A Fantasy

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She was nervous. She put her hand to her short hair, knowing that it looked fine, but still she straightened the errant curls. Her hands smoothed down the front of her blue sweater, the one that matched her eyes so perfectly. She took a deep breath and blew it out of her mouth slowly.

She stood at the gate, watching for him to come through. She hadn’t seen him in years. It felt like forever since they had whispered goodbye on that dark night so long ago. They had been children then. Now she was grown, and he was grown. They both had made mistakes in love, and they both knew that in love, in life, it took hard work to make it last. Being in love wasn’t enough.

She saw him then. As tall as he always was, but older, more world weary. The eyes were wiser, held some of the pain that came from living. She smiled, knowing he was thinking similar things. He saw her smile, and his heart seemed to jump in his chest. She took his breath away. She had been able to do that since the first time he had seen her almost twenty years ago.

She met him, taking halting steps toward him, halfway. She went directly to his arms and held him close to her. He dropped his carry-on and hugged her back. Breathing in the spicy scent of her shampoo. She tilted her head back, her blue eyes sparkling, and smiled at him. “HI” she said, her voice still the same velvety, sultry sound. “Hi back” he said. He leaned down and laid a kiss on her forehead. She moved out of his arms, took his hand and said, “C’mon. Lets get your bags and blow this joint.” He laughed, remembering the words, an echo of a past life.

She pulled him along, toward the baggage claim. He grabbed his two black cases, and she took his carry-on and his lap top case. She walked toward a low red car, and popped the trunk with the press of a button on a small remote. He stowed his bags in the surprisingly large trunk, and then wondered how he was going to fold himself into the small space that comprised the passenger seat. She laughed as she saw his quandary. “Its bigger than it looks.” Then she made her thinking face, her eyes squinted slightly, and her lips pursed just enough to make you think of kissing her. “Its still the same town, you wanna drive?” He grinned and nodded, she tossed him the keys and came around to the passenger side. She waggled her eyebrows at him, and said, “Home James.” He didn’t know where home was yet, but he was sure she would get him there.

The ride was a journey into childhood adventures and teenage mischief. She pointed out some of the newer additions, the new mall, the larger high school, and the bigger better hospital. The small town and boomed into something of a small city. She instructed him to turn onto the street she had lived as a child. Then to the house she had grown up in. “Mom and Dad moved to Florida. I bought the house for a very low price.” She shrugged her shoulders with her palms up, the ‘What could I do?’ shrug.

The house was much the same, the paint job was newer, and the door that was white was now a vivid shade of red, a touch of her. She unlocked the door, and stepped back for him to enter with his luggage. She directed him up the stairs to the room that used to be hers. It was now not canlı bahis a girl’s room, but a nice guest room. Gone were the pink curtains, and the flowered wallpaper. The room was painted a mild yellow, with white trim. The Queen size bed covered with a green and yellow plaid quilt. The dresser and wardrobe were antique and made the room look homey. She pointed out the bathroom she had added.

She took his hand and showed him her room. It was her parent’s old room. She had put a lot of work into it. It was done is shades of ivory and beige. The walls were done like marble, the two shades mingled together. On the Bed was a comforter of the same colors in stripes of silk. The four-poster had been washed with the same colors. On the bed were huge pillows of bright colors, purples, blues and reds. He told her it looked great. It was hard for him to keep his hands off of her. He could see her under him, in that bed.

She seemed to sense it, and wasn’t ready to go there yet, so she drug him back downstairs, to show him the rest of the house. The place he had spent many a day and evening when he was 14,15,and 16. She had been his best friend. He had fancied himself in love with her, while she always loved someone else. They had kissed, but never gotten further than that. She had always pulled away. He had gotten married in College, and she had been married to her high school sweetheart for 12 painful years. He had treated her badly. His ex wife had been cold and distant and when she had decided that she didn’t love him anymore, he had ceased to care. No children for either of them. It was probably a good thing.

She told him about her work, and he told her about his. They talked of parents, old dreams, and new goals. They had moved back into the groove they used to have, smooth and easy, but with a slight edge.

She kept touching him, his arm, and his hands. Holding his fingers in her hand, going over them with her fingers one at a time. Her eyes searched his face and often lingered on his lips as if trying to imagine.

He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her either. He kept watching her mouth move as she talked. He wanted to hold her, to love her. He had always kept a part of his heart for her. She stood to go refill his tea glass. He stood behind her. He leaned into him and closed his eyes. It felt good to have a warm body, especially his body so close to her. His arms came around her, just below her breasts. His hands splayed out over her rib cage. He kissed her hair, and then leaned down to kiss her neck. She tilted her head to give him better access.

His tongue stroked from her ear down to her collarbone, creating little tingling shivers in her skin. She moaned softly. His heart leaped at the sound, so did other parts of him. He turned her in his arms, searched her eyes, which were glowing a darker blue with desire, for answers, or questions. All he saw there was the need that was echoed in his own eyes. His lips crashed down on hers, pulling her closer to him, he could feel her firm breasts thru the cloth of their shirts. Their tongues twined together, and their lips meshed.

