A Demure Surprise

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Harry took his coffee and went to sit at a free table by the modest beauty he’d noticed in the summery dress. She was the kind of girl he’d spend an hour trying to come up with some witty way to start a conversation, only to watch her walk out the door before he had the courage or the words. As he set his coffee down and pulled out his chair, she turned to him meeting his gaze, smiled and said, “Hello.”

“Hello,” He responded automatically, but was suddenly stunned speechless by her intense stare. He strained to think of some way to continue the conversation, but everything he came up with just sounded unnatural. She beat him to it anyway.

“The coffee here is really great, have you had it before?”

Talk about the coffee! Well that was an obvious place he could have started. Who was this woman, anyway, to so effortlessly begin a conversation? And why with him? He didn’t really care about the answer, as he was distracted by the curl of her lustrous auburn hair over her pale cleavage.

“Oh…er…now and again. I don’t drink a lot of coffee though. But I guess it’s good.”

“Really? I can’t go a day without coffee. At my old work I basically nursed the coffee pot all day. But the new me managed to cut it down to 1 cup a day.”

She seemed so bubbly and uninhibited, unafraid to speak openly with a stranger just because he was going to sit near her. Not to mention Harry was struggling to keep his mouth from hanging open at the sight of her. While she wasn’t a stunningly beautiful woman, she was definitely attractive and her quick to smile personality was immediately engaging.

“You must have been a jittery mess drinking coffee all day. I have one cup and my hands start to shake.”

He realised with just a minute of conversation they’d already begun to warm to each other. Taking a chance, he grabbed the empty chair at her table and asked, “Do you mind?”

She smiled, and gave him a quick wink as she motioned at the chair invitingly. He was proud of himself for making the move, although he wasn’t quite sure exactly how he might have managed it. He took his seat at her table, placing his coffee down and meeting her gaze with a smile.

“You do realise you’ve now made a commitment to a conversation about more than just coffee?” Her eyes were focused on his, intent and studying, but the quirk of her lips hinted that the words were meant to tease him.

“Huh…well that’s OK. Coffee isn’t my strong point.”

“Oh? And what is?” She leaned in with a coy smile on her lips, as if privy to a joke Harry wasn’t aware of.

“That’s a good question…I’m a pretty fierce badminton player.”

She laughed and her eyes practically sparkled. In an instant she went from studying him almost intimidatingly to an expression that showed she was at ease. She shifted, crossing one leg over the other and let out a soft sigh. Almost unconsciously, Harry glanced down to her exposed pale thigh. She appeared to collect herself, leaning forward with an elbow on the table, cradling her head in her hand.

Deciding to test the waters with this girl he was increasingly becoming attracted to, he added, “My high school girlfriend also said I was the best kisser.”

Smiling wider, or was she holding in a laugh, she brushed some hair to the side of her face.

“And would she know a lot about kissing?”

“Hmm…you know, I think she might have. She did get caught kissing our English teacher one time.”

He grinned at her as she let out a quiet and reserved laugh. Their eyes met again and it ignited a spark in his chest. He could feel his heart thumping and he was fighting the impetuous desire to lean over and kiss this woman’s soft lips. He took a sip of his coffee to try and gain some control of what he was feeling for her.

She broke their stare and glanced around the café as if considering something. Apparently making up her mind, she extended her delicate pale hand across the table.

“My name’s Lara.”

He shook her hand lightly, “Harry.”

“Well, Harry, I really need to be getting back to my apartment.”

His stomach dropped. Damn.

“Ah, that’s a shame. I was hoping to go into more detail about my kissing skills.”

He needed to do something, he couldn’t let the naturally beautiful and down-to-earth woman walk out of his life forever. Ask for her number? Before he could, she turned to him with a coquettish smile on her lips.

“How about you walk me home like a gentlemen would? It’s just around the corner.”

He was up in an instant, grinning like a kid that’s been offered candy, and walked with her to the door of the café. He made sure to hold the door for her, and it seemed she appreciated it. They fell in to step together, walking along the quiet street in the warm, mid-afternoon sun.

* * * * *

“-and so while they might have a wand or a staff, I can make things disappear without any magic at all. That’s why I’m the best wizard.” Harry concluded.

