A Good Student

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“Mr Thomas, please stay after class today. I wish to speak to you.”

The shy 18-year-old boy blushes under his teacher’s gaze before nodding his head in response towards his gorgeous teacher. Her long light brown hair stopped at her big, plum D cup breast. Her tight white t-shirt cling to it making the curves of her breast visible. The short, black pencil skirt that she wear showed off her long, smooth legs as well as her athletic hip.

As all the students leave the classroom in chatter, Ms Elena leaned against her desk crossing her legs as she stare at the handsome, young boy in front of her. Or should she say man.

Elena unconsciously licked her lips as her eyes trailed along the muscles that belonged to the arms of the boy. She shivers at the thought of those arms holding her tightly around her waist as he pounded into her. Imagining his hot skin against hers.

“Jake come closer.” She whispered to him while eyeing him down.

The boy nervously got up his seat and moved closer to Elena, stopping at a reasonable distance away from her. She felt a smirk appear on her face as she saw him take a quick glance at her legs before looking away in embarrassment.

“Closer, Jake.” She cooed making him even more nervous.

He moves closer to her just stopping inches away from her. She uncrosses her legs as she stares at the hot piece of meat in front of her. She lets a giggle slip as she sees his cheeks turning different shades of pink.

“Do you know why you are here? Jake?” She asked staring at his Adam’s apple as it blobs down.

“N-no ma’am.” He mumbled softly before looking at Elena’s cleavage.

How her breast moved up and down as Elena breathes. He can’t help but follow its movements with his eyes. Seeing her soft flesh bump into each other as if it was teasing him. He swallows nervously as he felt something stir in his pants.

Elena gets off her desk so that her breast were touching Jake’s hard chest. She resists the temptation to moan as she felt how hard and hot his chest was against hers. As much as she enjoyed it she moved around him, brushing her sides into his before stopping behind him.

“Would you like to know why you are here, Mr Thomas? Why I asked you to stay behind after class? Why you of all people?” She whispers into his ear causing him to shiver, much to her delight.

“U-um-m, Y-yes ma’am.” He stutter feeling her hot breathe against his neck.

Elena smiled before turning the boy around to face her. Jake gave a confused look, confused at what his teacher was doing before she pushed him against her desk. He fell hard upon her desk causing papers and pencils to tip over. The ends of his shirt lift up exposing his muscles underneath it causing Elena’s lust to grow.

He attempts to sit back up, only to be pushed back down by Elena. He felt her hands against his chest before sliding seductively down to the leather belt holding his pants. Her cold fingers latch onto it, softly tugging it, teasing him.

“Jake, you’re here to help me with something. Something very important.” She whispered standing in between his legs, pressing her hips to his.

“U-umm, M-Ms Elena, I-I don’t think w-what we are d-doing is-” She leans on top of his body.

“Shhh it’s alright, Jake. I just need your help that’s all. There’s nothing wrong with that.” She whispers into his ear before licking his earlobe.

“Uh, b-but M-Ms Elena-” He swallows hard unable to catch his voice as he felt her hot tongue slowly licking his ear.

“Shhh it’s ok.” She whispered while unbuttoning his shirt showing off his muscles.

Once the shirt was unbuttoned, she pulled it of him exposing him to her. She glides her hands along every bump of muscle causing his breath to hitch. Feeling his hot skin and tight muscles made Elena more excited and anxious.

Suddenly he manages to grab hold of both her wrists in his hands. They stopped there, staring into each other’s eyes, both panting. He was trying to catch his breath when Elena moved her head forward between their hands and licked his stomach.

“Ohhh…” He groans as he felt the tingles of her tongue lapping against his stomach.

Elena smirked as she felt his hold on her weaken. She quickly rips her hands out of his and grabs his hands while his unaware and pulls them towards her. She places each hand on her breasts. One of his hands unconsciously squeezes her breast.

“Uhh Jake! Do that again! Squeeze it! Feel how soft they are!” She begged as he stared at her face.

Confused he was but his hand started squeezing her breasts through her shirt. He felt how soft her breasts were and how easy it was to squeeze it. Elena continued to moan while Jake was mesmerized by how soft her breasts were.

While Jake was preoccupied, Elena started to unbuckle his belt. She pulled it away, dropping it where Jake’s shirt was. She unzips his pants before placing her hands on his chest as he played with her breast like his latest new obsession.

