A Dirty Dog Doggin’ Around Ch. 05

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Chris and Julie moved in to the small house across the road from our place off post after we had lived there for just over a year. Mandi and I decided to get on the waiting list for quarters on the post, and were just biding our time. At first we didn’t know anyone had moved into the house. It was a small place with one large bedroom, small kitchen and laundry room, and small living room. It had an oddly large back porch with just a concrete stoop in the front. For a young couple it was cozy and enough, I guess.

We found out we had neighbors when Mandi was standing in the kitchen with the sliding doors to the deck open, and our dog had gone outside for his morning stroll. While she was fixing herself a cup of coffee, she heard the dog come back in from the deck. She reached over to a box of dog bones she had sitting on the cabinet and turned to find the dog had brought a friend in with him.

Sitting there in the floor with a gape-jawed look was a large, tawny colored pit bill she had never seen before. He was no small animal, and had big, bulging jaw muscles that looked like they could easily rip an arm or leg completely off. She stepped back against the cabinet, scared to move. As they stared at each other, she noticed that our dog was also sitting patiently, waiting for his bone.

She reached behind her and got the box, took out a bone, tossed one to our dog, and then tossed one to the pit bull. He caught it expertly, lay down in the floor, and casually chewed away. Our dog lay down as well, and the two of them ate their dog bones with a crunching sound. Mandi gave them each another bone, still wary of the big pit bull. They finished up their bones, grabbed a drink of water, and casually strolled out onto the deck.

Mandi followed at a distance to see what was going on. The two dogs sniffed around the deck for a couple of minutes until they found a place to lay down in the shade, and appeared to be taking a little siesta. Mandi was confused until she heard someone calling a name, and the sounds were coming from beside the house. She gingerly stepped out on the deck and down on the steps to look around the house when a young woman popped into view, almost scaring her. She jumped back with a start, and noticed that the pit bull had jumped to his feet and headed straight at her. She was about to dive into the house and slam the door behind her when the pit bull went right by her to the young woman who had so suddenly appeared.

The young woman grabbed the sides of the pit bull’s face and began shaking his cheeks up and down, goo-gooing at him and asked, “Where’s mommy’s baby been hiding?”

She looked up at Mandi and asked, “Did Rebel frighten you?”

Mandi regained her composure and finally said, “Well, a little bit. I didn’t expect a strange dog to wander into the house.”

The woman apologized, telling Mandi, “He’s a big baby who wouldn’t hurt a soul. I guess he met him a new friend,” nodding toward our dog.

“I guess,” Mandi told her after taking a couple of deep breaths.

The young woman introduced herself as Julie, and told Mandi she and her husband Chris had moved in across the street, and while carrying some things into the house, they hadn’t noticed that Rebel had wandered off. Since she had seen our dog earlier going toward the deck, she decided to look behind our house first.

Mandi invited her in for a cup of coffee, and they sat and got acquainted. Mandi also got acquainted with Rebel, and once she got over her shock, decided she liked him quite well.

Mandi invited Julie and Chris over for a couple of beers and a burger that evening after the guys got home from work, and Julie gratefully accepted the invitation, explaining that she wasn’t much of a cook anyway, and they hadn’t gotten their kitchen items unpacked yet.

That afternoon when I got home, Mandi interrupted her soap opera during a commercial break and told me to run to the store for a large pack of hamburger, some extras, stock up the beer and get her some extra wine.

When I asked what was up, she quickly blurted, “New couple across the street are coming over for a burger and beer this evening,” and returned to her soap opera.

I changed out of my uniform, grabbed the dog, and headed back to post to get what we needed for the evening. When I got home, Mandi was in the kitchen, having finished her soap opera, and told me to get the grill ready. I went out on the deck, grabbed the charcoal, made my usual careful stack and proceeded to light the fire. I was sipping a beer when Mandi came outside with a glass of wine.

After staring at me intently for a while, Mandi finally blurted out, “You better be nice this evening, and keep your eyes to yourself and your tongue in your mouth.”

This caught me off guard, since I hadn’t even had so much as a brief word on who the new folks were across the road and what they might look like. But if the look and tone of voice was any indication, I was probably in for at least a visual treat. It turned out that I was.

