A Happy Ending

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I would like to start by clarifying that this account is NOT one of incest. It is an account of taboo in the nature of solicited sex at an Asian Massage Parlor. If you are interested, please enjoy ^_^

Also please note that this account is not real, as the acts of soliciting sex are illegal. And bad. Not fun stuff. And any names used are made up names. K? : )


Yesterday I did it. I went beyond the normal realm of my fears and inhibitions, unlocking my ancient primordial self of desire in ways I have only dreamt of for a long time. I will start at the beginning but I will tell you now, this tale has a happy ending.

It began in the morning, when my ex girlfriend whom I still feel greatly for texted me out of the blue and said she was staying 30 minutes from my house that night. Now I am not saying that this gave me hope of us hooking up or even of seeing each other, but just the thought of the possibility of seeing her made my heart stir in ways it hadn’t for over a week. I am usually a very avid fan of sexual release, but this past week I have been focusing on my spirituality instead of my sexuality.

Off topic: I am an avid student of tai chi chuan and decided to see where retaining my sexual energy for a week would bring me in terms of qi levels. This is getting off topic, but I will just say that the affects were substantial in understanding the pure yang.

Back on topic: I had been trying very hard not to become aroused, and when I would, I would try to transduce that energy into other aspects of my life. After feeling this deep awakening down in me, arising from a point lower than my dantien, like the myriad sea breathing warmth into my blood, I knew tonight had to be different. The hungry serpent which had slept inside of me hibernating since my younger years, was like fire rising up inside me.

For a long time I have had fantasies about Asian massage parlors and having fun with a beautiful Asian stranger. The idea of sex with a stranger and the legal taboo of this are probably two of the major draws for me, but I am also extremely into Asian women. I love their accents, their ageless youth, and their amazing bodies.

Quick informative on myself, I am 22 years old, white male, 6 ft tall. I am skinny but fit at 155 pounds. I do not have any problems in my love life, but choose partners carefully based on emotional connect.

For a while now I have been reading about massage parlors in my area which anonymous men have reviewed saying the fantasies, which I had longed for, could become reality. Out of the 5 or so places I reviewed, there was only one, which seemed to be a pretty constant success rate from the reviews, and so I knew that if I ever grew the kahones, I would visit that location. The only problem is that I am 22 and I have read reviews from this location saying that you will be turned away if you are not 23. Even tales 22 year olds being turned away were brought to my attention as I read everything I could find on the topic. This made me very weary due to the location being 45 minutes from my house. I would not want to waste an hour and a half to be blue balled.

Now when I say ‘my’ house, I would like to point out that I am living at home with my parents, and using my grandmother’s car for commuting to my new job as an engineer down the road. Talk about a success story..

So enough on the background of my thoughts, and back to my day.. It was a long day of solitude for me. I spent it texting my ex and trying to focus my sexual urgencies into my spiritual studies. For lunch I went to my local favorite Chinese restaurant alone and reflected on my life. My mind was still, but I could sense that my life was in dire needs of spice.

I drove around watching the leaves fall from the trees and ride the waves of wind. The colors reminded me of change and how such change is beautiful and can bring about new beginnings. The weather was cool but the wind was still warm, so I lowered the windows, put in a chew, and let nature take me.

On arriving home I just reflected until 730 or 8 oclock at which point I began drinking some fine craft brews and watching a hockey game with my parents. They were being very annoying with saying things to each other that no child would like to hear there parents saying. This made me disgruntled so I went on my computer in my room and drank more.

Sitting on my computer I found myself visiting the websites which reviewed the AMPs (asian massage parlors) and their stories and found myself wanting to let go and follow my gut, which just so happened to be controlled by my urges coming from my nether regions. Right then and there I made my resolve that tonight I would no longer hold back my urges, and I would let my now pulsing erection lead me on that dark and adventurous night.

