A Luxury Get Together

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Setting: A five star hotel, the penthouse suite, balcony view of an entire city, the sun setting at the horizon, the red light of the sky bathing the luxurious suite in dimmed light. The bathtub is filled topped by a lavish lather of foam, with a window viewing outdoors to the sunset, the king sized bed in the bedroom with satin sheets and the living room with soft carpeting and strawberries and champagne to enjoy.

We arrive in a limousine at the front door of the hotel after a romantic night at the theatre. Our moods cheery and our feelings exposed, we kissed on the ride back. I step out of the limo and extend my hand to help you out; you adjust your beautiful sparkling spaghetti string dress and walk towards the door with your arm tucked under mine. We pass the reception desk, greeted by the concierge, the chandeliers casting a golden light on the antiques throughout the lobby, the bell to the elevator rings, we step on board.

You do little to contain yourself and end up pushing me into a corner, where you passionately kiss me while unbuttoning the shirt to my tuxedo, my tie flipped to my back, you?ve gotten three buttons from the middle undone and you start kissing my bare chest, licking around my muscle definition and rubbing my sides. I put my hands on your bare shoulders as your straps have fallen down your arms, I rub them, and lean my head back, breathing heavily as your take my nipple in your mouth, you hand makes its way down the front of my dress pants and you find I have no boxers on, and you rub my hardening cock. The bell to the elevator rings again, we have arrived to our suite, we walk in the hall to the only door of the floor, I swipe my keycard in the slot as you are holding me around my waist. The door opens.

We enter our suite, the warm breeze flowing through the rooms as the doors to the balcony are open, I turn on the gas fireplace, we sit down in front of it on the couch. You straddle me, facing me, you put your hands on my cheeks and lean in to kiss me, passionate is our embrace. My hands roaming about your body, rubbing your back, and occasionally squeezing your butt. Your dress hiking up your legs, your black thong rubbing against my legs. Our tongues play together, our lips sealed to each other.

You break the embrace and lean back, shrugging your arms from the dress. I pull the thin straps of your dress down, your breasts pop out, your nipples already erect by the now cooling breeze. You cup one of your breast in your hand and put your other hand behind my head, and draw me in closer, I lick your nipple in circles, taking it into my mouth your hand pushing me against your breast pressing it into your body, you lean your head back and moan, pulling my hair ever so slightly.

I put my hands on your butt and draw you in closer, you let out a giggle, your breasts pushing against my chest, I kiss your lips, then cheeks, my lips trail to your jawbone and ultimately arrive on your neck, where I kiss, lick and nibble your neck softly making you shiver, I can feel your wetness starting to grow, I gently bite your neck. My hands are on your back rubbing and caressing you, your dress sliding lower and lower down your body, resting on your lap, your whole torso is now exposed to me, I feel your bare back with my hands and caress you, running my nails up and down while kissing your neck.

You push me back, and look at me with bedroom eyes, you unbutton my shirt completely un-tucking it from my pants, you kiss my chest, laying your hands there wrapping your lips around my nipple, twirling your tongue around it. You undo my tie and slide it from me, continuing to rub my chest, I can feel my erection starting to grow, you can feel it too, pushing against your wetness. You pull take my shirt off of me, and dig your nails into my sides and bite into my neck at the same time, sucking it violently and kissing it at the same time, you continue rubbing my sides with your nails, and you start kissing my canlı bahis neck softly. My hands are on your thighs making your dress slide up further up, the feel of your smooth legs and your deep kissing makes my eyes roll back and my body shiver. I tell you what a great lover you are. You continue kissing my neck, trailing your lips up to min again, to deeply and passionately kiss me once again, our lips locked together.

You break our kiss and get up, your dress instantly falls to the ground puddling at your feet, you are standing in front of me in just a thong, the sunlight from the sunset, casting light on your body creating shading, making you look so sexy. Your hair cascading over your shoulders, you come forward and rest yourself on your knees, you look at me with devilish eyes, and put your hands on my belt buckle, you start undoing it, you undo my pants and zipper, my bulging cock staring at you, you lean down and kiss it.

