A Foot Fetish Fantasy

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This is a story about a fantasy that I had about a Foot Fetish Mistress I met in London several years ago. I met her for a foot fetish session in London back in 2013 and recently I’ve been fantasy about worshiping her feet again and being locked up in Chastity.

At the start of the session she asked if I wanted to worship her feet which I said yes please Mistress but she said to me to hand her the keys to my Chastity.

I wasn’t thinking about my actions and handed her the keys. She smiled and said let’s play a game!! She said would I like to see her feet and I said yes please Mistress. She said ok then, I will go and change from my boots into something more sexy.

She said come and sit on this chair which I did. It was cold against my naked skin, there was me naked with a cage on my penis and then she said she was going to blindfold me and leave.

So many things where running through my brain! Has she left, was she calling the cops, was she going to give my keys back then I heard the sound that made me try and get hard which I couldn’t and that was the sound of high heels approaching.

I was starting to get hot and desperate to see her and her feet. My heartbeat was racing, blindfold still on and she made me an offer and that was if I wanted to see her feet, I would stay locked up for the next 7 days. It went on….. 10 days to stiff them and 13 days to kiss and lick them.

That meant she wanted to keep me locked up for 30 days!! What could I do but accept, I wanted those feet and she knew it. She had me beg please Mistress please keep me locked up for the next 30 days, it would an honour and a privilege to do this for such a beautiful Mistress. Please please. I couldn’t believe the words coming out of me!

Very well foot boy I will and I’ve got something you might be interested it. I said what mistress, she said if you don’t do anything with my feet today I will give you a reward next time. I was kind of confused, she said in 30 days I could come over and be at her feet for the afternoon maybe even evening if I could have some self control. I wanted her feet so bad but to spend an afternoon at them was something I couldn’t turn down or was it!

30 days was going to be such a long time and she said to could take these pretty little heels home and lick them clean for me and she then laughed and said oh you cant see them. She also said she had a sweaty pair of socks that needed cleaning and thought my mouth might be up to it. Well!! What it going to be….

After getting home I realised all I had to show from my afternoon was a locked penis, some high heels and smelly socks. I didn’t see her feet, taste them or even smelt them. I’m such a loser!!

I later received a message off Mistress and she said once a week she will want a video of me doing something for her. I was so nervous about doing this but what could I do!

Week one she wanted a video of me licking her shoes and sucking her smelly sock. I sent the video I thought what had I become, I felt pathetic! All I got back was well done foot boy.

Week two was much the same but this time she wanted me to show how desperately I wanted her feet so I had to suck and lick for all my worth. I get a message back when I sent it and it said just loser!!

Week three I was desperate for my Chastity cage to come off. She had me go to a shop and ask if they any sexy lingerie for men and if not women’s ones will do and buy some. I couldn’t believe this but at this point I would do pretty anything she asked. After sending that recording she replied with laughter emojis.

Week 4 and my final tasks and some for my release. She had my go to ladies shop and buy a ladies dress for me to wear. I even had to try it on in a fitting room which made the staff laugh.

I had to come out of the fitting room and ask the girl do I look pretty and can you see my Chastity cage underneath. I thought she was going to piss herself laughing at me.

I wanted to dig a hole at that point, she walking around me and said you look good sissy! I thanked her, bought the dress and left quickly.

I had just uploaded it and Mistress said I had one more task on the day of release and this was to go to sex shop in my dress and purchase a collar and also a cane which I had to ask to be tested on me.

There was me sitting in my car in a short dress and now I needed to go into a sex shop. I looked around, took a deep breathe and left the car and entered the shop.

I went to the counter and ask about the collars, he looked at me, smiled and showed me the collars. I picked one and asked if I could wear it. He laughed at me and said yes and was anything else I needed.

I said yes a cane. What sort of cane did I want? One to leave marks? Or not? I said I would take one which would leave the worst possible as I didn’t want to get it wrong.

He asked if I was sure and I said could he test it on me please. He turned and went to lock the door of the shop and walked back towards me.