Chris and bahis firmaları Julie must have smelled the burgers when I started cooking them, because I didn’t have them on the fire more than 10 minutes when they showed up at the steps to the deck, preceded by Rebel. My dog saw him and the two of them started making play circles around each other and making little growling noises of fun.

Chris was a big guy, crew cut blond hair, barrel chest, maybe 6’4” tall. Behind him was Julie. Good god she was gorgeous! She was my height, muscular, with long brunette hair, built like a brick shithouse. While big in most respects, she was well proportioned and carried herself like she played some kind of sports. It turned out she was a softball player in high school and college, good enough to earn a scholarship.

They introduced themselves and I did likewise, and they immediately thanked me for inviting them over. I poo-pooed their thanks, and offered a beer. Both accepted. As I went into the house, Mandi was coming out with a plate of cheese for the burgers. She greeted them and set the plate on the table by the grill and proceeded to make small talk, introducing herself to Chris.

I returned with the beers, and we got acquainted. I did my best to keep from staring at Julie during the evening, although it was difficult, especially since she was wearing a tight tank top and shorts that showed off some killer legs. I couldn’t help but scheme on how to get next to this sweetie. We had a good meal, though, and enjoyed a few beers, and they left early to turn in since Chris had to be a work at the God forsaken time we affectionately called “O’Dark-Thirty.”

Mandi helped me clean up and she had little critique of my manners. We turned in and had a nice, slow session of sex before falling to sleep.

We had Chris and Julie over for a couple of more meals, and one evening, asked if they wanted to take a ride down to the river where we liked to sit and enjoy the summer breeze off the water. They wanted to take the dogs, so they followed us in Chris’ pick-up, an old knock-around Chevy he had purchased locally.

We settled in by our favorite spot near an old, 1920s era girder bridge that looked like something out of a movie. As it got dark, Julie asked if the water was okay to swim in. I told her it was, and she asked if we cared if she went skinny dipping. Mandi had some wine in her, and it wasn’t like we hadn’t done this before, and told her sure, asking if it was okay if we joined.

She was already pulling her shorts off when she said “Sure. The more the merrier.”

The shorts and t-shirt I had on were off in a split second. We asked Chris if he was going to join us, but he declined, saying he would guard the clothes and get refills for everyone from the cooler. There was enough light to see that Julie was even finer naked that clothed, and as Mandi undressed, I got a furtive but good look at Julie.

Before I could react, though, I realized that I was beginning to get hard. I thought about breathing exercises, and called the dogs into the water, and joined Julie, who was swimming strongly out into the river. Mandi wasn’t a big swimmer, but she paddled out close to see what I was doing, which, considering we were in the middle of the river was very little, and you could hear everything that was said. I wasn’t sure why she was displaying such jealousy toward someone so quickly, but she was definitely protective.

The three of us paddled around for a while until Mandi asked me to swim back in with her. I started to protest but the look I got said to me that I had better follow along. We headed back to the bank, and Julie followed us shortly. I opened a beer and got another good look at Julie as she exited the water, dripping wet. She had neatly trimmed pubes, with a fairly natural line of hair but it was closely cropped, just a little more than a shadow. It was an interesting comparison to Mandi, who shaved all but a neatly trimmed tuft just above her slit.

The three of us remained naked, with Chris sitting back relaxed sipping a beer and acting as though it was the most natural thing in the world to have three naked people standing around him. I continued to sip on my beer.

Mandi pulled me to the side for a second and told me she had gotten tired and wanted me to make sure she got back in to shore without any problem. She also whispered not to stare at Julie too much, and pinched me on the ass. I chuckled at her warning, and we sat in the warm breeze and dried off.

The dogs enjoyed their swim too, and after a couple of more beers, we piled into the vehicles to drive home. Mandi was either really horny, or really competitive, because she pulled my clothes off me right after we hit the door, dragged me into the bedroom by my cock, pushed me back on the bed and proceeded to climb up on the bed and do a strip tease, including a slow masturbation, and wouldn’t let me stroke my cock.

After teasing me for a while, she suddenly dropped down and impaled herself to the hilt on my cock, kaçak iddaa getting an orgasm almost immediately upon penetration and then rode me for her second orgasm. I slept well that night.