She laughed and laid her hand atop his arm, squeezing casino oyna his forearm lightly. He immediately went from at ease with their conversation to heart pounding and nervous. Was she going to ask him into her place? But they’d just met. What if it was some sort of trap where he’d be asked in only to be drugged and have his organs harvested? Ok, maybe that was a bit crazy, but you never know. He certainly didn’t expect this demure looking young woman to be so vivacious in conversation. His thoughts were interrupted by her turning and stopping.

“Well, this is my place.” She looked into his eyes again and then added, “Would you like to come up?”

He couldn’t help the spike of desire. It’s not every day an attractive woman starts a conversation with you, then ends up inviting you up to her place. In fact, for him it’s not ever. And for her to ask him up so casually. But it wasn’t just the way she said it, but that such a kind looking woman could say words so heavily laden with unspoken intent. He couldn’t pass on the chance though, he knew he’d begin regretting it the moment he said no.

“Sure…I’d really like to.”

And so he followed her up the stairs into the lobby of her apartment building. Her thin summer dress swished around her thighs as she climbed the stairs, and he took the opportunity to sneak peeks at her petite, lean frame. Her long auburn hair bounced as she moved, but his eyes were mainly drawn to the swaying of her rounded ass.

As they reached her apartment she seemed surprisingly flushed for such a brief walk. Without hesitating, she turned the keys in the door and opened it into her apartment. Stepping inside, she turned to him and once again invited him in. He followed her inside, taking in her home.

The entrance hallway led to an open living area and kitchen. Sunlight streamed in through large windows, brightly lighting the room. A two seater couch faced a large screen TV, with a coffee table between. The furnishings were relatively sparse and reserved, but with Lara there it seemed to have the feeling a homely place.

She went directly to the kitchen, taking a jug of cold water from the fridge and getting some glasses. He took a seat on a barstool at the counter top. She set a cold glass of water in front him as she sat beside him.

“So, Harry, do you often follow women you just met back to their homes?” She was teasing again, he knew, but it did make him pause before replying.

“Only when they’re as beautiful and friendly as you are. Which, to be honest, has never occurred.”

She reached out and touched his hand with hers, the light brush of her fingers causing his heart to leap.

“I don’t make a habit of inviting strange men over to my apartment, to be honest. But then I don’t believe you’re a strange man. Maybe just slightly odd. I mean…badminton? Really?”

“Hey! I’ll have you know badminton dates back centuries. And it’s in the Olympics!”

Amused, she trailed her fingertips up his forearm. “Ahuh, and I’m sure you get all the girls. So just how big is your shuttlecock?”

He had to hold back from spitting his mouthful of water out over the counter. He quickly swallowed and put his glass down. He spoke with mock outrage. “You can’t just ask that outright! Don’t you know rule nine-point-one-point-six of badminton?

Her hand was resting on his biceps now, and he couldn’t help but be completely aware of her touch. Their eyes locked again, and this time he felt himself leaning in to meet her lips with a light kiss. It was as if that gentle kiss smashed a dam of overflowing lust and desire that had been building since their eyes met at the café. He moved a hand to her waist, then slid it around to the small of her back. Their lips pressed together again and she surprised him by parting her lips and letting her delicate tongue flick out against his mouth. He yielded, parting his lips and using his tongue to tease back against hers. He felt her hands gripping tight on his arm and she pulled him forcefully into the kiss.

She finally broke the kiss, her soft tongue retreating from his mouth, and straightened herself in her seat. He quickly righted himself before falling out of the chair, and a broad grin split his face.

“OK, that was one hell of a kiss.” He said between panting breaths.

“Well, you did say you were a great kisser.”

“Ah…yeah…although I think that was mostly you.”

She smiled and flicked her hair back over her shoulder, then glanced obviously down at the bulge in the crotch of his pants.

“Looks like I woke something up.” She winked as she said it, then took his hand and led him from the kitchen counter over to the couch. He stumbled along behind her, painfully aware of his arousal tenting out his pants.

“To be honest, I don’t know if it ever sleeps. I mean, I wake up in the morning and he’s up before me.”

He thought his joke pretty clever, but it was spoiled slightly by gasp as she reached out and took his manhood in her hands. He did notice a wry slot oyna smile on her face, though, as her hand pushed against his chest, forcing him back onto the couch. She fell with him, her slim body practically landing in his lap, with her hand never leaving him.

