A Dream Come True Ch. 01

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My name is Michael. I’m 46 years old, 5’9″ tall, 160 pounds and in the best shape of my life. I have a beautiful 30 year old Filipina girlfriend named Ester. She is 5’2″ tall 110 pounds with beautiful golden brown skin, long black hair, awesome tennis ball size breasts, nipples that beg to be sucked an ass to die for, with the sexiest hips I have ever seen. She has almost no hair on her body and the softest skin I have ever touched. She is truly an angel.

I awoke this morning to the feel of her gently licking my rapidly hardening cock. I opened my eyes to the most erotic sight, almost not sure if it is real, or just the best dream I have ever had. Ester looks up at me with those incredible eyes and her lips wrapped around the head of my cock softly sucking away. She slips my rock hard shaft slowly from her lips and in the sexiest morning voice says.

“Good morning babe” before resuming her gentle sucking, driving me crazy with lust for her.

Ester is very smart, quickly learning how to make me wild with passion for her. She soon discovered my impregnation fantasies, playing on them several times. Learning that with just the right words she can drive me wild.

Soon after she learned about my fantasy, she decided to play a new game in the bedroom. She began kissing me as she slowly stripped my clothes off, when she had me naked, and had my full attention. She had me sit in a chair, so I could watch her do a very sexy striptease. After she had removed all her clothes, she crawled over to me, with a devious smile and started to lick my cock from balls to tip.

After only a few licks, Ester looks up at me with those beautiful eyes that can melt your heart, smiles at me with just the tip of my rock hard cock between her lips, then slowly slides her mouth as far down the shaft as she can, taking a little more than half into her hot mouth.

She is a very petite woman and I am lucky enough to have a solid eight inches, so about half is all she can take, later she learned to deep throat me, before I get completely hard which looks awesome and feels great.

So here I am, getting an incredible blow job, from the woman of my dreams, thinking how could this possibly get any better, when she reaches back with her free hand, slips two fingers into her very wet, tight pussy, slides her fingers in deep, knowing how much I love the way she tastes, she slowly removes her fingers, lifting her mouth from my hard wet cock, looks me in the eye and says.

“Oh babe you are making me so wet, taste what you are doing to me”

Ester slips her fingers in to my mouth, so I can lick the juices from her fingers, which make my cock even harder, so hard it aches, then she goes back to sucking the bottom of the shaft, just below the head, while slowly sliding her hand up and down my slippery canlı bahis erection.

Now she has me so excited, that each time she squeezes my shaft, sliding her hand upward a big drop of precum, forms at the tip and after a couple of nice long strokes the whole head is covered in precum, dripping past the crown, onto her delicate fingers. Then with a sexy look she lifts her fingers and says,

“Babe you are leaking so much, will this stuff make me pregnant?”

Then with a sly sexy smile, she licks the precum from her fingers, while working her way up my body, until she is sitting on my lap, giving me a big kiss so we can both taste how excited I am.

Now that she is sitting on my lap, with my throbbing cock pressed between her splayed lady lips, she whispers in my ear telling me how hot and horny she gets when she is so close to ovulation, she kisses me while sliding her tongue deep into my mouth in the most erotic kiss.

Ester rises up slightly, letting my erection lift and slide through her slippery labia, before slotting the tip directly into her moist opening, while looking me straight in the eyes she says,

“Oh babe, your cock is sooo, hard, It’s covered in thick, juicy precum, are you sure it’s safe to put your big, hard, cock, in my fertile, unprotected pussy, bareback?”

Ester slowly lowers herself, a couple of inches and stops, it feels so good that my shaft jerks and releases more precum, allowing her to slide further down my hard shaft, she reaches back, stroking the base of my cock.

She lightly teases my full balls, making my cock lurch inside her tight little flower, leaking enough precum, to let her slide all the way down, until she has me balls deep inside her hot, very tight pussy. Now that she has my cock buried deep, she tilts her pelvis slightly until I can feel her cervix, rubbing the tip of my cock.

She has learned a little trick, she can move her hips just right and trap the head of my cock, against the opening of her cervix, then press down very carefully and actually get the tip to penetrate her cervix about an inch, then she moves up and down very slightly and the feeling is out of this world, the whole time watching my reactions to see when she has me close to losing control.

At this point I am so far gone it’s all I can do to hold off busting a nut deep inside her tight little pussy, blasting a huge load of potent sperm straight into her womb. Then the icing on the cake, she gives me the most erotic kiss, puts her lips to my ear and whispers.

“Babe your cock is covered in precum and still leaking, you’re balls deep in my pussy with the tip of your cock wedged tightly against my cervix. I can feel you swelling, getting ready to blow, I’m right in the middle of my cycle, I’m due to ovulate today or tomorrow at the latest.

