Debbie, now emboldened (and deciding she likes this different, but enchanting and intoxicating taste) continues more aggressively, plunging her tongue deeply through Cindy’s parted silky lips and into her slick tight little opening, as she savored this new and wonderful taste. Soon Cindy has several more orgasms within a few moments. The men just stare as this beautiful scene unfolds before them, not saying a word, as if their bodies had turned to stone, and not wanting the beautiful scene before them, to ever end.

Cindy Gets Her Wish

Slowly, Cindy regained her composure after several violent orgasms. She kisses Debbie and thanks her for a completely wonderful and unexpected experience. Then, not saying a word, she boldly walks over to Paul, undoes his pants matter of factly, and pulls down his pants and underwear, in one swift stroke. Cindy takes his large, fully erect, now oozing cock, into her small petite mouth, and starts to work her heavenly magic on Paul’s rock hard cock, as she shyly looks at her husband Bob, for approval. Bob smiles, and squeezes his erect cock through his tight in front pants, which Cindy takes as an approval sign from Bob.

Now completely emboldened, normally shy Cindy has no desire or intention of stopping. Starting slowly at first, licking the huge purple plum sized head, tasting and savoring it’s wonderful taste and feel of it in her mouth, Cindy nearly orgasms again.

(Subconsciously, she had wanted to suck it ever since she saw Debbie do it that Saturday afternoon in the Shopping Mall parking lot at Christmastime, but didn’t have the courage to admit it to herself, …until now.)

She gradually started to suck harder, and she takes the huge head and shaft deeper and deeper into her tiny eager mouth, until it’s was as far in her sweet and naughty mouth and throat as it would go, without her gagging on it.

She savored the wonderful taste, and the feel of it’s hardness in her mouth. It was so hard that she could feel every vein in his thick shaft. Her tongue expertly encircled it, and explored every inch of it.

Surprisingly, she thought, “It feels completely different than Bob’s in my mouth. I didn’t think I would be able to tell any difference?”

All the while, she slowly increased the tempo of her up and down movements with her head, as she sucked deeper on it. Her beautiful hair was splayed all over his bare lap. With one hand, Paul stroked her beautiful silky hair, enjoying the feel of it in his large hand, as he gently pushed her head even deeper onto his rock hard cock. At that very moment, Cindy realized that she knew then that she LOVED Paul’s big cock in her mouth, and how much she wanted to suck it many many many more times in the future. Then, she thought how exquisite it would be to suck off both men at once. (Maybe that will be another fantasy later?) At that moment, Paul’s large fingers of his other hand found the wet curly hairs at the opening of Cindy’s tight slick love hole, and he suddenly plunged 2 fingers in quickly, forcefully, and deeply, and Cindy instantly started to orgasm.

Then, Cindy’s tongue flicked Paul’s cock all over, especially under the front of the tip, on his sensitive foreskin area, as her head went down on him all the way to the bottom of his huge shaft, as she sucked even harder.

This went on for a few seconds, and suddenly Paul tensed up and his cock started to become completely rigid and even harder in Cindy’s eager little sweet mouth, as she lovingly cupped and squeezed his balls, ever so gently and ever so firmly, as her eager sweet little loving mouth started to fill up with his wonderful tasting love juice, as she came yet again as Paul’s fingers reached bottom in her slick dripping hole.

Paul came so hard and spent güvenilir bahis şirketleri sooo cream that Cindy couldn’t swallow fast enough without choking, and she pulled his spurting cock out of her mouth for a quick breath of air, as Paul’s massive cock continued to spurt his juice all over her beautiful face.

After catching her breath for a second, Cindy put his cock right back into her sweet eager little mouth and continued to lick and suck his hard, pulsating cock all the way down the rock hard shaft, until he stopped twitching and spasming. All the while she continued to gently and firmly squeeze his balls with her cupped hand, coaxing every drop of his nectar out of the his huge cock and balls. Cindy eagerly swallowed every tasty drop of it, as yet another violent orgasm encompassed her entire being.