She leaned in and breathed against his ear, “Well, Harry, it appears you have successfully seduced me with that mighty shuttlecock of yours. Just what are you planning to do with it?”

“Er…” She cut off his thoughts by planting her lips against his again, diving her tongue into his mouth. They made out like teenagers, their tongues pushing against each other, as his hands fumbled over her body, one reaching up to her chest and pushing in to the cup of her dress. His hand enveloped the bra covering one of her breast, squeezing her as she squeezed his cock through his pants.

Her head shifted, and her lips locked around his earlobe, sucking on it as she used both hands to undo his pants. She quickly slid her hands inside, grasping the shaft again over his underwear. He groaned at the feel of her soft hands squeezing around him.

He used his free hand to snake around her and slip down to undo the clasp of her bra. After three attempts he managed to make it spring apart, his success tempered by her snigger against his ear. He pushed the cup out of the way with his other hand and palmed her breast, feeling her erect nipple rub against his hand. Her soft moan by his ear was enough to let him know that she encouraged his actions.

Her hand was stroking up and down the length of his cock, rubbing over the cotton of his underwear. Pre-cum was leaking from it, soaking through the material at the head. His hips were moving involuntarily, pushing up to meet her hand as she slid it down, and his breathing was heavy, coming between gasps and groans. As she played with his manhood, he continued to roll the palm of his hand over her stiff nipple.

Suddenly, she tightened her hand around him, fingers squeezing around the shaft. His hips settled and he opened his eyes, unaware that he’d closed them, to stare into her own. With her eyes locked on his it was as if he could see the lust and passion within her ready to burst out. Her tongue flicked out to wet her lips, as her thumb stretched up and rubbed directly on the wet spot of his underwear, across the head of his cock.

“Harry, I’m going to taste you, and you’re going to fill my mouth with your cum. Understand?” she spoke without taking her eyes from his, the tip of her thumb rubbing light circles on his wet spot. Her stare was intense, and he nodded, not sure if he could form words anymore.

Without hesitation, she slid from the couch down to her knees in front of him. She hooked her fingers in the waist of his pants and underwear, pulling both down to his ankles. His cock stood rigidly on display in front of her face. Harry wasn’t sure his cock had ever felt this hard before. For a brief second he imagined using it as a towel rack and thought that it could easily hold the weight of a bath towel in its current state.

Then his eyes met hers again, and he was taken aback by the raw desire in them. It was a mental image that would remain with him for many years. This natural beauty kneeling before him with palpable lust in her eyes. A woman he’d just met earlier that day, and yet now she was before him with her glossy lips prepared to envelope his stiff cock.

She kept her eyes on his as she leaned in slowly for her first taste of his cock, her tongue slowly licking up the shaft and over the head as if taking that first long lick of a lollypop. The tip of her tongue the last to flick over the pre-cum smeared head.

He’d tried to keep eye contact with her, but with that last flick of her tongue he couldn’t help but close his eyes, while a low gasp escaped his lips. The moan extended as she sunk her lips down around the head of his cock, taking it inside her mouth. Her lips tightened just beneath the head, while her tongue began to tease the sensitive underside of his glans.

The sensations were overwhelming, the firmness of her tonguing combined with the warmth and wetness of her mouth around him. He pushed his hips forward, thrusting out his crotch and offering his cock fully to her. He could feel the pleasure building, a constant tingling that was spiked with intense bursts as her tongue teased across the most sensitive parts of his cock.

She moved her hand to grip his cock below her lips and began stroking him, firmly jerking up and down on the shaft and milking more pre-cum onto her waiting tongue. She relaxed her lips but hardened her tongue, flicking the tip of it against bottom of the head.

His gasps quickly turned into deeper moans, and he couldn’t stop moving his hips to meet the movements of her hand. He was close. He knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. Sharp bolts of pleasure shot straight up his spine with every flick of her tongue now. His cock was pulsating, ready to ejaculate into her eager mouth.

Her grip tightened on his canlı casino siteleri shaft and she quickened her pace, sensing he was close to cumming for her. She flicked her tongue back and forth over the head and looked up at his face. The pleasure was plain to see, and her lips tightened into a smile around his cock. She could feel her own arousal, dripping down her thigh.