You back up and look behind you on the coffee table, you reach for a strawberry and you place it on my head, you wrap your lips around the tip of the strawberry and the head of my dick and bite gently through the strawberry, releasing the sweet flavor onto your tongue, my cock giving you a little pre-cum, the mixed flavors delight you. You finish the strawberry and let me back into your mouth, you start sucking and bobbing your head up and down. Your lips on my shaft make me moan and push my head back in the couch, I weave my fingers in your hair and close my eyes, following your motions with my arms. On of your hands playing with my balls and your other one working on your clit through the fabric of your panties. You stop, raise to your feet and sit on my lap your back towards me, you grind your hips into mine my cock rubbing against your thong. My hands on your hips, my eyes looking at your ass circle around my cock. You turn back to look at me.

You get up, and sexily walk over to the bathroom, where the bathtub is awaiting us. You dip your finger in the water to see if its at the right temperature, I walk over to the door, losing my shirt on the way, leaning on the door frame at the entrance of the bathroom with two glasses of champagne in my hands, the sun is almost gone, I turn on the lights, dimmed very low.

I walk over to you. You peel off your thong slowly dragging it along your legs, bending down without bending your knees, your beautiful butt towards me, I move in, and you slowly get in the water, we immerse in the tub, the foam at the surface overflowing to the floor. I set the glasses at the edge of the tub, in a puddle of bubbles. I come to you and we start kissing, passionately again. I roam my hands all over your body, your hands all over mine, I feel one of them heading for my cock, running across my tummy, I kiss you more, and break if off trailing to your neck, kissing you there and licking you, your hair dipped in the water I pull you onto me, you float onto my lap and rest there, your arms around my head, resting on my shoulders. I burry my face into your chest, your breasts rubbing against my cheek, I take your nipple into me, my hands holding your firmly on your back, my tongue circling around it, my teeth gently biting it and pulling it away from your chest, you moan. Your hand under water finds my erect penis, and you adjust it at the entrance of your pussy, and you let yourself down onto it, gently, my cock disappearing into your soft wetness inch by inch. You lean your head back dipping more of your hair into the water you let out a soft moan.

I dig my face against your other breast, taking it into my mouth like I did to the other, licking it in circles and gently biting it and tugging on it. You start moving up and down on my cock, breathing heavily and moaning as you enjoy me inside of you, spreading your lips stretching them. You rock your hips in circles, squeezing your breasts between your arms, pushing them forwards into my face smothering me with them. I like bahis siteleri and bite them gently. Trailing my tongue from nipple to nipple, I feel your pussy clenching my cock, I moan of pleasure. You kiss me putting your hands on my cheeks, ravaging my lips with yours, my moan muffled by your lips, you rock your hips harder, making the water splash out of the tub, you pound your hips down on mine, I can fell your pussy tightening around me, you are about to orgasm, you rock your hips some more, plopping up and down you start shivering, your hands on my chest you feel so sexy with me watching you cum, you start cumming, long and hard, your pussy muscles tightening and releasing on my cock, you shiver and wrap your arms around me, and hold me.

You dismount me, and get out of the bath, you wrap a towel around you and run like a little kid to the bed jumping on it, you get on all fours and look in my direction as I am getting out of the bathtub. You look very foxy. I quickly dry myself off, my prick hanging there, you tell me to come there. I approach the bed and you take my cock in your mouth and start sucking on it licking it up and down playing with the head, biting it ever so gently. You put your hands on my ass and pull my hips in, deep throating every inch of my shaft, you keep it there then back up, you play with my pre-cum in your mouth, a string of it hanging between your lips and the head as you look into my eyes with those puppy eyes I love. You take me back in your mouth, moaning as my cock pushes down your throat. Your hands rubbing my side. You back up and giggle, you roll on your back and spread your legs, your towel long gone from your body. I get on the bed my dick glistening with your saliva, you put a finger on your clit and another one in your mouth, you look at me playfully.

I start kissing your toes, kissing each one bit by bit, occasionally taking it into my mouth, I lick the bottom of your foot you scream out of ticklishness, holding your heel in my hand, I start kissing up your calve. Your knee passes under my lips and my expert tongue, you rub your clit feverishly, I kiss your thigh, inching my way up to your nice pussy, I can start smelling your sweet juices.