“Jake.” casino oyna Elena panted as she felt herself dripping.

“Mmmhmm?” He mumbled as he played with her breast.

“Jake…Undress me…Please.” She moans pressing more of her body against her.

Jake quickly sat up on the desk and ripped open her shirt sending the buttons flying. He licks his lips as he sees the black lace bra holding her precious gems. He reaches behind her and unhooks her bra. As the bra drops to the floor, her breast bounces out of their confinements. Displaying their riches to Jake.

Jake stares at her big areola that surrounded her erect red nipples. They stood out proudly for him, just for him. Jake starts to massage them again causing Elena to close her eyes in bliss.

“Jake… Please…” She moaned out.

Jake brings his mouth closer to her nipples. He catches her right nipple in his mouth and starts to suck on it. She gasps as he pulls and sucks on it. Massaging the other breast making sure that it wasn’t left unattended.

“Oh my god…Jake!…ohm” She moaned as Jake work his magic.

He switches to the left breast giving it the same treatment as the other one. He felt her hands on his knees as he sucks her. He brings one of his hands to the back of Elena and pushes her even closer to him making her feel his arousal causing her to moan even louder. His hand unzips her skirt causing it to fall and pool around her feet.

He felt his penis jerked inside his pants at the sight of her almost naked, only thing left was a black lace thong. He yanks the thong off her, tearing it in the process leaving her on full display for him. He groans at the site of her, remembering this image for the rest of his life.

“Kiss me.” Elena whispered to Jake with desperation.

Jake grabs Elena by the hips and pulls her to him. He smashes his lips against her, feeling the softness of her lips. She kisses back but not letting him any entry to the rest of her mouth. His hand creeps down her body and cups her pussy making her gasp.

Elena grabs hold of Jake wrist trying to stop him but his fingers continued to play with her. Teasing her by sliding his fingers around her pussy but not going inside. He takes the moment of surprise and slips his tongue into her mouth. Lapping his tongue with hers in an endless battle.

His fingers enter her causing her mind to focus on his fingers as it moves around in her pussy. He adds another finger causing her to blush and moan. He enjoyed her blush as he made scissor like motions trying to open her up.

“You’re tight, Elena. You’re so damn tight. I don’t know if you can even handle my dick.” He rasps out plunging another finger into her.

“OHHH JAKE! I CAN TAKE YOUR DICK! OH MY GOD!” She screamed in pleasure.

“Are you sure about that, Elena? Are you sure, you can handle this dick? Pounding endlessly into your tight pussy until you cum for me. Can you handle my big, fat dick? Can you?” He whispered smirking before plunging his entire hand into her pussy.

“YES JAKE! OHHHH…I…CAN…TAKE IT!” She screamed out closing her eyes.

He pounds his fingers in and out of her pussy rapidly. She wraps her arms around his neck as she gasp and moan. He smirked as he could feel her pussy all wet for him and soon for his dick. How her pussy was clenching around his fingers right now. He felt her starting to cum as she started moaning louder and louder but before she could cum he pulled his hand out.

“Nooo!! Please Jake! Please!” She begged biting her lip, as she wanted to burst.

“I think you have been a very bad girl. I don’t think you deserve to cum nor have this dick.” He whispered in her ear.

Elena felt her anger rose as she was rejected to cum. Elena pushes Jake down the table and pulls his pants right off him. Jake was at a state of confusion wondering what happened to his belt.

She wraps her hand around his clothed manhood causing Jake to groan. Jake tried to sit up but Elena refuse to give him the pleasure of doing so pushing him back down. She slips her hand around his boxers and pulls them down.

Jake’s dick stood at 7 and a half inches long with pre-cum leaking out from the head. Elena stares at it as it slowly slides down the side of his dick. She wraps her hand around his dick causing him to hiss in pleasure. She starts painfully, slowly pumping his dick up and down.

“Uhhh… Elena… Faster!” Jake groan out making her smirked.

“Hmmm I don’t think so Jake, after all you didn’t allow me to cum just now. What makes you so sure that I’m going to let you cum too?” Elena teased before licking from base to head.

“OHHHH…But…Elena…” He moaned closing his eyes shut in pain and pleasure.

Elena smiled down at Jake who had his head back and his penis standing tall for her. She continues to pump the base of his penis taunting him. She slowly takes small licks across the head of the penis. Licking all the pre-cum away.

