A Revelation Pt. 01

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We’d just met a month before, but she was so smart and funny and gorgeous, and clearly into me, which I hadn’t expected but certainly wasn’t complaining about. She’d beaten me in countless games of chess in cafes. We’d laughed over dinner and made out in alleyways. We’d teased each other at a party with mutual friends who’d rolled their eyes and said, “Jesus, just get a room already.”

So I shouldn’t have been surprised that night when she pulled me off the path in the middle of the park, dragged me behind one of the buildings, and started kissing me. Her hands trailed down my chest, over my belly, circled to my crotch. She unbuttoned my pants, started to unzip them, dipped her fingers under the waistband of my drawers-

I grabbed her hand. “Hey, um, so this might not be what you’re expecting,” I hedged, trying not to panic, “can we talk about-“

“I’ve never been afraid of a cock before,” she snorted, her voice low and confident. “I’m not going to start now.”

“I don’t know if you-” I started, but then her hand was in my drawers and her fingers found my cock and all words evaporated. She stroked my shaft, kissed my neck, pressed her cheek to mine, her lips next to my ear. I could feel her satisfied exhalation as I grew, slick and swollen and hard for her.

“I love jerking a guy off,” she murmured, nipping eskort bayan gorukle my ear lightly with her teeth. I jumped a little, and she laughed. “Almost as much as I love sucking cock. I love knowing I’m going to make you lose control. You are so fucking hard.”

I swallowed, stumbling and fumbling for speech. “Oh, I’m aware,” I managed, breathing heavy. Her fingers sped up, circling and smoothing over me, bringing me closer. Her hand sent sparks shooting through me, concentrated bursts of sensation. The alarm bells were converting to jolts of arousal as she squeezed and stroked me, her breath warm on the side of my face, her body pressed against mine. She’d obviously done this before.

I nudged her face with mine, wanting to kiss her, and our mouths found each other. The connection sent shock waves straight through the middle of me. I could feel her inhale sharply before diving back in, her mouth hot and wet and open. She kissed me fiercely.

She was moving against me, our mouths joined, her fingers on my cock, my arm around her waist. I was holding on to the wall with my other hand, knees getting weaker as my cock got harder. “Oh fuck,” I gasped, breaking the kiss.

“You’re going to cum for me, aren’t you,” she whispered. Her voice was demanding, scorching through me. I held her tighter, kissing mudanya escort her mouth, hovering on the edge as she sped up again, got rougher, ran her thumb over the head of my cock again and again.

“Oh fuck, I want to,” I ground out. “You feel so good.” She kissed along my jawline and ran her other hand up through my hair, pulling it lightly. My crotch was so slippery I wasn’t sure how she was still generating such glorious friction, was still moving me closer and closer to cumming. I was heavy and hot and hungry for her, wanting more and more and more.

“Do it,”she panted, still in my ear, still jerking me off, greedy for me like I was for her. “Do it. I want to feel you cum, I want to feel you cum all over my hand.”

I could hardly take it anymore, the pressure and tension building. I kissed her again, our mouths locking together, ran my hand up her side, cupped her breast, rubbed her nipple. She went electric, kissing me hard. “You better give me everything you got,” she growled, breathing ragged. “I want everything. Come on. Give it to me. Give me your-“

And just like that, I hit the crest of the wave, exploded under her hand. The orgasm pulsed through me, flooding out through my whole body. My head tipped back, legs almost gave out. A low, involuntary groan escaped my throat. bursa evi olan escort Her fingers slowed, finally just pressing against me as the feelings ripped through. I held her close, throbbing and breathless.

It took a moment for the world to come back into focus, as she eased me back down with little strokes along the sides of my cock. She kissed me again, gently this time. “That seemed like a good one,” she observed, drawing back and smiling at me, looking pretty pleased with herself.

Still spinning, all I could get out was an awestruck, satisfied groan. She grinned, gave me an impulsive peck on the lips, and slid her hand back out of my drawers. Her fingers were pruny, coated with my cum. Meeting my eyes suggestively and quirking her eyebrows, she licked them clean.

“Oh shit,” I breathed, watching her. The laugh took me over, welling up from my belly unexpectedly.

“You liked that, huh,” she said, the fire of passion in her eyes not yet gone.

“I did,” I grinned, rubbing her shoulder affectionately. “But it seems like I owe you some attention.”

“Do you have the . . . supplies . . . to fuck me?” she asked, lacing her fingers through mine.

“Not on me. But at home. Unless you mean these.” I wiggled my fingers, relishing the feel of her skin against mine.

She laughed, drew close, kissed me again. “In that case, let’s go home.” Her face grew serious. “I am way past ready for you to lick me and fill me and fuck me till I cum all over your cock.”

My spent cock somehow managed to perk up at that, desire weighing down my belly. This night was only getting better.

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