A Hucow’s Tale Pt. 01

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Chapter One: Transformation


Jessica sat in the clinical looking waiting room, wondering how it was she had got there, and, indeed, if she should really go through with this. She knew there was no going back once she stepped through those double doors, but she had come this far. Maybe she had already reached the point of no return. She looked around the room, trying to avoid gazing at the double doors through which she would surely soon pass.

Jess had lived a good and privileged life. The daughter of a successful lawyer and well-to-do housewife, Jess had always had everything she needed in life, and more. In truth, she was a spoiled girl, an only child. But, as time wore on, Jess became increasingly dissatisfied with her dull life; she longed for something different, something exciting, but also a life where she wouldn’t be expected to actually do very much, or make many hard decisions. It was this longing which had brought Jess to the waiting room where she now sat.

After what seemed an age, the heavy double doors swung open and a middle-aged pale man, in an even paler lab coat, glided into the waiting room.

“Jessica, we are ready for you now, please come through.”

Jess can’t find any words to reply to the oddly ordinary-looking man, so she simply got up off her chair and followed him through the doors and into the hallway beyond. There were several doors along the walls of the hallway, and another set of double doors at the end, with the words ‘Laboratory’ above.

“Right, Jessica, before we can begin we will need you to remove all your clothes and personal belongings, these can all be placed in your locker. Once this is done, come and join me in office two, just along the hall.”

Jess still couldn’t find the words to reply. Was it because she was scared? Because she knew her human life was almost over? Jess really didn’t know why, but she simply followed his instructions. The first door on the left, pass the double doors she had just come through, had the sign ‘Locker Room’ above it. She pushed through the door and saw rows of lockers along both sides of the room with a two-meter wide bench running down the middle. When the man had given her the instructions, he had also given her a key with her locker number on it, 66. She now moved along the line and found her number, opening the locker, ready to fill it with all her possessions.

Jess removed her white Adidas shoes first, neatly placing them at the back of the locker; next, she pulled her little pale pink ankle socks off and placed them inside her shoes. At this point Jess hesitated, but only for a brief moment before undoing the buttons and zipper of her jeans and pulling them down and past her ankles, pulling them off completely, folding them and placing them in the locker. Next, she grabbed the bottom of her pale yellow crew-neck t-shirt, pulling it up and over her head. She now stood in the middle of the locker room in nothing but her D-cup black bra and matching lacy black panties. Her incredibly pale skin on full display, if someone just caught a quick glimpse of her, they would probably think she was a ghost. Her pale skin stood in bright contrast to her flame-red ginger hair, which fell almost down to her waist.

She had another pause, unsure whether she should continue stripping, or whether she should just put all her clothes back on and run like hell away from this place. After a couple of minutes of contemplation, and a quick look around the room to make sure there were no cameras, Jess reached behind her back, feeling the strap of her bra until her fingers reached the clip which held it in place. There was a soft ‘click’ as she unfastened the clip, and pulling the straps off her shoulders, she removed her bra, letting her perky D-cup breasts hang free. They were incredibly round with no sag whatsoever, barely moving at all when she removed the bra. Her bright red nibbles were hard and erect in the cold room – she had not realized just how cold it was until this moment. After one final brief pause of hesitation, Jess pulled her panties down to her ankles, and then, one leg at a time stepped out of them. Her pussy was pink and surrounded with neatly trimmed hair equally as flame-red as the hair on her head. The lights in the room exposed the moisture on her southernly lips. She now stood fully exposed in the middle of the empty locker room.

After placing all of her clothes and the belongings she had brought with her, her phone, wallet and golden wristwatch, in the locker, she exited the locker room and headed down the hall in search of office two. Jess was grateful the floor was carpeted, the air was cold enough to turn her nipples rock solid, she could only imagine how cold a metallic floor would have been. She quickly found office two, four doors down from the original double doors she had come through. She could see the pale man in the paler lab coat sitting behind a desk in the office through the window in the door. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri As she starred through at him, he looked up from his work, saw her standing on the other side of the door and beckoned her inside.