I was a bit scared bursa escort now and he said take that dress off. I did as I was told especially as I didn’t want to damage the dress before Mistress saw me in it. I have never been naked in front of a male before.

So there I was naked apart from a Chastity cage and collar in the middle of a sex shop, he looked at me and just burst into laughter and said what a pathetic I was..

I went over a bench and he rub my bottom. he said he was going to hit me with 12 of the best with this cane, it hurt so much after just 1 hit, he said you better had thank me after everyone which I did. After the 12th I had tears running down my face and my bottom was so sore.

He asked what I thought of the cane, I’ve had even forgotten why I was there and went oh yes I will take yes sir! He rub my bottom again and said if you suck me off then the cane is free?! I said no I wasn’t gay, he said too bad. I paid, I put my dress on with a very sore bottom underneath and left.

I drove to my Mistress house, looking forward to see her feet and getting released from my cage.

I arrived messaged her and she said I could come in and I better have my dress and collar on, the cane, high heels and sock with me. I nervously looked around to see if anyone was around and then got out and knock on the door, it opened and I stepped in and I went to my knees.

She said hello slave and said follow me. I crawled behind her to the middle of the living room. She walked around me and said very nice and that she was proud of me.

She said she loved the collar and she loved my nice red raw ass. She loved the story about the guy at the shop. She asked if it was painful and I said yes mistress it hurt a lot but I would do anything for you! She said good boy.

Show me the heels and socks, I did and she said not a bad job them. I decided to reward with your efforts over the last 30 days loser, I said thank you Mistress.

I’m going out tonight slave with some girls and have invited them over for you to serve us. Think of all those sexy feet!!!! My eyes widen but it was too tempting.

I asked what would I be doing Mistress? You would be the entertainment, serve us drink and do whatever they want including worshipping there feet etc. I was very nervous about more people knowing my fetishes and seeing me like this.

I asked her what would I be wearing and she said she loved the dress or I could go naked. I didn’t know what would be worst.

All I wanted to worship her bare feet and loss the cage. She said well if your not interested you can always leave, I was so worried. I didn’t want to leave without my key I decided to go ahead.

I said I would rather be naked and she laughed at me. Your such a loser so let me get this right you want to serve as naked. I said yes please Mistress let you serve you and your friends naked. Ok well strip for me now.

I did and she said go and sit in the corner until they turn up. I heard the door go and she said get into the middle of the room now bitch. I was taken back by that but I did it. 3 ladies turned up and burst into laughter as they looked at me.

So your the guy who has been locked up for 30 days. I said yes Ma’am. One lady made a comment about my red ass and Mistress told them the story and they laughed at me.

The ladies were gorgeous, stunning in fact. I was super excited, one lady said for me to lick her boots for her which I did and I thought that would mean her feet afterwards but it didn’t. I was getting them drinks, snacks and the door went again.

I went and opened the door and standing above me was Laura… one of the girls I went to school with. I was shocked and so embarrassed! I’ve known this girl for ages and she had really sexy feet but here I was naked kneeling before her.

All I could do was say welcome ma’am as she walked pass me laughing! I crawled in with them laughing at me and told to sit in the middle of the room.

Mistress asked me about Laura, I looked down and mistress said look at Laura. I was asked about Laura and Mistress said don’t lie to me if you want to get out of your cage.

I said I had a crush on Laura and her beautiful feet for a while, everyone laughed and Laura got up and slapped me in the face. I was so embarrassed, Mistress said come on to the ladies let’s go out.

Mistress said I should stay and wait for her to come home and then I can lick her feet for her and if I do a good job she might get me my key. She said while I’m out that I can lick the couple of pairs of shoes that have been left out. I thanked her for that and said to her I’m looking forward to you coming back Mistress.

She said Laura might even come back. She and the girls left and there was me licking her shoes, naked in the middle of her living room. It got to midnight and then the door opened.

Mistress walked in carrying her heels but there was no sign of Laura.. thank god. Mistress said Laura couldn’t believe what a loser I bursa escort bayan was!

She said slave come over here and worship my feet, I was so excited as I crawled over to her. Then I saw her dirty feet and she said that’s right slave I’ve walked home bare foot for you.

