A Guy Gets Tired of the Games Ch. 02

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Over the next week, Tina called me several times with questions but had not decided to cruise with me. She was still feeling me out. Her questions were not important, just an excuse to talk and see if I had turned into an ogre. I thought about our encounter at the restaurant often. She liked the ideas of sex in public and being watched. It frightened her and challenged her definition of herself.

I called her about ten a.m., “Tina, you have to give me your answer today. We are running out of time.”

“My mind is still swirling. I don’t know what to do.”

“I hope this does not drive you away, but let me be very specific. You know that I am going to show you off. You will have to masturbate for me and be more sexual than you have ever been. You will have to give and take more oral stimulation than you have in your life. If I find a limit, I will push it, but always for fun and pleasure. If you can let go, I think these will be three good memory filled, wild, eye-opening weeks. If you are too afraid to enjoy the trip, the unknowns and the sex, you should stay home.”

“Carl what you did to my body at the restaurant was the wildest thing I have ever experienced.”

“Will you answer me truthfully?”

She was very hesitant, “Yes, I think so.”

“Did you also enjoy knowing that you were in public and being watched? Did you enjoy walking out, displaying yourself to all the people in the restaurant? Did you like hearing that everyone liked watching you cum?”

“That’s one of the problems, I did enjoy that. I get wet just thinking about it.”

“Well, come sail away with me and let’s shock the world and have a great time. You can say “No” to things along the way.”

“Can we have dinner tonight? I’ll give you my answer then.”

“Be specific, where do you want to have dinner? What do you want to do? We have to be equal adults when we talk.”

“Carl, I’m still worried that I will disappoint you and ruin your trip.”

“Why don’t you come over to my house about seven. I’ll cook for us. We can talk and have an intimate evening together. Maybe if we talk some, you will understand that I am already sure that I want to be with you.”

“Just fix desert. I don’t need to talk. I need you to make love to me.”

“I will make love with you.”

Tina was prompt and very nervous. “Here pretty one, have a couple of glasses of wine with me. Talk to me; ask me anything; relax with me. Tell me why you are so afraid of me.”

After the first glass she started to open up, “You know what you are doing and I don’t.”

“Not true. Your body excites me. It knows what it likes and what to do, just don’t stop it. We will have to learn to please each other. There is no script or right or wrong. We’ll just fumble along, enjoying the moments.”

“You felt so big when I touched you.”

“I’m a little longer and broader than average, but that definitely will not be a problem.”

“I’m not sure…………”

“Enough of all this doubt. Bring the wine and come with me.” She followed me to my bedroom. She was a little shocked by the décor, the king size bed with metal posts on the corners and metal bars in the headboard and footboard and the erotic pictures.

“Do the pictures bother you?”

“The bondage ones are scary. Are you into that?”

“I’m into fantasies, ideas and pleasing you. Sometimes things go in unexpected directions, if we let them. I want what you want to give me.”

“Do you want me to undress?”

“Do you want to undress?”

“I want to undress you and see your body.”

I stepped out of my house slippers, stood before her barefooted and said, “Please, be my guest.”

Tina’s hands trembled as she pulled my polo shirt over my head. She sized up my chest, my arms, my belly button, neck, shoulders and waist. “That is quite an inspection. Do I meet any of your approvals?”

“Carl your body is much better than I thought ……………” She trailed off. “I didn’t mean that to sound….”

“Just tell me what you are thinking. I’m a big boy, I can take it.”

“No, I like your hairy chest. I thought your body would look older. Your nipples are standing up.”

“They usually do. Touch me if you want. Be a little rough if you want. I will not break.”

For several minutes, Tina touched me. Tentatively at first then more aggressively. She rubbed my body, pulled at my chest hair, kissed my arms and neck and then sucked on my nipples. “Lick, twist them a little, bite gently if you want.” She liked being given permission and she took full advantage of every license I gave her. canlı bahis When she twisted rather hard I recoiled.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“It was a little rough for now. Later when I’m turned on more, you can do many times that and I will welcome the abuse.”


