A Night in Sauga-Sage City

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Jhene Aiko’s ‘Comfort Inn Ending’ plays in the background as she walks in the doorway of the bathroom, she walks painfully, infuriatingly slow. Somehow the music itself slows down. And the room’s lighting turns into a purple haze. She’s rocking a sexy lace and see through lingerie. Her eyes skimming over his body with an intense curiosity, as if wanting to explore. She bites her bottom lip, and struts seemingly in a cautious manner towards him. He is sitting on the edge of the bed, the heat of the room making him sweat tiny bullets, they trail along all six of his abs, his pupils dilate, he’s high. She spreads his legs and rubs the back of his neck, all he sees is her, her and the room around them slowly turning into a giant lava lamp, behind her. He rips the see through portion of her lingerie from its seam.

She lets out a surprised gasp, and gives him light scratches on his shoulder blades. He cups her sex, then wraps his thumb and index finger around her panties, and tears them off her in one powerful yet snail speed motion. She smiles and again bites her bottom lip, impressed by this feat of strength and power. She lays him down on the bed and gets on top of him, she unclips her bra and lets it fall to his chest, he immediately pushes it out the way, she declines towards him till she’s face to face with him, letting her boobs press up against his chest as she looks him in those inebriated eyes. He squeezes her ass lovingly, praising it with a greedy handful. He sucks on her bottom lip now, closing his eyes letting the drugs, lean, and alcohol fuel his passion. He’s sweating Kayseri Escort halfway from anticipation and the other half from the ecstasy.

She pushes his head away only for a slight second, popping one of her breast into his mouth instead. At first he merely begin suckling it, in quite babyish fashion, she shoves it deeper into his mouth, adding fuel to his fire, he takes hold and cups her breast, easing enough of it out to allow him to bite her nipple, and twist it. She lets out a meek cry, but he is unrelenting, his mouth attacks her now, wanting everything, taking everything, giving only signals of wanting even more. He bites and twist, in between them giving reassuring licks to keep the pain going. He flips her onto the side of the bed and gets on top now, going after the other boob as well. Pulling on it with his teeth and giving them small kisses. He wants more but wills himself to wait, pressing his growing erection against her thighs he trails his tongue down to her belly now, giving deep bites with a strong after-suck. As he does this he shimmies off his underwear. She closes her eyes gasping, whimpering in emotion. Letting out inaudible moans. We cannot hear them, but from the looks of it they’re loud and painstakingly high pitched.

We can tell she calls his name, she moans in his name, begging for his dick, pleading for it almost. Like a baby for candy. He stands his ground and continues his trail of hickeys till he gets to her sex, giving it a French kiss, his erection gets hard as granite and with that he dives in face first. Plowing Kayseri Escort Bayan through her insides with his tongues, giving nothing away, taking no prisoners, painting her soaking walls with his paintbrush tongue. She grabs and yanks his hair violently, she’s never felt it like this, no man as ever felt like this, no tongue should ever feel like this, it’s too good for her. She doesn’t want it to be this good, she refuses to climax just yet.

We see her let out a baby like groan, as if being punished by spanking. he grabs hold of her legs and pokes his head out, now shoving every inch of him deep inside her. Finishing the job his tongue couldn’t. Viciously stroking in a calm and steady wild back and forth motion, making chaos from her insides. She lets out a bellowing scream, we can tell she calls his name as if it’s the last thing she’ll ever say.

She closes her eyes now, crying sweet tears of pleasure, as she trails her perfectly manicured french tips down his chest, tearing skin open. Small trails of blood follow her nails on the way down. He seems unphased, and momentarily stops his tirade of her innards to wipe away her tears and give her a sweet, long, passionate kiss. She pulls his head closer, turning the tables as it is now she who parades her tongue in his mouth, he welcomes her letting his tongue meet hers. He gives her deep, powerful yet slow strokes now as they kiss. Locked in the heat of passion, his heart nearly beats right out of his chest. He’s pushing his luck fucking this wild while he’s so high, he should be focusing Escort Kayseri on not dying right about now. But gives more and more of himself to her, offering deeper, longer, faster strokes. Trying to really touch her stomach as they hold on to each others lips, unable to break away from this soft embrace. Her green eyes meet his, and she whispers something we can’t make out in his ear without inclining her head further.

He nods and whispers back “I love you”, then gives one last hoorah flurry of lightning quick thrust inside her. They’re not as wild as before though, more passion and love in them, like finishing touches on a work of art. He grabs her left breast and squeezes tight, he can feel it coming, so can she, it’s been torture for her holding it in so long, she finally lets go, letting her ovaries explode all over his cock. He can feel it, the sudden rush of love juice come over him, he pulls out of her, letting his gush and splash all over her.

With that he collapses on top of her, his energy gone, his heart about three seconds from giving out, and his body drenched in sweat. She climaxes one more time, turned on by the shower of love he just hosed her down with. Lifting a leg up letting it squirt out. She lifts her head up nipping his ear with small bite followed by a tiny kiss. He did good. He’ll be okay, any longer he might’ve died inside her but no matter. She gently slides him off her, barely able to lift herself up, she thinks about returning to the bathroom to clean herself up, but she legs shake when she tries, she aches all over, and decides otherwise. She lays down on his heaving chest. Closing her eyes, feeling in heaven, while he feels on the verge of death, and sweet satisfaction. A good balance.

We’ll leave them be for now, we’ve seen enough. that’s not action out of them for tonight, we pass on now, we’ll let them sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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