We had a couple of more of more trips to the river with Chris and Julie, and always ended up the same way. Julie, Mandi and I would go skinny dipping and Chris would sit back and enjoy the fresh air and sip a beer. Around this time, Mandi took a temporary job for a month, and I was usually home well before her.

As it happened, I was exploring around one afternoon with the dog when I came upon some blackberry vines, and decided to make a special treat that evening. I picked some of the blackberries and returned to the house and made blackberry sorbet. Later that evening, Mandi and I shared the sorbet with Chris and Julie. Julie fell in love with the sorbet, and wanted me to teach her how to make it. I casually told her that maybe she could come over one Saturday and Mandi and I would give her a cooking lesson. I had no intention of letting this opportunity get away, though.

Two days later I got home extra early, and went out on the porch to sip a beer. Julie came out a few minutes later, and when she saw me, waved. I asked her if she was still interested in making sorbet, and she said she was. I told her to put on some long pants and join me in a few minutes and we would go pick blackberries.

I went in and changed into some old uniform pants, and came back out with a large bucket. Julie came out seconds later wearing long blue jeans and a tank top. She was bra less. I enjoyed the way her tits bounced under the top. They were nice and full and sat up high, just waiting to be sucked on.

We called the dogs, and headed down to the edge of the woods where I had found the blackberry patch. We set about picking the berries, occasionally eating one. I found an especially large one and carefully eased it to her lips. She leaned back for a second, and then stuck her tongue out and took the berry from me, slowly sucking it between her lips. She then reached up and took my wrist, and licked my fingers.

‘Not a bad sign,’ I thought to myself and we continued our efforts. She started talking to me about Chris, and how they hadn’t really planned on getting married, but after he left for the military she missed him and when he came home on leave, they impulsively got married. After two years, they decided that it was a mistake, and while they were great friends, they weren’t really good partners, and had devolved into a casual relationship. Even though they slept together, it was strictly platonic, except for an occasional mercy fuck for one or the other. This news made me even more curious, but I let her ramble on without making a comment.

After getting enough berries, we went back to her house, letting the dogs in and settle in the living room. We grabbed a couple of beers and took a sip. Julie had turned her back to me at the kitchen sink, and I decided to be bold and see if today’s conversation was for the sake of talking or if she was sending a signal. I moved in behind her wrapping my arms gently around her waist. She straightened up, and as I nuzzled her neck, she moved my hands up to her breasts. She was screaming hot to the touch, and her nipples quickly stiffened under my manual manipulation. As I kissed her neck, she leaned her head back and arched upward, letting me caress those wonderful breasts at my leisure.

After a few moments of this, she slowly turned to me and kissed me fully on the lips, tongue eagerly searching for mine. We grappled with each other’s bodies like hungry animals. She urgently pressed up against me and as I began to harden, she reached between us and rubbed my cock through my pants.

I returned the favor for just a couple of seconds when she pulled away from me and said, “I want to do this right now, this time, and after that don’t try again. Okay?”

I nodded my agreement and began to kiss her again. She pushed away once more, but this time said in a low, hoarse whisper, “It is way too hot for clothes in here.”

I didn’t answer, but instead quickly pulled my shirt over my head. She followed suit and pressed those pert breasts up against me. We kissed some more, and I felt a trickle of sweat starting to form on my chest. It was definitely getting hot in there! She saw this, and leaned down and licked the droplet off my chest.

After letting her have her fun, I gently pushed her away and sat down and began removing my boots. She took the opportunity to slip off her shoes, and then quickly peeled out of her jeans. She hadn’t been wearing any underwear. As I stood up, she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She lay back and pulled me down on top of her.

After kissing again for a few minutes, I just happened to glance up and notice that through the small part in the curtains, I could see directly into my front door. I kissed my way down her body, paying appropriate homage to her breasts, and finally reached the holy grail of her sweet, juicy pussy. As kaçak bahis I began to lick her slit, I noticed that she was running juices copiously. It tasted wonderful.