“You are the same.”

“No, I like my breasts treated very gently.”

“I’ll remember that.”

I left her standing and lay back on the bed. “Strip for me Tina. Let me watch you. I want to watch you get nude for me.”

She started to say something negative. “Please, I want to see your body. Tease me with it. I know it is beautiful. I already want you. Torture me. Undress slowly and excite me.”

“Take your pants off and I will.”

I did as she asked and lay back down. My cock was only half hard and laying on my right thigh. The tip already glistened with precum.

“My ex was about five inches long and thin.”

“I’m about seven when hard and thick.”

“I want to taste you.”

“You are magnificent. I would like that. I’ve told you how oral I am, but you have not told me about you.”

“I haven’t wanted to be oral. But I want to give you something that I have not given to anyone before.”

That shocked me. She had just touched on the giving theme of a submissive. I pushed that out of my mind. I could not be that lucky. I had not been that lucky for thirty years. Still I tested the waters.

“You may taste my cock, but only for a minute. Then you must show me your body. Touch yourself. Push your fingers deep into your wet pussy and then let me taste them.”

Her body shuddered and she took a step toward the bed, sat down and took my cock in both hands. I had seen her shudder before, at the restaurant. I was trying to remember the circumstances while she pulled my partially soft shaft forcing out more slippery drops. She lowered her head and rubbed her mouth around in the slippery wetness and then pushed the head between her lips and sucked. I grew quickly. She pushed my cock to the back of her throat but did not gag. Three inches were still outside her nursing lips.

“I want to take all of you but I don’t think I can.”

“Put him in as deep as you can, then swallow and push at the same time.”

The dark haired darling followed instructions perfectly. Another inch of me slipped into her throat. It surprised her and made me moan in pleasure. Again and again, she repeated her movement. Taking a breath first and then taking an inch into her throat. I arched my hips off the bed extending all the length that I had. This time she pushed harder, she moaned in either pleasure or pain as her throat slid over my shaft to the very base. I felt her move her hand. She was touching her own neck, feeling how far I had penetrated.

“Tina, that is a fantastic feeling. I cannot take much of that. It is intense and tight.”

She lifted off me to breathe. Smiled, pleased with her success. Ever so slowly, she slid her throat over my cock again, sensing her power and how she was pleasing me.

I was struggling for control. I held her head gently to still her movements. Her throat was like a tight, well oiled fist twisting around my helmet.

“If I cum, you will not taste me. I will shoot directly down your throat and into your belly. Please, stop. I do not want to cum yet.”

Tina moaned and held my shaft tight in her hands as it emerged from her throat, stringing with saliva and precum. Her control of me had given her confidence.

“Watch me. I want to be naked for you. I want to do what you told me. I want to feed you my juices.”

She stripped watching the lust in my eyes grow. She teased me with her breasts. They were beautiful perfectly round small C-cups. The rigid nipples asked me to suck them but she pulled away before I could grab her or get my mouth on her. Her moves were not those of a practiced graceful pole dancer but they were of a desirable woman who would soon give herself to me. There could be no more beauty than that.

Her skirt disappeared and her light blue panties looked new. The crotch was wet.

“Did you buy those to wear for me tonight?”

“Yes, they are for you.”

“Take them off and give them to me.”

I took my treasure from her fingers and brought them to my nose and inhaled. Her eyes did not blink. I licked at the gusset and moaned. “Tina, bring me the real thing. Straddle my head and let me lick her.”