“I trust everything was in order in the locker room, and you have secured all of your belongings? They will be kept quite safe in the locker room for you, so do not worry about that.”

He spoke while pulling a big file from a draw in the side of the desk, slamming it down on the desk surface, in between himself and Jess, who had now taken a seat opposite him. He eyed her breasts, with an impressed look on his face – most new recruits don’t have breasts as good as those when they arrived, he thought to himself. While trying to maintain a professional look on his face, he could stop imagining how good it would feel to slide his cock between those beautiful breasts, squeezing them around his shaft. He couldn’t allow himself to think such things, however, he knew they were not allowed to touch the recruits. Although, who would know if they waited until they were sedated?

“Right, before we can get you into the lab there is just some final things to go through first. Just the usual stuff so no need to worry about anything. Before we start, can I just get you to sign this form.”

He handed her a sheet of paper from the top of the file. Jess could see the words ‘Human Cow Dairy Programme’ written in bold at the top of the form, with another line ‘Renunciation of all rights and privileges’ a bit further down, next to the spot she was meant to sign.

“What does this mean?” She asked cautiously. She knew what she was signing up to was for life, but the act of actually signing away all of her rights made her nervous nonetheless.

“By signing you will renounce any and all of your human rights. Obviously, once you become a human cow, they will no longer apply to you anyway, but for legal reasons, we need you to sign before the process can begin.”

Jess was nervous, and unsure if signing away her rights was the brightest idea, but she had come this far and was not going to turn back now. She signed the form and handed it back. The process of signing paperwork continued for a good 20 minutes, before the man stood up, walked to the door and beckoned for Jess to follow him, a sly glint in his eyes.

“Congratulations Jessica!” he exclaimed, “now we have got all that sorted its time to take you into the lab, where you will become a human cow.” They walked slowly along the hallway, with the man explaining some of the finer details as they strolled towards the double doors at the end below the sign ‘Laboratory’.

“The process takes about 12 hours to complete, but do not worry, you will be sedated. After the prep is done, the next thing you will know will be waking up as a human cow in a recovery pen in the storehouse bellow. After that, we give you a couple of days to recuperate before giving you to one of the weekly transports which will take you to the farm where you will live out the rest of your days.”

“How long will that be? The rest of my days I mean.” Jess asked, looking slightly nervous, again, at what the answer might be. She already knew cows didn’t live as long as humans and was certain ‘hucows’ wouldn’t either.

“Oh, I would not worry about that. Most live anywhere between 12 and 15 years, but by that time the concept of age will be pretty meaningless to you. You will welcome the end when it finally comes after many long years of providing a gallant service.”

His words did reassure Jess, somewhat. They reached the double doors just as the man had finished speaking and he pushed through them without breaking his stride. Inside there was what looked like an operating theatre ahead of them, but with more wires, tubes and other strange-looking pipes and machines, than Jess had ever seen. Along one wall was an array of different coloured substances in large glass containers, each with a scientific-looking label. On the other side of the room was a small medical office, where the doctor was sat next to a desk.

“Ah, hello!” His voice boomed, as he saw Jess and the other man entering the room, “you must be Jessica.”

“Yes, but I prefer Jess if you don’t mind.” She replied, slightly covering her pussy and breasts as she could see the doctor looking at them.

“It doesn’t really matter what you prefer, soon you’ll be nothing more than a dumb hucow, referred to only as a number.” His response chilled Jess’s spine, but she knew what she had signed up for. “As for trying to conceal yourself, darling I’ll be working on your body while you sleep, and once I’m finished, and you’re a hucow, you’ll never be concealed again, so why bother now?”

Jess shrugged and let her arms fall by her side, she knew he was right, but felt exposed and a bit shy nonetheless. She followed the doctor into the centre of the medical theatre and sat on the end of the operating bench in the middle as he instructed her. The doctor brought güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a wheely table with an assortment of tools and instruments on it up next to the table. Jess eyed them suspiciously.

