A Sissy Husband

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3D Babes


“Love you babe”

“Love you too, Jeff”

Pamela and Jeff are on a vacation spending time outside the city in a beach farmhouse.

Pamela got up and wore her purple negligee over her huge tits and wet pussy. “Go and get ready, I will prepare you some breakfast.”

“Ok”, Jeff said waking up from the bed in his pink bra and matching panties.

“I must say, those panties look really hot on you darling”, Pam complemented.

Jeff blushed a little and got off to shower.

Pam brewed some coffee and went on to the balcony and eyed the hunky gardener. She flirted with him showing her cleavage and clearly visible nipples through the negligee and signed him to come inside.

Pam started preparing some eggs and bacon on the fry while the gardener came inside.

d “We’re up all night ’til the sun

we’re up all night to get some

we’re up all night for good fun

we’re up all night to get lucky” d

Pam has her huge booty shake to the rhythm of the song while frying the eggs. The gardener came and hugged her from the behind, his hands cupping her tits firmly. He turned the 30 year hot lady to the front and kissed her on the lips. Pushed his tongue in her mouth and Pam responded adana escort to his erotic kissing. He kissed her hard while his hands are busy on her curvy body. With one hand he started kneading her left tit and with the other he grasped her wet crotch tightly and massaged her clean shaved pussy.

Pam felt excited by the touch of his rough hands on her smooth body. His touch, his smell, his taste got her all erotic and her nipples now stood really hard.

After thoroughly exchanging their saliva juices, he broke the kiss. Looking in her eyes he caught her negligee and with one hard stroke, he ripped off her only cloth and made her completely nude. He eagerly took her one breast into his mouth and started sucking on it. He grab hold of her both boobs and licked the nipple in his mouth while kneading the other tit with his rough hand.

Pam moaned loudly to the immense pleasure his tongue is giving her. His tongue is sending electric shocks through her nerve endings on the boobs. His licking, kissing, biting, kneading are making her already moist pussy more wet. She started working on the button of his jeans and unbuttoned it.

He took his erecting cock in her hands and knelt down. She looked in his eyes, gave afyon escort a grin and gave it a squeeze. His throbbing cock pulsated violently and she took the whole length in her mouth and started sucking it. Making her eyes wide, never losing the eye contact, she took down the large, hard, erotic love pole and twisted her tongue to lick the head of his beautiful cock. Nerves on his cock touched her inner cheeks and the balls- the heavy cum filled balls hit her chin. She drenched his cock in her mouth and spurts of saliva started drooling down as she is deep-throating him. He took her hair in his hands and started face fucking her. She took the hits of his cock with loud moans.

Meanwhile Jeff finished his hot steam bath and started dolling up for his wife. He wore the outfit selected by his wife/mistress- purple satin bra and panties, black mini-skirt which just ends upto his thighs and a white skimpy sleeveless shirt which leaves his flat stomach exposed. He wore the dress on his hairless body and started combing his long hair listening to the moans of his wife sucking the gardener’s cock.. He applied makeup, lipstick and all sorts of things taking his time.

While he was out to meet his wife, the gardener is gone and the breakfast alanya escort is waiting for him on the dining table. Bacon and eggs with a white cream on one plate. Yes. that is cum, the cum of the gardener. He saw his wife kneeling on the ground naked. She cleaned the cum off her tits with her finger and played with his cum with her lips. Her lips are fully covered with the cum gloss shining brightly.

“Oh, you are ready dear. Your breakfast is served”, Pam noticed her husband, got up and kissed his on the lips making him taste the gardener’s cum. He sucked on her lips eagerly taking in the cum and sucked it down.

It all began the previous year when Jeff expressed his sissy thought to his wife. She got excited and his sissy training began the same day the previous year. From that day, Jeff became hairless on the torso and grew hair on his head. He used the cosmetics used by his wife and even wore his wife’s bra and panties to work. From that day both Jeff and his wife worked very hard for his feminization. He went to workout to maintain his body suitable like a woman’s. He lost weight, developed tan and all other sorts of things.

Now after one year, he can perfectly pass as a woman in the public. Pam and Jeff decided to celebrate the anniversary of his feminity and so they are here.

“Have your breakfast baby, I am gonna fresh up and let’s go out,” Pam said leaving to bathroom.

On the next episode- The fun begins now.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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