She pulled out of the kiss, her cheeks pink, her chest heaving, and she smiled that small smile bahis siteleri she had, and pulled his hand, back up stairs she led him. She turned to face him when they got to her bedroom. She looked at him as she pulled the sweater over her head. She was wearing a thin lace bra that displayed her breasts to perfection. He was in awe. He moved forward and placed his hands on her breasts, as if trying to memorize the feel of them on his palm. She closed her eyes, as his fingers splayed over the cloth of her bra. His fingers created a spinning sensation in her stomach. She opened her eyes and began unbuttoning his shirt. He had been a boy last time she had seen him, shirtless in the backyard pool. Now, he had a man’s chest. She pushed the shirt open with her hands, and her palms flat on his chest, the crinkly chest hair making her palms tickle a bit. She tugged the tail out of his pants. She laid her lips on his chest, letting her tongue slip out to wet his nipple. She blew on it slightly and watched it rise into a hard peak. He shivered, and reached behind her to unhook her bra. He struggled with the hooks for a moment before he got them undone.

He pushed her back and let the bra drop to the floor. “God, you are beautiful.” He said, his hands cupping her breasts. “They are perfect, what a lovely shape.” She smiled and let him trace his thumbs over her nipples making them turn a darker shade of coral, and erect. He moaned as he leaned forward and took one in his mouth. Sucking on it, then running his tongue over the peak, making her breath become ragged. He bit it lightly, and then switched sides, while he kept the other nipple stiff with this thumb and finger, pinching and pulling.

She unbuckled his belt and his pants. She slid the zipper down, and his pants pooled around his ankles. His erection was trapped in his boxer briefs. She ran her hand over the length of him through the cotton. He almost couldn’t stand it. It felt so good.

He unbuttoned her slacks and unzipped them, letting the linen float to the floor. She stepped out of them neatly and slipped her fingers into the waistband of her bikini underwear. She then slid them off her hips and stepped out of them. She stood before him, neatly trimmed, nicely tanned and beautiful. He slipped out of his underwear nowhere near as gracefully, but was, in her eyes, just as beautiful.

He pushed her to the bed and gently shoved her down. She scrambled up to the top, and met his kiss as he collapsed beside her. Their hands were everywhere, their lips followed where their hands had been. She pushed him back and began a kissing trail down his chest. She nipped and bit, kissed and sucked until she reached his penis. She licked the length of him and marveled at the jerking motion of his dick. She licked his balls and then cupped them in one hand. She took him fully into her mouth, causing a moan to come from him. She placed her other hand at the base of his cock and began stroking, mouth and hand in opposite directions. Her finger on the hand that was cupping his balls began stroking the skin between his balls and ass. She didn’t want him to come yet; she just wanted him to feel really good. She let her tongue twirl as her mouth created suction bahis şirketleri around his dick. Her hand was tight and always moving. She felt his hands on her shoulders as he pulled her up. He had her straddle his face. She was wet, and so creamy. His tongue lapped up the moisture, and then delved into her pussy. His fingers three of them in her pussy while his tongue, lips and teeth played havoc with her clit. She grabbed the headboard and threw her head back, holding back the scream that threatened to erupt. No words, just a primal scream was building in her chest. He drove his fingers in to the last joint and had found her hooded pearl, and urged it to come out of hiding. He had it between his lips, and his tongue was flicking over it, making her want to get way, and to stay at the same time. Too much, it was too much. The spring tightened in her stomach, she almost forgot to breath. Her head felt as if it were going to explode. He kept on, until he felt the juice from her orgasm squirt over his face. He gripped her hips and held her firm so he could drink her sweet juices. She was rocked by the waves washing over her, again and again. When the tremors stopped her pulled her down to him, kissing her, letting her taste herself. She licked his chin clean as he rolled her to her back.

She spread her legs with his knees and entered her almost brutally. She groaned as he pounded into her. She raised her legs over his shoulders, his arms braced beside her, and he fucked her hard and deep. His strokes were steady, and she couldn’t remember sex feeling this good. She gripped his arms, her fingernails digging into his flesh, as he relentlessly drove into her. He dipped his head to kiss her as she began to incoherently moan. In her mind she was saying, “yes, oh fuck, yes.” But it was coming out not making sense. He kissed her deeply, his tongue mimicking the strokes of his dick. He could feel her tightening around him again, and he could see the flush growing on her chest. Her eyes were open, but seemingly vacant, she was on the edge. He was almost there too. He pushed in hard and deep, and once again, and again, until he felt the floodgates open. She felt his dick tremble inside of her, and she felt herself tighten around him as her orgasm burst again. She yelled out, as it dragged her under and then released her. Her heart seemed to stop beating; her hands and toes lost all feeling as it raged throughout her.

He let his sperm explode inside of her. He squeezed his eyes shut as his dick convulsed again and again, rocking him. He collapsed, to the side of her and pulled her into his arms, still inside of her. It had grown dark outside. He kissed her and said, “Damn, that was great.” She kissed his chin, and then propped herself on her elbow. “Yeah” she said, “it was.” She then began tracing the ridges and planes of his face with her fingers. They glided over his eyes, his cheeks, and the hollows of his cheeks, his chin, and his lips. She had a sleepy look on her face. He kissed her nose and told her to roll onto her side.

She did, and he when was hard again, he entered her from behind. He slowly stroked her, his arms wrapped around her, holding her close to him as he brought them both to a quiet, incredible orgasm. They fell asleep that way, his dick still embedded in her. She fell asleep against his chest, his arms wrapped around her. He wanted to sleep like this the rest of his life. She never wanted him to leave.

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