“Elena…Please!” He begged staring slot oyna at her.

She stared back at him, slowly lowering her mouth onto his dick making his eyes roll back. She slowly puts his dick in her mouth, inch by inch, until the whole thing was in her mouth. She massaged his balls while going up and down his dick.

“OH MY GOD! ELENA! FASTER!” He groaned loudly.

She started going up and down his dick faster; bring him right on the edge before slowing down making him constantly on the edge of cumming. Elena enjoyed the face of pain that Jake wore on his face, as she didn’t let him cum.

“Let me cum… Elena…Please” He begged as he wanted to release really, really badly.

“No.” She smiled.

He shot up and grab her taking her by surprise making her giggle like a schoolgirl. He turned their position around so that she was on the edge of the desk, leg spread and he was in front of her. He grabs hold of his dick and slides it along her pussy.

“Uhhh Jake.” Elena moaned trying to touch him but he wouldn’t let her.

“You like that, Elena? You like this dick? You like my big, fat dick? You like how I make you feel?” He asked her, smirking at the site in front of him.

“YES! I LOVE YOUR DICK!” She screamed wanting him to fuck her already.

“You want me to fuck you? Fuck you really good? Pound into that tight pussy of yours until your filled with my cum? I bet the sound of that makes you really wet, doesn’t it? The thought of my dick in your pussy.” Jake rasped out with a deep husky voice sending shivers to Elena.


Jake smirked as he teased her a bit more with his dick before positioning himself to enter her hot pussy. Suddenly he remembered that this was his teacher he was about to fuck. That she was naked right in front of him and that he was going to fuck her.

“What’s wrong?” Elena asked him noticing that he stopped teasing her.

“T-this is wrong. I-I shouldn’t be doing this. Y-you shouldn’t be naked and so s-should I.” Jake stutter realising the almost mistake he was going to make.

“No! It’s not wrong, Jake. There’s nothing wrong, you are just helping me after all.” She said staring at him seductively.

He felt his dick jerked at the thought of pounding into her but it was wrong. He didn’t know what took over him. What would have controlled him to be like this? He stared at the naked Elena then to his clothes on the ground. Should he go? Or should he stay?

“Jake.” He turned his head back to Elena, feeling the strain of his dick.

“Just enter me once and you can go. I’m not going to force you.” She lied watching his facial expression.

“J-just once?” He asked down at her unsure.

“Just once.” She smiled at him.

He hesitantly looks at Elena and grabs her hips. He aligned his penis to her pussy. Her legs loosely wrapped around his waist holding him in place. He takes a breath before pushing into Elena’s pussy.

They both groan as he entered her. He closed his eyes feeling the intense pleasure from her hot, wet pussy. The warmth clamped around him like it didn’t want him to go. He gasps as he kept pushing into her. He head rolls back as he tries to remember the feeling of her pussy around his dick.

“OH MY GOD! ELENA! YOU’RE SO DAMN TIGHT!” He shouted as his dick started throbbing.

“YOUR DICK IS SO BIG, JAKE! OHHHH. I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME! FUCK ME SO HARD!” She screamed feeling the heat radiating from his dick.

Jake didn’t want this feeling to stop but he knew this was wrong and if he continued. There was definitely no way of stopping him from pounding into his teacher’s tight, hot pussy and making her, his. He starts trying to pull out of her pussy but her pussy cling onto his dick so tightly.

He felt even more pleasure as he slowly pulled his dick out of her pussy. He needed to stop this now before he got stuck. Before he could pull his dick completely out of his teacher’s pussy. Her legs wraps around his waist tightly pulling him forward.

Jake falls forward because of her causing him to push even deeper into her pussy. He groans as his dick is resent into this hot heaven. His head started spinning, as the pleasure was too strong for him to handle.

“Oh fuck me Jake. I know you want to. Fuck me. Fuck me really hard.” Elena whispered to her student sending him crazy.

Jake started slowly moving his dick in and out of her pussy making Elena moan in pleasure. He felt his dick being clamped down by her pussy and she moved her hips with him. He groans as he felt his balls hit her ass.

Elena wraps her arms around his neck, hugging him. She was making sure that he would not leave her and that even if he tried it was impossible. Elena started rotating her hips making Jake gasp.

“Fuck! Elena! You pussy is so damn tight. It’s gripping me so hard that I almost want to cum.” Jake groans as he wraps his arms around her waist. canlı casino siteleri

“Then fuck me, Jake! Take me! Make me yours!” Elena whispered knowing that he would.