She faced the headboard, hesitated but then stepped across my face and lowered her neatly trimmed, wet, swollen lips to me. Her thin ass cheeks bahis siteleri were spread wide and I could not resist licking her tight pucker when I saw it. She froze only a moment. Opened for my wiggling tongue and then continued down. I kept my left hand over my head and my right along my body. I spread her pussy, exposing her hard clit with the fingers on my left hand. As she lowered herself, I slipped my right index finger into her to press on her g-spot. She gasped and I began to lick, kiss and suck at her protective lips. She was thrusting and groaning before I ever licked her clit. I just used my finger inside her and waited. A small climax rewarded my taste buds with a little trickle of the nectar that would soon flow more freely from her. I drank what she offered and started to gently suck her pearl. Her thrusts were long and hard. It took me a few tries not to be pushed away and lose contact with what I wanted. Her weight shifted and I looked up.

She had leaned forward and grabbed the headboard for leverage to grind her cunt into my face . Except for a stray moan or two she had been quiet. In a near whisper she said, “Yes, suck me.”

I pulled my face away from her for just a moment. “That’s it, Tina. Tell me what you want. Tell me loud and naughty. Let the neighbors hear.”

“Suck me. NO, harder. Suck my clit harder.”

I licked and sucked but waited for more instructions. I knew this was not all she wanted.

It did not take long for prim and proper, Tina, to show her colors. “Another finger. Fuck me. Harder, you son of a bitch. Fuck me, suck me, make me cum.” Within a minute she screamed like a cowboy, “Yieeeeeee!!!!” and flooded my face, my mouth, my hair and the pillow under my head. I drank what I could but it was spraying all about.

She slowed her movements. I think because she thought it was the right thing to do. She had so much more to experience.

“Slide down and put me inside of you.”

“It won’t fit.”

“Shut-up and do what you are told.” I expected a negative reaction to that, but I did not get one. She slid down leaving a wet trail through the hair on my chest, belly and above my cock. She had to put one foot on the bed to lift her hips to align my cock. When she lowered her knee back to the bed, more of me stretched into her than she expected. She expected pain. She sat very still; her hands and arms were still shaking from her climax.

“Push again, Tina.” She did not move. “Tina, push, take me into your belly. Give me your body.”

She thrust and all except an inch disappeared. I felt her fingers spread around her slit and my cock, measuring her progress. The tip of my dick nudged her cervix. She started to push again.

I held her hips tight. “Wait a moment. Your body will open for me. Wait, be very still, feel your cunt open and invite me in deeper. Deeper, so she can suck me and pull the cum out of my balls. Deeper, because she wants to taste my sperm and deeper, so she can fly.”

Tina liked the dirty talk. She had never heard such things but she wanted to experience it all. I could feel her body opening. She made tiny hip movements, searching for any pain. She wanted some pain. She thrust sooner than I thought she would and groaned as my cock tried to penetrate her inner cavity. Her cervix moved to one side licking along my helmet. I watched. It was like her first time. She learned to lift almost off my cock, slide down so the shaft raked across her clit and the tip of my cock punched at her g-spot. About every third thrust she would take me too deep and wince but she would do it again.

I lay back and watched her. In time, she remembered me, opened her eyes and looked questioningly at me.

“Grab hold, use my body. I want to watch you. Do what you want with me. Give my cock a good tour of your womb. Find every magic spot. Fuck me, Tina. Fuck me for your pleasure.”

She went wild. The show was wonderful. She was so wet, there was not enough friction for me to cum. But I really did not want to. I wanted to see what she would do.

Tina needed something to hold on to. The fingers on each of her hands closed over my nipples and grasped tightly. Her eyes rolled back so only the whites showed. Saliva oozed from the right corner of her mouth and strung down to my belly. She started to say, “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” in time with her thrusts. I saw her neck tighten first, her belly tighten second. Her fingernails dug painfully into the skin around my nipples. I did not move to help her or stop her.

“Do it Tina. Fuck me so hard you pull my cock off. Fly for me, Tina. Let bahis şirketleri your cunt suck the cum out of my balls. Take what you want.”