I read that the location earlier mentioned stayed open until 2am, and so I knew I had some time to prepare. I went and got a shower, paying special attention güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to my privates, and applied a subtle amount of cologne. I waited for my parents to go to sleep, which ended up taking until 11:00pm. I waited to hear them stop rustling around in the bathroom and it was now 11:15pm. I had the number on my phone and I knew that once I pushed green, there would be no turning back.

Breathing heavily with my heart racing, I stared at my phone and let my carnal instincts take over, leaving behind my caution and subtleties. Ring went the line, and it continued to ring until a thick accented Asian woman’s voice answered giving the hours, the cards accepted (which I knew were not actually accepted), and the location. Damn I thought, they aren’t open. I called again, still the same situation, leading to voicemail. I took a deep breath and decided to commit.

I do not have the directional skills of a taxi driver with an atlas built into my memory banks. I have more the adventurous compass of Lewis and Clark, an adventurous compass over a real compass. So I knew I would need directions on a GPS. The only GPS was in my mother’s car, so I snuck into her purse and grabbed the keys, put on my shoes, and out the door I went, into the darkness that surrounded me like a satin curtain hiding the unknown from my senses.

I waited for a car to drive past to start the engine of my grandmother’s car, so to dampen the sound of activity in front of the house. My first stop was to the ATM. I withdrew 200 dollars, as I knew being a new customer, and young, I would want to have enough cash to make a good first impression. Next I began my pilgrimage to the holy land of fantasy, unknowing of what was to come, for the better, or the worse.

This night was particularly dark, and as I was driving in unfamiliar territories, this caused me to be very cautious driving (as I was also still fairly well under the influence of the alcohol I imbibed earlier). The streets seemed to lead me further and further from civilization onto dark country-esque road which seemed too close to the city to exist. Finally after 40 minutes of riding in the car with the radio playing songs which seemed to know exactly where I was heading (all the songs were about sex, funky grooves, and heading into the darkness ironically), the GPS said destination on right. I pulled in. It was dark, but I knew the parking was around back.

I pulled in around back and saw I was the only car there, but that there was a light on in the upstairs window. I took a deep breath in of courage and desire, and breathed out all worries and quarks that may have given me away in the following moments as someone not to allow in.

I opened the door and walked up the stairs to a door with a bell, which stated please ring bell. I also noticed there were stickers on the door saying this was a legal establishment and cop approved which I found humorous. As expected, a short older asian woman most likely the ‘mama-san’ answered the door. She smiled but then immediately asked my age. I calmly lied to her saying I was 23. She proceeded to probe by asking for ID. Now you would think this would make me lose hope because my ID would clearly state I was 22, but I just said “absolutely”, and handed her my ID. She looked at it for almost 30 seconds, looking back and forth from the ID to me, and then cautiously opened the door to allow me entrance into the palace of my dreams.

I tried to make some small talk with the mama-san to insure her that I was cool. I told her that I tried to call in advance, but that it went to voicemail. She smiled and said something mumbly about the phones and giggled. At this point I knew I was good. Walking in, I took the whole place in with one glance, the décor was a little out of date, but was very cozy. The smell was the first thing to hit me: mild incense, and the smell of perfume. Looking around I saw 7 or so small entrances to rooms, which had red velvet curtains draped over the entrances. The mama-san pulled a curtain back and told me to enter. She quickly proceeded to telling me that the house was 60. I made sure earlier on to have my 200 in a wad and not in my wallet, so I could pull it out and the mama-san could know I was for real.

I handed her the 60 and she left me alone, closing the curtain with a smile that seemed more sensual than your average elderly massage store lady would emit. I took a quick glance around; the room was small but not too small. There was a twin bed with cotton sheets, well maintained. A table next to it with towels, lotion, and a radio, which just so happened to have a commercial playing about who to call if you are arrested. There were many strange sign such as this on my journey, all of which I decided to ignore.

The mama-san did not specify what I was to do in this time frame but I figured I wasn’t planning on wimping out. I undressed completely naked and put 100 dollars on the night stand. I stood güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri there naked and waited for someone to enter, and WOW.. when she entered, it was no longer the elderly mama-san.

