A Morning Wake-Up Call

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The world was dark and eerily silent. All around her rose massive buildings of stark grey steel, stone, and glass. There were no lights, there was no sound. The usual bustle of the city, the cars, the people, the birds, even the wind had no place here. It was as if they never were here, as if they had never existed. In spite of the stark and hard world around her, the roads beneath her bare feet, and the lowest floors of the buildings were…soft…somehow. As if the streets beneath her feet were paved with black silk instead of asphalt, and the first floor of every skyscraper was shrouded in black velvet.

She walked slowly, gingerly, almost afraid to break the silence around her, even with the sounds of her movement. As she walked around, looking for some sign of life, some flicker of light, some trace of sound, she noticed that even the swish of the silk dress that she was wearing, and the sound of her bare feet on the street seemed muted, and the street itself was soft and silky, rather than hard. As she walked around, trying to understand where she was, and get her bearings in this world, she noticed that while sound seemed muted, almost dead, in this stark, empty world, physical sensation seemed heightened. Just the light brush of the silk against her otherwise bare nipples as she moved was enough to bring her nipples to full attention, as if she were very cold, or highly aroused, and it wasn’t cold here, nor was there anything truly arousing about anything in this world. As she walked some more, still seeking any sign of light, sound, warmth, or life in this world, she felt the familiar warmth and wetness of her arousal building as the silk of her dress swished against her bare thighs. For a moment, she swore that the front of the dress had been pulled away in a manner that didn’t fit with her movements, but that thought was quickly dismissed as her arousal built, and she felt her legs spread wide on their own, and before she could register what was happening, or how it happened, she found herself on her back, legs spread wide, every inch of her body on fire with arousal from the feel of the silk enveloping her, moaning in pleasure. Unable to take any more of this, she released the scream that had been building up within her, a loud, unbridled, primal scream of lustful pleasure that knew no bounds in even this strange, silent world, and was enough, by itself, to change the stark, bleak grays and blacks of the world around her to a sea of pure white, rough and uneven though it was, with a touch of deep blue at the edges as her eyes came open. She tried to make sense of the rough, uneven white, and the smooth blue for a moment, before she once again became lost in another scream, and another wave of pleasure from between her thighs.

For several long minutes, the world was nothing but silk and white and pleasure and screaming, as one orgasm after another coursed through her body. She was vaguely aware of his tongue, of the silk she was wrapped in too tightly to move her arms, the feeling of his hands over every part of her body he could reach, as he rubbed the silk against her otherwise bare skin, of the light pinching sensation on her nipples and running down Zonguldak Escort her sides, and the feeling of the soaked sheets beneath her that told her that at least one of the many orgasms had been enough to make her squirt hard enough to soak the sheets, but at the moment, her head was still fuzzy and disconnected, and everything but the pleasurable sensation between her legs was only a vague sensation, like it was happening miles away, or happening to someone else. She felt him switch tactics time and again, as he went from licking her pussy to sucking on her clit, and would occasionally add his fingers into the mix as she kept moaning and screaming. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity in which the world was blue and white and silk and bliss and pleasure, the pleasure began to subside, and she saw him crawl out from beneath the sheet.

He sat up, grinning, cocked his head to the left, then to the right, crawled up over the sheet, rubbing his own body up over the silk between them as he did, and kissed her, lightly at first, but deeper and more intensely as the kiss lengthened. She could smell her own scent all over him, and taste herself on his lips and his tongue with each kiss. The scent and taste, coupled with the mild pain and light pinching sensations on her nipples, the underside of her breasts, down her sides, and on the inside of her thighs kept her excited, aroused, and ready for more, when, to her disappointment, he broke off the kiss, and pulled away.

He sat up, twisting his neck from left to right, once, twice, three times, in a passable imitation of Stevie Wonder. She watched him rise from the bed, shaking out the stiffness in his neck, fingers, and legs as he moved. Only his cock remained aroused and rigid as he pulled himself to a standing position at the end of the bed. Slowly coming down from the pleasurable fog she was in, and awakening to the world, she realized that he had used the lightest, gentlest clips he had to secure the silk sheet to her nipples, the underside of her breasts, down her body, and on to her thighs, and had used stronger clips to secure the sheet to the bed itself, restricting her movement, while keeping the silk in constant contact with her skin. He climbed back on to the bed, rubbing his body against the silk that separated them, rubbing the sheet against her body with every motion, and moved down her body slowly, removing the clamps on her nipples and breasts, pulling the sheet away as he did, pausing to suck and lick gently on one, then the other. Then he removed the clamps on the underside of her breasts. As he pulled back the sheet, he paused to run his eyes, and then his fingers, along the marks and bruises left by last night’s punishment. As he did this, she grinned a little at the memory, and reminded herself of Rule
, which she had broken the night before. He slid down her body, slowly removing clips from her sides and the bed as he did, and pulling the sheet back as he went. As he removed the last clips, the ones on her thighs, and removed the sheet entirely, leaving every inch of her body naked and exposed to him, he again stopped, inspecting the marks on her thighs, running Zonguldak Escort Bayan his fingers over them, poking the occasional tender spot, just as he had done with her breasts. Again, Rule
ran through her mind as he toyed with the marks left by last night’s punishment.