“So, darling, are you ready? The first thing I’ll do is lay you down and restrain you. Then I’ll sedate you, before rubbing an ointment all over your body, particularly over your breasts. This ointment is important because it will stop your skin from hurting, stretching or tearing when your body grows to become a hucow. Some of the other changes include adding two more stomachs to you and altering most of you internals to become more cow-like. Your breasts will become udders and your nipples teets. Your pussy will also grow and your reproductive system will be adopted for breading hucows. Would you like me to go through all the changes, or just get on with it now?”

Jess grimaced, she knew this would hurt, but just hoped she would not remember the pain when she woke up tomorrow. She laid herself down and made herself comfortable on the bed.

“Let’s get this done.”


Chapter Two: Arrival at the Farm


Jess woke up the next morning with a strange pain in her stomach and breasts. The last thing she could remember was laying down on the operating table and the doctor giving her an injection of a thick white substance which she assumed was sedative. The light in the room was blinding, Jess had to blink her eyes furiously for a few minutes before the room began to take shape.

She was in a huge open warehouse, with the ceiling a good 20 meters above the ground she was laying on. Looking around her more closely she noticed she was in a pen, with one open side fenced off with a gate. The other three sides all had high walls, preventing her from seeing what was on either side of her pen. Through the one open side, she could see another pen directly opposite her, across the at least three-meter wide path in the middle, with more pens on either side of it. She did not know how many pens, or indeed, how many hucows were in the warehouse.

It was only then that Jess began to notice her body. She first noticed it when she made to stand up but found she could not get further than all fours. She tried without success to get up onto two feet for a few minutes, before resigning herself to crawling on all fours. She noticed her body felt heavy, and looking down she saw her udders for the first time. Where her D-cup, perky, and round breasts used to be, there were two huge udders, dangling down from her body, they must have at least been at least EE. At the end of each udder was a bright red teet sticking out, at least 5 cm long, and thick. She knew this is where her milk would be extracted from once she was on the farm.

She spent a couple of minutes craning her head around trying to get a good look at the rest of her new body. She could tell her hips were much, much wider and that her stomach had also grown. Her shoulders also felt further apart, and she had already realised she could no longer walk on two feet.

Aside from the physical changes, her head felt cloudy and rather empty. Jess realised all of her stress, nervousness and doubts were gone. She knew hucows were given drugs to dull their minds and make them more docile, but she hadn’t realised how fast they would work. She felt blissful already. All she needed now was to be taken to a farm.

She didn’t know how long she was in the pen before the pale man came to her pen. The passage of time seemed like a strange thing now. He opened the gate and entered her pen, sitting on a stool in one of the corners.

“I hope you are feeling okay. The transformation is usually clean, but some people do get reactions. We have need of one more human cow to fulfil an order from a farm which is a good client of ours. One of the ones we had prepared for them was not up to standard and we do not want to let them down. I had thought to give you to them. We usually like to give the new ones a few days before shipping them off, but this transport leaves today. Would this be okay with you?”

Jess’s heart leapt. She didn’t want to wait any longer before getting to the farm and starting her new life as a hucow. She tried to reply to the pale man to tell him she would love nothing more than to join the transport that day, but she could not speak. She merely opened her mouth but all that came out was a strange ‘mooing’ noise. The pale man laughed.

“Silly girl. We have removed your vocal cords. Cows do not speak do they girl, therefore, neither to human cows. The only sound you will be able to make now is mooing like a real cow.”

Strangely Jess didn’t seem to mind that. In any case, he had understood her response and called out to two men standing just out of view outside her pen. One of them entered the pen, holding a collar which he fixed around Jess’s neck, a lead, which he attached to the collar, and cattle prod, which he used güvenilir bahis şirketleri to prompt Jess to move and follow him. She was lead through the warehouse, only now seeing just how large it was. There must have been hundreds of waiting pens. She could also see, ahead of her, three loading bays, she assumed where hucows were loaded onto the transport trucks to be taken to the farms.