I went to work on her clit and within a few minutes had her clawing at my head, finally pressing down on the back of my head and working hard to increase the feeling on her clit. As I finally built to a rapid lip and tongue action on her clit, she arched her back and began a low, guttural moan, until finally she gasped, pressing her hips upward off the bed and almost growling until she finally jerked once or twice, and settled back on to the bed, quickly pushing my head away. She lay there gasping for a short while as I kissed my way back up her body.

I eased up until my rock hard cock was pressing into the entrance to her pussy. I pushed in slowly as she opened her legs wide for me. I raised my body up with my arms so I could look at her as I slowly teased her pussy with the head of my cock. She tried to lift up to me to get more penetration, but I kept my pelvis pressed against hers so I controlled the movement.

After a little more teasing, I slowly pushed close to half my cock into her. She was smoking hot and pouring pussy juice. I began to thrust my cock in and out, never letting more than half of it penetrate her. She began riding the stroke with me and I set a fast but not frantic pace.

I watched her carefully until she began to show signs she was nearing another orgasm. Her nipples had returned to pointed hardness and brushed against my chest, occasionally bumping into my nipples, which I found very stimulating. As she got to the edge of her next orgasm, I finally moved my pelvis up and back and plunged the full length of my cock into her, sliding to the bottom and bumping into her cervix.

She suddenly began to make funny strangling noises deep in her throat, and for a second I thought she might be chocking. But before I knew it, she grabbed my ass cheeks with a strong, softball player grip, and began to rock through her orgasm. She gripped my ass like there was no tomorrow, pressing me deeply into her. She ground her pelvis in a slow circle, occasionally having a quick shuddering spasm, until she finally relaxed back on the bed, mercifully letting my butt cheeks go.

I gently kissed down her throat to her chest, gradually working to her nipples, gently tweaking them with my tongue. She moaned under her breath, and arched her back to allow me more breast. This went on for a few minutes, until I decided that it was time for me to have my fun.

I slowly withdrew my cock, and gently took an ankle and turned her over, carefully pulling her onto her knees. As she arched that beautiful, round butt toward me, I noticed a cute butthole, almost hairless, and gaping open about the width of my pinky. I couldn’t help myself, and quickly dived down and probed that little hole with my tongue. She moaned and wiggled her butt toward me, pushing to get more tongue penetration.

I kept this up for a few minutes until she pulled away for a second and asked, “Are you going to put something in there besides your tongue?”

I just love a gaping asshole, and have found that women who have one can almost always handle anal sex, and this was a pleasant surprise to think that she actually wanted me in her ass.

I answered quickly, “I hope so.”

She wiggled her butt a little more and said, “I hope so too.”

Well, that was all the invitation I needed, and I moved up behind her and slid my cock into her pussy to lubricate it a bit, and then got some more pussy juice on my fingers and probed two slick fingers into her asshole. She sighed and wiggled her ass. I slopped more pussy juice onto my cock and, taking it slow and easy, pressed the head of my cock into her asshole.

I was gently pressing forward when she rose up on her hands and pressed back toward me, and with a single, careful push, bumped her butt cheeks against me, burying my cock deep in her ass. I began to stroke her ass in earnest, and she settled back down on the bed after grabbing a pillow to hug. I hung onto her ass cheeks, gripping them firmly and spreading them wide open, enjoying the view of my cock as it pistoned in and out of her ass, withdrawing almost the full length only to plunge all the way to pubic hair deep in her bowels.

She was hot and wonderfully tight. She was rocking back and forth with me, and started a low, guttural moan, and soon was biting the pillow. As my balls began to get that old, familiar feeling that a good cum was soon at hand, she began to moan louder.

This really got me going, and I suddenly blurted out, “I am going to fill your ass full of cum!”

“Yes, yes, “she cried out. “Harder!”

I felt my cock was ready to burst and with one more strong thrust, I began a spasmodic pumping of cum into her rectum. I felt like I was pumping buckets. I groaned with relief, and within seconds, she was rocking back against me even harder, until she suddenly screeched like a banshee and her guts began to churn through her orgasm. I kept pumping into her ass until she slowed back down. As I recovered from the strong orgasm I had, I looked out the window just in time to see Mandi standing by her car, looking toward Julie’s house.

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