Bob and Debbie just watched, mezmorized, as Cindy had her way with Paul’s wonderful huge cock. Afterwards, Cindy excused herself for a moment and retreated to the sanctuary of the bathroom, to get cleaned up, and compose herself, a bit.

After Cindy returned, (suddenly feeling VERY sober) she reluctantly and shyly glanced at Bob for his reaction. He smiled approvingly, feeling suddenly proud of this lovely woman. Believing he was truly the luckiest guy in the World. At that moment, he thought that he probably loved her more now, than ever before.

He thought to himself, “Today, she is truly a Woman. For once in her life, she’s doing what she truly wants, not caring about her upbringing and society.”

The Girls Have A Plan

Suddenly, Debbie and Cindy whisper something to each other, and then look at Bob mischievously. Bob knew at that moment that they were cooking something up for him, and he knew it was something ‘nasty’.

The girls both go over to Bob and they both take turns sucking his big cock. Each one stopping just before he cums, (which is very difficult, considering that at that very moment, he’s probably is was the most turned on that he’s ever been in his entire life).

Then they take turns riding on his thick hard shaft, while the other sat on his face. Finally, Bob couldn’t stand it and longer, and shoots his cream deep into Debbie’s wonderful hot tight dripping wet and twitching pussy, as he extends his tongue as far as it will go into Cindy’s savory constricting vagina. Then, Cindy violently cums on his face, slathering it with her warm tasty juices. Bob kept shooting and shooting his cream into Debbie’s willing cunt until he has spent an enormous amount of cum deep into her willing opening, that it spills out of her combined with her sweet juice, all over Bob’s crotch and down the inside of his legs. When Cindy noticed that Bob was cumming inside of Debbie, Cindy started to cum on Bob’s greedy mouth for a second time.

Exhausted, Bob just lays there as Cindy starts kissing him passionately. (At that moment, Bob felt like he’s died and went to heaven.)

Cindy Goes For A Ride

By that time, Paul is obviously hot and hard again, from watching, so Cindy decides to ride him real good and hard. She sat on his huge tool and starts to ride him. His cock was sooo big that it went in very slowly at first. As Cindy started to gradually increase the tempo and depth of her strokes, she turned to Bob and said innocently and sexily to him, “I just love fucking Paul’s big cock. I never dreamed it would feel this good in me Bob …and that I would want it sooooo bad. It’s sooooo big!”

Then, she started to uncontrollably squeeze her pelvic muscles as she violently came all over Paul’s big cock.

As Cindy continued to orgasm all over Paul’s rock hard cock; gripping and squeezing it with her well lubricated and tight vaginal muscles, Paul’s rock hard cock got even bigger inside of her until he starts to shoot his cream deep inside her.

All the while, Debbie was intensely watching Cindy fuck her husband, as she played with that beautiful pussy of hers until she to started to cum again, as her eyes fixed on Cindy’s & Paul’s heated passion.

Round Two (Or Is It Three?)

After resting for awhile, we all start up again, first the men taking turns licking the ladies pussies, and then the ladies take turns sucking the men’s cocks until the men cum yet again. (When the men do come, they cum in the other wife’s eager mouth’s.)

Then, after an hour or so of gentle caressing and talking, the men, having re-charged, decide to take turns fucking the ladies, back and forth, switching partners, until they cum deep inside the other wife’s eager pussy.


Afterwards, we all chat for awhile and agree that this was the hottest day they had all ever experienced, and agree to do it again, VERY soon.

As Debbie and Paul leave, Cindy whispers into Debbie’s ear and says, “Next time, your sweet little pussy is all mine, to taste.”


After Paul and Debbie leave, Cindy and Bob look at each other ashamedly, not saying a word, and not knowing what the other is thinking. After reassuring the other how much they loved each other, and how rewarding the experience had been for the both of them. Then they both went to their bedroom and fucked each others brains out all night, thinking about what had happened just a little earlier in their normally quiet and uneventful living room …all the while, they contemplated their next rendezvous with their new found friends.

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