She said well slave…. enjoy and laughter at me! She moved her big toe towards my mouth and all I come do was open and sucked on it for all I was worth. She giggled and then said stick your tongue out which I did, she moved her foot up and down my tongue.

Her foot was dirty from the pavements, she has walked on grass and even through mud. I cleaned her left foot and then she said time for the right one. I opened my mouth and again sucked on her big toe.

Throughout this I felt degraded, humiliated and pathetic but I loved it. Here I was licking her feet and trying to please Mistress. I stick my tongue out again and licked her feet for her. As I was finishing she said I’m tired and I want to go to sleep so you better had go.

I looked at her confused, frustrated and desperate for the key to my cock. She said oh slave you didn’t think it would be that easy did you. Maybe I did, silly me.

You have two options… 1 stay in Chastity for as long as I see fit and become a foot slave for me or 2 I will give you the keys and you can walk out now. But remember slave there is no going back!

She said go into the bathroom and decide. If it’s a yes then come out and begged like there was no tomorrow to become my foot bitch or put your dress and make your way out of the door if it’s a no.

I had family but no girlfriend, wife and even kids to worry about. I wanted this so badly.

She is so gorgeous and to be in her presences would be like a dream for me. I crawled out naked with my keys in my Chastity so she could officially lock it up.

I begged for her to lock me up, I said I would do anything to be her foot slave. She said anything slave…. I like that she said with a smile. Like what? I said please Mistress I will anything for you.

I was a mess and then she turned around and said I will punish you if you misbehave and don’t follow orders. I will give you 3 strikes to prove yourself and then you will have to make a decision to make.

You are lucky I’m giving you 3 she said. 3 bad things you do from this moment and I will give you an option. 1 leave me for forever or 2 go into permanent Chastity for me. I said what!! That’s right I will flown the keys away and might be even super glue it shut so no going back!!

I was afraid now what turned from a foot fetish session has now turned into this but I knew what I wanted.

She went off to bed and she had me sleep on the floor of the living room. She woke up and heard her moving. I quickly moved and I was on my hands and knee as she opened the door.

She liked what she saw and said you may kiss my feet, I couldn’t believe it. They were so soft I knew I made the right choice. Time you go slave, I said thank you Mistress. I slipped my dress on after forgetting that’s what I was wearing when I arrived.

She said I will like to see you over the weekend slave, I said is Sunday ok and she said that would be fine and I might invite Laura on Sunday and now get out.

I quickly looked at myself and thought shit I was having to go home like this. I exited her house and made my way to the home and lucky for me I didnt see anyone.

I arrived home, parked the car and opened the door, ended the hallway to see myself in a mirror and thought what have I just done. I striped put some clothes on and when about my business.

Friday came and Mistress messaged me and said after work slave, I should have two packages waiting for me.

I got home but saw a note in my letter box to say that your delivery was at my next door neighbours. I thought holy shit what has she sent and hopefully the box would be discreet.

I was nervous as I went to there house. I knocked and the door opened and I said you have some deliveries for me. They smiled and said there you go! I looked at the boxes, one said Chastity cage inside. They looked at me and I panicked, getting sweaty and hot.

The second said kinky mini dress for sissy males on it. I said thank you for taking them in and I better get home and they said I wonder what you will be doing. I left and they laugh at me!

I got home and messaged Mistress to say I’ve got my parcels as. She asked about my neighbours and I told her so she enjoyed every minute of the story.

She said on Sunday you will bring the Chastity cage and don’t open the box and you will be wearing that new dress as well. I looked at the dress and informed her that it needed zipping up at the back and how would I do that.

She smiled and said ask one of your neighbours! I couldn’t believe it and said I can’t and she said you better had or else.

I went to work on Saturday, it was a normal day until Laura walked in at half 5. I went red in the face and I got worried escort bursa with what she was going to ask! She said Mistress asked me to come in, humiliate me and close the shop now. I did as I was told and Laura said strip!!

