A Friend in Seed

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When you came to pick me up I could scarcely believe my eyes. I remember you stepping out of your car, wearing that cute t-shirt with the video game characters on it. I know you picked those tiny shorts to tease me too. You’re a feast for the eyes. Don’t tell me you’re too old—30 is only a number.

We were just friends, but you’d always talked about wanting a kid. I guess it was the natural thing to go with a donor you knew well already. And who was I to refuse?

I don’t really remember what we talked about over dinner. A little bit of everything, I guess—video games, cats, random facts, our friends. You kept giving me those bedroom eyes as you listened to me. When we used to call each other you’d tell me something random I said was hot, or made you wet. It always made me squirm—I guess you enjoyed doing the same thing to me in person, didn’t you?

We weren’t supposed to do it right away, but I guess you wanted a few attempts just to make sure. You almost gave me a kiss goodnight, then stopped and smiled.

I must have been sleeping well in your guest house because hearing you close the door that night startled me. But when you put your hand on my back and said in that soft, soothing voice, “It’s just me.”

I relaxed. Turned to look at you in the dim light and gasped. Your white blouse was unbuttoned all the way to reveal a lacey black bra underneath. The open shirt framed your cleavage and as I stared shamelessly you didn’t even try to stop me. You had on a ruffled denim skirt and the white thigh high stockings you told me about. It was all so much for a guy to take in, but the most beautiful thing about you was your smile and the mischievous twinkle in your big brown eyes. I watched in awe as you brushed a wisp of shiny black hair out of your face. You asked me if I liked what I saw. I looked down in horror at myself, seeing the bulge come up through the sheets.

You simply giggled and sat on the bed, pulling your knees up to your shoulders. Your lips curled bahis firmaları again and you swayed your hips a little, just enough to let me catch a glimpse up your skirt. No panties. “See something you like?” you asked. My eyes bulged—and they weren’t the only thing.

As I craned my neck unconsciously, trying to see more, you let out a little ‘tsk’ and pushed me back down on the bed, pulling the covers off. I didn’t resist as you grabbed my boxers and pulled them off roughly, then did the same with my shirt. With a hungry glance at my member you knelt down between my legs and took me into your mouth, your tongue sliding over my balls and up my shaft. Your eyes never left mine as you bobbed up and down, sucking so hard it almost hurt. You took my entire length in, smiling as much as you could as I groaned and shivered under you.

“You like your deep throat? Maybe you wanna cum in my mouth. Or make me your whore with your cum on my face. Too bad, I need that somewhere else.”

Just as I was about to bust a nut you slid me out of your mouth with a satisfying slurp and plopped yourself flat on me, face to face. As if by instinct, I put an arm around you, my hand on the small of your back. Staring up at you, I noticed every little detail of your makeup, from the sparkle on your eyelids to the shine on your lips.

I felt your sweet folds rub against my dick, the moisture already making a slick trail on the shaft. Your pussy lips were so smooth-always told me about how nicely you had it waxed.

“I’ve always wanted to make love to you,” I said.

“I don’t make love. I fuck. Hard.” you whispered, grinding your hips on me.

I felt you shuffle your hips on me, lining yourself up. You reached behind you and grabbed me, almost a little too roughly, working the tip of my shaft up between your lips. I felt your wetness dribbling down it, down over my balls and onto the sheets. A little gasp from both of us as the head penetrated you. You stared, wide eyed, at me as you lowered kaçak iddaa yourself down, the coarse fabric of your skirt grazing me along the way.

You asked how long it was once and when I told you, you said it would fit perfectly. You weren’t wrong. Still, you had to squeeze me a little and smile as I spasmed under you, my hips bucking, trying to shove myself deeper into your nether regions. I instinctively slid my hands under your skirt and grabbed your butt cheeks, feeling your muscles work as you started to grind your hips on me.

I stared at you, barely blinking, pressed down on the bed by your hands firmly planted on my chest. You giggled a bit, lifted a corner of your skirt to show me disappearing into your pink. I felt the soft fabric of your stockings rub my legs as the movement of your hips sent shivers up my spine. The moist pool of your juices was growing under us, but we didn’t care. I reached out and unclasped your bra, letting your perky breasts spill out.

Sitting up for a moment, I gave your nipple a gentle love bite and began to suck on it, reveling in your whimpers as you clasped your hands around my neck and ground your hips down onto my member. The air around us was hot and heavy, and as a bead of sweat rolled down your cheek you stripped off your shirt and threw your bra aside, leaving yourself topless in my arms.

As I flopped back on the bed, you lifted your skirt back up so I could watch you ride me. As your movements slowed, I slipped my hand between your legs and began to fondle your clit, drawing a series of sharp moans. You unzipped your skirt and pulled it off, and as I tilted my head up to admire the sight you leaned back and put your hands on my thighs.

The sight of my best friend wearing nothing but stockings and a smile while riding my cock sent me into a frenzy, and I thrust my hips up so that they crashed into yours on the way down, our bodies slapping together with a satisfyingly wet thud. You were gasping for air as you bounced kaçak bahis up and down on me, your tits bouncing everywhere and your pussy dripping all over me. We continued like this for what seemed like an hour, our bodies glistening with sweat as we ravished each other. As you began to tire, you put your hands back on my chest and leaned down, touching your forehead to mine and staring at me point blank.

“You’re so beautiful,” I whispered, gasping as you slid down on me again.

“I’m your slut. I belong to you,” you whispered back. I felt you lean down, wrap your arms around me with your face in the pillow. I grabbed your ass again and started thrusting up, pushing harder and harder into you as I listened to your muffled moans. Consumed by lust, I pushed you on your back and rolled with you, our bodies still enmeshed. Your hair splayed out everywhere on the pillow and the sheets creased as you struggled to grab onto something, anything.

You wrapped your legs around me, your ankles pressing against my torso, forcing me to grind against you to continue.

You grabbed my head, closed your eyes. Our lips met, a simple sweet kiss. My eyes opened and met yours. Your bangs bounced back every time I our bodies collided but your gaze was steady, your pupils drilling into my soul as my cock drilled into you.

“Oh please, please can I have your hot load in my pussy?” you whispered plaintively, your voice high and quavering. As you batted your eyelashes slowly, smiling up at me, I lost it. I clenched my teeth, trying hopelessly to silence myself, before letting out a guttural roar as I erupted inside you. My thrusts accelerated into a rapid, desperate pumping as my cock spurted streams of sperm into you. I could hear you go over the edge, screaming, digging your nails into my back, our eyes and arms locked together in a total embrace.

Your cries briefly faded into a whimper but as I ground myself further in you cried out again, your hips shaking in the throes of orgasm. I collapsed onto your writhing, spasming body, feeling your nipples hard against my chest and your pussy juices soaking my cock, mixing with my cum.

“I love you.” I gasped.

“I love you more,” you whispered back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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