A Ride Home

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It was a kind of community picnic.It was fun for the little kids and the adults, but just as exciting for a bunch of teenagers as it sounds. That is, not exciting at all. At 18 and 19 years of age, none of us were young enough to play the games, or old enough to be happy sitting around talking. When a group of them were heading home, I bummed a ride with them.

Unfortunately, The girl I had hung with most of the day had to stay as her parents were heading off to visit relatives. I felt a little strange getting a ride with a car load of boys, but it would only take about 15 minutes. Plus I knew them, at least a little, from when we were in high school, though that had been a couple years past.

When we got to the car we found out that since one of the guys had invited another friend to go along, there weren’t enough seats for me. I was very disappointed as I was desperate to get away from the picnic.

“You can sit on my lap.” Jack said.

He seemed eager, or joking. When I figured out that he must be serious, I decided to accept his offer. I knew him best of all the guys, and it wouldn’t be that bad. A bit uncomfortable, but probably worse for him than me. The fact that I was wearing a small, light sun dress made me nervous as well, but that passed quickly.

We piled into the car. I went last, being the only girl and the lightest. I was quite petite and didn’t take up all that much room, and didn’t weigh much,

I settled myself onto his lap, slouching a bit so I didn’t hit my head on the roof. About as soon as the car started bouncing across the dirt parking area, I noticed something strange. I was sitting on something kind of hard but mushy. I adjusted myself, but that didn’t seem to help.

I felt rather foolish when I realized that it was Jack’s penis. I was no slut, but I certainly have had my share of sexual experiences, so I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t recognized it right away. I adjusted myself on his lap again, this time just to be playful, and felt it nice and firm against my ass.

By now I was unable to think of anything except Jack’s penis pressing into me. I moved again, pressing into it, this time looking into his eyes to see his reaction. He seemed happy and a bit miserable, and I couldn’t help but smile at his predicament. I think he took this the wrong way, thinking that I was doing it on purpose. Suddenly I realized that though I had been doing it on purpose, it wasn’t meant in the sexual way he was probably thinking.

I thought I should quit teasing him before something bad happened, but then I thought, “What bad could really happen?” At worst, I was flirting and teasing him, and he seemed to be enjoying it too, so why not just go with it.

And that’s what I did. As we rode along I would keep pressing myself into him, all the while feeling his penis getting harder, which gave me more reason to keep doing it. I actually heard him moan a couple of times, which made me even happier. I began wondering if the right movement could cause Jack to cum right there. I didn’t know how close he was.

I was surprised when I looked at the guy sitting beside him, Neil, and realized that he was watching us. He knew what I was doing! That was really embarrassing. I hadn’t meant for this to happen, and I certainly hadn’t wanted anyone else to know. I looked away from Neil, but each time I peeked over at him he was watching us. Watching and smiling.

Then I started liking the idea of him watching. Not only was I doing something to turn Jack on like crazy, but I was also exciting Neil. I moved my hips, and heard Jack’s quick intake of breath, and also Neil’s smile widened a bit. I ground my ass into Jack’s penis again, and my eyes met Neil’s as he grinned widely again. Yes, this was fun.

I played like this, with both Jack and Neil, the rest of the way until we got to the first house to drop off Sam. Sam had been sitting in the front passenger seat and had no idea what I had been doing. Neither did Richard, the driver.

As we pulled up to the house Richard said, “Hey, I’ll just be a couple minutes. I need to get some CDs from Sam.”

Sam replied, “Yeah, they’re in the basement. It will just take a few minutes to dig them out.”

As they got out of the car, Jack suddenly reached for the door handle and said, “Get out, let’s get out.”

I scrambled to get off Jack and out of the car, with him right behind me. He grabbed my hand and samsun escort pulled me along toward the house.

“Can I use your bathroom?” he asked Sam.

There was a bathroom just inside the side door, and Jack headed straight for it, dragging me along. I hoped no one noticed that I was going into the bathroom with Jack, but I had no time to worry about that.

As soon as we were inside the small bathroom and had the door shut, Jack pulled my hand to his crotch.

“You have to finish me off,” he said. ” I can’t take it anymore.”

I squeezed his shaft through his pants. It was rock hard, and he was moaning with my every movement while he worked to loosen his pants and drop them to the floor. I certainly hadn’t thought it would come to this – though I realized I only had myself to blame. His hard dick had sprung out. It was impressive, and I realized that I had gotten myself pretty hot by now as well.

I took his dick in my hand, feeling the bare skin for the first time, and each of us moaned. His dick was leaking cum, which helped to make my hand slide easily up and down the shaft. I had hardly gotten into a rhythm when I felt it swell, along with Jack’s breath becoming very labored. Before I was ready, cum shot hard out of his dick, several hard spurts which seemed to nearly cause him pain. Fortunately he had placed his hand on the tip of his dick to catch most of the cum, or there would have been a huge mess to explain to someone.