I couldn’t say anything but yes ma’am as I knew better to disappoint my Mistress. Laura said I could believe what a pathetic loser you are and look at the state of you.

She said would you like to worship my feet bitch and all I could say said yes please Laura. I looked at her feet and they were stunning, dark red toenails and all I wanted to do was to kiss them. She said open your mouth and she inserted her big toe into my mouth, I sucked on it like there was no tomorrow.

Then I realised what I was doing and with who! I heard her camera go off and she took a photo of me sucking her toes. She said I can’t believe how pathetic you are! All I could do was thank her and she left me there naked with the taste of her feet in my mouth.

I woke up on Sunday, shaved, showered and started ready to leave to see my Mistress. I slipped on my dress, it didn’t cover my ass and more importantly my Chastity cage. I couldn’t believe I was having to walk to my neighbors like this but I knew this is what I needed to do.

I went back to the couple. They laughed like mad as I was standing at the door. They invited me in and I then asked would you please zip me up.

The lady went don’t you look pretty with a smile on her face and they demanded I gave them a twirl for them. I didn’t have much choice so I did, they saw the Chastity cage and my ass and they just looked at me and said what a loser.

I lowered my head in shame and she zipped my dress up for me. I thanked them and they asked what was I up to. I told them that I was off to see my Mistress, they laughed and said enjoy yourself! I got home all embarrassed from what I’ve just gone through. I picked up the box and left for my Mistress house.

I arrived at her house, I knocked on the door and the door opened. I walked in and fell onto my hands and knees. She said follow me to the living room. I did as instructed, she then walked around me and smiled and asked about neighbors.

She loved it and said I must go back and tell them that my Mistress passes on her thanks and say if there is anything I can do please ask. I didn’t want to back to the house, let alone see the neighbors but knew I had too.

I looked at my Mistress and she was dressed in knee high boots, jeans and a top. All I thought was I bet or hopefully her feet were smelly inside. She said she loved the dress and said hand me the box.

She opened it and out came the smallest Chastity cage I’ve ever seen. She said it’s a numb size, I couldn’t believe this! She said this was my new toy and I better go and put it on.

She had the key to the old one so I had to beg her for it. Please Mistress please give me the key to the old device so I can make you proud and wear the new one for you. She said very well slave here you go!

I took the old device off and the cool air on my penis was magical. It didn’t last for long as she said you didn’t think you were going to get to cum did you?! I was hopefully but I knew I have no hope.

I had to wait for my penis to go down and I then slipped on the new device. It was so small and there was no space into at all. She said never mind you won’t be needing it or using it and in time your dick will adjust to it.

All I could say was thank you Mistress and thank you for my new dress. She said your welcome, you owe me £65. I went yes Mistress.

She said you have been a very good boy slave, haven’t you and I said yes Mistress. Come here and worship my feet, I couldn’t believe I was just about to worship her bare beautiful feet.

I started begging please Mistress let me worship your perfect feet, I will do anything please please. I was desperate!

Ok slave after you have worship my bare feet, I’m thinking of beating your ass. I said thank you Mistress. She smiled and said are you ready slave? I replied yes Mistress it would be an honour to worship your feet. Please Mistress. Someone is desperate!!

Mistress said with a smile. Now I think my feet need some attention, my eyes lit up. Come here slave and remove my boots. I crawled over and took off her boots and saw her beautiful feet.

She said stiff my boots, I did, she said louder I want to hear you! I did and you love them, don’t you?! I do Mistress, they are perfect just like you. Lay on your back for me so I can rest them on your face while I watch tv. I said yes Mistress.

Do you want to lick them slave? Yes please Mistress I replied. Very well then put your tongue out so I can move my feet over my face. I did and wow her feet were so soft in fact and they were smelly and sweaty, I couldn’t believe my luck!

For the next couple of hours I was in pure heaven, her feet were a dream and I loved every moment. She said enough slave, get your ass home now. I normally would say put that dress on but I want to walk to the car naked!

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! She handed me my dress and said put it on in the car or do you want me to cane your ass. I was so nervous, looked at Mistress and said thank you so much for letting me be at your feet.

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