There was only one truck docked at the moment, but it was full of hucows with the same dull look in their eyes as Jess had. The man with the cattle prod ushered Jess up the ramp and into the holding pen on the back of the cattle truck, squeezed in with the rest of the hucows for transport. She was finally going to get to live on a farm as a hucow she jubilantly thought. Once Jess was secured on the truck, the two men lifted the ramp up and locked up the back of the truck, before going around the front and getting into the driver’s cabin.

Jess felt a slight tremor beneath her, and then a full rattle as the truck’s engine roared into life. There was a brief pause and then the truck jutted forward and began to move. It took a moment or two for the truck to clear the loading bay and move out into the open air. The cool air felt fresh and delightful on Jess’s bare body, her brand new udders bouncing and swinging below her in tune to the motion of the truck. Jess took in the scenery as they travelled, out of the industrial outskirts of the big city, out into the countryside, with nothing on the horizon but the green grass and blue sky, dotted with the occasional outline of a farm.

She didn’t know how long the truck had been travelling for when it pulled into the courtyard of the farm, juddering to a final stop, which awoke Jess from her nap. As she woke she felt the thump as the ramp was lowered again, and could hear the men shouting and ushering the hucows out of the truck, into the courtyard and then across to the processing barn. Jess didn’t know what to expect, but the drugs were having their effect and she couldn’t feel any nervousness or fear. In truth, she didn’t really feel anything. She did wonder what awaited her in the processing barn though.


Chapter Three: Processing


The hucows were split into two lines in the courtyard, some 20 of them, all on all fours, each line entering the processing barn through separate doors, one at a time. Jess was near the front of one of the lines, owing to her position at the back of the truck allowing her to get off quickly. Still, it felt as though she had to wait for an age before she reached the front of the queue. Once at the front, a feeling of excitement swept through her and she could feel a dampness between her legs.

Eventually, Jess was ushered into the barn. Once inside, she could see the path went all the way through the barn and exited at the other end. All along the path were booths, and she could see hucows exiting some of them and walking along to the other exit. She was guided into a booth about halfway along the barn. Once inside, she was restrained to a metal frame, with her legs slightly parted and head pushed back, exposing her neck. The farmhand stood next to her, ruffled her ginger hair and slapped her ass before picking up a razor from the metal table next to the back wall.

“Another dumb slab of hucow meat”, he said greedily as he flicked the razor on and began shaving Jess’s flame-red ginger hair.

She thought she should have felt horrified as he shaved her head bald, but she didn’t feel anything aside from impatient to get the processing done with. Once her head was completely bald, he put down the razor, picking up what looked like a staple gun instead. He held the gun to her nose, and with a loud metallic clicking pierced her nose with a large circular ring. Next up he used the gun again, this time on her ear, attaching a tag with a barcode on it.

“This tag and barcode contain all of your information cow. It tells us your number, physical details and how much milk you are producing, as well as whether you’ve been bred or not.” The farmhand explained as he laid the staple gun back down.

What he picked up this time did frighten Jess, like nothing else since she had been sitting in the waiting room. He walked from in front of her face round to her rear, clutching a branding iron, with the end glowing red hot. The restraints prevented her from moving and all she could do was ‘moo’ loudly. Before she could even try and do anything else, a searing pain filled her body, coming from her rear. The farmhand held the branding iron firmly against her skin for a good 5 minutes, ensuring the brand would come out clear and permanent. When he removed it, the brand of that particular farm shone bright red on her left buttock.

Tears had filled Jess’s eyes, but she now felt the farmhand removing her restraints and comforted herself knowing the ordeal was over. She was now a fully processed hucow, ready to start her life on the farm! The farmhand led her out of the booth and down the rest of the length of the barn, out into a sunny field. She could see another barn directly opposite, and a much bigger barn to the left, while the right just opened up into more field. Just as she was wondering what the two barns were, the farmhand began speaking.

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