I grabbed a couple of paper towels that were sitting there. Jack took them and wiped off his hands and dick quickly. He mumbled, “Shit, that felt good.” We fumbled for the door handle and spilled out of the bathroom.

Back at the car, Richard was just coming out of the house. Jack took his seat in the back and I climbed in on top of him.

Richard just got to the car and said to me, “The front seat is empty now.” This brought laughter from the other two guys, and Charlie said, “They like it right where they are!”

I looked at him, surprised, then at Neil, and knew that they had shared knowledge of what we had been doing, at least in the backseat. Then I wondered if they knew what we had done in the bathroom, suddenly realizing that they must have had a good idea about it. Again I was greatly embarrassed, but their laughter and wide grins got to me, and I started laughing as well.

“Come on and stretch out,” Charlie said as he pulled at my arm. I let myself be pulled over towards him, ending up laying across the laps of all three guys. I curled my legs up to fit in the car, my head lying in Charlie’s lap. As I felt hands touching my legs, hips, arms, and neck, I thought to myself, “NOW what am I doing?” But it was feeling good, and I was feeling horny, so I let it happen. Soon, the hands were on my breasts, thighs, and stomach as well, and I was enjoying it even more. It got very personal since I had a short skirt and low cut top on my sun dress, so my bare skin was easy to find. I knew it couldn’t last long, because it wouldn’t take long to get to the next guy’s house. I was already thinking that as soon as I got home I was definitely going to have to masturbate.

My hand found Charlie’s crotch, and I began playing with his hard-on. Enjoying the sensations of what I was doing, and what they were doing to me, I was wishing the ride would be longer so I could enjoy this more, but we were pulling up to Neil’s house.

“Hey, guys!” Neil said as we came to a halt. “No lights are on. That means nobody’s home. Do you want to take this all inside”?

Again slow on the uptake, I wasn’t sure what he meant by this until we all started getting out of the car and I seemed to be the star of the show. Everyone seemed to want to keep their hands on me, mostly in inappropriate places. And I was loving it!

I should have been more aware. Later on I would know that I was very naive for an experienced 19 year old, but at the time none of that crossed my mind. I was just too turned on to think straight. At least until I heard one of the guys say something about them “fucking me.”

We were just at the door to the house when I stopped, my legs refusing to go anywhere, and I said, “I’m not fucking all of you guys!”

“Of course not,” Charlie answered. “Nobody said that.”

I was relieved, and relaxed as I was led into the house. Charlie continued, “But I think after that hand job you were giving me you should let urfa escort me fuck you.”

I must admit that sounded good. I had myself worked up into a frenzy, and getting fucked by Charlie – or any of them, really – was sounding pretty good to me. I didn’t say anything, but I did nothing to stop them.

We tumbled into the living room and over to the couch, my body being attacked by hands and an occasional mouth. When I felt my panties being pulled down, I was actually happy. My pussy was so wet and leaking so much that it felt wonderful getting rid of the soaking wet panties. I sat back on the couch as someone pulled my panties free of my ankles. I nearly spasmed as i felt a hand on my naked pussy. I was in need of release.

Just about then I felt a dick rubbing in my slit. It was Charlie, with his pants around his ankles. He slid his dick up and down along my slit, getting it wet. I pulled my legs up, holding them at the ankles, wide open for him. I watched as he took his dick in his hand and aimed it at my hole. He shoved it in, and it went halfway in easily. He pulled out quickly and back in, pumping quickly as he started moaning. I wrapped my legs around him, and reached to the side for a naked erection that I saw sticking towards my face. I grabbed onto it tightly and pulled, hard. I grabbed onto it like a life line, nearly bending it in half each time Charlie filled up my pussy. Suddenly another dick appeared on the other side of my face and I grabbed it with my other hand. For a moment I thought of how I looked, getting fucked hard while holding a dick in each hand. What a slut! Trouble was, it turned me on thinking about it. Of course, doing it was pretty hot as well!

The dick, Neil’s I thought, in my first hand stopped moving, my pumping being the only motion for a moment. Then he shoved it forward twice before spurts of cum shot out of it. I had aimed it over my shoulder so that the cum shot over the couch onto – well, the floor, I supposed, though I wasn’t sure. And I didn’t care. It didn’t land on me.

Just about the time he was done I felt Charlie’s penis swell inside me. He shoved in hard as I felt him shoot deep inside my vagina. I was happy to have gotten both guys off, but disappointed that I still hadn’t orgasmed. I thought again of getting home and masturbating, until Charlie slid out of me and left my pussy empty. As he got out from between my legs, I realized that I was spread wide open and closed my legs together. I rolled over onto my side, slowly starting to get up, when hands on my hips pushed me forward and I ended up laying on the arm of the couch. The hands lifted my hips up, placing my knees underneath so that me ass was sticking up in the air. I turned to see who it was. Jack was standing there, his dick pointing towards my ass.

“You started this with me, so I should get a turn,” he said to me.