The woman who entered now was dressed in a small lacy pink nighty that showed off her small, but very nice cleavage. The bottom of the nighty just barely covered her remarkable ass. She was small and petit, like you would expect from an Asian woman, but she had some soft subtle curves as well. She had on makeup, but not so much that it looked like she was covering up age, or trying to hide her image. She was beautiful. Her hair was well styled, half up, half down, and she was bare footed. I am unsure of age, but I would guess late 20’s to very early 30’s. She smiled at me, taking a long hungry look at my semi erect penis as I stood in front of her proudly baring my all. She did not have fake breasts like most of the stories I have read, which made me quite happy. She took my hand and asked me if I would like shower. I said yes please, as I knew this would make my chances of play more likely later on.

She wrapped me in a towel, smiled to me and said this way please. I was nervous at this point, but not showing it on the outside. She held my hand as she walked me to the table shower room, which consisted of a red waterproof bed, and a large bucket of steaming water and a moving shower head. She took my towel off me and told me to lay face down. I did, and she proceeded to hose me with warm water. I told her how nice it felt and she giggled, and began rubbing me all over with soap. Now when I say all over, I mean all over. She played particular attention to my butt and my butt hole, which surprisingly felt quite nice. She rubbed my legs, and back, my arms, my ass especially, and then she hosed me back off. She whispered in my ear to turn over and I obeyed. At this point I had a full on erection which stood up off of my body. She took notice and smiled. She asked me where I was from and what I do. I told her calmly all of this, about where I lived and that I was a recent graduate working as an engineer, and made small talk saying I was car shopping yesterday. She asked what kind of car and I told her a BMW 3 series. Hook line sinker ^-^. We began chatting as she soaped up my front, rubbing my chest, and playing with my erection more than I expected at this point. I moved my hand to her legs, near the short entry between her thighs. She immediately moved my hand giggling and saying,”later, later”. That was perfectly fine with me. By her saying later, I knew I was going to be in for a good time.

I told her my name as she dumped buckets of warm water on me which felt lovely. I did this because I wanted to know this beautiful woman’s name for future reference. She said it was nice to meet me and said her name was Nicole (I think). She took my glasses off and washed my face and ears, then re-toweled me. She led me to another room all the while holding my hand and rubbing against my side.

I walked in and she told me to lay down and relax. It was the sauna room. The dry heat felt great, and helped relieve any residual stress I had at this point, which was not much at all. She left me alone and I perused the magazines they had to offer and laid down. She came back in and offered me mouthwash, which I accepted. She then led me back into my original room with the velvet red curtain.

She told me to lie down, smiling and giggling the whole time. I absolutely loved her personality and accent. Between the shower, sauna, and the residual affects of alcohol, I could have melted, but the deep carnal hunger inside of me was keeping me very much awake. I mentioned that I have trouble sleeping at night unless I get to relax and release my tension and she knew exactly what I meant. She looked at the nightstand and saw I laid out cash. She asked if it was for her and I said, “yes, that is your tip” with a smile. She dimmed the lights..

Once the lights were dimmed, she put the music at a more relaxing volume, and stripped naked for me, just like that. I did not have my glasses on, but I could see the amazing shape to her body, and that erectness of her nips. She was shaved smooth down there, and she had a full B cup, close to C’s. Her body moved rhythmically on its own, like the exotic creature I assumed she would be once she began rubbing me.

She climbed onto the bed and began rubbing my body with her remarkable tits, and her soft wet tongue. Her nipples were very erect, and not overly long, but just perfect as the brushed across my calves, my thighs, and my ass crack. She was extremely fond of my ass and hole with her tongue, which was a first for me, but definitely not a last. She licked my balls and ass and began grinding her pussy on my back. I was in heaven. It clicked right then and there, that I was actually doing all of this, and that the juice was so far, most definitely worth the squeeze. She whispered for me güvenilir bahis şirketleri to turn over, before there was even a hint of an actual massage, and began to lick my balls more and rub her breasts all over me. She pulled a condom out of god knows where, thin air it seemed, and applied it to my throbbing member with her mouth.