As he stood once more, at the end of the bed, admiring her naked body, her eyes were drawn to his still erect penis, and she found herself, once again, marveling at his discipline. By now, most men would have taken her, claimed her, used her tight, wet, willing pussy, or her mouth, or her ass, as his personal fuck toy, filled her with his cum, and that rigid cock of his would be softening and satisfied. And though every inch of her body was his for the taking, whenever he chose, wherever he wished, he restrained himself from taking her. That usually meant he had something in mind, but at the moment, her half-awake, pleasure-fogged brain could not figure out what.

“Come.” He said, in a voice that was half growl, half teasing enticement, while beckoning to her with two fingers. She stood and followed, walking like a newborn deer, her legs still quivering, unsteady and unwilling to fully support her weight. She followed him down the hall and into the bathroom, where he started the shower, tested the water, and, with an “after you.” gesture, indicated that she should step inside.

She got into the shower, letting the warm water cascade down her back for a few moments with her eyes closed. He heard him close the door to the shower, and felt his presence next to her. As the water poured down her body, she felt his hands in her hair, pushing lightly at first, and getting a bit more forceful, guiding her down to her knees.

Keeping his hands in her hair, he thrust forward, forcing her to take every inch of his hard cock into her mouth. He buried himself to the hilt in her mouth, making her fight to control her gag reflex, and struggle to breathe and take his full length into her mouth at the same time. He kept his hands in her hair, moving them to the back of her head, holding her in place, savoring the feel of her warm, wet mouth, watching, listening, and feeling everything, enjoying the moment, grinning with pleasure as she fought with her gag reflex, and fought to breathe as he pushed on the back of her head, refusing to let her up, or let her pull away. After a few moments, he pulled back a little, just enough to allow her to breathe, then thrust forward again. Keeping his hands in her hair, he began to move his hands and his hips in concert, fucking her mouth with slow, deliberate, deep thrusts.

She took every thrust willingly, loving every second, and was eager for him to thrust harder, faster, and deeper, to really take what was his, to use her willing body for whatever pleasure he wanted to take from it. These slow, measured, disciplined thrusts were done to tease her, and make her crave him even more, and be more eager and willing to be used, to be his willing toy when his animal lust took over, and he took her and used her hard, fast, and rough, the way he knew she liked it.

“Does daddy’s little girl need a good face fucking?” Escort Zonguldak he asked, still teasing her with slow, measured, deep thrusts.

“Mm-hmm.” She managed to mumble an affirmative response around his cock between thrusts.

“Is daddy’s little girl a good little oral slut?” he said, thrusting himself into her mouth faster, harder and deeper on each of last four words.

“Mm-hmm.” She again managed an affirmative response, though the end of it was cut off by another deep thrust, as she fought not to gag on the combination of her response and his thrusting, which was getting harder and faster now.

“Does my little girl love having her sweet, delicious little mouth fucked?” he asked, this time with the harder, deeper thrusts coming on the last five words.

“Mmmm.” she moaned, but any further response was cut off by another deep thrust, and him holding the back of her head in place while she struggled to breathe once again.

“You love being my good little slut, my little toy. You love it when I take you. You love to make me cum.” He thrust deep and fast with every word now, abandoning the measured, disciplined strokes of before, as he truly fucked her mouth, hard, fast and deep, thrusting in and out, his hands and hips working in concert, as he forced his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth with wild, undisciplined abandon.

“My little slut wants me to cum, doesn’t she?” he said. “Yes…that’s a good little girl, make daddy cum.” And with a deep primal moan, he let loose a load of cum down her throat, thrusting deep into her mouth, making her fight to swallow as he kept thrusting hard and fast. After a few moments, he removed his now softening cock from her mouth, and taking her chin in his hand, guided her back to her feet.

Then he took a cloth, and slowly began to wash her body, getting a good look at the marks on her breasts, thighs and ass from the prior night’s punishment, and taking a fair amount of time to tease her as he cleaned her, kissing and rubbing her neck, playing with her breasts, pinching her nipples, and taking a lot of time to admire, clean, and play with the marks he had left on her body the night before. When it was clear that all his teasing had her to the point where she was past simple arousal, and was almost begging to be taken once again, he reached around her, turned off the hot water, and let the now icy water cool her off. She let out a shriek of shock when the icy water hit her, then shut off the shower entirely.

“We can play more later” he grinned, as the shock of the cold water faded. But if we don’t hurry, we’re both going to be late for work.” He reached his left arm around her body, pulling her close, and slid his right hand between her thighs, groping her crotch roughly, while whispering in her ear. “This” he said with another deliberate grope of her crotch “belongs to me. And when I get home, I’m going to take it. Until you’re past the point of screaming, past the point of begging, until you can’t resist any more, and have no choice but to allow yourself to be taken and used. But that comes later.” He said, grinning, knowing that thinking about later was going to have her wet with anticipation all day. “For now, the rest of the world beckons.” With a kiss on her neck, and a few more along her jaw line, he handed her a towel, grabbed one for himself, and walked out of the bathroom to prepare for another day, his mind already spinning with plans for later that night.

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