I couldn’t disagree, especially since I had not yet cum myself, and I needed to badly. I felt his dick at my pussy, then his tip right at my opening. In one hard thrust his entire cock was buried in my pussy, I let out a scream, though it was more from surprise than from pain. I was so wet and so stretched out from before that he easily slid in. He pulled out and pushed in to the hilt again. This time I yelled, “Yes!” and there was no mistake that it was in pleasure. I let myself go then and each time he rammed deep inside me I screamed, “Yes!” A few times like this and I was not screaming, just moaning loudly, and suddenly my vagina spasmed in a hard, wild, much-needed orgasm. Jack stopped for a moment, probably because he couldn’t force his cock into me while I was cumming so hard, but as soon as he could he began pumping again.

I looked up as I felt something slap against my face. It was another wet erection. This must be Richard. I couldn’t see his face, but the dick was smaller than the other ones I’d seen, except for the one I had almost ignored in my right hand a few minutes before. Both of my arms were underneath me, holding me up, but the cock was insistent, pushing at my lips. I’m not sure if I opened my mouth to say something or to allow his cock in, but as soon as my lips parted it slipped in.

I held it in my mouth and sucked hard on it, still so very turned on. I slid my tongue around the head and shaft as well. Jack’s hard driving of his cock deep into me kept shoving my whole body forward so that my face was buried deep into Richard’s sinop escort stomach. I was so thankful that his cock was short, or it would might been shoved deep down my throat. As it was it was as deep as I could handle, yet this seemed to turn me on even more. My mind was a mess, and my body seemed to be even worse. My body was seized by small tremors several times, small orgasms or aftershocks, I wasn’t sure. I was kept on the edge, and had spasm after spasm. It’s a wonder that I didn’t bite Richard’s cock. My mind quit thinking, but it seemed as if every nerve ending in my body was exploding as Jack’s cock plunged deep inside me and his balls slapped up against me with each thrust.

After a few minutes of this Richard’s hands grabbed my head. He pulled my head towards him as he shoved his hips forward. He was moaning loudly, and his cock actually started to reach into my throat. He was fucking my mouth hard, impaling me between his cock and his hands, and I started to panic because I couldn’t breathe. All the while Jack kept pounding my pussy and forcing my body forward into Richard’s crotch. I was gasping for breath when I felt Richard’s cum start shooting, straight down my throat. Now I really couldn’t breath. When I tried gasping for air this time I got no air, just cum. I was seriously afraid I was going to pass out or die, but just as I thought I couldn’t go any longer, I was able to get a breath.

Richard’s cock still filled my mouth. He wasn’t done cumming and he hadn’t released my head, but I swallowed enough cum and had slowed enough that some air got into my lungs. I was gasping for more air, his cock was getting softer, and he finally let go of my head so I could pull back and breath. A weird feeling came over me. Either Jack was screwing me very well, or the shortage of air had actually excited me, because I was more turned on than ever. My whole body screamed for release, tingling sensations covered me from tits to pussy. I pushed my hips back hard into Jack as he shoved forward. His cock went deeper into me, and I squeezed my vagina as hard around his shaft as I could.

In just a few more strokes my body let loose with the biggest orgasm of the night. I screamed loudly as my body shook, I shoved my hips back hard against Jack, and he shoved forward into me. I felt his cum shoot from his cock, deep inside me, and I orgasmed again. I felt totally out of control as tremors shook my body, not letting up. When his cock slipped out of me I curled up in a ball on the edge of the couch. I’m not sure what happened to Jack, or the others, either. I knew they had all cum, me more than them, but I just needed to recover.

When I finally came to my senses, the guys were nearly finished dressing, fortunately, because the headlights of a car pulling into the driveway shown through the window. I heard the garage door open, and we all started running out the front door. I thought to grab my panties and smoothed my skirt down as I left the house. We quickly got into the car and pulled away, leaving Neil to explain anything that needed explaining. I hoped he was able to clean up whatever cum that had been left on the floor or couch.

I sat in the front passenger seat, curled up by the door. I was fully satisfied, feeling happy that I had turned all those guys on so much, and that I had satisfied all of them, especially without doing too much out of the ordinary. I smiled at myself, but that would not last long as I listened to the guys talk.

I was deflated at hearing the guys brag about how they had gotten laid, or blown, or cum. It was all about their sex, nothing about me, even though I was right there in the car with them. It was all about how they had used me for sex, not even having sex with me – they just used me for their pleasure.

They thought it was really funny at how Sam had missed out on everything, though he had been so close. Wow, was he going to be jealous!

I almost cried out, “NO! Don’t tell Sam! No one else should find out what I had done. This was all just between us!”

Even before I could say anything, I realized how silly it would sound. Not only would they tell Sam all about it, they would probably tell everyone they knew. They might post it on their Facebook page. It was all something they were very proud of, even though it would be the end of any decent reputation I had. I was just glad that I would be going back to college in a few days where people would not know about it. I began thinking of what friends I still had here in town that I might be able to keep. There weren’t many. I had had a wonderful night of sex, sleazy but satisfying, but now I was wondering if it all had been worth it.

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