This was a special treat because I had never seen a woman do such a thing, and she did it with deft skill. She looked up, smiled and said yummy. My heart exploded that moment was so great. She squeezed and rubbed the nooks and crannies of my cock that I never even knew existed, all the while bobbing her mouth up and down. The skills she used was amazing. She started so gentle you couldn’t tell exactly what she was doing, but slowly built the tension and kindled my fire like she had a manual on my inner most workings.

She then climbed on top of me with a smile and without actually sitting on me, took me inside of her. She gently set her pussy down on the tip of my cock and I glided my way into her caverns below to begin my time exploring all of her. She rubbed her warm soft breasts in my face and licked my nipples, and I licked hers, and it got very passionate very quickly. We were both breathing heavily and following each other’s pushes and pulls. We were testing each others stamina and levels of arousal, and continually pushed each other further and further from what is considered a normal massage, and closer to the brink of ecstasy. Her pussy was astounding. Not only was it tight, but it was sucking my cock deeper and deeper, like she wanted everything I could give. She held my hands and continued to ride me hard, both of us writhing in pleasure until I blew my load in a very passionate moment between strangers no more. I know I was wearing a condom, but it was still nice to be able to release my pent up lust and desires into this amazing woman. She slowed down and sat on me, taking my full length inside of her and smiled. She leaned forward and cuddled me while I was still inside her glorious hole, and licked my nipples.

Slowly, very slowly, she dismounted, and took off my condom. The load was huge, which I expected as I hadn’t given myself the time for a week to release the urges that had built up. She left for a second and came back with a warm washcloth to clean me up. We continued making small talk and she told me that she would give me my massage now. I was ecstatically pleased in the most relaxed way a man could feel ecstatic. I would have been ok with just the show and then getting the boot, but she was still going to take the time to give me what I paid for.

For the rest of the remaining hour she told me that she would massage me, although she put her clothes back on. She used plenty of lotion and actually gave me a very good massage. I have read that most of these girls can’t actually give a massage worth a damn, but she was good! She massaged my whole body very well and even my feet which are usually ticklish. It felt amazing, and she massaged my ass more, which gave me another erection. I told her how much I enjoyed it and asked if she liked massages as well. When she said yes, I told her to trade me places and I would give her a massage. She was very grateful and took her top back off, leaving only some very tiny spandex shorts which presented her round lovely ass to me like a wrapped present.

I began applying lotion to her body, and rubbing it in with the deft massaging skills I have. I did not inform her, but I have some background in shiatsu massage, as well as a very good intuition of touch from my qi training. She was quickly elevated to moans and was writhing about as a rubbed her all over. I began applying the lotion with my erect cock to her pleasure and she began bucking her ass in the air. I took notice, and gave it special attention. I was a total tease. I would give attention to the areas right next to the sexual bits, like her upper thighs, and sides by her breasts, without actually touching them for a while. I rubbed her feet and rubbed my erection on those as well. I then slowly began to rub her hot mound and she moaned and breathed quite heavily. She told me I have great strong hands, and I told her she had a lovely body. I began rubbing her body with my body and licking her nipples, which to my enjoyment stiffened as she held my head closer and turned over. We cuddled for a while and she told me that she loved me (probably just something they have to say, but it was nice to hear). I feel that we both truly learned a lot from one another with our bodies, if not so much our words.

She nudged closer to me and began to whisper. She said, “I will not be working here long, but come back and ask for me.” She said a lot of the other girls working there will not give full service to men as young as me, but that she really enjoyed me. She also said, “We must keep this a secret, if anyone hears that we did this I will be fired”. She made me promise, which I did wholeheartedly. I know a lot of these girls are working there as illegal immigrants, and I am not one to take someone’s livelihood into my own hands. She had me promise to ask for her, and to come back. She also said that next time we can do more, which I am unsure what more is, but I am very interested in finding out.

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