Jake pulled out his whole dick from her pussy before pounding it back into her pussy making it go even deeper. Elena screams as he starts pounding. The sound of his balls hitting her ass made Elena even hornier.



He put her legs on his shoulder and grabs her hips. He slams into her going deeper in this position that he could feel more of her. Elena closes her eyes as her student give her the best sex she has ever had.

“FUCK!…YOU’RE…SOOO…DAMN…GOOOD” She swore as he pounded into her faster.

“YOU…LIKE…THAT?!… YOU…LIKE…THIS…DICK…ELENA!” He roared between his thrusting.

“YESSSS!!” She moaned out loud.

He smirked as he lifts her off her desk making her slide more of his dick into her pussy.

“Fuck!” He swore as he slammed her to the wall.

She moans as he sucks on her neck while pounding into her. He bites down on her shoulder causing her to scream as he made huge love bites all over her neck. He smirked to himself, as he knew these bites would last a whole week.

He felt her pussy start to clench on tightly to his dick. She was about to cum. Her pussy was milking his dick so hard that he was fighting so hard not to cum first. He concentrated on giving her more love bites. He starts sucking on the top of her breast making her rapidly reaching her peak.

“OHHMYGOD! I’M CUMMING!” She screamed clenching her pussy around Jake dick as she started to cum.

Jake started pounding harder into her making her scream as she climaxes around him. He closes his eyes trying to hold his cum from exploding inside of her. He didn’t want to cum just yet. He lifts her off the wall and bends her against her own desk.

“TEACHER! I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU SO HARD AND FAST!” He shouted before plunging into her again.

“JAKE!!” She shouted as she was being pounded from behind.

Jake grabs tightly onto her hips and slams his dick as hard as he could into her. He wanted her so badly and he was going to take her. She was his. He leans over her body and bites the back of her neck as if he was holding her down.


“I…LIKE.. BEING… POUNDED..BY…YOU!… I’M..YOURS…JAKE!..YOURS!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Jake smiles to himself before looking down at her ass and smacking it. The heat and pain from the slap made her clench her pussy around his dick. Squeezing it. She moaned as he keeps slapping her ass as he groans every time she clenches around him.

He lifts her again and places her on the cold floor. Elena mews as the cold surface make contact with her hot skin. He puts her into doggy style and pushes her back making her front on the floor and her ass high up in the air.

He aligns his dick and slams down making him hit her G-spot. She moans loudly as he does slow, painful thrusts instead of fast ones. She closes her eyes and clenches her fist from the deep penetration of his dick. This time he could really feel her cervix against his dick.

“Ohhhh…Jake…” Elena moans softly as if she was in heaven.

“Elena…” Jake said easing his way in and out.

“I want you to cum in me, Jake!” Elena said raising her ass even higher.

Jake started thrusting into her faster at her request. He wanted to cum, really badly and he was going to cum directly into her womb. He was going to cum in his teacher’s womb. He felt his dick start to throbbing at the thought.

“Faster!” Elena shouted.

Jake’s dick throbbed faster as he pounded roughly into her. He was going to cum. He hugs his arms around her waist pulling her even closer to him and his dick. Elena starts screaming in pleasure as she felt her second climax.

“I’M…GOING… TO..CUM!” Jake shouted as he felt his dick start to expand.

“CUM… JAKE! CUM… INSIDE.. YOUR… SLUT..OF..A…TEACHER!” Elena shouted as she climaxes.


Jake felt her pussy clench tightly around him as his penis expanded. Shots of cum come shooting out of Jake’s dick and into Elena’s hot pussy. Jake rolls his head back as he keeps cumming in his teacher, still making small thrusts. Elena squeals as she felt his hot seed enter her fertile womb.

After a while Jake stops cumming in her and pulls his now flaccid dick out of his teacher’s pussy. Elena felt the emptiness of her student’s dick from her pussy. She falls on the ground exhausted from all the fucking they did.

Jake rolls off her and lay next to her feeling his balls finally empty of semen. He definitely dumped all he had into his teacher’s beautiful pussy. He started stroking Elena’s hair as she lay on the floor next to him tired.

“As a shy boy, you sure know how to treat your teacher well.” Elena smirked before sending him a wink.

Jake blushes by his teacher’s bluntness.

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