Suddenly, his hips began bucking and his breathing turned to short, quick gasps. His back arched, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. As her fist slid down the thick shaft, his orgasm hit.

Her tongue was pressed down against his cock and she could feel each pulse as it began to erupt deep inside her mouth. Warm jets of cum that burst out against the roof of her mouth and flooded over her tongue. Stream after stream with each throb of his cock. He quickly filled her mouth and began spilling back out from the corners of her lips. She continued milking his cock, jerking it with hard tugs to make him empty everything for her. She watched his face as it relaxed into the blissful orgasm.

As his pleasure eased, she pulled away from his cock and swallowed her mouthful, accepting it as a mark of her sexual allure. She held her grip tightly around the base of his cock as she stood up in front of him and watched the last of his cum flow out over the head and down across her fingers.

She raised her hand from his cock and held it in front of his face. Her eyes were locked on his as she commanded, “Taste it, Harry.”

He looked from the petite hand smeared with his cum up to that dominating stare. With only a slight hesitation, he pushed his tongue out and lapped his own cum from her soft skin. He was half expecting to be completely turned off, but the way she demanded it spurred him to please her. It tasted salty, but not unpleasant and he continued until he’d cleaned it from her hand.

“Do you always follow orders so well, Harry?” she asked, crooking an eyebrow up in a mocking expression.

“Are you always so demanding?” he retorted, still trying to catch his breath from his powerful orgasm.

Tense uncertainty flashed across Lara’s face, and she looked to Harry as if wondering if she’d pushed him too far. She softened when she saw his teasing smile, and shot back, “Only with men desperate for sex.”

“I’m not desperate…”

“Oh so you don’t want to know what surprises I might have in store?” She gyrated her hips suggestively in front of his face.

Thinking of what a ‘surprise’ might entail, Harry’s mind went through a number of horrifying scenarios.

“…are they good surprises?”

She winked. “The best.” She then reached out and took his hand, guiding it straight underneath her dress and up between her thighs. He felt her dampness immediately, and his eyes shot up to hers in surprise.

“You weren’t wearing panties the whole time?”

A sly smile spread across her lips and she replied, “That’s not the only thing, Harry”

Confused, he slipped his fingers up against her labia and rubbed along her damp slit. As his fingers brushed against the bulging hood of her clit, she tensed and let out a low moan. He trailed his fingers back down to the lips of her pussy, sliding between them. He felt her relax and pushed a finger up inside of her, only to feel something already within her.


That sly smile spread wider, and she looked down at him through lowered eyelids. The object, he realised it was a ball, vibrated slightly when he pushed against it with his finger.

“Yes, Harry, it’s been in there the whole time.”

“Fuck…that has to be the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.” He slowly began to move his finger in her vagina, pushing it against the vibrating ball with each thrust. Her moans grew quickly and she leaned over him, steady herself with hands on his shoulders.

“Harry…I want…I need your tongue on me.” She demanded between panting breaths. Then she moved off his finger and lowered herself to the couch beside him. He didn’t hesitate, and slid down off the couch between her thighs, flipping her dress up to expose her slick, bare pussy. Her scent was intoxicating, and her pussy was clearly aroused. Her vulva red and swollen, juices leaking from her hole. Her clitoris peaked out from beneath its hood, and it was there he lowered his mouth and placed a soft kiss.

Her response was an instantaneous moan, and a thrust of her hips that pushed her clit back up to his mouth. He used the tip of his tongue to flick side to side across it, while he lightly grazed a hand up her inner thigh. His finger slipped easily inside her aroused vagina, and he added a second finger alongside it. He pumped his fingers slowly in and out of her wet pussy, still bumping against that vibrating ball inside of her, while his tongue kept stroking her sensitive clit. She was quickly building to her first orgasm, with her hips thrusting against his face and moans growing in strength.

“Oh…fuck, Harry, suck my clit.”

He followed her instruction and closed his mouth around her clit, pinching it between his lips and sucking hard on it like a vacuum. He felt her pussy clench tight around his fingers, so he eased his thrusting and curled his fingers up to rub the tips against her G-spot.

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