I felt pressure inside of her. It was a new feeling for me. The pressure built as her face contorted in the real pain of near release. Liquid began to flow out of her around my cock and she screamed loud enough to startle me and leave my ears ringing. She did not hear anything. She was ridding wildly, loosing coordination but unable to stop, still saying, “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.”

She went from one orgasm directly into another. Again she squirted around my cock as it pressed into her magic spot.

I was not prepared when she collapsed on me. Her body came crashing down. Our heads banged together. She was deathly still for about a minute. I pulled her hands out from between us, turned her head onto my shoulder, held her and waited.

With a major start, Tina, jumped in my arms, waking from her faint. I hugged her tightly. “You are alright pretty one. Rest with me. Enjoy.”

My cock was still throbbing inside of her but slowing because it was not being stimulated. I thought of how I would use her for my release. That kept me hard. There were so many options. In a few minutes, she said, “You did not cum.”

“No, my lovely, I did not. But I am going to take you and cum inside you. I will use you for my pleasure and you will freely give me your pussy and your body.”

“I want that. I want to feel you take me and feel you cum inside me.”

I rolled us over, spread her legs with mine and spread her arms wide to her sides on the big bed. I was holding my weight on my extended arms looking down at her. We only touched where my cock was buried in her belly. “Grab the sheet with your hands.” I watched her comply. “Your legs are bound to the foot of the bed. Try to move them.” She struggled, knowing I was right, they were bound. I pulled the tip of the sheet over her eyes, “You are blindfolded and cannot see. You are helpless.”

Tina tested her imaginary bindings. In her struggles her hips rolled from side to side and the base of my cock ground into her clit. She struggled again and whimpered.

“Give up little girl. You are helpless. I am going to have my way with you. I am going to fuck you for my pleasure.”

My words touched her; her hips tipped upward, sucking my cock in just a little farther. She had trained me well. I knew just how to pull out, drag my shaft across her clit, punish her g-spot and nudge at her cervix. I set up a steady rhythm. She struggled, pulled at her bindings and fought against her pleasure. It would not be right to enjoy such forced abuse too quickly. I thrust; I changed pace; I pounded, jarring her entire body off the bed. She resisted me.

“Yes, Tina, fight me. Even if you do, I’ll fill your belly with cum and have my way with you. You’ll feel my juices flowing down your legs for days.”

I lowered my body onto my elbows over her. Thrust harder, grinding into her clit and began to roll her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. With every five or so thrust I tightened my grip on her nipples and punished her clit even more with the base of my dick. She was hanging there hoping that I knew what she needed to cum one more time.

I pulled almost out of her, “Inhale, Tina.” She inhaled, I exhaled filling her lungs with my hot breath, I thrust harder than before and squeezed her nipples very hard. She screamed into my mouth and I continued to pound into her cunt. It had little to squirt this time but it was in full spasm – sucking, biting and chewing my cock. I let up on her nipples. She relaxed and I squeezed again. She screamed again.

It was my turn. I loudly announced, “I’m cuming; I’m filling your cunt up.” My body arched; I vaguely knew that I was still squeezing her nipples, as all the cum, all the blood, all the breath and all my soul pumped from my cock into her welcoming body.”

With my last few thrust I realized I was fucking a corpse; Tina had passed out again. It did not slow me down. I kept thrusting long after I had anything to pump into her and long after my cock was so sensitive that every thrust hurt wonderfully.

I too collapsed. All my weight pressing my momentarily dead lover into the wet pillow and sheets. With my last energy, I covered us with whatever I could grab. I have no idea how much time passed.

I awoke to Tina, kissing me and her tears dropping onto my face.

“Are you OK, Tina? Did I hurt you?”

“I’m sore but I am much better than OK. I understand now. I understand what my girlfriends said was so good. Thank you.”

“Shhhhh. Lay with me. Sleep with me. Decide if you are going to cruise with me.”

The last thing I remember was Tina stroking my dead cock and saying, “I’ll gladly go anywhere you want and do anything you ask.”

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