I bahis siteleri know how much you love this fantasy Michael, I can tell you’re ready to cum and shoot all your potent sperm deep, in my fertile unprotected womb. I love you so much babe, I want it all and I want it deep, let it go, sperm my eggs, knock me up, I want to look deep into your eyes and feel every throb and pulse of your baby maker, as you pump every last drop of hot thick sperm, deep inside my fertile flower.”

I am already so excited and so close to the edge there is no way I can pull out in time and she is firmly seated on my lap making it nearly impossible to pull free from her heavenly grasp. Being this close to orgasm and hearing her tell me to just let it go and cum deep inside her and make her pregnant is too much for me and I lose control.

Cumming so hard and deep inside her, 8 long blasts of hot potent sperm all straight into her fertile womb, the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life and the most exciting sex ever. After we catch our breath and come down from our orgasmic rush, she kisses me and tells me how great that was and lets me know that she was just kidding about it being her fertile time.

It has been about two years since she first indulged my fantasy, we are married now and have completed all the immigration paperwork so Ester can stay in the U.S. permanently, all is going very well and we love each other very much.

So here I am just waking up to my beautiful wife giving me an awesome blowjob, In the middle of her oral delight she flips around so we are in a 69 position, she knows how I love the way she tastes and how excited I get while eating her amazing pussy.

Ester has been reading and studying not only ways to excite me but also a technique called edging to help me achieve more intense orgasms that also produce much larger volumes of sperm per ejaculation as well as the best positions and timing for optimal chances of impregnation and accurate prediction of her ovulation day.

She has been teasing me with little phrases while we are making love she will sit on top of my cock and carefully align the tip of my cock with the opening to her cervix until we both feel it and are close to orgasm as she looks me in the eyes and says.

“Are you getting ready to pump your sperm deep in my pussy Michael?”

“Do you feel the tip of your cock plugging the opening to my womb? Is this where you’re going to shoot all that thick potent sperm when you cum?

“I felt the little pinch this morning when I ovulated and I get so horny when I am at my peak fertility so you need to be careful and pull out, unless you want to cum hard and deep, inside my unprotected, fertile little pussy and knock me up Babe.”

Then when I am good and excited she spins around lowering bahis şirketleri her tight wet pussy onto my very hard and ready cock. She is so tight it takes her a couple of minutes to get all my cock buried completely inside her and then she does her little trick with the tilt of her pelvis she aligns the head of my cock with her cervix and starts to fuck my cock head slowly in and out of her womb. The feeling of having your prick buried so deep inside the pussy of the woman that you are madly in love with and having her cervix squeezing the head as she moves back and forth is so intense it’s hard to put into words. In just a few short minuets I am ready to bust a nut and have to stop and rest to keep from cuming to soon.

Ester has other ideas though, she keeps slowly sliding back and forth rubbing the head of my prick in the opening of her cervix driving me closer and closer to orgasm, I tell her “babe you need to slow down or I am going to cum,” Then she tells me.

“I want you to cum in me. While you were sleeping I checked my cycle and I am ovulating this morning, I am at my most fertile and I want you to shoot all your sperm as deep as you can in me and make me pregnant, it has been four days since we made love and I know you have a very big load waiting for me, I purposely got you very excited, edging you multiple times, without letting you cum so you would shoot a huge load. I have your cock head trapped in the opening of my cervix, so you can make a direct deposit and fire your sperm deep inside, to get me pregnant for sure.”

All this talk was making me very excited. I love this fantasy so much. Then she drops the bomb, she leans down and kisses me with so much passion it makes me melt and whispers in my ear.

“Babe this is the real thing, I really am, in my most fertile time, you are already leaking precum deep inside me, and you leak so much you might be impregnating me right now, you have a huge load of sperm waiting for me, your cock is deep in my wet pussy with the head lodged inside my cervix, I can feel your prick swelling and pulsing so I know you are very close to nutting.”

“I love you very much and I want to have your baby. Please let go and make our fantasy a reality, shoot your huge load of potent sperm deep all over my fertile egg and make my belly swell, I love you so much and I know you love me too, do it babe, inseminate me, please Michael.”

There was no way for me to stop from emptying my nuts straight into her womb and making this dream come true, she had me right where she wanted me and I was going to give her what she wanted. I looked in her eyes and said “here it comes babe, I love you too” and blew the biggest load of my life straight into her waiting womb.

It was amazing to shoot that much and not have any leak out. All of it went right past her cervix and into her womb, at least 8 large blasts of potent sperm right where it belongs. It was the most exciting and amazing sex of my life and two weeks later she missed her period and the pregnancy test was positive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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