I get to destination, your lips are parted by your fingers, I start kissing around your lips, licking up and down, then across, each time tasting your sweetness, I put my lips against your clit, you shriek, I lick around it in circles, ever so tasting you, one of my hand is rubbing your smooth thigh, my other hand is finding your hole, I start pushing my finger forward into you, you moan loud, sucking on your finger in your mouth, I start pumping that finger in and out of you, you wiggle around, the hand that was on your thigh wraps around it with my arm, and I hold you in place, I suck on your clit hard, while continuing to pump you, you moan deeper and deeper every time my finger hits your uterus, I wiggle my finger, grinding it in circular motion in you. I add another finger into you, you moan even deeper, as I start pushing them into you, I continue on your clit, and pump my fingers as well, faster and faster, my remaining fingers slapping against your ass cheeks, my other hand kneading your thigh, stimulating your sensory sense. You feel an orgasm about to culminate, your body is sent into shivering convulsions as your pussy holds on tight to my fingers pumping in and out of you, you are so wet your juices are everywhere over your pussy I can taste them in my mouth, your orgasm releases more wetness all over my hand, I keep pumping until you are satisfied and withdraw my fingers and suck your juices off of them while looking into your eyes.

You get on your knees breathing heavily you lift your butt in the air, I get behind you and start licking your pussy from behind, inserting my tongue, making you moan, your hands grabbing the satin sheets, your hips rocking, I put my hands on them and pull you into my face. My nose flirting with your bahis şirketleri asshole, I lick you with my tongue up and down, around your lips, I kiss between your ass cheeks along your crack, licking on either side. My tongue crossing your asshole at times, I stop there licking it in circles, kissing it too, I push my tongue against it, you moan, muffling your screams in a pillow, I like around it, introducing some of your juices in the area, I put a finger in your pussy, stroke it in and out a couple of times, then withdraw it, I push it forward in your ass a little you moan and tighten your grip on the sheets, I start pumping a little of it in at a time. While kissing your cheek. I put two fingers into your pussy and push them in and pull them out at the same time.

I kneel behind you and adjust my cock at your pussy, where I start pushing in and out of you holding your hips and pulling you onto me, you keep pushing back as well, your hand is working on your clit your face still in the pillow muffling your moans. You cannot breathe, and throw the pillow off the bed, your screams are now loud, my shaft pumping in and out of your pussy my hands on your hips holding you in place and shoving myself deep inside of you, resulting in your moans, my balls smacking your hand on your clit, you are moaning harder and harder, you look back at me and tell me that you want to ride me.

I withdraw and lay on my back, you straddle me, and start kissing my chest, taking my nipples in your mouth sucking on one gently licking it in circles, my hands weaved in your hair, your pussy rubbing up and down my shaft. You reach behind and adjust my head to your opening and you start pushing yourself down onto me, letting me into you inch by inch, I feel your wetness easing the penetration, you start rocking your hips, as you sit up on me, I reach up and place my hands on your breasts, kneading and pulling them apart, pushing them together. You lean your head back your damp hair shaking at your back and shoulders, you keep going up and down and swaying your hips side to side. You lean down pressing your breasts against my chest, kissing my neck biting it even. I start pushing into you, my hips moving up and down while yours are still, the penetration increases speed, my cock parting your lips wide, you take me into you, moaning and screaming, my balls slapping your ass, I put my hands on your ass to stabilize myself, I pump faster, pistonning in and out of you, making you scream, I moan in your neck, your beautiful hair cascaded on my chest, I ram myself deeper and deeper into you, you lean your head to me and start kissing me passionately licking my lips you rock your hips on me, moaning in my mouth, you tell me you are about to cum, I keep pumping you and you start cumming, your pussy milking my pre-cum. You kiss me and get off of me.

You turn around and start sucking my cock, you?re on your knees your eyes looking at me, you play with my balls in your hand, and knead them, you look deeply into my eyes, you moan on my shaft as you move your lips up and down. You put your other hand on my ass and deep throat me. You tell me you want me to explode. I take control of my shaft, you crawl onto your back while playing with your breasts. I start jacking my cock up and down you put your breasts together and look at me while biting your bottom lip, you are moaning and touching yourself. You tell me to cum, looking into my eyes. I feel my sperm rush from my balls into my shaft. My hand jerking my cock, my cum building up, I feel weak, I start moaning deeper and deeper, as my thick white cum starts releasing itself from my dick, my first spurt hits your breasts, I can feel more coming and they do, releasing myself all over your chest and your tummy. You put your fingers in the little puddles and scoop them up feeding them to yourself. My limpening cock in my hands I look at you and lean down to kiss you, I moan while kissing you, you put your hand on my package and squeeze my empty balls. I lay next to you.

Putting my arm around you, you snuggle up to me and we hug and kiss. I hold you? you fall asleep as we slip under the cover. I kiss your forehead as you sleep


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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