A Fortnight to Remember Ch. 02

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Last night with Kathryn had left a lasting impression in the minds of the sexiest girls in my college. Members of their group and others closely connected were looking at me differently, eyeing me up and down, and especially in the middle. But that blow job had really gotten me off, and the next girl on my list was perfect for a wild pounding. Her name was Marie.

Marie wasn’t part of the popular girls group, in fact she wasn’t even a cheerleader, but she was close friends with several. Back in high school Marie hadn’t been much to look at, but she had blossomed since that point and had become ridiculously delectable. She had a pretty face, a great ass and was very curvy. These were outweighed by a pair of perfectly oversized 36 DD tits that had seemingly come out of nowhere after the summer before our first year of college, and I had spent many maths classes since then drooling over them.

I had made up some excuse to get Jack, a friend of mine, to fix it so that I would end up grouped with her for a project in an English lit class we shared, one that we would have to finish after school. I waited the rest of the day, eyeing her almost every free second I had, while she kept glancing at me and whispering to a friend. The day passed and she arrived at me house shortly after the college day had finished.

“Hey,” she said as I invited her in, “I thought we might as well get this finished as soon as possible, y’know, get it over with.”

“Yeah, fine,” I replied, walking into my kitchen with her. I knew she was one of the girls that had heard about my huge cock from Kathryn’s endless gossiping, but she was only subtly letting on her desire. We got through the organised presentation in about half an hour, while I covered up my erection under the table, at one point having to cough to hide the noise of it hitting the underside of the wood. Marie was wearing the same low cut top she had on all day, showing the cleavage of her huge breasts.

After we’d finished, she made an unexpected move; she went to the door, seemingly about to leave. I wasn’t going to stop her if she did leave, but this would ruin canlı bahis the lists order, and then I would have to move onto another girl.

“Goodbye, then,” she said. I opened the door for her, and she hugged me goodbye. Too late. She pressed her stomach up against my huge cock, which I had hidden relatively well up until now. She pulled her head back, her arms still around me and giggled, grazing her tongue all along her lips. “Or, y’know, I could stay for an hour or two.” She shut the door with a free hand and then pulled me in, kissing me hard.

We walked back into the living room where she pulled off my t-shirt and I took off hers. “Kathryn told me all about you,” she said, kissing me again. She had just her bra on, and her tits looked even bigger than I had thought. We pulled off my jeans and her skirt hastily and I shut the blinds and locked the front door, making sure it was just us two. She had a beautiful two-piece of black lacy underwear, perfectly contrasting her smooth, pale skin

“Fancy a challenge?” She said, fondling my massive hardon underneath my boxers.

“What did you have in mind?” I questioned, embracing her and taking a firm hold of her ass.

“I bet you’ll cum before I do,” she whispered in my ear, licking my neck. Fuck, this was hot.

“Challenge accepted,” I said, pulling away and waiting for her to lie down on the cushions on the huge sofa in my living room. She folded her arms and smiled at me.

“Oh, no…” She said, smirking, “We’re doing it my way, so you lie down.” I had absolutely no objections. I laid down on the sofa, and she knelt just below my dick, on top of my legs and slid down my boxers, pulling out my huge member. “Fuck, Kathryn wasn’t lying…” She said, rubbing it a little. She slid out of her pants, exposing her pussy, and slid down half way onto my dick. She moaned with pleasure and I beckoned for her to start, but she spoke again. “I’m not ready yet,” she smirked, at which point, she unclipped her bra and slid it off, letting it fall to the floor.

Marie’s tits were better than I could have ever imagined. They were perfectly round bahis siteleri and natural, hanging a little from her chest, and had two perfect dark nipples that looked so hard. She fell down onto me, and my face was engulfed in her huge breasts. Without saying she started, slowly pushing against my cock.

This was how she would win; I was being massively turned on by her tits slapping my face, and I was convinced that I would cum in under 10 minutes. Most of me didn’t care, I couldn’t help licking her nipples and grabbing her tits firmly in my hands as she slowly rode me with that great pussy. But what would she tell the rest of the girls? I had to win, or my reputation would be scarred for the next two weeks.

I grabbed both of her ass cheeks and spread them, as she let out a slow, high moan. “Oooo, I love it when you spread me!” Her dirty talking wasn’t helping either, it was so fucking hot, and she never stopped. “Mmm, yes… Yes! Fuck my pussy! Harder, harder!” After several moments, I suddenly figured out what she had been doing; Marie had only been taking half of my dick in her pussy. I thought she must have been a bit looser than a lot of the other girls, so this was how she would make sure I would cum first.

I wasn’t having this. I leant back and rested my head on the arm of the sofa, my body still on the cushions, and then put my hands back on Marie’s ass and pushed her further down. Without warning I pushed my whole 11 inches into her pussy. She let out a shriek of pleasure, throwing her head back and closing her eyes. I began slowly but quickly sped up, pounding her wet clit with such force. “Oh God, oh God, oh God!” She was near enough throwing herself down now on me now, her huge tits bouncing up and down in my face.

I put my hands back on her tits as she finally began taking my whole cock by herself. I left her to it while I could grab her tits and manipulate them however I wanted for my pleasure. I grabbed a firm hold of them and wrapped them around my face, feeling their smoothness wobble against my skin every time she pounded down on my dick. Marie was still screaming with pleasure bahis şirketleri the whole time. “Oh my God, I’ve never felt like this before in my life!… All I can feel is your cock in my pussy! Oh yes, yes!”

I steadied myself and licked the nipple on her left tit for several minutes, working my way over it and nibbling the very edge lightly. Marie continued to moan with pleasure while I moved to her right nipple.

She wasn’t going to last much longer, but neither was I.

“Marie, honey, I need to cum,” I grunted, grinding my hips against hers.

“So do I,” she replied, forcing her tits back into my face. We both knew it would happen, but just smirked, threw our heads back and shut our eyes, pounding faster than ever. I felt the cum rising fast in my balls, and we both suddenly orgasmed in an explosion of cum, amidst both of us moaning wildly, Marie screaming with intense pleasure and me sucking her nipples and pushing her tits around my face together so forcefully. There was a mix of our juices dripping all down my cock and over my legs, and over the walls of Marie’s red hot pussy. We continued pounding for another half a minute, getting out all of our fluids and drenching both of our skin in it.

We finally slowed to a stop and Marie attempted to sit up, with my cock still plunged deep into her, but fell right back onto my chest, panting with her eyes closed. “Fuck…that’s a first….” She quietly moaned, “It’s always the guy first with me. Kathryn definitely wasn’t lying about you.” She slid down to my dick and cleaned me off, not as well as Kathryn had sucked me off, but still pretty well. “Ok then,” she said, sitting up on the sofa and putting her underwear on. “I’m gonna get going, seeing as its pretty late.” She still sounded out of breath as she put her skirt and t-shirt back on. “Hopefully I’ll see you again very soon…”

She picked up her books, walked into the hallway and a few moments later I heard the front door being unlocked with the key on the sideboard, being opened and then being shut again. All I could do was put my hands behind my head and lie there, with a very satisfied (and now cleaned off) cock. I put my hand back and felt around for the handle of a set of a drawers, pulled it open and then took out the folded piece of paper in it and a pen. I put a line through Marie’s name. 10 to go.

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